20 Amazing Facts About THE HUNGER GAMES Mockingjay

The stellar cast of the Hunger Games reunites
for the final time as Katniss makes a last stand against President Snow in the Mockingjay
Part 2. I’m Jan and this is 20 things you probably
didn’t know about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay movies. For production designer Philip Messina, the
most complicated set to create was the Capitol’s tunnels, which were about five-foot high,
making it a tough location for both cast and crew, who also had real fire and water, cold,
complex fight sequences, and 20-lbs of waterlogged gear to deal with during those scenes. In fact, the action in those scenes was so
intricate that, before filming began, the entire thing was storyboarded and choreographed.
And filming took place over the course of three weeks on a soundstage in Atlanta. Oh, and those mutts Katniss and co do battle
with were actually brought to life thanks to a mix of stuntmen on set and CGI. The assault by lizard mutts wasn’t just a
terrifying moment for the movie’s characters; it also got pretty scary for actor Wes Chatham,
who plays cameraman Castor who films District 13’s propos with his brother Pollux and director
Cressida. While filming a scene where one of the mutts attacked his character, Chatham
nearly drowned as a stunt performer accidentally held him under water. A number of other actors also sustained injuries
during the tunnel sequence. Liam Hemsworth, who plays Gale, hurt his back after being
thrown against a wall and badly bruised his hips after rolling over steel grates for multiple
takes. While those same grates led to Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta, fracturing his
knee. Actor Sam Claflin loved having the chance
to wield Finnick’s trident against those monstrous mutts, and before filming Part 2, he spent
time practising with broomsticks to keep up his skills! And although Claflin found Mockingjay Part
2 the most physically demanding of The Hunger Games movies, he says his biggest challenge
was actually the dance scene at Finnick’s wedding to Annie Cresta as he absolutely hates
dancing! The map projected by the holo Katniss and
her team use to avoid traps in the Capitol is based in part on the layout of France’s
capital city, Paris, where filming for some scenes in the Mockingjay movies took place. For example, the scene where a pod releases
a deluge of black oil on Katniss and her team was filmed in Les Espaces D’Abraxas, a post-modern
apartment complex in the Parisian suburbs. And for many of the scenes set in President
Snow’s mansion in the Capitol, including his office, the filmmakers used a mansion not
far from Paris called the Château de Voisins. Speaking of Snow’s office, the rug in that
room was woven in China especially for the production and measured 45 feet. Remember the podium we saw President Snow
standing at in The Hunger Games movies? Well, the filmmakers actually destroyed that prop
after each film, only to rebuild it for the next one! Oh, and by the way, it may look
pretty sturdy on screen, but in reality it’s made from cheap, lightweight materials like
plywood and Styrofoam! For the look of Katniss’s Mockingjay outfit,
costume designers Kurt and Bart drew on Japanese archery gear, specifically their asymmetrical
breastplates, and the mockingjay bird itself provided inspiration for the outfit’s colour. Because Jennifer Lawrence wears the outfit
in a number of different scenes, its function and flexibility were as important as how it
looked. So, at the first costume fitting, she ran around with her bow and arrow so Kurt
& Bart could work out where and how the outfit needed altering. For example, they built an arm guard into
the costume on Lawrence’s shooting arm when they realised that the bow string was hitting
her forearm whenever she shot an arrow. When creating costumes for District 13’s inhabitants,
designers Kurt and Bart looked to World War Two London for ideas. They especially kept
in mind the wartime restrictions placed on the garment industry to save fabric, for example,
the number of buttons on clothes and the amount of pleats in dresses. For Effie Trinket’s distinct take on District
13’s clothing, costume designers Kurt and Bart were inspired by their experience of
New York’s club scene in the late 1980s and the often eccentric fashion of American socialite
Edith Bouvier Beale, who was known as Little Edie and featured in the 1975 documentary
film Grey Gardens. By the way, the Mockingjay movies are not
the first time costume designers Kurt & Bart have worked with director Francis Lawrence.
They also worked with him in 2001 on the music video for Brittany Spears’s song “I’m A Slave
4 U”. After taking care of Elizabeth Banks’ make-up
for the first two films in the franchise, Make-up Designer Ve Neill decided to place
Effie Trinket’s appearance in the hands of her colleague Nikoletta Skarlatos to ensure
a fresh perspective and a suitably different look for the ever-changing Effie in the final
two movies. Transforming actress Jena Malone into Johanna
took 3 hours in the make-up chair each day, which included putting on a bald cap, doing
flesh toning and prosthetic work around her neck, and adding cuts and bruises. Jennifer Lawrence’s young nephews, Bear and
Theodore Lawrence, play Katniss and Peeta’s children in the epilogue scene in Mockingjay
Part 2. Bear is the child with Josh Hutcherson, while Theodore, who was just nine months old
when the movie was shot, is in Jennifer Lawrence’s arms. Now, which do YOU think was the best film
in the quadrilogy and why? And would you like to the Hunger Games franchise
continue in some way? If so, what would you like to see?
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