intermittent fasting is something that I
talk about a lot on my channel for good reason the biggest benefit is it makes
you lose a lot of fat which is why a lot of people are gravitated towards it but
if you don’t do it properly you might be unknowingly sabotaging your own weight
loss efforts and nobody wants that today I’m gonna talk to you about seven
things you should never do while intermittent fasting so you can get to
your results faster and make sure you stay tuned until the end because you
might be unknowingly doing some of the things that I’m about to mention here
all right let’s dive in what’s going on guys Carlo Macapinlac here from NewbieFitnessAcademy.com I help busy professionals lose weight so they can
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every time I post a new video every week okay the first thing that you should
never do while intermittent fasting is just eating whatever you want that’s a big
no-no we’re gonna start with that because this
is a big one that prevents people from losing weight period they go to town
after they’re done fast thing they freestyle their diet they eat whatever
they want they break their fast with like a doughnut pizza they eat fast food
I mean they don’t really adjust their diet and they expect to get results
simply because they fasted for a few hours
listen it does not work like that and there’s a saying out there right that you
can’t outwork a bad diet I’m talking about
exercise here well it’s the exact same thing you cannot out fast a bad diet
it’s pretty easy to wipe away all the benefits that you just got from doing a
fast by eating shitty food fasting does not give you the green light to eat as if
you’re in a hot dog eating contest and that should be common
sense the problem is it’s not so common for a lot of people you want to
focus on eating a nice nutritious meal once you break your fast you want to
revolve your diet around plants and animals and there’s a time and place to
eat you know pizza pasta bread cookies ice cream and all those things I’m not
saying that you should never eat those things ever again I’d be a hypocrite if
I said that I didn’t eat those things but there’s a time and place for them
you feast on special occasions 90% of the time eat whole mostly unprocessed
nutrient-dense foods and then the other 10% is when you treat yourself you can’t
eat like a jerk after a fast number two you’re eating too much and
this includes healthy foods listen if you want to lose weight you need to be
in a caloric deficit if you think otherwise I will argue with you until
the cows come home and fasting makes getting in a caloric deficit much easier
because you’re eating your calories in a smaller window especially if you’re
doing like a warrior style diet where you have a 20 hour fasting window and
only a four hour eating window and you can even take this a step further if you
just do one meal a day it’s very easy to put yourself in a caloric deficit if you
followed those two intermittent fasting protocols that’s why they’re so
effective and then if you’re trying to gain weight you want to be in a caloric
surplus if you’re trying to maintain your weight then you want to eat at your
maintenance calories but again we’re trying to lose weight here so you want
to focus on eating at a caloric deficit every single day that’s fat loss 101 if
you eat too much cheese too much nuts too much fruit for example you’re not
gonna lose weight and fruit especially is an extremely insidious food when it
comes to being “healthy” because of its high sugar and I’m talking about its
high fructose content you just have to remember that our ancestors ate fruit
seasonally to fatten up for winter what makes you any different the problem is
fruit is available all year round 365 days out of the year and for some reason
it still gets a health halo from a lot of people listen if you’re trying to
lose weight you want to limit your intake of fruit to just avocados and
berries that is it the rest of them you might as well eat a bag of Skittles it’s
the exact same thing like for example if you’re doing a 16 hour fast it’s still
really easy to eat a lot of calories in that 8 hour eating window that’s why
it’s extremely important to track your calories especially at the beginning and
I use a free app called MyFitnessPal to do this if you’ve never heard of it
before then I’m gonna link to one of my videos somewhere at the top here number
three you should never diet during your eating window now this is the other
side of eating too much is that you’re eating too little during your eating
window you know you want to shortcut the process you think that doubling down by
really limiting your calories during your eating window will get your results
twice as fast now I have to admit this will work at the beginning it well
especially if you’re barely eating anything you’re eating like celery
sticks during your eating window you will lose weight but it’s not
sustainable like you can’t keep eating like that for the rest of your life
you have to play the long game here you want to do something that is sustainable
long-term this also chips away at your willpower and when your willpower is
gone you’ll most likely binge you don’t want that right you want to have a good
relationship with food listen you’re already restricting your eating window
right – like let’s say an 8 hour eating window 20 hour eating
window or you know even just one meal you don’t want to restrict your food on
top of that again you want to eat whole mostly unprocessed single-ingredient
nutrient-dense foods you want to revolve your food around plants and animals
because that’s how we evolved to eat you want to avoid processed carbs you want
to avoid added sugar if you eat those things during your eating window you
will lose weight consistently there is absolutely no need to limit your
calories during your eating window and the other thing too is if you eat the
foods that I just mentioned it’s actually gonna help your fasting periods
because you’re satiated from your last meal number four jumping into it right
away especially if you’re new to intermittent fasting you see it’s
amazing benefits and you jump into a seven-day fast right away now some
people can do this my mom for example I did a 7 day fast with her in one
of my other videos and she absolutely killed it but for the majority of people
if they’ve never fasted before and then they do a seven-day fast they are gonna
fall flat on their faces they’re gonna have a miserable time doing it and
they’re probably gonna quit and then they say that fasting is too hard they
get headaches they were hungry they were miserable and you know it just didn’t work
for them yeah no kidding Sherlock listen I always say that your baseline
especially if you’re new to this is just eat three meals a day
if you graze on food all day stop that just eat three meals a day once you’re
used to that that is the only time when you even want to start thinking about
you know intermittent fasting number five eating anything at all during your
fast listen the whole point of fasting is taking a break from eating and I
didn’t think that I was gonna have to put this on my list because I thought
that was pretty obvious but some blogs and even some experts out there say that
like oh you can eat 50 calories of food and you’re still gonna stay fasted
no that is completely wrong completely inaccurate because most of the time the
foods that you end up eating that are low calories are you know low calorie
highly processed foods they come in those little mini packs and it says
100-calories so you only eat half of that and you think you’re okay you’re not
listen the whole point of fasting is to moderate your insulin levels and trigger
