A Hungry Bird Brutally Separates a Bee From Its Stinger

A Hungry Bird Brutally Separates a Bee From Its Stinger

prizes for guessing what this carmine bee-eater consumers. Its long, slender
bill is perfect for plucking bees from the air. [CHIRPING] But that’s just the first step. [CHIRPING] Before swallowing,
it must get rid of the bee’s dangerous sting. And it has a simple, if brutal. Technique. [CHIRPING] [THRASHING] The sting smashed out,
it’s now safe to eat. [CHIRPING] While they’re definitely
bee specialists, these coal carmines
are quick to adapt to the occasional amuse-bouche. After it rains, insect larvae
begin to hatch underwater. Taking a few lessons from
their kingfisher cousins, they tweak their hunting tactic. [CHIRPING] [SPLASHING] Juicy larvae are just

100 Replies to “A Hungry Bird Brutally Separates a Bee From Its Stinger

  1. Whenever you have to give the birda and bees talk, just remember: grab em and smash em till you rip the pointy thing off.

  2. Carmine: why are you flying? Get back here
    Bee: Proceeds to fly away
    Human: sees bee ah Sh*t sh*t, omg omg rUn RUn ruN!

  3. 00:25 I want my money!!!!
    No I don't have it.
    I want my money!!!
    I swear I don't have it!!!
    OK OK Here!!
    Too late!!!!

  4. 0:11 – 1:04 Needs to be voiced over by a wrestling announcer. "There's the catch! He's got him in his beak! Now what? Oh my God! It's.. it's… the stinger slam!! Oh again! Oh again! There's the finisher! And the crowd goes wild!!!!!" Ding Ding Ding

  5. Brutally!!!, what are you talking about? The bird is only doing what our Creator, thru Spirit Law gave him the instinct to do!,

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