9 Unnecessary Items You Think You Need To Buy | The Financial Diet

9 Unnecessary Items You Think You Need To Buy | The Financial Diet

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  1. I would add that with the excessive kitchen appliances, some cooking tools are often doubled up. For example, I’ve found I don’t necessarily need a slow cooker because putting a pot on low heat on the stove does the job just as well. Slow cookers aren’t meant to be left unsupervised, like the general stovetop.

  2. Exactly why I hate Comcast Xfinity. It's less costly to bundle internet with cable than to just pay for internet. We never watch cable.

  3. Shit, I don't waste any money on any on that … I need some other guide. I do waste a lot of money on electronics tho

  4. It’s concerning that you’re advising millennials to rely more on their phones and discard hardcopies of records

  5. I love my waffle iron – rather than always buying frozen waffles, I will make a big batch every couple weeks and put it in the freezer. And I can choose what exactly goes into my waffle it tastes better and has more nutritional value than store bought.

  6. I had to buy several things when I started cooking korean food. But I cook Korean food really often these says so I definitely use the ingredients quickly. And speaking of the food storage I had a special situation: a particularly unhygienic neighbor led to a roach infestation in my half of the building. So if I wanted my food to remain uncontaminated I had to buy food storage to keep the bugs and the treatments off my damn quinoa.

  7. Watching this really drop me down to stop buying a new phone and a lappy..stick hard with my 2-year-old Samsung and 7-year-old sony vaio

  8. To all the pillow commenters: If you like how pillows look and they have aesthetic value for you, their cost per use is incredibly low since their 'use' is looking nice.

    They aren't strikely necessary but neither is decor in general. Their value is subjective, but I think we can agree that living (or working) in a space that looks nice is pleasant and valuable.

  9. I LOVE the 5 need rule. I'll definitely be following this rule to see if I really, truly need something. Thank you!!

  10. I've been holding up the urge to buy myself a chocolate fountain for half of this year now, and thanks to this, i'd probably gonna go for another half.

  11. I love how real you are with describing the uses of things, cause frankly is hits you better when it's actually said that way.

  12. Things I will always buy new and replace. Lush soap bars, good conditioner for my really curly hair, a decent blender and a new phone every 1.5yrs. I use to buy a phone every 2/3yrs but they get painfully slow towards the end of their life. The minute my phone starts acting up I buy a new one. Never apple though.

  13. I agree with the kitchen gadget. But don't take away the fondue maker from a Swiss 😂😂 I would rather give away a toaster 😁

  14. When i was an au pair in the states the sitting rooms always baffled me like… Ok, you put some really really expensive furniture in a room that is never even allowed to be used? Why? Just… Why? xD

  15. Dollar stores are a great place to buy glasses and dishes. They usually have a good variety and nice color and design options.

  16. Tbh I wish they added “unnecessary art.” Unless the art work is meaningful in any way to you, you really don’t need it. Buying random pieces of art makes your house seem impersonal.

  17. A lot of us probably live in homes where our parents has a sitting room?? Not mine. As far as I know, my childhood is me and all the siblings in one tiny bedroom: a full size mattress for the three girls and one bunk bed for the two boys. All in one bedroom. There was barely space to walk. When I was at my desk, for people to get through they had to get on my bed. How old were we? Three were teens and I was in college.

    When I made enough we moved to a three bedrooms. Had a decent five years in that house until the owner decides to sell it. With the current rental market, we had to downsize. We’re back to the two bedrooms.

    Making use of every space and thoughtfully buying furniture wisely helps in organizing and keeping the place from clutter.

  18. Sometimes you still need a hard copy document like a bill for verification purposes at some places (library, etc…). Doing it on your phone is not always the way to go, and going thru a 3rd party like Dropbox or whatever that gives you no guarantee of protection of you personal information is a big fat no for me. In my opinion people should do what feels comfortable for them when it comes to dealing with their personal information.

