20 DAY DIET (part 1)

20 DAY DIET (part 1)

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  1. Sailor Moon Lavely obsessed right here 😘I love your vlogs so much. 💕 I've been on cero flours diet for almost two moths, feeling the same when I eat salads, they digest like in a second, I started eating sweet potatoes since I watch you "what I eat in a day" video, they're so yummy as a dessert, yes to all the onions and garlic on your foods 😋

  2. Lol this is soo real! Most of us have a hard time getting back on track. Once you do though, it gets easier after a few days., although I think it’s challenging when you go out a lot, cause restaurant meals always have more calories than you think they do and it’s hard to resist. Good luck, we feel your pain!

  3. Hey Ashley, the pjs are super cute. The apples had a really nice crunch for being soggy. I don't see why you need to diet, you're beautiful, but I also support that you want to do it. The dishes you cooked in this video looked delicious as well, like the duck with leeks and onions. If you were to host a cooking show, i would watch it for sure. See ya around sound k, hope to see more videos in the future.

  4. if you are on a diet, you can eat whatever you want as long as you are being conscient of the calories of it and small pieces, not everything that says "healthy" is because we can it a lot of it because it's the same! you should use a calories calculator (theres a lot online) to see how many you should eat in a day to lose/mantain/gain weight (its different because of height and age) and then count your daily calories! and also read the nutritional part behind the products to know the portion you should consume. it's way more easy and it's actually amazing to see how we can actually eat smth seen as "unhealthy" if you have the recommended portion

  5. I’m no dietician or anything, but maybe you should try having a banana in the morning instead of an apple. I find it gives you more energy and it’s also more filling (in my opinion). Maybe that’ll help the morning fatigue and hunger ☺️

  6. 나 이 채널 왜 지금 알았지ㅠㅠㅠ 말 좀 해주지 진짜 언니 조금 너무한데 이쁘고 목소리도 좋고 이쁘고 아무튼 이쁘니까 봐주는거에요 그니까 사랑한다고요(잠기운에 정신이 나감

  7. No me gustan las dietas que suelen hacer los asiáticos 😖😖no quiero que enfermes!! Cuídate por favor!!♥️♥️

  8. I recently began dieting/exercising more bc I want to be more healthier and completely understand the struggle (and I live in NYC). You got thiss!

  9. It’s so nice that you got some time home with family!! You must be back with so much energy and motivation 💪🏻 I’m trying to diet and exercise myself and it’s so hard! I feel bored and anxious a lot, so I’m gonna try some of your snacks 💕 BTW I love your new hair!! Suits you a lot, you look super pretty!!

  10. I'm also on a diet now and yeah it's way too hard I always end up cheating ;; but it's nice to know that you're dieting too and I'm not alone hahah

  11. Ashley, this is why I love you…You read my mind!! The holidays started a huge period of nonstop binging for me, and when I saw this, my resolve suddenly came. I'm ready to get my life back in order too 😂 Much love!!

  12. Someone went to target 👀
    I find it hard to motivate myself as well n trying not to eat everything in sight
    I believe you can do it!

  13. I really admire your outlook! Healthy eating and Healthy living instead of just dieting. Personally found this motivating!! Best of luck Ash!! You got this!!💪🏼

  14. Hi Ashley! Love you documenting your diet ;). I love taking classes – they’re motivational for me! What type of sweet potato do you get? Is there a specific type or name? I’ve been trying to track them down in California and having a tough time! Thanks =)

  15. 다이어트ㅠㅠ중간에 체했을 때 너무 가슴아팠오ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무 무리하지는 말아요! 어떤 모습이든 다 이쁘니까 ㅎㅅㅎ♡

  16. You can do this Ash!!! 😊 When I get used of eating organic foods then if suddenly try like tasting fast food or processed food, my tastebuds and body doesn’t longer accept it. Im starting to feel sick. Btw, your bare skin looks so good!!! Please share some tips! 😊

  17. The worst part is, when you are on a diet and all you can think about is just FOOD. My brain really likes to torture me 🙂

  18. Pokéballs 😀 ♥♥♥ You are amazing Ashley!♥ Fighting fighting, take care and don't diet too much♥ And the thing with getting up… It happens to me too, I know I have to get up, but I can't… For me the thing which makes me get up is the coffee (I'm coffee addict haha) and also radiooooo and the fact that I have to feed my cat and dog.~ Fighting Ashley♥ Love youuuuuuuu♥

  19. Hi Ashley! Just wanted to say thank you for this video! 😊 I've been unhealthy and honestly kinda depressed lately because of s.a.d. but this video gave me a spark of joy and motivation to get back into my healthy habits. This video is light and super relatable! One thing I learned in the past is that it's about progress and not perfection which this video reminded me of. 😉 Thanks again and hope you have a nice day! 🌷

  20. maybe you can try this banana oat muffin made from bananas oats almond milk and cinnamon it's soo good and hearty gluten free and no sugar just natural sugar from the fruits

  21. I always start my day with muesli cereals with yogurt and a tea spoon of honey and some corn flakes.It keeps me full and is yummy too.You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight(I am not saying you are doing this^^).You just have to eat healthy.I always have 2000 kcal a day and do 20 minutes workout in my room everyday and I am fit and not hungry.I eat chocolate and sweets too but not a lot so you just have to find your balance.It's just my advice.You can do this.Fighting:*

  22. Make sure to eat enough! I'm trying to eat better too and I find eating porridge in the morning stops my cravings for sugary snacks etc

  23. I drink 4/5 bottles of Soju every weekend and eat all sorts of tasty animals and their various parts. What I do, do is run every single day no matter how tired or lazy I feel. Running on treadmills sucks, it’s just awful awful awful. Run outside for 30-40 minutes, I think this is enough to adequately compensate for bad eating habits. Having said that, if you eat high carbs high sugars all the time no amount of exercise and yo-yo dieting helps. I also think it’s a bad idea to go from periods of gorging and fat-fucking yourself to regimental dieting where you’re forcing yourself to eat and live against your will.

  24. Just wanted to say I live in America and I say America 😂😂so it's okay haha I actually think more people say America more than saying United States

  25. I love her more and more! When I watch her videos, it's feel like we are just us, me and her wow.
    Ashley, you're precious omg.

  26. i'm new to your channel but I love your video so much already! I love how honest you are. you are motivating me to start my diet.

  27. girllll ur so relatableeeeeeeee, its funny because I sadly never heard a single ladies code song, and I got to know you through Grace's video and it's so fascinating to like know you as a PERSON before knowing you as an IDOL? anyways I'm on the same diet boat! It's hard but gotta keep going!!

  28. hey! i know i’m late but just wanna say that i know the culture and the industry can be harsh and can also stimulate unhealthy diets (that are more like starvation) but that’s wrong and i hope idols realize that.

    dancing all day is really consuming so it’s important to have the necessary fuel even when trying to slim down! i loved how you weren’t too strict and ate lots of veggies, but maybe trying to get more lean protein will make you feel more satisfied.

    also, eating out a lot while dieting can make things harder because you never know how things are made, adding oil/butter can make something really caloric.

    BUT DON’T FORGET TO TREAT YOURSELF! you already have an amazing body and i’d never think you need to lose weight! you’re gorgeous girl 💓

  29. Waaah, I'm not the healthy kind of person and I love how you deal with your diet, no need to go crazy about calories <3

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