Always Hungry? These 5 Tips Can Help!

Always Hungry? These 5 Tips Can Help!

Hunger, hunger, hunger. We’ve all tried many ways to deal with hunger,
only to be left feeling miserable and eating twice as much as we would have in the first
place. It’s either we struggle against our urge
to start eating too early or when we do eat, we struggle to know when to stop. Fortunately, there are some things we can
work on to improve our binging battles. Here are five tips which can help you better
manage your HUNGER. Number 1, Drink More Water
It’s been found that drinking water 15 to 30 minutes before a meal is pretty decent
in curbing feelings of hunger. Water consumption impacts stomach distention,
or the stretching of the stomach, which is one action that can signal fullness to the
brain. One study even found that water before a meal
curbed desires for sweets and savory foods better than not drinking water at all. Ultimately, this type of pre-loading of water
makes you feel full quicker, and in return, allow you to satisfy your hunger with less
food. Based on several studies, 1 and a half to
2 cups of water before your meal seem to do the trick. Number 2, Don’t Drink Your CALORIES
Drinking beverages like sodas, sugary teas, or fruit juices might play a role in stomach
expansion much like water. But unlike water, these drinks also add a
bum load of calories. Not only that, much of the calories added,
particularly processed sugars, do very little in terms of making you feel full compared
to actual food of similar calorie content. The only exception is that of drinks with
a thicker consistency, like milk and protein shakes. One study showed that a thick, creamy protein
shake had greater impact on satiety, or keeping you feeling full, than a protein shake fashioned
to have a smoother, juice-like consistency. Another showed that milk generated greater
subjective fullness and less hunger than cola. But in any case, real food still wins out. If you feel hungry, the last thing you wanna
do is reach for a liquid sugar bomb. Number 3, Get More Protein
To my usual viewers, this one is not much of a surprise. Protein has consistently shown to be the best
out of the three macronutrients to increase fullness. One study found that increasing total protein
content of a diet from 15% to 30% led to greater feelings of fullness and satiety. But most importantly, subjects spontaneously
consumed 441 fewer calories per day throughout a 12-week period. This might also explain why people have found
decent success with low-carb diets. The restriction of carbs means a disproportionately
greater intake of protein, thus leading to a dip in total energy intake due to greater
satiation. It remains to be seen as to exactly why protein
is more satiating. Some of it might be explained by its relatively
greater food volume, leading to a fuller stomach with fewer calories. Another theory suggests that protein increases
thermogenesis, which is a factor closely correlated to satiety. Not exactly definitive, but in any case, more
protein means more fullness. So, get your protein! Number 4, Remove Potential Food Cues
In this day and age, it doesn’t take much effort to find pictures of all sorts of delicious
treats on your social media. And the very indulgence of such media might
just explain your actual indulgence of such treats. This belief is built upon the concept that
hunger is a multi-factorial construct, where, beyond physiological and cognitive factors,
sensory inputs can influence our appetite. The simple sight, smell, and ultimately taste
of food can trigger a cephalic phase response, where your body induces gastric secretions
and salivation, creating a heavy desire for the food you see on your phone. So, what do you do? Simple. Put the f*cking phone down. Instead of looking at your favorite foody’s
IG profile, look at your homework, your actual work work, or even your significant other…
as long as they’re not eating ice cream in front of you. Avoid passing areas with the aroma of your
favorite French fries and, at all cost, resist the need for, “JUST A TASTE.” Go get a taste of your weight scale instead
and see if you still have an appetite after. And Number 5, Actually Give Healthy Whole
Foods a Shot Ah yes, you thought you can get away with
this one. Let’s face it, you need to eat the right
foods. Unfortunately, people often think that it’s
supposedly “OK” to go for the pizza or cookie as long as it fits in their macros
or calories, right? Unsurprisingly, those people often fail to
see results. That’s because, once you eat that pizza,
you’re going to want another slice, and then another, and the next thing you know
you’re waiting in line for a hot dog on a stick. The problem of this stems from approach. People think that to satisfy their hunger
or appetite, they should eat the foods they desire. In all likelihood, those are the foods we
shouldn’t be eating. In reality, we should first reach for things
we should eat. Pretty simple. By first eating more whole, nutritious, and
filling foods, the volume of your meals are much greater relative to its calorie content,
thus increases stomach fullness more quickly and ultimately help combat hunger. Processed foods of similar calorie content,
on the other hand, provides much less in terms of food volume, keeping you hungry still and
reaching for more. That doesn’t mean we can’t have any of
the junk foods we desire, but by prioritizing and eating the healthy foods first, it leaves
much less room and ultimately less appetite for the junk food. So, if you feel like still having chocolate
after your chicken salad, then go for it. Just don’t overdo it. It’s better than having a whole chocolate
bar plus a double cheeseburger, and then reaching for two leaves of spinach and half a broccoli
you saved from lunch. In the end, put some effort to eating the
healthy foods first before reaching for anything else. And I think that’s an important point to
close out on. The best management tips are no magic bullet
nor secret shortcuts. They take actual effort for actual results. Be patient, tinker with the tips that works
for you, and above all else, remain consistent. Feel free to share any tips you might have
for your fellow hungry bros and broettes. If you found this video helpful, why not give
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100 Replies to “Always Hungry? These 5 Tips Can Help!

  1. Actually that's not true at all. I cant stop eating until I eat the bad foods. Healthy foods might get rid of hunger but they certainly do not satisfy me.