  19. Please take time to think through your choices as well. Having all them pillows behind you make me Your point irrelevant and makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about

  20. I bought a George Foreman at Goodwill, and I wish I would have gotten one sooner. I'm bad at flipping foods so it's already made my life easier. I also can't forget my Instapot

  21. DON'T GO to a genius bar. They will tell you the phone is water damaged with the slightest hint of humidity and have you buy new equipment

  22. I thought I was the only one who disagreed with a lot of these things. I find that I frequently need all the documents such as tax returns or bank statements. I always keep the originals. I also enjoy and get a lot of use out of a sitting room. I like to have one cozy frequently used space that is not always keep so tidy (and where I work out with my home gym equipment) and another nicer space that is seen immediately by guests entering the home.

  23. Okay so, I feel like all this should be common knowledge as I already live by these standards but then I think back to my ex husbands family and how they literally did everything on this list. I feel so much better without them around because they made me feel like we needed to have high standards based on the amount of shit they could afford. It’s so unnecessary to do any of that. Who cares if you’re furniture doesn’t match? And why do you “need” the newest iPhone/tablet? It’s all bullshit. Just get what you need in order to live comfortably.

  24. Sittings rooms are often useful when guests come over, it's a place to be able to chat and hang out without having to go out of your way to make your bedroom more presentable.

    It's also useful if you need to talk business or something in your house.

    And also a great place to have the family wait when wanting to go on vacation (aka if you are ready, you wait in the sitting room so that it's easy to just go without having to wait outside in the cold/heat and everyone will be together so it's easier to get out quickly).

  25. Excellent Video! I'm going to really pay attention to these things… I'm moving into a smaller place soon and will have to work smart.

  26. What I found excessive was her talking. Where are you going to sit your guests? In your kitchen?! Your hallway?!

  27. U should make a list specifically for guys. This current list seems more female focused. The self indulgent needs of guys are different from women

  28. Vitamix…used every day. Spices….used most days. Sitting room…..used every day. Bread maker….used every other day. I guess different people find different things useful.

  29. Pyrex is a brand of glass items and Tupperware is a brand of plastic items.Pyrex can be bought in a store and Tupperware is a home sales /possibly online item.
    So there is no such thing as Pyrex Tupperware….

  30. I have tons of workout gear. I use it. Workout clothes is useless and expensive, just use shorts and a tshirt….

  31. Oh one more thing, those of you are complaining about the throw pillows behind her, first of all, it looks like she is in her office, therefore, it's not her decision to have pillows there. Second, like she mentioned in many of her videos, she has made many of the mistakes of wasting money on shit she didnt need. Maybe the throw pillows r one of those things. How about we stop being assholes and start being happy and thankful to this wonderful lady for providing us with great tips FOR FREE. Thank you

  32. The appliances one got me. Bought a deep fryer my grandma HAD TO HAVE. Used twice by me, takes 5 bottles of oil to use.

  33. Ton of whiny people in the comments. “I use my smoothie maker every morning” and “But look at those pillows”. Y’all come on. If you use your blender frequently, then OBVIOUSLY that point doesn’t apply to you. Pillows can be made for less than a dollar, and those pillows are likely considered business expenses to make for a pleasing background while she tells us all how we’re wasting money on typical things. Every thing in life won’t be tailored to every individual person. Take what applies and move on

  34. Tupperware is a brand same of plastic storage containers. Glass Pyrex with lids is a form of glass storage containers. There is no such thing as large "Tupperwares" bins for storing papers in. Those are large plastic bins usually made by companies like Steralite, Iris, or Rubbermaid to name a few.

  35. Last year, I had an internship that provided housing and it had a full cable package. I used it for about a month, then stopped using it for the rest of the 5 months I was there. Glad it gave me a trial of the fact that I don't need cable lol.

  36. I recently dug out all my ancient and mismatched storage containers in the kitchen and replaced everything with two packs of plastic food prep containers, a pack of glass containers that are oven-safe, and some mason jars. Instead of an overflowing cabinet of junk that is frustrating to use, we have two neat stacks and two neat rows on one shelf while still having more containers than we will ever reasonably need at one time. Cooking at home is so much nicer when everything is thoughtfully condensed and easy to access.

  37. Nr 8 is kind of awful. Sure, if you feel the need or want to create a new kind of office space or wardrobe or something, do that, but if you don't why would you give yourself a new costly renovation project just to make use of a room you don't see any immidiate use for?

