ACCELERATE WEIGHT LOSS – Dr. Greger’s New Book ‘How Not To Diet’

ACCELERATE WEIGHT LOSS – Dr. Greger’s New Book ‘How Not To Diet’

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  1. Plants don't have:
    Vitamin A, B6 (Pyridoxal, Pyridoxamine), B12, D, E (Animal) F, K2, Q10. Amino acids: Creatine, Carnitine, Carnosine, and Taurine. Heme-iron, Collagen, CLA (Omega 3), Cholesterol and Complete Protein (Consists of 9 essential amino acids)

    Antinutrients & harmful substances in plants: Alkaloids, Alpha-amylases, Arsenics, Cellulose, Cyanogenic glycosides, Fiber, Flavonoids, Gluten, Lectins, Mycotoxins, Oxalates, Phenolics, Photosensitizers, Phytic acid, Salicylates, Saponins, Sulforaphane, Tannins, Terpenoids and etc.

    A vegan diet indeed prevents heart diseases, by delivering you to the grave long before the coronary risk comes.

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  2. Hi guys please help I’m a vegan but I’ve been researching on ex vegans and looking into the carnivore diets recently, it’s so weird but somehow I find that there are no long term vegans (30/40+) or that some even do it for 25 years and supposedly succumb to health issues mainly autoimmune disorders and severe weight loss and eventually switch their diets. BBC also had an articles about how vegans are more prone to stroke although they have lesser chances of heart disease . I recently started exploring this page called the “dark side of veganism” which showed many ex vegans who switched to a carnivore diet and experienced a tremendous recovery from their ailments caused about by a vegan diet. Can someone explain this please?

    A carnivore diet can be backed up by science from what I learned that, because they get a lot of protein from consuming the organs if animals ( Disgusting but 🙁 ugh ) Hence by only eating protein obviously they are going to become muscular and fit. Are they going to be healthy though in the long run?

    Please Help!!!!

    I’m just wondering how can this be applied to a vegan diet? How can we get ample protein?


    Please note i’m in no way promoting any kind of diet. I just wanted to say that NO diet is as healthy as we perceive it to be. Keep an open mind. 🙂

  3. Can't wait to read it!! Love you and your work Dr. Greger!!!! Thank you for making vital nutritional information available and accessible to the public!

  4. 18:18. Most dangerous to give up your power and let some random crackpot tell you what to eat. Brilliant. Dr. Gregor may not think of himself as a guru…but he is a beacon of light. A lighthouse

  5. I love how he's sooo excited to talk about his book. You can really tell he's passionate about this stuff 🙂 Can't wait to purchase the book!

  6. Dr Greger is an very thorough researcher who bases is claims on solid science. He is an outstanding educator in the field of healthy nutrition.I certainly intend to buy his new book.

  7. Although I'm an omnivore i liked Dr Gregor's quote at 7:00. Unconstrained power in the hands of "gurus" is how you get a society that blows in the wind. Think of the French Revolution for a political example.

  8. It's great to see a plant-based doctor talk about chronobiology. We often hear of how eating whole plant foods is critical for health (and it's true!), but we rarely hear of how if we eat at the wrong times (like say, before going to bed), even the healthiest foods can cause insomnia, reflux, undesired weight gain, etc. It's a piece of the health puzzle that is almost always neglected and hopefully that will change soon. A quite good book already available on this topic is Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life by Suhas Kshirsagar.

    Thanks Dr. Greger and Plant Based News for the interview. I'm very excited about the book!

  9. No longevity in human health has been documented consisting of removing animal products. In fact, the leading cause for vegan health issues are heart problems and stroke.

  10. I would love some replies. Been plant based only 2 months now. Recently saw a video by dr Kim Williams. He said a beyond burger was no better than a regular burger because it has the same amount of total fat and saturated fat. I always thought the whole point was the animal protein was what we were trying to avoid, of which the beyond burger has none
    I luv my beyond burger, so I’m quite distressed. Any help?

  11. We all should be passionate about what we put in our family's mouth like Dr. Greger. thank you so much! even if my family criticizes me being too much on eating organic and vegan food, I will keep my current diet. because it FEELS great eating plant-based whole food!!!!!!!! and at the same time, I am glad that I can be part of helping the environment and small farmers. Vegan is the future!

  12. Nice to be able to trust what is being said…I look forward to the book…Dr. Greger is a gift to this generation.

  13. Dr.Greger has earned his stripes in credibility. And I don't envy him the research needed for this book! Love and respect to Dr.G & his team.

  14. My weight loss skyrocketed when I switched from vegan to ketogenic including my health, it's so much better , my triglycerides dropped in half, good hdl improved, VlDl dropped, my A1c is now 5.4 it was never under 7.0 on the vegan diet, ketogenic diet is the future, which is how humans have been eating for hundreds of thousands of years, … sorry If you don't like hearing the actual truth

  15. So clearly the audio and video on Klaus wasn't the best. Instead of covering the wide shots with that atrocious text, you could have Klaus overdub his questions so that he's actually audible. Then re-edit the video so it mostly features Greger's face, even while Klaus is asking his questions. I know, everyone's a critic.

