👉 Cholesterol Causes Erectile Problems, Low Libido, Heart Attacks, Memory Problems & More…

👉 Cholesterol Causes Erectile Problems, Low Libido, Heart Attacks, Memory Problems & More…

little over 20+ years ago, my parents both had high cholesterol and were given statin
cholesterol lowering drugs. I discuss this in a video at my website, which
I’ll give you the link at the end of today’s video. Now, back then I had very little knowledge
about this topic. In fact, most of the research and the doctors
new very little other than “high cholesterol is very bad and lower it as much as you can” However, over the past 20 years, because of
my parents and all the newest research and by NOT listening to most physicians, I’ve
learned that the topic of cholesterol and lipid levels is very complicated. The good news is that I’ve now been able
to simplify it down to the basics. Very high cholesterol (over 260+ and for sure
over 300+) isn’t good for your body. It causes damage to the arteries and blood
vessels. It also cause erectile problems, memory loss
and of course a heart attack or stroke. However, very low cholesterol (140 or lower),
especially when artificially lowering it with statin, cholesterol lowering drugs — can
be even WORSE for your health. It’s clinically linked to diabetes and high
blood sugar, lowered testosterone and libido levels, memory problems, Alzheimer’s and
Parkinson’s and yes, again – a heart attack or stroke. Thus, you want balanced, healthy levels. Lastly, there are many other indicators that
are even more important. Such as
— HDL/LDL ratios — particle size of LDL
— Homocysteine Levels — Triglyceride levels
— and liver health, where over 80% of your cholesterol is made from and NOT from dietary
cholesterol you eat. And of course, many other life-style factors
— what kind of foods you eat, exercise, stress, sleep, and the biggest one — genetics and
your hormones. Again, I discuss all of this in detail, including
a solution my parents have been using for over 20 years which helps fix all of these
problems with just ONE easy, convenient solution. The link to that solution is found below,
in the description area. …. However, I bring up this topic because I get
a lot of people, especially men, telling me about their problems and many times, after
digging around and asking lots of questions, I see that cholesterol is one MAJOR factor
they haven’t addressed or even thought about. Which is a shame because cholesterol is needed
by every cell in your body. Cholesterol is required to make so many of
your hormones. Thus, why lower cholesterol and using these
harmful, statin cholesterol lowering drugs are linked to so many health issues – for
both men AND women. And doctors just blindly and stupidly prescribe
them to everyone. Then, over the next few weeks, months and
years, people start to complain about so many health problems. Which is great for BOTH the prescribing physician
and the pharmaceutical companies because the patient keeps coming back and they get prescribed
more and more drugs for Blood pressure
Blood sugar Pain
Sleep Anxiety and depression
And more ALL of them, linked to cholesterol problems
and the use of these horrible drugs. Remember, genetics aside, your HORMONES control
how you look and feel. So, if you’re dealing with any of these
issues, especially if you’re over the age of 40, then you need to stop and think about
your cholesterol levels AND lipid levels. Obviously, if they are really high – you need
to lower them back to healthy levels. And please, I’m begging you, do NOT use
these toxic, cholesterol lowering statin drugs. My parents both used them for almost 6 months
and it aged them like 10 years and it does the same to other people. But, they just accept it as “part of life”. But please, don’t. You can improve your levels naturally and
live a much healthier and longer life and feel GOOD – both physically and naturally. NO drugs needed.

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  1. @DrSam how can one lower cholesterol level natrually ? Also could you educate on prolactin and how it causes ED ? God bless you

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