    Just try to make use of it as is for something simple, like for storage space or a reading space or meditation room or something.

  38. I can appreciate the part about getting new electronics. Got a Moto phone about 4 or 5 yrs back. Did the factory reset but then discovered that my bank app could not be downloaded because the Moto was like 1st generation. Then other problems began popping up. Decided to switch carriers and they gave me a Samsung10. Am also getting more data for less $ each month. Happy camper.

  39. When it comes to cleaning materials, I use Messy Bessy (a Filipino brand). Bulk containers, and some products have refills now so less plastic waste. 🙂 Hope more brands will have refills.

  40. My favorite cleaning supply tip is buying a gallon of concentrated cleaning solution (like fabuloso) and a few generic spray bottles from the dollar store. It lasts for like an entire year, cleans 90% of the surfaces in the house, and costs less than 20 bucks.

  41. When my bf and I moved into our flat, 90% of our furniture was second hand for cheap. Our couches and dining table were actually free, we just needed to rent a van for a couple of hours to pick them up. Then over the years I’ve changed most items one by one, investing sometimes a little more money or energy in fixing/custom making beautiful pieces (I’m à Sunday DIY kind of person). After 4 years we’re almost at the place I want style-wise! It feels adulty, and I value everything so much more than if it was all matched. That would feel kind of soulless.

  42. I do have a sitting room and it’s my favorite room. 😊 Device free, analog only. Read, write, draw, color, paint. No TV. Best room I ever made.

  43. electronic document storage is only as good as your server and storage capacity, and then there's the electricity issue. when power goes down, nothing works, no access to your docs.

  44. Okay solid advice for the most part but I have to disagree with the ingredient/food part. If you are a blooming home chef and you absolutely love it, get that fancy ingredient. Most spices/sauces have a long shelf life. If you need fish sauce bc you want to make legit pad Thai, get the damn fish sauce, okay?

    P.S. the one thing I will drop money on is those heavenly nuggets of buttery complex flavor (ahem, castelvetrano olives). Dem babies are worth every dime imo

  45. Actually buying weights, bars and various small fitness accessories was the wisest thing I've ever done… but that's just me, I have the energy and will to get in shape, but prefer to do it alone at home
    Also "sitting rooms"? What century are we living in LOL

  46. Totally agree on much of these, especially the cable one! My hubby and I have a high speek internet package with the the most basic cable Comcast will allow. They kept asking and asking, we said NO many, many times. We are only home a couple hours each night and on weekends we don't want to sit home just watching TV. We have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Jeez, if we can't find something to watch with all that, there's really something wrong. Oh and we don't have regular channels like ABC, NBC…. I just pop online for that like if I want to watch This Is Us, etc. Easie Peasie. Our cable bill is under $50 bucks.

  47. Sorry, I need my gym membership because I need barbells and weights and I don't have the money to buy them up front, and even if I did, I don't have the space for them. Right now I lack the space to exercise at home but I'll do it once I move into my new house, on days I don't go to the gym.

    I get a lot of "new" stuff for my house at yard sales. The best is when I can look up the item with my Amazon or Home Depot app to see how much it's selling for there and see what a big savings I'm getting! I recently got a Simplehuman stainless steel wall mount paper towel holder for $2. It would have cost me $26 on Amazon. I also bought a post mailbox for $25 on Craigslist.

  48. okya i agree with the thumbnail that one dose not need no fancy smartphone i have a home phone and its all i need but HOOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT MY BANANA MILKSHAKES?! D=

  49. Hi, i just wanted to say that i love your videos and tips!

    But i wonder i’m i the only one who actually use her gym membership? 😁

  50. As someone who digitizes everything, I don't even understand why organizing paper is on this list. At all.

  51. Hi. I don't know about others, but I tend to watch your videos later in the day. I'd be eternally grateful to you if your vids had less white point. My poor eyes…

  52. We have a sitting room and my husband and I have always used it as our grown up place. We have coffee and conversation in that room. We also have our piano in there so that whoever is practicing has a quiet space to do it. I think if you are going to have a sitting room, you need to give it a purpose.

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