ATTACK OF THE WEREBEAVER!! | Don’t Starve Together – Part 7

ATTACK OF THE WEREBEAVER!! | Don’t Starve Together – Part 7

Mark: Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier. And welcome back to “Don’t Starve Together!” With Bob Hi Bob! Bob: Hi everybody! Mark: Hi… uh.. so we are in a new world of Don’t Starve! And they’ve made a lot of changes. It’s now in full release. And, uh… We get to go do stuff, apparently… And so we’re gonna–
Bob: Oo, soo.. Bob: Show me where, when I go off screen for you does it show you a little thing pointing at where I am? Mark: Yeah it does! Bob: Stop coming towards me Mark: Ok… Sorry… I had to pick up seeds Bob: Oooohhhaa that’s so helpful I feel like when we played before it was like, Alright now go go… right go straight right and then I’m – NO no I’m down from you or… I – I feel like there was a lot of that situations. Mark: There – there was OH MY GOD I CHOP SO FAST… Mark: OH MY GOD Mark: Also Bob: You’re gonna make the tree gods angry though….. Mark: I – I’ve discovered what the terrible secret is Flashback Mark: The lumberjack has a lovely axe and a terrible secret. Bob: What’s that? Mark: I’m not gonna tell ya Bob:*giggles* Mark: Because I feel like it’s better Mark: I feel like it’s better if we just leave this as it is Mark: But look at, look at this Mark: YEH hYEH HYEH HYEH HYEH Mark: Tree’s gone, baby Mark: Did you, uh, did you hear anything? Bob: Did he just make, like, an orgasm sound after he chopped the tree down? Mark: But do you, uh… can you… can you hear anyone talking to you? Bob: No Mark: OK, good, yeah, That’s Good, Yeah Yeh Uh Nobody’s Nothing’s Talking To Me Either *Bob and Mark laugh* Bob: Well, as long as we’re in the same uhh – on the same page we’re fine Mark: Hell Yeah Man! Bob: It’s… really already going to be nighttime? It’s really already gonna be like that? Mark: Apparently, Good God. Oh no, It’s just evening We’re fine on evening. Mark: But we do need to make a campfire. Bob: Oh right there’s the clock Bob: Oh right there’s the clock Bob: Yeah. Well, we need stones for that, right? Mark: WAIT, why- Bob: Are we still looking to just make a regular campfire Mark: Yeah. Uh… I got bad news. Um… Mark: Apparently Bob: What’s that? Mark: My wood meter is going Down. Bob: You’re at your sad when you destroy wood. I- no. Just. I don’t know what the wood meter is. It’s just a meter of wood, and it’s goin’ down. Bob: Can you- can you, eat wood? Mark: I don’t know if I could eat- if I could eat wood. Bob: Do you need me to do something to your wood? Mark: OH MY GOD I CAN EAT WOOD!! HOLY shit! *Bob laughs* Mark: I.. I, I literall- I eat wood. Bob: Ey, there’s bees over here, let’s not do that. Mark: I- I eat wood?! What does that mean?! Bob: Whatever you gotta do, man. Mark: I just. Okay. Bob: I’m not- I’m not here to judge. Mark: Th- the meter goes down when I chop wood… but it goes back up when I eat wood. So it’s kinda like a- I chop faster but also I’m- I have to eat some of this. I’m sorry. It’s just.. It’s the way life goes. Bob: S’all good. S’all good in the wood. Mark: But the wood definitely, doesn’t raise my hunger. That’s, that’s one thing wood doesn’t do.. Bob: Well that’s useful… Mark: All of this horrifically unuseful. Bob: Stuff you need to eat that does not make you less hungry. Mark: Yeah, exactly. Isn’t this great… Bob: Perfect. Mark: Heh, just my… Oh, and also my secret is, my axe is talking to me. Bob: Wow, really? Mark: My axe is encouraging me to kill… *Bob laughs* but not people, just trees. Bob: Kill the trees! Mark: Kill the trees! The trees are your mortal enemy! Bob: Well, but it’s in- it’s in “Don’t Starve” talking right? So it’s like, Wah wah bwah ba wah wah wah. Mark: Wah wah wah wahhh… I gotta blow dart. And ima blow.. Ima blow that bir- GODDAMNIT THE BIRD I was gonna- Wait. Don’t move. Ima Bob: Oh, hey. Hey, I- I know where we should set up camp. Mark: Ughh… Bob: It’s right here. I see bushes, I see rabbit holes… Mark: Nice! Bob: We should set up camp and I should craft some traps. Mark: Hell yeah! Bob: So we can start, uh, doin’ that shit. Mark: Oh hell yeah! Mark: Okay so…We need- Bob: Oh. Hell yeah. Mark: We need some grass to be able to make a camp fire. Bob: I need also some grass. Mark: Ok, don’t worry I’ll… heh… My- heh. I reequipped my axe and its like, ” You came back for me!” Hah, “So sweet!” Bob: There’s a piggity-goo over here. Mark: A piggity-goo? Bob: There’s a bunch of pig heads on a… Oh, there’s a touch stone. What do those do? Mark: A to- I don’t know, touch it. That’s probably a good thing. Touch it! Bob: I.. No.. I’m gonna wait. I think we should wait until we