11 Beauty Hacks ♥ Wengie

11 Beauty Hacks ♥ Wengie

Hello guys, this is Wengie here. Welcome back to my channel and today is actually my 30th birthday I actually don’t feel any different to how I felt a couple of years ago, hopefully I am a little bit wiser today I want to share with you guys a bunch of beauty hacks, skincare, and makeup hacks that I absolutely love and some of these you may have seen and some of them you may have not seen because these are sort of my own secret little hacks and if you guys have not joined my family we are almost a 900,000 members which is insane, I could not have done this without you guys, I love you guys all so much and it’s super simple all you have to do is click the subscribe button and you get notified of my two videos a week and if you like these kind of cheats, and hacks, and tips, and tricks kind of videos give me a thumbs up, let me know if you enjoyed it and I will do more videos like these in the future but without further ado let’s jump straight into having all of these hacks My family members will know that I am absolutely a tea lover, I will drink tea at morning, at night, I will drink it multiple times at day, and I will actually use the same tea bag quite a few times until I can’t see any color come out anymore because I just don’t like to waste but one great thing about green tea is that it’s a great toner for your skin so instead of buying those cooling sprays in the chemist you can actually just make a batch of green tea cool it down, pour it into a spritz bottle and you can throw it in the fridge for times when you need a little bit of a pick me up for your skin it’s super refreshing so make sure you make a fresh batch every single time because it may go off, it’s full of antioxidants and is absolutely a toner for your skin, the other thing you can do with the leftover tea bags, is you pop into the fridge and cool down your eyes as a cooling mask, you get rid of all the swelling and puffiness in the morning it feels so good guys you have no idea, it’s summer right now so this has been a little guilty pleasure of mine this is Mikki guilty pleasure, yeah, he likes to lick its foot I am actually super uncouth with my toner sometimes I don’t want to put it on a cotton pad because I feel there is a lot of wastage so I will try and get it onto my hand and onto my face as quickly as possible but obviously it just drips through my fingers all the time and it’s just so uncoordinated NOOO… I just try to get it onto my face as quickly as possible before I like leave a huge mess ironically I still waste a lot of product so what I’ve been doing is putting this toner into a spritz bottle and choking in the fridge as well for a refreshing toning sort of session after my shower and the morning to wake me up and it’s a great way to get it onto your skin without any waste and you can just pat it in afterwards it’s just changed my skincare routine, it’s changed my game guys. you guys know sometimes someone walks past you and you get that whiff of perfume and it’s just amazing but when you spray perfume directly onto your hair, it can be a little too strong and you don’t want to like punch them in the face so a great way is to get your brush and a perfume and to spray a light mist of perfume onto your brush before you brush your hair and that will just deposit the perfect amount of smell into your hair and this is the perfect thing to do between shampoos and when you run out of that shampoo smell but you still want that nice smelling hair another great thing that I like to do to pick up my hair during the week is to put a few drops of essential oils, whether it’s coconut oil, or moroccan oil onto my brush and because my brush is a natural bristle brush it also helps moisturize the bristles it saves you from getting oily hands, because sometimes I hate putting oil treatments on my hands it gets really oily and then I have to wash my hands to put on my makeup this is a great way to distribute it straight into your hair and it distributes really really evenly as well, leaves your hair smooth and shining. Bobby pins, they are getting really slippery you can just give it a coat of hair spray before you pop it in and that will keep it there, the other thing you want to know about bobby pins I honestly did not know is the curly side goes underneath it and not on top and that gives you more grip if you have bobby pins that are matching your hair color because you changed your color as often as I do or you want a sort of bright bobby pin, you don’t have to go out and buy new ones, all you have to do is grab your nail polish that is in a color that you like and paint a coat of paint over the bobby pin, it goes on so well that once it drys you have a brand new bobby pin that totally matches my hair. I never thought I’d use a kitchen sponge in my beauty hack, but this is awesome what you need to do is get a jar and kitchen sponge you want to measure off your jar and if your sponge is too tall you want to cut to size and then put it in the jar and then I’m using the remainder cuts to fill in the gaps in the middle and pour all your nail polish remover so it’s all soaked and this is a perfect way to remove your nail, without using a whole lot cotton buds and cotton pads and wasting all that and the next time you want to use it, all you need to do is to give it a little shake, that will distribute the liquid up to the top again you can pop this in your bag is great for travel you don’t need to take lots and lots of bottles with you So the next beauty hack has save me a lot of money, I literally stop buying those cleansing wipes from the quemist they can be like $7 dollars for 10 which I go through them so quickly so you can totally make these cleansing wipes really easily at home, just grab yourself a really small ziplock bag some cotton pads that you normally use, I pop these in and pour a little bit of makeup remover into it and make sure all pads are soaked and I like to use a sensitive skin formula because you will be leaving this on your skin you can just buy really inexpensive eye makeup removal this is also perfect for travel as well if you want to bring some eye makeup removal with you without bringing the whole bottle, just keep it soaked in these little ziplock bags and they pack away so easily you can do this with your toners as well and it will just save you so much space I also like to keep these on my bedside drawer, for those days when I’m just so lazy to wash my face that happens a lot and if you are too lazy to wash your face another option is coconut oil and this is great for removing waterproof makeup the thing about coconut oil is that it is so nourishing and great for your skin, all you need to do is sort of rub all of your makeup off and then I just get a toner pad to wipe off all the excess makeup and everything on my face and you literally don’t need to wash anything off your face for those of you guys that want to try this make sure that you are not going to breakout from coconut oil and if you do, don’t do this, but otherwise it’s just a very great way to get your three step cleansing routine in if you don’t have access to running water or anything like that, so that is an option for you guys and this makeup hack, I’ve been obsessed with, is like a skin prep before makeup all you need to do is pour some toner onto a cotton pad and place them onto your cheeks this part of my face loses moisture a lot and I get those sort of smile lines, so this really plumbs up my face before I put on makeup, so you just basically soak your cotton pad I have these ones by Muji which I can split in half, which saves me an extra cotton pad and I just place them, they stick on really well because they are moist and then I just leave them on while I do my eye makeup and everything and when I’m done with my eye makeup I just take these off and my skin is really prep for foundation, this is a really great way to do a pick me up mask during the day as well if your skin is feeling a little dry just soak some cotton pads and pop them onto your face, is one of my favorite things to do I got this tip actually from buying Muji skincare apparently is really popular to do in japan and finally my favorite one saves me a lot of money if you guys wear fake lashes you’ll know how easy is to lose one, have one fall off and then just end up with a single lash that you don’t know what to do with or maybe you wear the pair and then one of them gets really gross but the other one was absolutely fine I have no idea why that happens but it just does but what I like to do is to cut them in half and then you have a brand new pair of half lashes that you can wear for natural looks, this works really well for lashes that are evenly shaped they don’t work so well with lashes that go from short to long but these pair of lashes that I’ve been wearing to death are by Tine Minx, and one of them don’t look so happy anymore so this is the perfect way I save them and I’m wearing them today so this will hopefully get you a few more ways out of your lashes before you have to throw them away I hope you guys learned something today, let me know which one was your favorite, and I put up a couple of really interesting videos on my channel lately check them out if you haven’t seen them already don’t forget I love you guys so so so much I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I’ll see you guys right back here in a couple of days, bye ..don’t forget I love you gu…

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