7 BULIMIA FACTS you have to know! | Kati Morton

7 BULIMIA FACTS you have to know! | Kati Morton

Hey everyone, today Im gonna talk to you about a very serious topic. These are 7 things you need to know about bulimia. Today Im gonna talk to you about bulimia. Here are 7 facts about bulimia and why Im urging you, if you struggle with this, to get help! Number 1: something that no one things about is damage to vocal cords. Ive had clients who were trying out for different things, whether it would be, even just a high school play or a high school musical or people who do it professionally and they’ve been let go because their voice isn’t consistent. Something that we didn’t think about, right? 2: Damage to teeth. Because we’re purging, right? And our stomach acids are coming through our mouth and it’s getting on our teeth and it’s eroding the enamel and it can cause permanent damage. And the sooner we get help, the better the outcome. 3: something that I don’t even think anybody talks about: swollen salivary glands. You can usually tell – honestly. I can usually tell, with pretty – like 90% certainty – if someone’s purging or not, because they are really puffy here. You are actually asking your salivary glands to be extremely overactive and so they are reacting adversly to this overaction and they are puffing up. 4: and this is the most concerning for many of my clients: reproductive harm If we’re not getting enough nutrients and our body is slowly eating itself because we’re not actually digesting the food that it needs, our reproductive system can shut down and we can become infertil. And that is really sad and a lot of my clients want children and so the sooner we get help the better off we are to not do any damage to that. 5: and probably the most embarrassing – is hair loss. Because our hair growth is depending upon our nutrients and the nutrients our body needs in order to keep our hair growing. And also our skin can start to sag, because our body relys on hydration and if we’re purging chances are that we are pretty dehydrated. And some of those things – I mean our hair may grow back – but oftentimes my clients are really frustrated, because they’ve aged themselves. Like, they may be 20, but they look 40. And that’s not something to scare you, it’s just a fact. Once we’ve wrinkled and we’ve aged, that damage can’t really be undone. 6: bone density loss. And this is something that’s really scarry, especially for my clients who are still active in sports. We can have osteopenia or osteoporosis pretty quickly, if we are not getting the right amount of nutrients. Because something people don’t realize is that your body starts to kind of eat itself, when it’s not getting the right kind of food that it needs. It will start eating our muscle and our bone density will go down, because it needs to use those nutrients for other things and bone isn’t that necessary at that moment. Our body kind of goes into survival mode. So the sooner we get help, the sooner we can stop the osteopenia from becoming osteoporosis. 7: the tearing of your esophagus. Now, this is someting that I want all of you to pay attention to: if you see blood when you’re purging, if you see blood if you cough and you have some blood in your mouth, anything like that: please please please get help! Tears in your esophagus can be not serious and if we get help and we get to see our doctor, they can sometimes repair them, they can tell us what to do to heal. But if we let them be open for too long and we have tears that we’re consistently making, we can get terrible infections. I’ve had clients and even people who followed me, tell me about horror stories of infections they’ve received and had to have ridiculous treatments, because if you think about it, youre tearing in your esophagus, right? And then we’re eating and drinking and purging more, and all the food bacteria and all the bacteria that’s just in our body in general is seeping into those tears and it can get really dangerous really fast. So I urge you: if you see any blood in your throw up at all, please please please go to see your doctor, go to the ER and get help! So I know this video is kind of scary and it’s a lot of things maybe you didn’t know about maybe you already did know, right? But what I’m really asking is for you to consider the damage that you could be doing if you don’t get help. And you are worth it! You deserve help, you deserve treatment! Know that YOU can beat this. And together we’ll get better. That’s why I keep putting out videos, that’s why I have workbooks and that’s why there’s a community of people here to support you. So know you are not alone and we’ll get through this together, as we work towards a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. Kati, I found this video around when you uploaded it and at the time I had never seen a video of yours before. I have suffered with EDNOS for more than half of my life and while I am just now new to trying to really recover, this video helped to wake me up when I saw it and I don't want to know where I'd be if I hadn't had this initial wake up call. Thank you for everything you do and for all of your amazing content.