a lot of hormonal and physiological benefits in your body and that only
happens when you don’t eat completely like zero because every time you eat
your insulin goes up every time you don’t eat your insulin goes down and
that is the only time where you get to access your own body fat for energy
which means that high insulin blocks fat burning which means that every time you
eat no matter how small it is like 50 calories you’re breaking your fast and
it takes 8 to 12 hours minimum for you to even start experiencing some of the
benefits that I just mentioned again which means that even if you nibble on
like 50 calories of food you’re breaking your fast and that resets that 8 to 12
hour clock every single time you are getting zero benefits of fasting if
you’re somebody who eats like you know these 50 calorie portions of food the
only exception to this ok there’s one exception is if you add a little bit of
cream to your coffee I mean I prefer that you take it black but if you add a
little bit of cream it’s not the end of the world the reason being is that pure
fat has little to no effect on your insulin levels which means that even if
you had a little bit of cream it’s still gonna keep you in a fat-burning state
now one more thing that I have to add to this point because it somehow gets a
free pass especially for those people who work out first thing in the morning
or in the afternoon and they think that they need to drink you know a protein
shake after their workout otherwise their muscles will start weathering away
or whatever they still believe in that post-workout eating window or whatever
it’s called they basically believe that you need to drink a protein shake after
a workout that is not true you don’t need a protein shake after your workout
you’re gonna be fine the problem with whey protein is that it is extremely
insulinogenic which means that it triggers a high insulin response and
most of the time they’re also sweetened with sucralose or artificial sweeteners
so that’s a nice double whammy for you listen for the average person that goes
to the gym you’re active you do not need to drink protein shakes
I know supplement companies will hate me for saying that but you don’t need to
drink protein shakes period I always say that would you rather drink your protein
or eat a piece of steak and we’re extremely over
proteinized as a society I don’t know if over proteinized is a word but we’re
gonna use it you actually need way less protein than you think because your body
is super smart when it comes to recycling old proteins and turning it
into new ones okay back to our topic next number six you
should never drink diet coke or diet soda or anything that’s branded as a zero
calorie drink period and this just adds to my last point right is that some
people think that diet soda gets a free pass because it’s zero calories that
doesn’t mean anything yes it has zero sugar sure but it’s sweetened with
artificial sweeteners artificial sweeteners trigger an insulin response
if you trigger an insulin response you’ve just broken your fast and the
best way to explain this is that diet soda specifically triggers the cephalic
phase response in your body which means that your body thinks there’s food
coming in and one of those responses is a rise in insulin levels the problem is
you’re not eating so your body gets all confused and it sends even stronger
hunger signals after you drink this magic can of zero calorie soda this
concept by the way was proven a long time ago in the nineteenth century
it’s called the Pavlovian theory if you’ve never heard of it before a
Russian scientist ran a study in which he rang a bell
every time he fed his dogs pretty soon just ringing a bell made the dogs
salivate the exact same thing happens when you drink diet soda
you’re literally torturing yourself the other thing about diet soda why you
should just completely delete it from your diet is that diet soda has been
directly linked to obesity and the biggest reason for this is that diet
soda destroys your gut microbiome and just think about it this way do you know
anybody who’s lost a ton of weight and they said oh I lost so much weight
because I drank diet soda no usually the people that need to lose weight the most
are the ones that drink this stuff and that is just a bad combination number
seven do not put yourself in harm’s way what I mean by that is don’t go grocery
shopping try not to schedule a lunch meeting when you’re on a fast try not to
put yourself in a surrounding where there’s food available to you if you can
help it there’s a saying out there that you know you should not go grocery
shopping when you’re hungry it’s the exact same thing
don’t go grocery shopping when you’re fasting and this
goes back to the Pavlovian theory and the triggering of the cephalic phase
response in your body you’re literally torching yourself and I know that this
can’t always be the case but if you can help it if you can avoid surrounding
yourself with food it’s gonna make your life so much easier
number eight I know I said I’m only gonna give you seven but I’m all about
giving value and I had to add this because this is a big one it’s that
you’re not giving intermittent fasting enough time to work it’s magic you’re
not patient enough think about it this way
think of fasting like a muscle the more you do it the more you work that muscle
the better you get at it and think about it this way when you first went to the
gym you were not good you’re not strong it took you some time to develop those
muscles it’s the exact same thing with fasting and I always say that there
are levels to this okay let’s use breakfast for example if you’ve been
eating breakfast all your life it’s gonna come as a complete shock to your
body if you delete it right away you are going against a lifetime of habits if
you’re used to eating first thing in the morning there are certain things that
you need to do first like maybe just delete carbs from your breakfast
and I always say that what do you think is more satiating breakfast cereal or
bacon and eggs so delete the breakfast cereal eat more fat and protein
eat more bacon and eggs next you want to adjust your breakfast feeding time right
let’s say you eat breakfast at 7:00 see if you can eat it at 8 o’clock 9 o’clock
10 o’clock and so on once you’re used to that is the only time that you want to
start thinking about skipping breakfast completely or I don’t know maybe you can
just eat breakfast for lunch listen give this a solid 30 days before you even
make any judgment whether it works for you or it doesn’t listen it didn’t take
you a week to put on all the weight that you’re trying to lose what makes you
think that you’re gonna lose it all after just a week of fasting you have to
give it some time to work its magic and if you avoid all the mistakes that I
mentioned in this video then you’re definitely gonna stack the odds of
success for you not against you the next question then becomes how are you
actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because let’s be honest 80%
of your body composition is determined by your diet
you can’t just freestyle this part do you have a proven plan that you can
follow to help you with that I want to give you a free copy of my lean body
blueprint this is how I melted all the fat around my stomach and turn it into a
six-pack without going on a crazy diet or wasting hours at the gym it’s a
simple four-step process specifically designed for busy professionals and it’s
the exact same blueprint that I teach all my private coaching clients and
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  1. Did omad omad for a week lost some weight even tho I ate whatever I want , still have more weight to lose for my 6pack maybe I should do a 48hr dry fast ??