  16. People truly do just want you to tell them what to eat, man I love Dr. Gregor! My go to for any info about nutrition !

  17. Love Dr Gregor's enthusiasm- especially as he's trying to explain vital information:)))) Wish I was back in school with Dr Gregor instructing!

  18. Preordered the book and off to get some more garlic and ginger. Love, love, love Dr Greger!! He lets me have smoothies, plus a few seeds and nuts.

  19. I appreciate Dr. Gregor so much! Thank you for all the research you do and thank you for helping to change my life! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  20. The 'crackpot' Dr Greger refers to is Anthony William whose work is helping hundreds of thousands to heal from chronic illness all over the world. If there is no science behind celery juice it's simply because it hasn't been done. Celery juice has reversed my partner's gut issues and brought back my sleep after suffering insomnia for years. Our skin is glowing. Anthony's work may not fit into Greger's scientific world but that doesn't mean anything. The problem with academics is that they are lost in their facts and figures and anything that may present itself outside of that is not deemed worthy of their time. Perhaps Dr Greger can try and explain why so many are healing under Anthony William's suggested protocols. Anthony has brought something new to the table and that is an antiviral diet that is designed to pull out all the heavy metals that is keeping us sick. I have reversed my rheumatoid arthritis even though I have been vegan for years. I have followed the advice of all the plant based doctors out there and even though it all helped, nothing took me to the next level which is finally healing until I followed Anthony's advice. His books were life changing for me. One needs to just go into his Insta account to see all the healing testimonials- from MS, autism, RA, weight loss, every kind of autoimmune disease, etc. I would rather see people based evidence than facts and figures that only look good on paper. Science is always changing and studies are not always accurate. So Anthony isn't a doctor and has no science behind him? Who cares when you see those close to you healing from issues no one else including alternative doctors have been able to help them with. Perhaps there is something 'bigger' than what we understand and science may be limiting us in this knowledge. I have always been a fan of Dr Greger's and bought his last book but his slur on someone else making a difference is arrogant and low. Perhaps he is unhappy that he has competition from someone who has a massive following and helping so many, including losing tons of weight. Let's hope Greger's new book is bringing something new to the table and not rehashed info that other plant based doctor's have already put out. I will give it a miss.

  21. Thank you again Dr. Gregor!! Great book number one. So excited for book number 2!! I ordered it from Barnes and Noble!

  22. Just pre-ordered my copy. I almost never pre-order anything, but I know Greger is solid gold. Plus you just can’t resist that enthusiasm. LOL!

  23. Wonderful, thank you Klaus I love this man… he is so great… I recently bought the cookbook How not to die for my parents… hoping that it will finally help them to change their diet…

  24. Love this guy because he is no BS. Interesting slam about the celery juice. Hmm, wonder who he is referring to. 🤪 I’ll buy this book. When I first went vegan, I ate mostly whole unprocessed foods. Lost 33 lbs in 3 months. Over the past year though, I started working in more processed vegan stuff. Slowly the pounds have crept back—not all, but too many for my liking! The key for me is to eat at home and stay higher raw vegan. You can go eat vegan food at restaurants or even the Whole Foods salad/hot bar, but they use SO much oil, even in plain rice. Ugh, why?! I need to stick with home cooking and packing my lunch for work. Oh, and maybe if I took a walk now and then instead of watching videos, eh?

  25. Great teaching, but why is he so fast….? my brain can't catch it all!
    p.s. how is it that the Pharma has allowed him to be so educational and honest?

  26. People are dying from created diseases so that the earth's population is reduced below the current number of 9 Billion but is rising fast.
    The good doctor forgot to mention that we have the Fat Gene, and that is a big factor too in our obesity epidemic.

  27. I quickly read the title of the video, and thought the title of the book was a typo for a second.

    Anyways, I need to read his book "How not to die". I really like his YouTube channel and keep meaning to get around to reading his book.

  28. I wish I had find the “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) years ago. For 3 weeks of adopting the plans, I lose 12 pounds There is certainly still need of workouts even only a couple of times a week as well as the foodstuff to have must be best. It showed astounding results for me. I surely recommend the product, hope it works as great for you since it does for me. .

  29. Thick glasses, no muscle tone, skinny fat "spare tyre" around the middle… not to mention the MASSIVE overcomplication of weight loss theories and reliance on pseudoscience… and, of course, avoidance of pics and anecdotes that show actual body composition because he doesn't want to take his top off… How does anyone still listen to poor old Greger? Can't wait until this new carnivore study comes out. I wonder how he will answer that one.

  30. Seems to be carrying a lot more pudge around the middle than I remember him having.  I suppose you can overdo anything in life, even a healthy diet.

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