10 Budget Friendly Foods For Preppers Prepping Long Term Food Storage Cheap Easy

10 Budget Friendly Foods For Preppers Prepping Long Term Food Storage Cheap Easy

10 budget friendly foods for preppers prepping long term food storage hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper today I wanted to share with you some ideas about budget-friendly food for Preppers prepping whether you’re just getting started or you want to add to your food storage
here are some cheap and easy foods that you can add to your food stockpile prepper pantry long term food no
matter what kind of a budget you’re on it’s important to have food and supplies
on hand because we don’t know going forward with the future holds and we
want to make sure that we always have the food that we need so stockpiling food
while things are readily available just makes sense all of these foods that I’m
going to share with you today have a long long shelf life and they are foods can last for years and years foods need to be stored correctly long term emergency food storage so that they’ll last as
long as possible that means you need to package foods correctly so that the air
can’t dry them out and the pests can’t get into them a great way to store these
foods that I like to use is canning jars canning jars are a convenient size
they are something that are readily available you can pick them up at the
grocery store the hardware stores even sometimes you can find canning jars at thrift stores and maybe you already have a supply of empty canning jars then you need properly fitting lids you can find canning jar lids that are plastic these are nice because they’re
easy off and on but these are not good for long-term food storage if you want to put something food in that you’re going to be using it frequently in your pantry then
this works well for long-term food storage you want to use the canning jar lids and the Rings the canning jar lids have a rubber gasket it’ll seal right on there to your glass canning jar you can screw lid band
this on you can add an oxygen absorber you can seal the jar with your food
saver jar lid attachment or you can just screw the lid on and it’s much better
than the way these foods come packaged from the grocery store they’re foods are still going to last a long time just by adding a jar lid and a ring screw it down tight
put it away in a cool dry place and your food is going to last the first food I
recommend is white rice stick with white rice brown rice has natural oils in it
which degrade over time turn rancid rice won’t last white rice stored
correctly can last for decades rice it’s also one of the foundations foods of having a long term food storage simply because it’s a versatile food that’s eaten all around
the world it’s rice is easy to prepare most people are able to eat rice without having
any kind of food allergies you can purchase rice from a one pound bag up to
a 50 pound bag depending on how much rice you’d like to store and stockpile and then you can easily store the rice away in usable size containers with canning jars you can easily use up the
amount of stored food in a jar without having to open say a five gallon bucket with 50 pounds
of rice a five gallon bucket with 50 pounds of stored food for emergencies is not easy to move around and it’s not in a size that most people want to open it and then need to use it eat it you’d have to deal with it then and reseal it to store up in to sizes that are useful so start
with sizes of stored food that are useful with a canning jar the next food for long term food storage is beans you
can buy all different types of beans from pinto beans navy beans kidney beans split peas all kinds of different beans get a variety of the beans that you enjoy and
you know how to cook and your family enjoys eating beans are also easy to
store in a canning jar put on the canning lid screw on the ring and it’s been sealed
up you can set it away in your pantry it’s in a size that’s easy to rotate and
incorporate into your meal plan the next food is oatmeal budget friendly cheap food for preppers to stockpile store oatmeal is inexpensive to buy packed with nutrition and oatmeal is simple to store for years at a time one
large box of oatmeal fits in three quart size canning jars oatmeal is great to
have on hand for easy breakfast and it also can be incorporated into your other
recipes and meals pasta for budget friendly foods for preppers prepping pasta last for years but not if you store it in just
the plastic wrapper cardboard box things are going to get into it you want to
keep pests out of your food storage you may have said well I’ve never had a
problem before but you don’t want to go down there next week and find out now
that you do so the best way is to put food away carefully seal out the air seal out
the insects seal out any little chewing rodents by storing your pasta correctly
there are all kinds of shapes and interesting varieties of pastas but the
easiest pasta that I think to store is spaghetti or angel hair or linguini
simply because it’s pasta that is long and straight you can put lots and lots of spaghetti into a canning jar smaller pastas also take less cooking time than larger shapes
look for example at how much spaghetti fits in this jar compared to interesting
shape pastas or noodles in this jar this one has about 5 times as much in the
same amount of space so if space is a concern make sure that you’re making
smart choices with the food you store so that they fit correctly into your pantry the next
item is sugar for budget friendly foods for prepping preppers long term food storage sugar can store for years and years but you need to keep the air
out the enemy of white sugar is Moisture store your sugar in an airtight
container absolutely because it can absorb even the humidity in the air in
any condensation from cooking in your kitchen you’ve ever had your sugar turn
hard that’s from the moisture that it gathered from the air so if you store sugar long term food storage airtight then the condensation and the moisture can’t get into your food stored sugar and make your sugar hard it’s still good to eat but it certainly makes it harder to use the
next budget-friendly food item is salt salt is something that we must have in
our diet we don’t tend to want to put the salt shaker out anymore because we
eat so much processed food the foods are already loaded with salt but if we were
to just be eating natural foods it doesn’t contain that high salt content
and so then we would need to add salt to our foods to keep our health up
salt is also very useful for lots of things such as canning preserving meats pickling first aid there’s all kinds of things you can use with salt I made a video
about salt I’ll put a link to it so you can see more about it if you are
you’re interested in it bouillon cubes are a great choice for your prepping
pantry along with your bouillon you may want to add your favorite spices to your
food storage so that you can kick it up a notch vary the flavors of your meals so
that they stay interesting avoid food fatigue honey is a fantastic item for food storage long term prepping prepper food supplies stash stockpile honey is a little
more expensive than other things foods that we store but it also is a food that’s a
forever food honey can last forever when you look for honey read the label make
sure it says 100% honey the best honey to choose is as close as you can get to honey from a farm it isn’t always possible or affordable to choose natural honey’s but
you can at least make sure that you’re getting 100% pure honey when you buy it
in the store if your honey turns hard you can soften it in a container of hot
water I’ll put a link to a video I made about how to soften decrystalize your honey if it should become solidified it’s the honey is still good to eat another good thing about honey is
it has all kinds of medicinal effects as well you can use it to gargle if you
have a sore throat you can dab a little bit of honey on a wound it has antibacterial properties in the honey there’s a lot of great things to do with honey so
it should be a must have food in your prepping pantry soy sauce is also a
great food to put in your budget-friendly food storage if you’re concerned with things like low sodium gluten-free look
on the labels because you can find soy sauce in varieties that can meet your
nutritional needs all that food isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t
have a stockpile of water you need to store at least one gallon of water per person per day for a minimum of three days once you get that amount of water try to get store water for a week you can pick water it up at the store in 1 gallon containers bring it home for
like a dollar you can also refill some clean containers that are food safe with water that you already have on hand I’ll put a link to a video I did about the containers
that would be appropriate to store water you can also choose to buy larger sized water storage containers but remember water weighs about eight and a half pounds per gallon so don’t put your water in a container
that’s so large that then you’re not able to move it to where you need it to
be planning ahead helps our food storage be convenient useful to us and helps us
smooth over the way for whatever kind of an emergency that we have foods are
readily available and so it’s a wonderful time to stock up while you can
food prices are going up and if you’ve paid attention to the news there have been
some problems with say floods in the Midwest crops have been lost prices are
going up food is becoming more scarce you may have been to the store as I have
lately and certain kinds of foods are not available they’re just out of stock
and the store said we won’t have those foods for several more weeks we’re not used to
those kind of conditions and we don’t know if that’s going to be something
going forward the best thing to do is stock up your pantry now with foods that
you eat every day stockpile some long term food storage items rotate your
foods add to them stockpiling and prepping means that you’re preparing to
make sure that you provide the things you need no matter what comes your way
stockpile things like your life depends on it because one day it actually might learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel prepping prepper channel

