🍒 STARVING! If things weren’t bad enough for Abram, now this? | Genesis 12:9-12

🍒 STARVING! If things weren’t bad enough for Abram, now this? | Genesis 12:9-12

*Music Plays* Hey it’s Rachel. Today on Crack Your
Bible, we are gonna be talking about the famine that Abram ran into when he went
down to Egypt. Now before we get started make sure you hit subscribe, with the
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through their hoops, and subscribe with the bell, with the parentheses, and let’s
get started. Now I know we have been crawling through Genesis 12. We’re only
on verses 9 and 10, and it’s like this chapter has so much to unpack. It’s
crazy. So we’ve already talked about how Abram came from just a super wealthy
family. Like he gets a poppin’! He has all of the camels, and the animals, and people
and all sorts of stuff. Like he is rolling in cash, but God tells him, “no no
no no no no. You’re not just gonna like sit comfortable over here and just like
count your …count your dollars. You’re gonna go to the land that I’m going to
show you. So you’re going to leave your people, your country
and your father’s household, and go to the land that I’m showing you.” Abram has
faith that I can’t even fathom and he’s like, “okay, okay let’s do it. Let’s get it
poppin'” And he loads up his entire corporation, loses a little bit of social
standing because you go from like “hey you’re a rich dude” to like “hey I’m just
like on the move. I’m bicoastal, just traveling all over the place.” And what
happens when he gets to the land that God is supposed to give them?
There’s giants in the land! Of course! Of course there’s giants! And it’s just like,
“why is it when I do what God tells me to do, it’s like there’s a bigger sideshow
that awaits me?” And this is going to be something that you run into in your own
life; like when you sign up it’s not like, “okay now everything’s going to be great
for you!” It’s like, “no you just signed up and, BTW, we are in the middle of a
spiritual battle, so get in your jump seat. We’re about to parachute out
this plane real quick!” So when you are facing bad things in your life, just remember Abram. He packs up everything, and what
does he face? Oh there’s giants in the land! But we see, what does he do? He
worships God. He builds an altar. He’s praising God, giving thanks, and then he
heads down to the Negev. So that is like the southern part of Israel. That is
kind of like a triangle portion of Israel. And he heads down there. And you know what?
The very next verse it says, “there was a famine in the land.” Of course! Of course!
Because if it’s not giants, now it’s a (Genesis 12:9-12) famine! And in the United States we’ve never really experienced famine. Like yeah, we get in California they’re out of
water, so pistachios and avocados are more expensive, but it’s like… no we have
no idea out here in the West what it’s like to live with famine, where you’re so
hungry that you’re literally cannibalizing people. And this is going
to be something that we see throughout the Bible. Like this is the first time
famine is mentioned but we’re gonna see it time and time again in the in the
Bible. And this is not only symbolic of God’s judgment, but it’s a tool that God
uses to bring people to repentance. But since we know that there’s giants in the
land, and all of these hybrids ,and all sorts of stuff, we know that this is
probably going to be God’s judgment. So like when your out of pocket, when you’re
out of line, of course God’s gonna be like, “let me hold back this blessing real
quick. And obviously I’m not gonna bless a bunch of demon hybrids over here, so
like let’s smoke them out! We’re gonna starve them out, basically.” So Abram,
he can’t stay put. It’s like, “yeah God promised this land to my offspring,
but hey there’s nothing to eat, like I got to get to walking.” So Abram heads
down to Egypt. But there’s something else that I want to talk about that I’ve
never heard anybody else talk about. And okay, so you have giants in the land. We’re
not just talking about like, “oh they’re six foot tall and everybody else is
malnourish, so everybody else is like four foot.” No, we’re talking about
legitimate giants. We’re talking like 10, 20, 30 feet tall. And it’s like, “okay how
much food does somebody, who is a giant… like what kind of food do they consume?
Because okay, we know lteenage boys eat a lot, but how much food does a giant
eat? Because that’s a really quick way to just strip land of food. And you know
if you have a place that’s overrun by goats, or overrun by deer, they
will literally eat everything until there’s nothing left. And it just makes
me wonder was this a God’s judgment kind of thing, or was it combined with the
fact like there’s legitimate giants in the land, and obviously larger people are
going to consume a lot of resources. I’ve always wondered that, but not only
that, there’s something else. But okay, so if you’ve ever had a dog, you know
that when they go to the bathroom, you’ll have brown spots on your yard
because urine kills grass. Can you imagine what a giant going to the
bathroom would do to the land around it? I am aghast when I see somebody
changing a three-year-old’s diaper. I’m just like, “oh my gosh!” I can’t even
imagine! Like how gross. Okay now imagine like the poop and pee coming out of a
giant what that would do to the land. The amount of ammonia in that would
literally be killing everything, so that’s just something that I was
thinking about that I’ve never actually heard anybody talk about. Like giants
in the land not only eating, but like excrement, would also just burn
everything. So you’d have way too much nitrogen, too much ammonia, and everything so things wouldn’t grow. So I’ve always wondered if that is part of the reason
that there was a famine. Where you have giants, you are going to have a
whole lot of mess. So anyway, that is something that I was
wondering. But on a more serious note okay,
obviously because things have gotten crazy, and Abram has so much
responsibility on his plate; like these people are hungry with him. It’s not
just him, it’s not just his wife, it’s not just Lot.
He has animals. He has people and they have families. And it’s like, “we can’t
just sit around here. Why did you bring us out just to die?” So he has to go to
