7 Ways You Haven’t Tried To Save Money | The Financial Diet

7 Ways You Haven’t Tried To Save Money | The Financial Diet

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  1. I would really like to see that survey of millennial dining habits. I am a millennial and refuse to believe that 40% don't know what a butter knife is…

  2. Couldn't finish video. The parts I watched were all about spending money. Thought this was going to be a video about saving money, not something like, "If it's 30% off you just saved some money by buying it!" Life tip: You'll save 100% by not buying it.

  3. 800$ for food for 2 people????

    I'm living in europe and barely spend 120 € per month on one person, the occasional splurge already included!
    Americans need to get some perspective, or maybe that one person is just waaaaayyy to wealthy to be used as an example here…

  4. those facts on millenials must be only for americans. I can’t imagine anyone from Germany, where I come from, to not know this

  5. So where I live and work its impossible for me to not have a car and drive to work, but the best thing I ever did was buy a moped. I found one for about 200 dollars and even after getting plates and insurance for it I still ended up saving more in gas than I paid for it in the first year that I used it. It was honestly the best decision I could've made.

  6. 2.5 people in CA and we’re already at $700 in groceries & dining. I’ve only bought lunch ONCE this month! Hubs tends to rarely have lunch but when he does he buys it. That’s also Not including any alcohol. Geez. Makes me wonder what everyone else is having because I rarely get prepackaged foods. 🤔

  7. See, so many people recommend cash only as a way to save money because "it will feel harder to spend it when you see it physically leaving your hands." But I (and other people I have heard from) have the exact opposite problem. Cash is easier for me to spend, because that money is already out of my bank account. As far as my checking and savings is concerned, that money is already gone, whether it stays as cash or gets exchanged for goods/services. But if I use a card, then I'm spending money that HASN'T left my account yet, which feels a lot more impactful. In the end, you kind of have to just know yourself and what types of spending matter to you.

  8. I use gift cards purchased with earned points. I treat myself to meals at coffee shops on days when I shop or meet up with friends for a quick meal. Dont have to use cash.

  9. I know couponing can be beneficial to saving cash on purchases, however I would caution one to consider that they are a marketing tool to encourage you to purchase things you would not normally spend on. I don't need encouragement to spend money, I'm really good at getting rid of money on my own. The same goes for "points" rewards on credit cards.

  10. It might be macabre to some, but there are deals to be had on home goods and furnishings at estate sales. If you have a Thursday morning free some hustle can net you some really amazing stuff secondhand. (And you really do help a grieving family defray end-of-life costs that almost everyone forgets to plan for.)

  11. The only thing I have to say is that when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, public transportation was actually more expensive than driving. I mostly rode my bike.

  12. Going traveling or on vacation by auto? Bring a cooler filled with prepped goodies and sandwiches. Restaurants and fast food prove too rich for this–at least solely. They just aren't good for you–or your wallet. Groceries beckon along practically any route–make meals as you go, and replenish ice easily, too! Motels generally have coin-op laundry: Bring quarters and a little detergent–those detergent packets are great for this. Then you won't need so many garments and as much luggage. Also laundry won't greet you later at home. Dirty from a camping trip?: KOAs and other RV places offer nominal cost showers. You can come home cleaner and feeling better. (I believe that's still the case.)

  13. 3:22 they spent ONLY 900 dollars a month in food…. jesus… my wife and i spent 300 dollars on food a month and i include any items bought at walmart like tide dish soap razors toilet paper as food when i have to buy those things…. 900 dollars is a serious problem

  14. Chelsea , I just discovered you on YouTube and I have to say I really am enjoying your videos very much so. great information presented flawlessly

  15. A better way to lower food bill is to restrict your home cooking to a single group of common ingriedients by local availability. It wildly reduces food waste, time, effort, and expense. Which is why restruants do it. A Chinese-Indian-Italian-Morracan-Creole restruant would quickly succum to runaway spending and poor execution. yet people try to in their home kitchens. Restruants have 10x mark up over ingredients, proccessed foods have a 3-4x mark up. Complex carbohydrates, like oats, reduce impulsive eating.

  16. I love your channel and it would great if I could share with my family and friends with subtitles because most of them are Spanish Native Speakers. Mmm, What a shame!