49 Replies to “10 Budget Friendly Foods For Preppers Prepping Long Term Food Storage Cheap Easy

  1. Another good video. I add dried lentils alongside my rice and beans stores.

    A great tip on the type of pasta/spaghetti to store, and how it is maximising space.

    I also have various water filters to hand with my water storage, just in case I ever need to filter any extra water.

  2. Hello, I use and store tomato powder. I buy the #10 cans and once I open a can I store it in pint and half pint vacuum sealed jar.. Along with my stored spices, beef, chicken and ham bouillon it will make all things better in a survival mode.
    It's a really good product and takes the place of any tomato item needed in a recipe. Makes great tasting tomato juice as well.
    I vacuum seal in jars dry cereal like corn flakes, cheerios, bran flakes just any kind of cereal that doesn't have nuts, they are still good after 5 years. Vacuum seal dry milk in jars..
    I vacuum seal crackers and soup crackers in jars. I store and vacuum seal quick cook barley. I vacuum seal raisin and cranberries in jars. They will still be good for many
    Thanks for sharing with us today.

  3. Not sure what is going on in other states? In the make America great again state, Florida ……loads of food & sales on many items. I just received a large order from Walmart … Corn & string beans. No problem there either………………… Don't listen to fear-mongers, read the signs around you. If it's time to be stocking up you will know!!!

  4. Thank you, Alaska Granny. Your videos are always helpful. Is there much nutritional difference between dried pinto beans and dried great northerns? I've cooked both, and prefer the great northerns.

  5. I'm thinking about stockpiling dehydrated potatoes, the kind they sell in those scalloped potato boxed meals. I'd put it in half-gallon – sized glass Mason jars, along with the instructions and dry mix packets.