  2. Wow. Had no idea about protein powder and insulin response. That’s was what I was using to fill myself up after a workout.

    What about checking foods with one of those glycemic index apps? What number on that scale should you stay below?
    Thanks Coach Carlo.

  3. I eat a banana almost every day it’s nothing like eating skittles. 🤔 I also do omad. Lost 42lbs of fat in about 6 weeks. 5’7 start weight was 244 now 202.

  4. Fact: You do not need a protein shake before, during or after workout, because Growth Hormone levels peaks in your body during workout, and it does a better job in recovering you than your junk filled whey protein. (Even My Protein). I'm glad someone said this !

  5. Im totally confused. Dr Jason Fung does not recommend reducing cals and in your video 28th Dec 2018, you say the same thing. However, in this video you say that you DO have to be in a cal. deficit to lose weight. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! H E L P….. Im sooooooo confused as to what to do with calories.

  6. I have been fasting for the past 3 months and I have lost 33 lbs I do the 18/6 and I have done the 36 hr fast 2 times and on both times I've had terrible headaches why is that?

  7. I intermittent fast. I drink only water. My eating window is 12PM to 9PM. I eat two meals a day and sometimes one meal. I was a marine and never ate breakfast and was in great shape. I'm 45 now and this works cut out junk and you will do great.

  8. Thanks for This great video! I have a question i did omad for the last week and Lost 6lbs now should i fast for 48h then back to omad or just stay with omad?

  9. What you say about fruit makes so much sense. I would also add that commercial fruits have been modified to be SO MUCH BIGGER than one person really needs – just look at the gargantuan apples that are available in the Fall.

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