  2. Hi kati! Thank you so much for your videos! I´ve been struggling for 3 years now(1 with anorexia) with bulimia and i´ve been really depressed from the consequences it brought…I want to be a musical theatre performer and of course i have to maintain my voice ( wich made me want recovery), but besides the rumination syndrome that is very had to stop (but is getting better) im really afraid this is ruining my future…i always tell myself i can stop it but it doesn´t and i can feel the swollen throat and sometimes sore now…Do you have any advice on how to recover faster and end this once and for all?? i dont have a future without my voice (i´ve already been offered a place in one of the top colleges for what i want to pursue and im throwing it all away…:( ) i hate myself…the worse is im gaining a lot of weight even dough i am purging less, and the axienty always turns me to food and binging…it´s disgusting…XX

  3. HI Katy! thank you so much for these videos! I have a quick question regarding bulimia and anorexia : What is the difference between Anorexia Binge/purge type and Bulimia Non Purging type ? ;/

    i'm really super confused because until nowI thought that I suffered from Anorexia Binge/purge type but then someone mentioned Bulimia Non Purging type which i didn't even know existed and now I can't really tell the difference or what it is that i'm suffering from. Please if you or someone else from the comments could enlighten me that would be amazing!

  4. Can it also cause damage to the joints?? I used to vomit and do excesive exercise and now I only do the exercise but my joints crack all the time and sometimes hurt and im really worried.

  5. I'm weight restored from anorexia but now I'm dealing with bulimia and it's so hard to stop it. I'm too scared to ask my family for help because they all think I'm better but I'm really not, I feel like I just switched from one disorder to another.

  6. I just started doing it Monday and honestly I'm scared. I don't know why I compulsively am doing it. I just started when I couldn't find a way out of my weight gain.

  7. Asking for help doesn't help cause I'm at normal weight atm. Even when I didn't have my period and was underweight all they said was "see you after 3 months bye" which means "lose more weight". And at this point I don't even want to stop, I just want to die from straving myself. I haven't gotten real therapy cause I have bpd and dissociation. And they see those things as chronic. Hate my life but at least not eating makes me feel better :/

  8. I just want some control in my life so I binged and purge it gives me a "high" I need to stop and get help and everyone else struggling with Bulimia please please get help cuz it can kill you faster than you think

  9. But I️ have a question for any recovering bulimic… has your face got extremely swollen since u stopped??? I️ was bulimic for a year, I️ stopped in 2014. Haven’t purged since. But my face got so round and swollen looking, I️ swear it’s from being bulimic… idk

  10. I have swelling on my face and I actually just got really sick and a fever due to bulimia 😣😣😣… I think it’s time to stop now

  11. this is why i only purge when necessary. i try to restrict so i dont have to purge bc i hate purging. or i overexercise. but laxatives dont work as well

  12. Hey Katy! I'm so very grateful for your videos! Listening to you when I had bad thoughts has really really help me get through some hard times! I just had a question regarding Bulimia – Is there such a thing as Bulimia without throwing up. Like for example over eating and then restricting? or is classified as something different?

  13. What if i only purge my binges? I'll keep down all the calories that my body needs, but binge a couple times a day and purge just that.

  14. I'm not sure if I'm bulimic but I'm 13 and I'm trying to lose weight and i was doing great in my diet but this few weeks I started to eat a little bit more and then I feel like I ate so much and i regret it and my stomach hurts so I always go to the bathroom to throw up and it's started to be like a addiction every time even if I eat small portions I'll still feel like I ate so much is that a sign of bulimia?? Or I'm just binge eating

  15. I really need help, is bulimia when you eat very much sometimed and maybe trains super hard to get away from that food. Another question what is the difference between anorexic and bulimia?

  16. I'm suffering from Bulimia now and I've been breaking out with bad acne in those areas you said get puffy. Right on the sides of my jaw/neck. I wonder if there is a connection.

  17. Yeah, but all of that isn't as bad if I only purge about half of what I eat, right? Cuz I'm still getting nutrients

  18. I've considered myself recovered for 9 years, even though the urges never stopped I don't do them. But I think my vocal issues I have a from purging. I wanted to cry listening to this. My throats scratchy and I can't sing anymore. I did it to myself. Guess I shouldn't be surprised my body won't hold nutrients now either. I have to take a shot ton of vitamins or I get sick. And my iron is always now. Always cold to this day.