  6. Thank you for your video.
    Just a heads up for anyone reading.
    Food Saver has changed the port outlet for the hose and now the old regular hoses no longer work with them. I can buy a new one over the internet for about $7 but I refuse to pay the $24 shipping and handling. I'm keeping my eyes open for an older model at the thrift store and I spit on Food Saver. Oops! My bad.
    The thing is, the new tip that fits the new model is the weak link. Poorly designed and cheap plastic. It will break again right away even with care and attention. Specially with the amount of vacuuming I do.
    (Bleep) Food Saver.
    Almost all my preps are put up in mason jars.
    Right now with the glut of potatoes, I'm filling half gallon mason jars with dehydrated potato slices and just Oxygen Absorbers.
    I'm thinking of starting to pack dehydrated carrots and cabbage into the jars of potato slices as filler. There's a lot of wasted space in a bottle of dehydrated potato slices.
    And I just found a new field to rob! … I mean "glean", … belongs to a cousin of mine. There was a wet area at one end of the field the day they dug, and they left it un-dug. Free potatoes for the digging. Two days later it's dry enough to dig, but they are not coming back for that little patch. Maybe 30'X30'. I have about 2/3rds of the 60 lb of potatoes I gleaned last week either dehydrated or eaten. I could use more.
    Did I say (bleep) Food Saver? . Oops! My bad.
    Beans are now $2 a lb here, … sad and scary.
    I'll still recycle store bought jars for storing my foods and the VH Sauce type jars, the tall narrow ones, are perfect for spaghetti I find. You have to break the spaghetti just right for it to work real well. I'm using the large Cheez Whiz bottles for my dehydrated cabbage, turns out one large cabbage once dehydrated fits into that size jar perfectly. Good to know. And those lids seem to always reseal for me.
    Tonight I packed away 300 gr of Rotini pasta in one "Canadian quart" mason jar with over two cups of rice packed in with it as filler. Filled seven quarts so far.
    One more trip to the carrot factory for a bag of their "seconds" in parsnips, and I might as well get another fifty lbs of carrots for $10. There's only 25 lbs of carrots left from the 100 I started with. Make hay while the sun shines good people, and the carrots dehydrate up so nice, …. and small. I can fit about 6 lbs of fresh carrots into a pint once they are dry. Freaking amazing.
    Have a great one.

  7. Great topic right on time! I had already figured dry canning rice, oats & beans was the way to go for our small household, especially since we want to rotate the food in usable quantities. After watching a zillion videos on both kinds of dry canning (vacuum & oven) I had already decided on the vacuum method and have put out to friends & family I’ll buy the hose & jar attachments if I can borrow their vacuum sealer. I’m reluctant to go out of pocket for something like the sealer that I doubt I’d ever use.

  8. Some candy like bit oh honey dove dark good and plenty in jars you rotate would be very welcome when things are not very pleasant

  9. Great video great ideas.. these tips are even useful when you have limited storage space for everyday use of these items 🤗 thank you God bless 💚👵

  10. The shorter the cooking time, the less fuel you will use in a grid-down emergency. For quick-cooking starches (simple carbohydrates), I recommend instant rice, Ramen noodles and instant mashed potatoes from your local supermarket. If you re-package these foods in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers and then store the bags in sturdy cardboard boxes with a list of contents taped to the outside of each box you will have a lot of inexpensive, easy-to-prepare, food calories that can store for 5 to 20 years and the boxes are lightweight enough to load into a truck if you have to evacuate your home. If the instant potatoes are flavored with a dried dairy product and fat, count on 5-10 years of storage in a cool, rodent-free location. The plain instant potatoes and instant rice can easily store for 20 years if properly packaged and kept in a cool location. How long the Ramen noodles can store mainly depends on their fat content (fat-free foods store longer than high fat foods). Packaging these foods at home costs much less than buying #10 cans of potato flakes and instant rice from a food storage company. And you can re-package the complete type ("just add water") of pancake mixes — just avoid the whole grain versions. Expect the complete pancake mixes to be good for 5 to 10 years of storage because they contain powdered eggs, powdered milk and perhaps a cooking fat.

    To have a quick-cooking whole grain, you can also re-package instant oatmeal. The plain type instant oatmeal can store 20 years, the fruit and cream type with dried dairy products added can only store 5-10 years.

    If you do not like the idea of it taking 10-12 minutes to boil dried pasta during a grid-down emergency, you can make your own instant pasta well before there is an emergency. Just cook the pasta until it reaches the "al dente" stage, dump it into a colander, cool under running water, drain well, dry it in your dehydrator and then package in Mylar (extra thick "military grade" type) with oxygen absorbers. Just make sure you are using pasta made with white flour, not whole wheat flour, because dried foods made with whole wheat flour will not store nearly as long. Those colorful pastas made with carrots, spinach and beets have the added advantage of vegetable fiber. To prepare an instant pasta, put it into a bowl and pour boiling water over it and let steep until softened, then drain (use the soaking water to make soup or a hot beverage) and eat.

