25 Replies to “98% of American Diets Potassium Deficient

  1. HA! I just read a comment on one of durianriders videos about how stupid it is to eat 30 bananas a day because you will get potassium poisoning hahaha (bananas aren't even that high in potassium as far as i know, dates are way higher). Bottom line, Vegans =NOT PROTEIN DEFICIENT, 'Omnivores'=POTASSIUM DEFICIENT. Thanks Dr Greger

  2. Vegans = mostly obnoxious skinny (as in: concentration camp escapees) people, usually have pale skin, and generally weak… not always, but mostly. Omnivores = most people, mostly unhealthy. But there are very healthy vegans, and very healthy omnivores. And I choose to enjoy the wider variety of foods an omnivore can enjoy, which also includes all the vegan foods. Good day.

  3. If less than 2% of the US don't get enough potassium then why do articles/people often say not to take a potassium supplement? I know, I know it's best to get it from whole foods and vegetables but I'm just wondering why if it's so low we don't advocate or have more potassium supplements?

  4. World Health Organization now recommends at least 3,510 mg a day of potassium (http://bit.ly/YUHOty).
    We don’t even come close, but you can change that in 2014!: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/98-of-american-diets-potassium-deficient/ #NewYearNewYou

  5. Can elevated potassium levels be a problem for vegans? I subsist on mostly beans and broccoli, and I eat a big box of dates on weekends. My doctor said my potassium level from a blood test were way too high and actually retested me. Still very high. Am I a goner?

  6. So that's what potash is. Pot…ash. And Pot…ash…ium (potassium). Didn't know that. And yes potash has been used for ages.

  7. One of the reasons why all the puppets on fake news ( mainstream- controlled by big corpsnews journalists are told what to say[with old the real truth]) and controlled programming are falsifying that BANANAS ARE DANGEROUS, is because, the Doctors, Government, and elites want all Americans to be DEFICIENT in potassium, in addition to missing out on all the other healthy benefits BANANAS provide.
    Is it true Banana plants can not reproduce( grow new plants) without people cutting and planting them?

  8. I buy potassium citrate from Amazon. It is a powder you add to fruitjuice. a couple 1/4 teaspoons for 15 cents a day

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