Action Against Hunger Canada – Generation Nutrition

Action Against Hunger Canada – Generation Nutrition

for almost 40 years across more than 50 countries action against hunger has led the global fight to end hunger but in 2017 our organization decided it was time to look at ways to address some of the hunger challenges here at home about 4 million Canadians which is more than 12% of Canadian households cannot afford nutritious food year-round the situation is worse among indigenous Canadians 2 times higher than that of all Canadian households as we spoke to more people across the country we started to realize the extent of malnutrition here in Canada as a humanitarian organization we already know the effects of a poor diet on children in the developing world they get weaker their immune systems suffer they struggle to pay attention in class not to mention the social and the economic consequences for their communities the same is true here in Canada the garden experts at the growing connection teach the kids how to plant and care for fruits and vegetables when the gardens are ready to be harvested the children learn how to cook and prepare the food they’ve grown thanks to the team of professional chefs at George Brown so far more than 300 students received hands-on learning about urban agriculture with experienced gardeners and 50 took part in intensive interactive learning with professionals from the food sector organic farmers dietitians vendors and chefs the food these students grew was distributed to families throughout the school year and during the summer the kids are now talking about healthy eating they get excited about coming out to the garden and eating straight from the garden and at the end of the day this means that kids are talking about how which is what we want and not only impacting our bodies but our minds thinking long-term action against hunger has designed gardening and nutrition modules that are adaptable to different age groups and can be fully integrated into existing school curriculum across the country ensuring the sustainability of the program when The Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its final report one of its recommendations was to create community-based youth programs so youth across the country can share information and experiences the generation nutrition program is working to ensure that happens with plans to extend the project to schools across the country from coast to coast to coast we know hunger is an issue in Canada we have to do something about it we’ve seen the impact of this project here in Toronto which is why we want to bring it to communities across the country so that kids can hear each other’s stories and learn together something as simple as getting their hands dirty and gardening or sitting down to a meal together whether it’s virtually or in person it’s going to make for a healthier Canada a true North strong and free from hunger you

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  1. There would be no hunger if everyone learned to plant vegetables and grains, and learned to purchase vegetables and grains. We are not required to eat meat (which is very expensive) at all and can survive very well on grains and vegetables and fruit and berries.

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