    If you dehydrate commercially canned or home-cooked dried peas, beans, lentils or chickpeas and then package these legume foods in Mylar with oxygen absorbers, you will have quick-cooking complex carbohydrates. If you buy and then dehydrate those big bags of frozen mixed chopped vegetables, you can also re-package the dried veggies in Mylar with oxygen absorbers and have quick-cooking veggies for soups, stews or use to make thick toppings for your rice, pasta and mashed potatoes. Home-dehydrated veggies cost much less than buying #10 cans of dried veggies from a food storage business. If you have those slick plastic sheets for your dehydrating racks, you can also dehydrate low-fat or fat-free pasta sauces, tomato sauce, tomato paste, tomatillo sauce and red or green enchilada sauce and package the dried sauces in Mylar with oxygen absorbers.

  11. Great video. I don't eat oat meal, so I'll have to substitute it with something else. Ramen instead of pasta as well.
    I will also add tea/coffee/milk. Especially nice to drink hot cocoa in cold weather!

    Have you a video about cleaning/hygiene? Things like bleach, soap, gloves, towel, tp, and so on. I'd be interested in that, too.

  12. Another GREAT video! We have the same 7 gallon water containers.
    Here's a tip: We threw out one of the tall narrow water containers you showed, because it had a pinhole near the bottom. Later, it occurred to me that I could have fixed the hole by melting the plastic a bit with the soldering gun. Duh! Thanks again for your wise prepping tips.

  13. There is no nutrition in white rice. Pasta is about the same.Wheat is almost always GMO and wrecks the GI tract. White sugar is a toxin. White table salt is a no no…..mineralized, Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt,and there are others. Honey that is not raw is a nutrient, but has no enzymes and it's healing properties are greatly diminished. Fluoridated water is a poison and harmful to the brain, and arteries. Plastic containers pollute the contents.

  14. Thank you! This is very helpful in solving my recipe based food storage roadblock. Here’s to hoping 1/2 gallon jars fit under the kiddos bunk Beds!

  15. I had a 4 lb sugar bag get hard as a brick. I have one of those round screens you put over a pan to keep grease from popping out when frying. I got a large pot and rubbed the sugar over the screen into the pot and it was perfectly broken down to small granules. So now I use a gallon foodsaver bag and seal the bag of sugar.

    I also use my mason jars for storing everything in my everyday pantry and in my long term storage once I open a package.

    I have a number of long term stored foods from The Latter Day Saints Website. Good price and cheap shipping. LDS.org

  16. Thank you! I’m full time in my RV. I feel like a prepper. Food storage is so important. It’s all new to me. I never worried about that when I had children. Now that I’m in my own… food sits for longer periods of time. This was great information 🙏

  17. Great video! I found your video among my YouTube recommendations and am so glad I did! I really like your presentation here and have subscribed to your channel. I am looking forward to watching more of your videos! God bless!

  18. Another video full of good suggestions. I store all of these, but I store most in mylar and then in sealed buckets. It saves so much space and money.

  19. I always get some good ideas from you ….so far days are in the 50s and nights 30s….what about your weather? Stay safe and God Bless You

  20. Have you ever vacuum packed pilot bread crackers? I would think using canning jars with O2 absorbers would be the same thing.. wondering about shelf life. Canned pilot bread crackers have a 30 year shelf life, and I am wanting to pack Sailor Boy pilot bread for long term.

  21. Get a good water filter, and still boil water after to be safe. Check out your neighborhood for water sources, i.e streams and lakes a d ponds. It is very difficult to store very large amounts of water. Learn how to harvest rain water. If you live in a desert this will be more difficult and require a plan.

  22. Well thought out and concise. I appreciate a lot of good information in a short video without a lot of unnecessary commentary. Well done.

  23. You can store it also in 2L soda bottles with an oxygen absorber or even the smaller ones. I have not had any problems with bugs when there is no oxygen. The only thing is plastic can be chewed up by mice or rats. You do not need to add any oxygen absorber for salt or sugar. One prepper uses Irish spring soap to keep rodents away. Ionized salt will not last long term. You need to store different ways to purify.

  24. Go to Ice Age Farmer for crop problems and food shortages worldwide. Adapt 2030 also has information on our crops.

  25. Using your Food Saver and pre-made vacuum seal bags to store dried goods is less expensive than canning jars by far. I put two pounds of beans, rice, sugar, etc. in a one quart bag and use maximum vacuum. I buy the pre-made bags on Amazon 100 at a time. The sealed bags go into five-gallin buckets or storage tubs.

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