  2. Hi there! Loving the info! Though I could say I can't afford these suggestions, whey protein shake and protein rich foods, cause they are too expensive. Could you help me devise a meal plan within a 2 US dollar a day budget? That's all the income I could get for my current work, minus other household and personal expenses. BTW, I'm Filipino. Thank you.

  3. Say you don't feel like eating all your fruit you can just blend it all together and make it into a smoothie and drink it and you still get that same affect of fullness

  4. You know… sound like you hate this topic so much at 3:34 XD IM DYING "PUT THE FUCKING PHONE DOWN" picturefit salty AF

  5. Eating healthy stuff can also help a lot with distinguishing hunger from appetite. I always keep fruit and vegetables around so when I am actually hungry I have something healthy to snack on but when I'm not I will feel like "ugh I really want to eat something" but when I walk to the fridge I realize I don't want a carrot now at all or whatever is in there so I know it's just appetite and I'm not really hungry. Recognizing this can help a lot with eating less.

  6. Please if its possible make a video on himalyan & rest types of salt & positive/ negative side effects and differences from the table salt 🙂

  7. Haha, I feel PF might have dealt with some people who have really like foodie pictures/videos. The frustration is real.

  8. I found that intermittent fasting or fasting for a day seemed to fill me more easily and for a whole lot longer then before I applied these methods. You should however study these subjects a bit before diving right into them! Hope it'll help some of you here!

  9. PictureFit should do a video on whether or not being “I’m not fat I’m big boned” is even possible. There should also be a reference to Eric Cartman from South Park in the video.

  10. I am extremely impressed with your knowledge. I would be very interested in a recommended plan for diet and exercise. After watching a bunch of your videos, I'm thinking "this guy knows his stuff". I would have instantly clicked on a link and paid to be on a recommended plan where I could just be confident they follow all the stuff you recommend. Like most, I don't have a lot of time to sift through everything and develop my own plan. Going to anyway. Just wanted to through that out there. You could be adding some extra income to support your videos.

  11. It's funny when my biggest issue with food, is not getting enough nutrition in a day. I eat too little, and often I'm "too busy to eat", starving myself for hours.

  12. Things that almost completely removed my hunger during the day:

    1. Ketosis
    2. Intermittent fasting
    3. Coffee

    Currently I fast 22h/day, eating only one meal per day. I work out every morning, and have a full time physical job. I usually start to get hungry at 3pm, and eat my meal at 5:30pm.
    I have done days without eating, just to see how it feels. 2 full workouts, 2 full workdays, and although it's not completely pleasant, it was totally doable, and I suffered no performance decrease at all. I think many people don't realize how tough the human body is. You don't actually have to eat every 3h, or even every day. But when I used to eat carbs, and 3 times a day, there was no hope, I was always hungry.

  13. A shrink once toll me "do you really had ever felt hunger?" He mean absolute lack of food starving mode. I have to admit that not, luckily not ever in my life. Thats was the moment I realized it was all in my mind and mostly I overeat for anxiety than real hunger. I thank him every time I eat now.

  14. I haven't touched anything that that has sugar or white flour in it for 3 months and I feel GREAT and for the first time in my life i have a real 6-pack! I really eat a lot but I just mind what I eat but that's with 5 days a week gym and 7 days cardio(mtb riding mostly). I don't calculate my calories but i know That I should eat ~3000 a day just to stay as I am now

  15. Another piece of advice I've heard is that if you absolutely have to give in to your craving, get the absolute best version of it that you can to truly satisfy your desire. Craving cookies? Put down the Chips Ahoy box, go to your local bakery, and buy ONE fantastic cookie. Want a burger? Skip McDonald's, go to a quality burger place, or, better yet, buy some ground beef and all the toppings you want and just make your own burger.

  16. Don't let yourself become really hungry, at least for me it tends to lead to eating tons of food real fast before I even realize I ate way too much. Maybe you need to eat more often, but smaller amounts.

  17. is hunger and cravings are the same in this context? because my problem is handling cravings, not hunger. i crave for delicious junk food, although im not that hungry…

  18. Okay amazing video seriously love all of your videos but in number for whenever you're talking about whenever you want unhealthy food or certain type of food to get on the scale and see if you still want that food that can cause a lot more problems for some people. Like eating disorders or body dysmorphia. It's like saying hey remind yourself that you're too fat to eat those Foods.

  19. avoid foods that produce excess gasses or digestive pains, That would fall into The FODMAP list and eat well, less carbs is fine for your body

  20. but I'm not trying to lose weight…I just can't afford food and need a coping strategy for the hunger pains.

  21. The problem is i kept eating eventhough I'm full
    "I should stop" i said to myself as i put a spoon full of food into my mouth

  22. I just don’t eat breakfast or lunch and a small dinner. You get used to it. The only downside is I can’t hang out around other living beings because I go in a hungry fit of rage every day. I don’t eat, I just scream and cry.

  23. What do you think about whole grain high protien pancakes or gluten free cookies ect. Are they a better option?

  24. Why am I watching it? Iam 12 yo girl with 34kg and doctor said that I need to have more food. Just because average kid of my weight is 40! Bye fellas!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  25. I can eat healthy clean foods protein and veggies 24 hrs a day non stop and still hungry. I'm the god of overeating…. Sometimes i'm even surprised how small my friends and family eat lol

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