  19. Kati… I have anorexia, but lately on top of my usual 900 or under daily calories I've been purging some. I've only done it twice, but I'm scared and don't know what to do… It isnt super serious yet, but I still can't go to my family for the help i know I need…

  20. Can I recover my voice? I used to sing and after I started purging for months I realize that I can't hit some notes anymore I need help

  21. Im really skeptical about what is considered "help" these days. For example this women speaking about it isn't really Much help at all. She can point out the negatives, but what exactly has she done to help? … If a person tripped over and then I merely pointed out that 'shoelaces can be dangerous if you don't tie them' then has that really helped??… Same analogy applies to quitting smoking or any form of mental health service.

    It's so easy to say the words "get help", but help implies pragmatism, and there is so little of that around these days. If you suffer with anxiety, talking to someone about it isn't going to help you per se. It might help the person with the decent wage who has a nice easy job of talking to you, but it certainly doesn't apply any practical approaches to dealing with the issue. Only an autonomous decision to fight the problem personally can do that. Which brings me back to my original point of being suspicious about people who claim to be "helping". Clearly they don't know the difference between helping and talking.

    I'm of the firm belief that anybody who is genuinely interested in "helping" others would not put so much focus on themselves , obviously. Not like this woman here who has a YouTube channel where she records her face , conveniently after a make-up routine, and attaches her face to all of the thumbnails, and pays for photographers to take "professional" pictures for her social media display pics. No of course a person like that isn't interested in "helping" others, they're interested in growing there platform, having people respect them for superficial reasons and to make money for themselves, DUH! Hence why she is selling the narrative of the most extreme outcomes of bulimia, to in fact induce anxiety on us little sheeples, so that we think we need whatever comes out of her continually wide-open pie hole. I don't see how it's not glaringly obvious that people like this are cashing in on people's problems. :S


  22. was bulimic off and on for 10 years and had 2 healthy pregnancies. wouldn't binge and purge when I was pregnant or breast feeding, but after they stopped nursing for good, I'd go right back to throwing up.

  23. I’m bulimic and I want to tell my family but I’m scared. I’m scared that they might disown me or something. It’s been so hard for me and I don’t know how to stop.

  24. why should we care how we look. a bulimic wouldn't. that's the whole point of the bulimic. to get out of the superficial world.

  25. I was bulimic at 16… I’m 28 now and I have relapsed on and off especially this year…I am so sad… I wasn’t vomiting for 4-5 years with one or two instances (relapsed) when I stopped…But I just…Ugh, I wanna slim just once in my life! Not skinny stick thin just slim with a completely FLAT stomach…

  26. I've never given a shit about my bulimia because to by honest? It seemed like such a joke and something soooo incosequential compared to my depression and borderline pd. But today a chip of my tooth fell out and I'm actually losing my shit. I feel like it's too late, why did I not research this shit earlier???

  27. Thank you for sharing, I've had different types of eating disorders during during these past 6 years, started with anorexia, got help, developed bulimia, got help, then ortorexia and now bulimia again. I am trying to get real help now, once for all, I just want to get well again..
    anyway I learned a thing or two from this video ❤️

  28. I remember watching this a few years ago and when I heard about the reproductive thing, it triggered something in me that made me stop. I’ve always wanted a child and that’s what helped me get over bulimia

  29. THANK YOU Kati for talking about this. I'm a bulimia survivor here and chipping my front tooth was what finally brought me to seek help. My deepest regret is about the vocal cords.

    Trust me everyone, even if it were true that people will "like you more if you were skinnier", the additional approval is NOT WORTH going through this shit. Fuck them, you go love yourSELF first. (By the way, it's also not true. People like confident people. People like people who know and like themselves.)

  30. I had bulimia in 3rd grade. I begged my parents to help me. The doctors said nothing. And my mom bought me pills. I liked them Bc they were sweet. And it stopped. Mom saved me. When the container was empty I got sad. But I could eat. Now I can’t eat. I lost 6kg (13 pounds) IN A DAY. And I can’t go up again. I’m scared

  31. I really wanted to talk about my problems with someone but theres no one i could trust on. I couldnt talk in front of a bunch of people. My hands getting sweaty, my throat narrowing then I wanted to puke. Thats me. Everyone in my class would snicker when it was my turn to represent the project then i cant anymore although it was just because one person burst a laugh. My confidence had long time buried. But I need it. I tried. Couple of times but i cant. I hate crying in front of people. I think when the tears burst out that was the time you show your scars. For me crying in the room, that will be safe. But then i started to cut myself. If i go out cry, everyone would be disgusted just looking at my face. Just please help me. I know confidence are really important to build the future but idk how.