Egypt. And we’re gonna talk about that next week. But I could see why after
hardship, after hardship, after hardship Abraham’s faith can get a little… it can
get a little weak. And you see the wheels in his head start spinning, where it’s
like, “okay what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do, because I have just gone up
against all of this stuff. Like, Oh leave in my homeland. Now there’s giants. Now
there’s a famine. What else is there? Oh now I got to go to Egypt. And I got some
money and I know that I have a really hot wife, so this is just one more thing
that I’m having to go up against.” Where it’s like, “how am I gonna save myself?”
Because when you’re hungry, all of a sudden you aren’t using the best
judgement anymore. Now I’ve gone on a 9-day fast because I had a stomach
issue. And this wasn’t an Islamic fast where it’s like, “well I just eat at night” or “all
I’m doing the lemon juice and cayenne diet.” No! All I had was water
for nine straight days. And after a few days you’re not really hungry anymore,
but you are so bored because you’re just tired. You can’t really go out and do
anything. But on top of that, you don’t realize how much your life revolves
around food; whether it’s cooking, or preparing food, or shopping for food, or
socializing around food. So when you’re not eating you just don’t have the
energy to do anything, and you’re hungry and you’re bored. So I can see why like
if you’re really hungry, and then you have all the stress of like “there’s
giants, there’s a famine, I don’t even know where we’re going, I have a million
people with me, I have a whole lot of responsibilities, now
I have to go see this Pharaoh and he might put me to death because he wants
my hot wife.” I could see where Abram is getting a little stressed right here. And
all of a sudden he starts to falter. And I want to encourage you right now,
because unlike Abram, we’re not going through a physical famine, so we’re not
having to deal with ugh! All this stuff in the spiritual, on top of being
weak in the flesh in the physical, because of all this other garbage. Like
yes, you might be having a famine in certain areas of your life, whether it’s
a famine within your relationship, or within work, or your finances, or
something like that. But just know that God has given you every single thing
that you need to succeed. Because while everybody else is in a famine right now,
in the spiritual realm, we see things are really, really bad. We see people going
crazy. It’s the effects of a spiritual famine. Everybody’s losing their mind. We
don’t even need to discuss how we already know the world is crazy. and I
really do believe it’s because we are like amping up to get into those last
days. But these people, they don’t have the Bread of Life –
you do. (John 6:35) And while in the physical realm things might be fine, we see spiritual
famine manifesting in the physical realm. Right now we see people going crazy, not
because there’s anything physically wrong with them, but because spiritually,
they are starving, and they are going nuts. I know that it can be really scary
and really jarring when you see everybody else around you out of their
minds, because they’re starving to death. It can be shocking. Yeah we’re human
beings and we are not we’re not unfeeling robots. Obviously we can see
all the crazy stuff that’s going on in the world, and yeah it’s gonna have an
effect on us, and yeah people who are out of their minds because they’re starving
to death are going to do things to us that hurt us in the physical realm. But
we need to always remember that where these things are going crazy because they’re starving, we are well-fed. We are well (2 Timothy 1:7) nourished because we have the Bread of Life with us. We have the Fount of Living Waters. We have a sound mind because
we’re well nourished. So don’t let the things that you are seen with your eyes,
or experience in this spiritual realm, get you down. Yeah it’s scary, but just
remember we can look back on all the (Romans 15:4) stories of all the terrible things that happen. And we see that God is true to His word and He always pulls through.
So if He pulled through in those days, when it was way worse, when people were
not only dealing with the spiritual battles, but they were doing dealing with
physical battles as well, God pulled through. So if God is pulling through for
them, He’s gonna pull through for us. We don’t even have to worry about it. And I
know that it’s easy to let the things of this life get us down, but remember we
have a sound mind. We are well nourished. (Romans 8:31) We always have God on our side and if God is for us ,who can be against us? God will get you through the things that you
were going through. God always shows Himself in famines. He
always makes Himself known in the hard times. He always comes through and
blesses people after they’ve already dealt with the bad things. So don’t be
upset when you’re going through these difficult times, because just know that
God has already provided you with everything that you need. Yeah it’s going
to be tough, but God always provides. He always comes through, and He’s gonna get
you through it. We don’t have to be like everybody else
who has no hope because they’re starving, and they don’t have any end in sight.
They don’t have the Bread of Life with them. We don’t have to be like
that because we have God on our side. And with God on our side, there’s nothing
that we can’t do. So just be encouraged. No matter what famine you’re going
through in your life, or if it’s a spiritual famine, where you know, we’re
all in this together where we’re dealing with the crazy people who are lost their
minds because they’re so hungry for Jesus, so don’t get discouraged. Son’t freak out
when you see everybody else is losing their minds. We’re in a famine. We
know this, but we are well fed. So we have nothing to worry about. So that’s all
that I wanted to share with you. I hope you will like, subscribe, and share, and do
check out a playlist up here. Because we can’t fight against the schemes of the
devil unless we are armed with God’s Word. And we can’t do that unless we know
God’s Word, so check out a playlist and I will see you later. Bye! *Music plays*

