100 Replies to “Alyse Parker Carnivore Diet and lies exposed Part 1.

  1. The receipts are in and Alyse is guilty as fuck. Just another fake using animals and vegans for $$$ and popularity. LEAVE THE ANIMALS OUT OF YOUR EATING DISORDER ALYSE..#dotherightthing #takeresponsibility. And hey, nothing personal against cammi but after all this controversy I would love to see a 'why im still vegan' video from her.

  2. Freelee I know you and Alyse are competitors for views and subscriptions
    but now you're really moving in for the kill!

  3. You’re right on all of your points but you’re obsessed and a bit sad to say the least because you’re taking this much time into caring about other people’s life’s and what they are doing. Like it’s none of your concern.

  4. Alyse also isn’t pro vegan, she’s pro self. It doesn’t mater what some likes, vegan or not, she will support them because they are doing them. She can be vegan, and be ok with non vegans

  5. This girls not a hell of a lot to say about others but I think needs to mind her own damn business & spend more time working on her own damaged self esteem issues.

  6. You're definitely passionate about veganism, but just as we aim to end cruelty toward animals, you're definitely perpetuating harm by being cruel toward human-animals.

  7. So I'm vegan and I have a puppy… is that illegal? I'm trying to ask my mum to allow me to post on YouTube, but since you post this videos I'm scared to show my vegan lifestyle.

  8. I don’t like to be rude but could you please stop being so crazy? I get your passionate but holy shit you tear people apart and honestly it’s quite childish. There is never going to be a day where everyone follows your lifestyle sis. People are too different and too free thinking to follow one specific thing. Let people be flexible like god damn. Your shit is seriously getting annoying and ridiculous. No wonder your channel hasn’t grown in a very long time. People are tired of it you constantly tearing people down.

  9. Wait I do have a mold allergy but literally no one told me about mushrooms and mold. My doctor told me to just use bleach to clean my home 😂 what the heck 😂😂😂

  10. People who often criticise others usually have issues with themselves. They talk shit about others to feel better about themselves. Learn to agree to disagree freelee, or go & live in a cave.

  11. Imagine living in a world where people act like they have a say in what you eat…of wait, we do!!! You all sound ridiculous…they are people out here who are struggling to even find a meal, worry about yourself and be grateful that you can actually afford to be so privileged smh

  12. Yes I agree with Freelee. People like that are doing a disservice to veganism and humanity. And animals of course. Hope others are smart enough to see through it.

  13. You are hilarious, you are publicly attacking a girl who is only being honest about how shes living her life- on a journey to find out what is right for her. Honey, you need help. It's obvious that you're upset about animal cruelty, but you should be rational when approaching people with your concerns. Alyse is honest and kind.. unfortunately you're behaving hateful and offensive.

  14. Freelee, do you believe in kindness? Do you think two wrongs make a right?

    Do you ever think that no one is perfect. Do you ever believe that if you were kinder to people, you wouldn’t feel compelled to hurt others with your words?

  15. You truly are the worst. You may be 100% vegan but you are also 100% the most negative you tuber. She thinks slaughtering animals is funny? You’re legit delusional. You exploit other people’s struggles for financial gain which is ten times worse than anything Alyse has ever done. BYE 👋🏼

  16. Eating chicken and fish doesnt ruin your health and eating red meat is good for you… research it freelee 🙄🤦‍♀️

  17. All your fingers are freaking crazy you need me to eat to survive there's no plant or vegetables or fruit that gives you the protein vitamin B12 or anything to help you survive stop eating plants you're killing my food source of eating

  18. seems like this channel is also profiting off of veganism.. and seems like you love animals more than you love humans.. putting down others is never really a good method to advocate a movement. if anything, your approach makes veganism very unnattractive

  19. Y'all we should go live in the bushes and eat bananas and nuts to shut this woman up! Girl freelee or whatever your name is. Calm tf down!!!!

  20. you do realize eating animals in a humane manner is ok right? animals eat animals… at least their's people who put effort on trying not to consume animal products. You're not high and mighty for being a one of the first vegan youtubers. Bro you're just silly

  21. Dude your disgusting asf it’s her life your just dramatic like who are you to judge so take many seats and leave her alone and any others who choose not to be Vegan
    We all going to die anyway wether we vegan or non vegan

  22. This response video is EPIC. LOL Freelee, I have been planing to officially start my channel.. I was trying my hardest to be fully vegan, but I felt more plant based because I am living with people who eat meat everyday & I feel like it stresses me out just smelling it..After 3 years I back-slided & started eating some dairy & fish..No cows ever or pigs..But I really want to keep trying & hopefully do it better.

  23. Maybe you should love the planet and understand by not eating animals you're allowing methane to ruin the ozone layer. You're not doing jack for anything maybe we should find more humane ways to produce our meats. You're an overly judgemental vegan ❄️, maybe you should find something more critical to support

  24. This is so damn elitist and ableist of you.. You saying that because others were okay with mould exposure she should be? This is psycho!

  25. She is a sponsored industry shill for Cargill and butcherbox now- alyse goes where the $ is- the girl has no ethics period….. LET THAT SINK IN

  26. I have always wanted to try a Vegan lifestyle however Freelee really turns me off it.. It’s so aggressive and mean, I don’t want to be apart of a community like that

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