  32. im 13 and my friend has just told me that she has bulimia, its really important for me that i support her as much as possible. she has an incredible singing voice and i will ensure that i tell her about the vocal chord damage. this was genuinely a helpful video

  33. In my case I'm a 21 year old female. My bulimia/anorexia was not really about not being happy with my body or maybe it is, it's more of a need for love from my father, he never said something about my body and he's a good father but when I got into puberty, I would try to hug and kiss him like I would when I was little but he wouldn't hug me back or just walk aways, i'm very sensitive so that hurt me, he's a singer and he told me he doesn't want to hug me because I might give him a cold or something and he wouldn't be able to sing but he always kissed and hugged his wife, he would talk about how beautiful she was when she was younger and i started looking at pictures of her when she was my age, she was very beautiful. I was also called fat by some boys and a crush

  34. thank you, thank you, my life revolves around singing. i want to go somewhere with my singing, and i never knew that i could damage my singing chords. the reason i started was because i don’t wanna be my fat self. any tips?

  35. I’m scared to recognize it but I think I may have bulimia…I don’t want to tell my parents and I also don’t know how to approach them and tell them I might have an eating disorder, but this video motivated me to stop.Thank you! All the comments make me feel better knowing I’m not alone.

  36. What if you eat good things like raw fruit 🍉 🍎 🍌, but then later eat a big 🌭 or 🍕 coz you want that taste, but then you eat very good later that night?

  37. Im so sad I keep relapsing every week. I end up bingining somehow and the guilt is so intense i just cant stop purging.

  38. Number 3 kinda blew my mind. One main reason I've "struggled" for years is because I have such a round chubby face. What if it's a salvitory gland result of my "struggle" from the past 7< years…

  39. Please mention Potassium loss and ivs through hospital heart failure due to elecrolyte loss leading to liver and kidney failiure

  40. I'm not able to vomit like it's fucked up im shaking right now blood is coming out of my trout but I need to move the food from in me I'm freaking out

  41. Hi I've had Bulimia for many, many years. My teeth show no signs of damage. I do brush every time I purge, so maybe that is why..? I would think everyone would brush after barfing.

  42. Ive recovered, not fully but almost.
    Im 22 this year, my tibia feels severely in pain. Am i having osteopenia? Usually it gets worse when im in pressure, emotionally. Oh and i dont do hard sport.

    I cant sleep at night. If i could, then i wake up right in midnight. I often cry since it's so painful.

  43. I have a problem but idk if its a disorder or what.

    You know that urge/need to eat? Mine usually occurs when I'm not doing anything or just bored or idk it just pops up in my head like 'hey you need to eat something even if you're not hungry or even if you just ate. Just eat something' and more often than not i give in easily. Because if i try to resist it then I would start feeling uncomfortable or annoyed? I would fidget and my toes would just curl in annoyance? lol yeah sounds funny but yeah that's what I do when im annoyed or uncomfortable, curl my toes to the extent that's it's hurting me. Immediately after eating, self hate always follow. I would then start checking every parts of my body. My arms, legs, tummy, the side of my face, chin, everything! I would literally check everything and that's when i'd start hating my self, start questioning every decision I've made in my life. It's like listening to your own brain yell at you "If you had not eaten you wouldn't have gained that much weight, if you had not eaten you wouldn't have looked this ugly. Yada yada yada yada.."

    *excuse my English, it is not my first language

  44. I abused laxatives so much that my colon can't work without it anymore

    I stopped laxatives because school started recently- and i have been using exercise as substitute to ease my guilt of eating

    It's that bloat after eating that fucks me up everytime.

    I've been abusing laxatives and vomiting everything that I ate for the last five months- its hard to adjust because i need to go to school- and i don't really want to have diarrhea at school

    I just want to be skinny and pretty😭

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