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  2. Hi Rachel! I know this has nothing to do with the video but a few days ago one of your older videos popped up in my recommendations. You were talking about how you learned the Bible by using apps, children's Bibles and that video really helped me! I found a children's Bible I had since I was around 10 and I started reading it and it's amazing how much I've learned by reading it. I usually read a story from the children's Bible and then I read it in my regular Bible and that really helps put things into perspective. I just wanted to say thank you for the great tips 😃 may God continue to bless your YouTube ministry 💗

  3. I heard the giants of Biblical times were 20' + tall & over a ton in weight. The Smithsonian knows this but for whatever reasons they hide it from the public. They have bones hidden away too.

  4. Hey Rachel, I absolutely love your videos! You make the stories in Genesis a lot more interesting to read and study!
    I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I know a lot of people who are suffering from spiritual famine but there are 2 people I'm really worried about! They both struggle with terrible depression and anxiety. I've prayed for them a few times already and I'm going to keep praying, but I was wondering how I could maybe introduce God into a conversation with them. I've struggled with anxiety a lot and still do, but focusing on my faith helped me reconnect with God and helped me conquer my anxiety. I want to tell them how the Lord lifted me while I was drowning in a non-crazy-christian way, I don't want to seem pushy or scare them away but I know God is the way to help them. I find it so hard being one of the few Christians in my high school, like I'm surrounded by people with completely different views, but I just wish everyone would just wake up and accept Christ! also, lately there have been a lot more lgbtq presentations i my school, but there are NO presentations about Jesus or Christianity or anything of that nature. (That was random but it really frustrates me. Its like the lgbtq community is being so pushy, but these days if there were Christians or pastors coming in doing presentations, then the school would be furious because here are the "crazy Christians" pushing their religion on us once again!) Anyways, I love you and your videos!! I hope you can help, also I'm curious about your opinion on how us Christians are being judged as crazy and closed minded. sorry for the long comment :')