  17. I’ve found a great way to cut cost with my car is to have a unit in my car that tracks my driving from my insurance company. It has saved me $30/month. Over 12 months that adds up! Also effortless n passive saving.

  18. $860 a month for two people is bloody ridiculous. My husband and I live in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, we eat a local, organic diet, and we spend HALF that amount on both home-cooked meals and the occasional takeout combined.

    Suck it up and learn how to cook, people.

  19. 40% of millennials can't identify a butter knife? Pretty sure they only surveyed a class of the mentally handicapped for that data point.

  20. Ameriprise car insurance offered by Costco is very affordable for full coverage ins., safeco for home. Insurance is also a great price. I had AAA and Geico prior and I really saved alot of money. AAA has a R.O.I life insurance that is great, its like a savings acct. You get coverage and you get all your premium money back at the end of the term.

  21. I use apps like Shop Kicks and Fetch Rewards for the "free money" feeling. It's really easy to get $5 gift cards and if I save them up I can splurge on little things outside of my budget.

  22. She did say 860 in groceries and dining . I live in Vegas, just took a friend to dinner for a birthday the bill was $187 before the tip and we didn't pay for all our drinks because we know half the staff there. Snd that was one meal, So in NYC it's very possible to spend way more than $860 for 2 people

  23. One suggestion with store loyalty cards – unsubscribe from their emails to prevent yourself from being tempted to shop more often than you would normally.

  24. These are awesome! I am all for saving money and being smarter in managing our finances. Thank you for sharing.

  25. I have three "punch" versions I use to help to overspending

    1. I use rewards accounts to earn points, like punch cards
    2. I use receipt/cashback point apps like Receipt Hog, Fetch Rewards, etc. to get gift cards for places I treat myself with like Starbucks.
    3. I use cashback visa/credit cards that get me gift cards and/or cashback for treating myself.

  26. I found a huge bag of forks, butter knives, and spoons at Value Village for $1.99. Four new ones at dollar store would have cost more for the same amount!

  27. Love the home goods tip! I love picking up furniture and painting it. You can get such a cute eclectic look!

  28. Buy gas in the hood. Always the cheapest even if it's right off the highway. I wish I lived in a main city to do some non car commuting it was one of the things I loved about places like NY and San Francisco but I'm also glad I don't have to pay extra for a parking space, haha. I live in the countryside where there is no public transportation just yet.

  29. Cash only budget is great. But I lost so many coins and even dollar bills during the month I did that… I’m still finding coins in my laundry now.

  30. This is honestly the most useless channel I've watched. I feel like this is just for privileged middle to upper middle class people from developed countries.

  31. Loyalty cards are dangerous. Lol it's not actually a free treat yourself day if you have to spend money to even get the reward. For some people, that facilitates poor spending habits. "Oh, if I just buy this or spend that, I get this 'free' thing!"

  32. We need 2 car. But one is paid off. Depends on the state and distant between places. Running around with kids daily. But in Miami would could maybe do without.

  33. 'Some lovely leather couch put outside for trash because rich people are crazy'
    And thats how you get bedbugs kids.

  34. a few ways we save money.
    1.we put all loose change in a jar.
    2.we do our laundry at a laundromat .it generally costs us $6 to wash and dry a 30 pound load. yes,we have a laundry room here,but its super tiny,and the machines simply don't do the job.
    3.I always have emergency rations in the freezer for the lean times

  35. 800 bucks for food?? holy shit how can you spend so much money of food alone? BUT sorry i am biased, i cook a lot for me and my familie and i do also a lot of meal prep and i usually stay below 300-400 Euros and even less so this number is scary

  36. I love watching these videos but the advice really doesn't translate in my life. For context: I had an exam that I worked really hard for but didn't go to plan. My idea of a treat was a £0.99 cheeseburger.

  37. Love the stealthy sponsored links here. “So when you do give in to your consumer urges, make sure to click the link below so I can get my piece of it.” She’s really good at it, too. By mixing the sponsorship with genuinely good ideas … even if none are particularly original … she gives a suggestion of legitimacy to her own personal cash cow. lol

  38. One great thing also is treat yourself on your birthday to all the freebies avaliable. I spent a day just getting freebies including food with some coupons that last the whole week ( I ate completey free for 3 days). It allowed me to treat myself without spending any money all day. Also email companies! They will send coupons (sometimes free product ones) or samples also alot of alcohol companies will send you swag like pens, hats, cups or even t-shirts.

