9 Months of Bright Line Eating | Lessons Learned

9 Months of Bright Line Eating | Lessons Learned

Hello Chloe from Veggie Magnifique here
and I am La Dame aux Camélias today – camellias and daffodils from the lovely spring garden
hmm. I am going to talk about Bright Line Eating again today, my third video on the
subject. It has become really a part of my life, that’s really the topic that I’m
covering today is this acceptance that one has to have as an addict. At a
certain point in your recovery you have to either accept that abstinence is
always going to be part of your life or continue to battle with recovery. I had a
really really successful beginning journey with Bright Line Eating and then I
got a bit cocky because I thought that I could just go it alone and stop using
the Bright Line Eating tools, stopped using the food plan just kind of
like freestyle it now that I had quote-unquote healed my food addiction.
So as a result of that I ended up getting into all kinds of madness around
food and I realised that my food plan my Bright Line Eating food plan and the
activities that go along with Bright Line Eating such as social connection
are really the rudder of my existence. I need them and I thrive on them, I am so
happy to engage with my programme every day – it does not feel like a jail at all
it feels like freedom. It feels like the foundation that allows me to thrive and
expand and be confident, be grateful and generous and happy and just all
kinds of things. As you can tell I can’t say enough good things about doing
Bright Line Eating. Now Bright Line Eating isn’t for everybody but from a food
addict standpoint if you do have trouble around food and you’re always kind of
struggling with quantities and ‘should I juice fast today because yesterday
I was just out of control with food and ate way too much’ all of that madness
that takes over your life and means that you
can’t flourish and engage with the beauty of your life on a daily basis
because you’re just mired in this really boring obsession that’s keeping
you small. I don’t want to be a prisoner to that so for me Bright Line Eating is my
lifeline and I absolutely love it. Now I one of my activities that I do
every day to engage with my programme is I read my daily reader – I have it right
there – it’s called Food for Thought and the one that was on March the 8th which
really struck a chord is called ‘Normal eating’ – it says: ‘The idea that we will one
day be able to eat spontaneously like normal people is a delusion. We
compulsive overeaters tend to think that once we lose our excess pounds we can go
back to normal eating – not so. When we accept our permanent need to abstain,
when we accept the fact that we can never return to what we thought was
normal eating, then we can stop making irrational attempts at experimentation
which always fail. By accepting our disease and learning to live with it, we
become sane and free we see that our new eating plan is really very normal – it was
the old compulsive overeating habit which was abnormal in the extreme.’ Yes. So
after having got out of the mess when I started the boot camp, getting
back into it, I am now even more committed. I think I had to kind of
experiment – make those crazy experiments that they were mentioning in the book
there – because now that I’ve kind of tasted freedom and re-tasted craziness
and just despair, and now that I’ve come back to Bright Line Eating I feel
such a sense of relief and acceptance. I think that’s the key word for today –
acceptance – that once an addict, always an addict and that’s okay because when you
find the programme, the recovery for you and that works for you – that’s
freedom and that recovery plan is your friend
and there is no going back to our normal way of being without any kind of programme
or structure to keep you in place because that way of behaving before was
not normal. And taking care to make sure that you have a balanced meal every
breakfast lunch and dinner – and my way of taking care of doing that is following a
food plan and weighing my food because otherwise things just get kind of wonky
and I eat too much of that and not enough of that and then I’m not
nourished and then in the afternoon I’m like humm, what can I have to just kind
of —. It’s easy to get lost and then end up in this situation between meals where
you’re like hmm, I’m hungry for something but what is it – it’s so easy to just like
reach for a little snack here and there either you know to
nourish yourself but also out of boredom also because you’re feeling really
strong emotions and you don’t know how to deal with them and you feel like you
shouldn’t be having these strong emotions, so if you just had a little
something then it would dampen it and it would take the edge off – that used to be
absolutely me and there’s no shame around it – nobody should feel shame
because this is our current food climate – it’s what everybody does so you’re just
kind of following the norm but for a certain type – a food addict who
doesn’t really know when to stop when they’re not hungry anymore – that can end
in weight gain, in tiredness, in shame, in beating yourself up, in feeling like
you’re less than in just feeling like you’re not being your best self and you’re not
living your best life. And so it’s not for everybody as I say Bright Line Eating isn’t for everybody but it’s certainly helped me to give myself some
structure because my life is kind of like wibbly-wobbly – I’ve got three
different jobs and I sometimes work from home and I’m looking after a little baby and I
live in a foreign country, and things can just get a little bit —. So if ever I was
feeling discombobulated in the past, which was often, because of all of those
factors I would turn to food, and now I don’t, and it makes me feel so happy.
The difference is truly night and day and I feel so grateful for Susan Pierce
Thompson and the Bright Line Eating community and all the wonderful
people in the Facebook groups who are there every day supporting each other
loving each other up and understanding each other – I think that it’s difficult
to understand what a food addict goes through if you’re not one yourself, so
that’s what I really really appreciate with the Bright Line Eating community
and long may it prosper. And if you’re interested in Bright Line Eating
I think the first step to take is to take Susan Peirce Thompson’s Susceptibility
Quiz – I’ll link that down below, and you’ll see where you are on a scale of 1
to 10. If you’re a 10 +++, like me, it means you’re incredibly susceptible
to the pull of addictive foods and you would probably doing well to get a food
programme in place, if that addictive behaviour around food is affecting your
daily happiness and well-being. And this word acceptance could sound like just kind of like taking it lying down and being like ‘ok I accept that
this is my reality’ – but actually in my current state I love acceptance – I don’t
feel that acceptance is giving up, I feel that acceptance is looking at things
face on, being truthful to yourself, knowing thyself, and using that knowledge
to take your life into your own hands to try and avoid having your buttons
being pushed, and then having a strategy when those buttons are inevitably pushed,
and making progress every day towards feeling free. So that’s all I have to say –
actually no, that’s not all I have to say for today because I’ve got so much to
say about Bright Line Eating. So I hope I explained all of that well – I’m not sure
that I did – the best person to go to if you want clarity about the whole
brain chemistry of food addiction is Susan Peirce Thompson, so I recommend
checking out her weekly vlogs or going to the Bright Line Eating website. So that’s it
for today, thanks so much for watching – bye!

7 Replies to “9 Months of Bright Line Eating | Lessons Learned

  1. Fabulously said! I have done Bright Line Eating (BLE) for going on seven months. The peace and freedom that has been gifted to me through BLE has been transformative! My life is fuller, my relationships are deeper, my spirituality has deepened, my friendship circle has expanded, my mental health has improved, and my husband and children have me more fully to themselves than ever before. My doctors are wowed, and my daily stress level feels more even keeled. The solid science behind BLE drew me in, and witnessing the truth that it works at many personal levels, keeps me going. Thank you for sharing your experience, and encouraging others to give it a try. Your video is stellar!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and struggles. I have also found freedom through Bright Line Eating for over a year now. It is hard for others to understand how following the four bright lines actually helps you become more free. I didn’t at first. But if you are susceptible to food addiction this program is a life saver.

  3. Such a great post. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have often stumbled with that same thinking that I can go back to go to "normal" eating. Then I usually end up gaining. Sigh. Also, love your lipstick! Gorgeous color.

  4. I wish I could like this video more than once! I had a couple months of success with the plan and then went back into the madness. I’m in the first days of following the plan again. This is not my first attempt to get back on the plan. In the first minute of your video I was already encouraged! I needed this video so much. Thank you thank you for sharing!

  5. Thank you for this video. I had success at first then tried to go my own way, note it’s so hard to get back. But this has helped.

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