1 Kg Weight Loss in 1 Day | सिर्फ Paneer और Eggs से | Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast | Hindi Video

1 Kg Weight Loss in 1 Day | सिर्फ Paneer और Eggs से | Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast | Hindi Video

1 Kg Weight Loss in 1 Day is easy as well as possible. In this Diet Plan, you will need only 2 ingredients. You neither have to spend much time in the kitchen nor you have to make any difficult recipes. Whether you are at home or at work, you can easily follow this diet plan. For this Diet plan, we need Eggs and Paneer. For Breakfast, we will take 200 grams Paneer and Green Tea. We have taken small paneer cubes here and served it with home made pudina chutney. You can take Paneer as you like, in raw form only. For Lunch, we will take 3 Boiled Eggs and Green Tea. To make eggs taste better, we have added chopped onion and coriander leaves and served it with home made chutney. You can even have boiled eggs with salt and black pepper sprinkled on it. In evening snack, we will again have 200 grams of Paneer with Green Tea. You may even replace Paneer with Tofu (Soy Paneer) You may take Tofu of any reputed brand. Here, we have prepared Tofu and Tomato Salad. You may have Tofu even without adding tomatoes. You may have Paneer in one of the meals and Tofu in the other, it’s entirely your choice. In Dinner, we will again have 3 boiled eggs with green tea. If you want to have your regular tea, make sure you have it without sugar and milk. Follow this diet plan only once a month. If you are unwell, then avoid this diet plan. Paneer has much more calories than Tofu. 100 gram Paneer has about 265 Calories whereas Tofu has just 62 Calories which is why it helps in Weight Loss. But Paneer has three times more Protein than Tofu. Paneer keeps you full for a longer duration and you won’t feel hungry soon. Both Paneer and Tofu have their nutritional value. You must have Tofu to lose weight but don’t avoid Paneer totally because paneer has good amount of protein and calcium which is necessary for your body. If you are diabetic, then avoid Tofu. If during the day you feel hungry, then have salads like cucumbers or tomatoes. If your body is fit and you maintain a healthy lifestyle, then 6 eggs with egg yolk won’t cause you any harm. Don’t waste the egg yolk too. All the minerals, vitamins of the egg are actually present in its egg yolk. So when you throw the egg yolk, you waste a major nutritional part of the egg. Egg yolk is necessary for women too as it gives you good amount of iron. Have as much water as you can which will help flush out toxins from your body. Once you lose 1 kg, try to maintain it as well. Try to walk or jog everyday for 15 minutes.

100 Replies to “1 Kg Weight Loss in 1 Day | सिर्फ Paneer और Eggs से | Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast | Hindi Video

  1. maine ek month rice nhi khaya n breakfast me thoda milk n cornflakes liya phir pure din kuch nhi sirf pani ke n eve time sirf 3 roti n daal n thodi green vegetable low oil me liya n gym n cardion only one hour kiya i loss 6 kg in one month..

  2. yaa paneer iss brain booster for children's it grows new brain cells omega 3 vitamin b12 and fatty acids are adbone in the paneer nd cheese so let's take for children's paneer every week one day

  3. m 2 month se gym ja rhi hu or pura follow kr rhi hu hr chij ko or 6km cycling bhi kerti hu roj lkin mera Wight km nhi ho rha h mera Wight 71kg h

  4. बकवास। ऐसे होता नहीं । आप वजन कम करने के तरीके बता रही हो के बढ़ाने के।।।।।

  5. Apne weight ke hisaab se apni calories ko monitor kijiye ……egg aur paneer se weight kam nahi hoga balki aap khakar activity nahi rakho to weight put on hoga

  6. Chutiya banao paisa kamao
    Mai OMAD karta hu bas 3 ande khata hu roz wo bhi din m ek baar
    Phir bhi 1 kilo weight loss ni hota with exercise

  7. 200 grm panner khane se fat kitna milega Body ko….. Anphad Ladki Weight Lose ke liye
    protein ka Balance hona bohot jaroori hai

  8. Eat eggs whites 5to 7 egg whites for weight loss and obesity due to weight gain swelling and private parts becoming black eggs whites, chicken tikka and paneer better milk help to cure obesity swelling body face it very effective daily 5to7 eggs if your weight is 60kg to 65kgs 3 to5 eggs whites with 1egg yolk 70kgs to 100 7egg whites pcos pcod problems body swelling for diabetes patients eat eggs 2egg whites daily it cure normal blood pressure low blood pressure with yellow yolks 1egg daily cadiac patients TB patients daily 1egg for all is good for children adults for acidity constipation drink soaf milk pudina and elaichi

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