  39. ONLY $860 on food for just 2 people? What the hell is wrong with millennials? Close to $1000 on food in a month is supposed to be LOW??? Lay off the bloody avocado toast, maybe. I spend about $250 on food every month and can EASY cut that down another $100 just by not dining out.

  40. Video title: “Ways you HAVEN’T tried to save money.”
    Video: “You’ve probably tries this.”

  41. A FOOD-BASED DIET???? As opposed to a diet based on… rocks? Yes, you are DEFINITELY a millennial. Also known to people of my generation as a fucking imbecile.

  42. The problem with CVS coupons is they usually expire only a week after you get them, and they are RANDOM AF! I have yet to be able to use one, for these two reasons. They need to do better.

  43. I was at my local Goodwill last week, and there was a BEAUTIFUL mid-century sofa, which I really wanted. It was the type that has the wooden frame and sits high off the floor. I mean is was GORGOEUS! They only wanted about $50 for it. Unfortunately, we're moving, so now is not the time to get new-to-us furniture.

  44. Yoooo I like your channel but I felt like your comments were pretty judgmental this time around – for example, the car thing, or the rich people giving away their couch – sometimes people have different needs, abilities, or priorities, and just because you’ve been able to live without a car doesn’t mean most people can – especially people with low income and/or multiple jobs with bad/nonexistent public transportation. Though I guess that’s not your target audience.

  45. Wow, NYC thrift stores must be a lot better than here. Here they'll charge almost what you would pay retail for some out of date clothes that are in shoddy condition. It's a rip off! Books however you can snag for almost nothing, especially cooking and fitness books.

  46. You are insane and need to rethink your food budget if you are shelling out that kind of money for only two people. I use cash, rebates, coupons and lots of ad specials and only spend about $250.00

  47. Okay so just to clarify this: Yes, I can make a salad dressing, to be correct, I can make you seven different ones, and I can cook fairly well and I do it frequently.
    I'm super confused here because Chelsea laughed at 2:38

    But what the hell is a butter knife? Is this because English is not my mother tongue or are you simply referring to those good ol' knifes we all have lying around in our kitchen counters? Like next to the good ol' spoons and forks? I mean, I can identify, and behold, even use a fish knife correctly. But butter knife? Since when do you need a specific knife for that?

  48. people. Chelsea said "only 860 dollars" not because this is the ultimate goal for everybody, but because to this couple, this was a positive achievement. Context matters.

  49. I like to cook and do it every day. I like fresh foods and fast frozen.vegetables and fruit. I find Dollar Tree is my favorite store of that type. Everything is only $1. Family Dollar and Dollar General tend to cost more for the same items as Dollar Tree. MY BIG EXPENSE WITH FOOD…..Eating out. I am over 75 years old and most of the people I want to see like to go out for lunch. It is almost easier, and certainly for eating with groups of people of 4 or 6, if I cook for everyone in may apartment. But what can I do to save when eating out with one or two people????? I drink water and skip dessert, but most places cost about $15 including tip. I am a Lifemember of W.W. so to dine on this amount, I usually only find salads or take the bread off sandwiches to stay under $20. Even a coffee and dessert only, cost too much for me when I want to save more on food. ANY IDEAS?

  50. I spend about 200$ on food for me and my husband monthly. But I live in Moscow. Probably, it's ok to spend 800$ on food somewhere else, but that honestly got me shook.

  51. 1:13 I’m a server so I already spent in cash only. Something I do is the moment I get home or after my shift, I count all my tips and set aside at least half of it for bills. That way if I make 60$ I have 30$ for rent and I can only spend $30 on other things for the next few days.

  52. Want to learn more ways to save money while shopping? Chelsea will tell you how in this video: https://youtu.be/FO8o7HB1e-E.

  53. For those trying to get out of debt, disregard the 800 $ a month on food idea and instead make beans and rice, rice and beans 😆🤠

  54. “Only $860 on food for her and her partner that month” what?! Whaaaaaat?!!! That’s insane!!! We spend about $450-$500 a month on groceries (we don’t eat out) for our family of 4 (2 adults, 2 toddlers), AND we have two medium sized dogs to feed included in that budget. $860 blows my mind! It’s so much and it’s being viewed as an improvement…

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