  5. Your electric BLUE eyes burn a clear hole right through my dark gothic soul… Your stare is like a spear heading straight to my bleeding broken heart! I wish you were my Valentine! I would drink your sweet warm red blood just before we made wild passionate love to each other Milady Rachel… I would give my life for you, I would never hurt you, I would never lie to you, I would never leave you, I would never betray you… I would not let you go alone INTO the unknown… Not even death would do us apart! 💋🌹💜🎩💀✝🌑

  6. Famine in the bible often symbolizes spiritual famine in that land. Great video! And welcome to my world with the big kid diapers! My son has special needs and at 5 he eats like a giant and poops like one too. And the men in my family are only 6 feet tall! Imagine someone exponentially larger? No thanks! Lord send me enough food and a poor sense of smell!

  7. I can’t wait to u come to NYC. I cannot wait to meet u in person. I’m not just saying this but I know for a fact you and I would get along so great and could become great friends. We are already Sisters in Christ. I left IG, I left u my cell#, I hope u took it down because I would love to stay in contact with u. My only communication with u was from IG messenger but now I’m off there so I pray u took down my cell# and you hit me up soon!!! Blessings my beautiful Sister in Christ

  8. There was the Great Depression in the United States but it wasn't so bad that people were eating other people..
    Just mentioning it.

  9. Thanks for making these videos Rachel and for spreading the good news, in a world that's becoming more and more Godless especially with the up and coming generations that seem to think they know everything about everything, think it's ok to mock Christianity, worship money as well as themselves, it's refreshing to hear the truth spoke on YouTube.
    Here in once upon a time here good ole Catholic Ireland, we were known as the country with a thousand welcomes, as in anybody that visited found people kind, welcoming and genuine. It's true the Church did have a huge influence on society's morality and the law in general. I mean birth contraceptives were illegal not to mention taboo until the late 90s, when the only place you could buy a condom was at a bar, i know it sonds like somthing from the dark ages but that was just a little over 20 years ago. Pornography was not sold anywhere, people couldnt divorce but you could get a marriage annuled with permission from the pope, like i said it was a very strict Catholic country.Since then the Catholic Church has been exposed in cases of child abuse and corruption etc, over the years its been one scandal after another etc. Obviously im not saying they should have been allowed to continue as a law to themselves, covering up the abuse and their wrong doings as they went along, but nevertheless the outcome has been that people in general have turned away from God in a big way, they have turned away from the faith all because of sins committed by people within an institution, an establishment – why people can't make the distinction between the Faith itself, and the evil that was allowed to prevail for so long within the organization itself.
    Anyway it's quite common now for people to proudly proclaim themselves as atheist or new age etc, we've gone from a God fearing Catholic country to an anything goes liberal carefree country overnight, gay marriage and abortion have become lawful in only the last 2 years and now they are making more changes to the constitution to change a law that says that its ok to openly Blaspheme.
    Apparently in our constitution there IS a law that prohibits Blasphemy, that its NOT o.k. to speak against God, and the way the mainstream media are selling it to the public like Oh it's just silly little outraged law that doesn't mean anything. I know this is an irrelevant point to the content on this video but itjust goesto show that satan and his little helpers are working serious overtime in what used to be a God fearing country….not anymore but I think it's that these things must come to pass

  10. Thank you for your ministering, may Jesus Christ bless you always.
    Just a tip :use a handful of dolamiite lime on the burn spot ,it Willi bring the grass back to green in a week.

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