Hey! Christy here with Go See Christy Beauty Boutique. Thanks for watching. Our last video we talked about NUTS and ACNE,
and how nuts can be a common trigger for some for Acne. So this one is DIET and ACNE. So, the American diet is very, very rich and
high in Omega-6 Fatty Acids, and very low in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. So Omega-6 Fatty Acids are the BAD acids. They cause a flood of inflammation in our
bodies where a lot of auto-immune diseases have been linked to, such as: Eczema, Psoriasis,
Arthritis. A diet very high in animal fats also has been
linked to other diseases, such as: Heart Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, High Cholesterol. So, Omega-3’s are foods, such as: Salmon,
Tuna, egg yolks, Hemp seeds, Flax seeds, Spinach, and Kale. Amongst a whole array of other healthy foods. So the reason why we’re talking about this
today, is because, again, we want to emphasize that it is NOT THE FOOD in and of itself that
is a direct link to Acne, but how the food is processed and metabolized in your body
that affects the HORMONES in your body. And that’s why everybody responds very differently
to the foods. So here are some things that you may not think
about that is linked to Acne, or can be linked depending on the person: So the first one
can be SALAD DRESSINGS and MAYONNAISE. So some of the salad dressings are: Honey
Mustard, Peppercorn, Thousand Island, Ranch. So if you notice a lot of these are higher
fat dressings. So the other group of foods that we overlook
are OILS that what we cook in or what a lot of processed foods contain. So, they took a lot of the, the dangerous
Trans-Fatty oils out and replaced it with oils that are still high in Omega-6’s. So for example: Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil, shortening,
margarine, and Soybean Oil. So the 2 most common ones that I see, ’cause
I read labels all the time, is Sunflower and Soybean Oil. These can also affect your hormones. And as well as processed foods is, is: Tortilla
chips, corn chips, potato chips that are also fried in Sunflower Oil. The other common food group that is linked
to Acne, or as well as affects the hormones, is DAIRY. And the reason why is because there are some
milks that contain some growth hormones, or IGF, otherwise known as “INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH
HORMONES”. And what they do is, it affects the Sebum
Glands, the Sebaceous Glands, and it can cause it to be plugged. It also can INCREASE the level of Androgen,
which is a male hormone, and once again, INCREASE the production of Sebum, and it’s THICKER
Sebum as well, causing more clogged pores. The second one is WHEAT. So now with wheat, with wheat sensitivities,
as well as people who actually have an auto-immune disease, such as Crohn’s Disease, it doesn’t
matter what kind of products that you’re using, because when they consume wheat, it causes
a flood of inflammation in their body and what happens is, it’s coming, the infection,
or the inflammation, is coming from the inside out. So yes, they can “manage” their breakouts
or Acne with products, but really, if you suspect that every time you’re eating wheat,
which almost everything has some sort of wheat in it, a very common ingredient that people
don’t realize is sometimes “MALTODEXTRIN” can be derived from wheat, some of it’s derived
from rice. But if it’s derived from wheat, they’re not
realizing they’re consuming that, and then they’re getting the breakouts. And so IF you suspect that’s you, then you
can have a series of tests, you have to go to your doctor, and you can get these tests
done to see if you actually have a sensitivity. And if you do, it’s as simply as removing
a lot of the wheat from your diet, and then your Acne flare-ups will obviously be reduced
and eventually go away. So a lot of people think that Japanese food
is very healthy. And it IS, the REAL Japanese diet is healthy. So in America, how they make Japanese food
taste even better is: They add mayonnaise, they add avocado, and they put crunchy stuff
all over it. Now it is no longer Japanese, because Japanese
people don’t add those ingredients into their Japanese food. So, if you want to eat Japanese food, you
have to be careful because, for some people, when they eat Sushi or Nori Maki, which is
the seaweed, seaweed contains traces amounts of Iodine. Which is healthy for some people, but some
people who have sensitivities to Iodine can break out. Then you may need to reduce the amount of
seafood and seaweed as well. The other one is, there is a seaweed-derived
ingredient that acts as a binder to some ice creams, and that’s called “CARRAGEENAN”. So if you are sensitive to Iodine, then look
for Carrageenan, which is in a lot of foods ’cause it acts a binder. Avoid eating those as well. So thank you very much for watching! And COMMENT BELOW, don’t forget to comment
below on the things that you have done to avoid these common triggers. And again, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and hit
the notification bell! Thanks for watching!

21 Replies to “ACNE AND DIET

  1. Is there any certain foods you eat that you notice you are more prone to break outs? Mine is dairy…especially with sugar, such as Ice Cream!

  2. Great video and packed with great info. I noticed my skin breaks out more when I consume certain fruits such as; strawberries, grapes , mangoes etc. Really odd.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing Christy!

    I became very aware of salad dressing and things like that since I found out I'm allergic to egg whites earlier last year.

    Accidentally ate something that had mayonnaise when I didn't read a label carefully enough about a month ago. The reaction that it gives me is eczema on my right hand.

    Took an allergy test called Pinntertest and found out I was allergic to about five things.

  4. Dairy and sugar are mine. I stopped eating them after breaking out in a horrific and painful bout of CYSTIC Acne last year.

  5. I have eczema for certain! I find that oily foods definitely ramp up my Omega 6's! Thanks for making this informative video.

  6. In this case "american diet" is correct cause it is similar in all or most american countries …too many oils in our diet …

  7. I did the food sensitivity testing and it showed I’m sensitive to over 85% of the foods they test for! I’m pretty sure I’m doomed 😂😩

  8. Thank you!
    I just subscribed to your channel and I love your videos!
    Please do more videos about nutrition. I beleive that we should start from inside our bodies than the outside.
    Best of luck!

  9. Twice i applied seaweed gel and i got severe allergy on my face. Swollen, redness, hot flashes.. It means im sensitive to iodine. I need to check iodine levels..thanks for the information

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  11. could you break out from oatmeal? i just want to know bwcause i usually wat that for brekafast with bannanas and i have bad acne:(

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