24 Reasons Harry Potter Goblet of Fire & Hunger Games Catching Fire Are The Same Movie

24 Reasons Harry Potter Goblet of Fire & Hunger Games Catching Fire Are The Same Movie

Whoa, Deja Vu. A deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix, it happens when the change something. At first I was like whoa! because the statue had wings and couldn’t fly, but
then I was like No! because Batman has the same problem the main character is battling some
demons which is evident by the nightmare that causes them to wake up in the
middle of the night problems in the bedroom aren’t the only
issue because when the main character takes a train trip to a social event another problem rears its ugly head
when the festivities are cut short by these evil henchman guys. There’s this dude
with Cisco colored facial hair and really gets a kick out a teenager’s
risking their lives for sport. First he hires this chubby blonde gentleman to
keep a close eye on the children. Jump forward five seconds because spoiler alert
Dude has ulterior motives and at the end of the movie it’s revealed that he’s a
double agent. But after the double agent is introduced, it’s an announced that they’ll have a
special change the rules for the games this year. The road chase sucks in pisses
off the main characters, but the games must go on. The main character’s name is
pulled out of the cup in nobody claps. No offense is taken, but it’s weird
considering the reaction that the other handsome guy got when he volunteered. I mean, the main character’s
best friend basically changed his sexual preference for about two seconds
and a half. When the games start, you’re worried that age is a factor in the main kid will
lose because the age and experience of the other competitors, but there’s a mentor
character who’s there to help the hero and he’s supposed to cancel all the age/experience nonsense out, but you still worry because of his drinking habits.
The movie keeps reminding us that he’s got issues because there’s exactly five
scenes where he’s seen gulping down foreign substances. Go home bro you’re
drunk. Being a celebrity does have its perks though, the dude who under normal
circumstances would have had to use the Bill Cosbian approach to getting women is
now seen as a sex symbol and every little kid wants your autograph if you
volunteer for the games. Before the games start the whole this festive celebration
in its pretty cool or arguably pretty hot since people are breathing fire and
whatnot. Then they send you up to get your 15 minutes of fame with this
reporter who puts all your business out of Front Street. Once the games begin, be
prepared because some gruesome stuff happens but it’s funny when you think about it,
but probably just try to hold it in. I don’t always smile, but when I do I probably
shouldn’t. We learned that apparently “solos” are only for Star Wars characters
because everybody in the movie are involved in an alliance. I couldn’t stand
it when people formed an alliance back in the day on Road Rules Challenges, but I
accept it here because the games are crooked letter O freakin’ dangerous. Statistics show you’re liable to drown, suffer from a loss of hearing, or face
injuries from someone trying to commit your suicide by slitting your wrists. You know, I’m willing to bet
this isn’t what the kids signed up for. when I think of games, I think of
synonyms like recreation, entertainment, and hmm, i dont no, uh play time?! I mean people
actually die in this tournament. Name one person in the hood that play like the that! The games are
pulled to a screeching halt when the main dude uses their signature weapon thingy
and shoots it in the air. Chaos ensues and hey Hollywood, God called and he wants his
only begotten Son back, which is fitting because the movie gets a baptism by fire
before the credits are rolling. Those are 24 reasons these movies at the same, you
agree yes, no, maybe so? If not politely share your thoughts in the comments
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25 Replies to “24 Reasons Harry Potter Goblet of Fire & Hunger Games Catching Fire Are The Same Movie

  1. The harry potter movies are the best for me but i think they missed too much important things from the books. I just imagine if the movies from 3 to the last was was faithfull to the books it would be so much better.

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  3. if you spent the time you were making this video by reading Harry Potter, you'd had it finished by now and this wouldn't have a point.

  4. 25) Both films had the word "fire" on its title. 26) Films based ln Young Adults' sequel books (from JK Rowling and Suzanne Collins respectively)

  5. number eleven is not valid because the fake mad eye didn't drink liquor. He was drinking a potion that kept him looking like mad eye

  6. Books really are better than the movies! I'm a stay at home mom and use nap time to read. Lol but my friend works a lot and she listens to audio books and the twilight ones on audio cd after I got them for her. Twilight, hunger games, Harry Potter.

  7. Hunger Games is better than Harry Potter
    Before all you Harry Potter fan girls get your panties in a bunch and call me a muggle let me explain…
    The main plot around Hunger Games is directly fear installed sparking reason for revolution while Harry Potter's wizard world isn't fear installed at all, Harry actually gets help and is welcomed in. Hunger Games is way more brutal and realistic. Magic is good to some extent and maybe for littler kids but Hunger Games is more mature with the begging plot idea being that 24 kids have to kill each other to install fear in the poorer districts and violence is essential to the enemy while Harry Potter is all about young wizards learning wizardry, Hunger Games is about young kids attempting to kill one another. Hunger Games swaps traditional roles in characters. Throughout the Hunger Games series we see differences in roles and deeper character aspects, think about it. Katniss is a strong, fierce and brave young woman who's taken care of her family and depicts a more masculine outlook on life and her family. Her "lover" Peeta Mellark is a submissive-ish, youngest of his family, gentle and helpful young man. He's a camouflage expert but not very good with any weapons. Haymitch the non-caring, drunk, middle-aged mentor of Peeta and Katniss has a dark past. He was in the Hunger Games, has horrible PTSD about it and because of the clever way he won his games his family, a mother, little brother and loving girlfriend were killed off not to mention he watched kids from the poorest District, District 12 that he mentored get killed year after year but he is actually a really wise man. And finally my favorite, Finnick Odair is appeared to be a egotistical, "I'm Sexy and I know it" type guy but he was used as a prostitute by President Snow in the Capitol this is also a touch on Male Abuse by Suzanne Collins which is not a talked about topic in today's society in addition he is very helpful and caring about his fellow tributes including Katniss in the Quarter Quell and MockingJay movies. He is in love with a mentally-ill girl and is very loving of his mother figure, Mags. That's why The Hunger Games is better feel free to debate me just don't be rude plz 🙂

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