at least have a little bit of, uh… of serenity and success before we go touchin’ things. Mark: Come on man, touch it. Bob: Aw fuck… there’s a thing! There’s a thing burrowing around over here. Mark: Burrowing? Bob: Making like, groundhog tunnels. Mark: Oh… Bob: I think we should stay in the yellow part. I think that’s our thing. I think the yellow part… Mark: There’s plenty of berry bushes, there’s burrows. We got a lot of resources here. It’s a good starting point. So that people won’t be… Bob: It’s the place to be man. Mark: Yeah, people won’t be incredibly maaaaad at us when we eventually faillll. Oh it’s night! Bob: Oh shit! Please make the fire. Mark: I’m gonna make a fire! I’m gonna make a fire! Ohh, why am I not making a fire? Riiiiiiiiiigghhhtttttt… There! Bob: Hey-ey-ey. He-Hey! Mark: Perfect timing huh? Bob: Welcome to the hi. Mark: Yeah, hi. How’s it going? I uh- Sorry about killing your twin sister, apparently. Bob: S’all good. S’all good. Mark: Heh, is it? It’s all go- Oh wow, you’re very forgiving. eh-I- I appreciate that a lot. Bob: It’s fine. It’s fine. Uhh. How do you make a torch? Mark: Uhm, you need… Bob: Oh, I can make a torch. Mark: Yeah, I can make a torch. Yeah also… Bob: I’m gonna go set some. Rabbity-trapities. Mark: Okay you do that. Also, good news. Uhh… I, never run out of axe. My axe is, uh, unbreakable. Bob: Oh wow, really? Mark: Yeah! Bob: That’s really nice. Mark: My axe just told me to chop some trees. I gotta go dude. I gotta go. I gotta go. (growling voice) I gotta chop some trees, man. Bob: Uhh. Bob: You feelin’ okay man? Mark: YEAHIMFINEWHATAREYOUDOIWHATSWRONGWITHYOU? Bob: I’m- I’m- I’m fine y’know I’m just- Just, you know Fine. Mark: *Mumbling* *sniff* Mark: Phew, anyway… Bob: God! Just! Set the trap where I told you to- Girl. *Mark snickers* Lady. Person. Mark: Giirrlll. Bob: Giirrrll. Why you fuckin’- why you fuckin’ my shit up? Mark: Let’s see. Maybe we need to calm- what? Calm down? Uh-oh. What’s happening to me? I’m gonna see what happens when my- my wood meter goes low. Bob: Are you about to go into a wood-icidal rage? Mark: Yeah, my-my-my axe is starting to get worried. “You might want to eat a log.” It just told me that, and I’m like, ‘Why, that doesn’t seem like a logical thing to do.’ “Slow down, I’m worried about you.” What is happening to my guy? *Bob laughs* My axe is worried about me. Bob: I don’t wanna die. But I wanna be near you to witness what happening. Mark: Yeah okay. It’s only gonna be a few more trees. Trust me. Mark: Oooah! Mark: I’m a Were-Bea *heh* ve *her* *her* *her* Mark: AAAAUUUHH Mark: Fuck you tree! Bob: Holy. Fucking. Shit. Mark: AAAAOOOAGGHH Mark: C’mere you Beaver Bitch! Mark: EEEeegh I can eat Aw I can eat Both: Oh my god Bob: Eat all of that Both: Oh Yes Mark: My hunger meter got replaced That’s Amaaazing! This is Amazing! Is this permanent? Bob: I fuckin’ hope not, you drop your axe! I’ve got like, hillbilly music in the background *Bob laughs* Bob: No, don’t eat him! Noooo Markiplier: Oooooh, we’re okay. Bob: Oh, you dug him up Mark: You’re welcome Bob: You dug him up! Mark: You’re welcome Bob: Good shit! Good shit, good shit. You’re welcome Pick up Lucy the axe. I wonder if you pick up Lucy If you like–
BOB: I couldn’t, I couldn’t MARK: No? BOB: I walked over there, there was no option to do anything. MARK: Your character was just like, “I know better than this, this is horrifying!” Ok I took a hit to my sanity but when I was eating as a beaver it did fill up my hunger BOB: well that’s good MARK: Or did it, maybe it didn’t MARK: Maybe I ate some stuff BOB: I captured a bunny-bunny Mark: Did-a-did ya? Bob: Almost captured another bunny-bunny. Mark: Good I’mma-we’re gonna get more food here, we’re gonna build a nice base here Then we’re gonna be good! Right? OH WOW Birch trees they give birch nuts! And you can eat them. Bob: Oh.. Mark: Oh that’s handy! Bob: Do you just like shake them? Mark: Uhhhh I don’t know I’ve-I’ve only tri…I’ve only tried chopping them Mark: Can you….(Bob laughs) Can you shake them? Bob: (mocking voice)Well I don’t know uhh I’ve only tried chopping them. Mark: I literally-I-I only know how to chop I mean… If you, if you need someone to chop it I’ve got your back but…shake? What? (Bob laughs) Bob: Just… know it’s just my, it’s my world view it’s what I do I-I Dunno how to-how to, how else to be. Mark: Ugh, di-my dad chopped uhh I chop. My mom was on the show “Chopped”, I mean uh I can’t do nothing but chopped. Bob: I feel like…I feel like those are linguistically related but not actually related Mark: Ok, It’s a joke Alright? Bob: Na-I-but I you can’t…(sighs) Mark: I’m gonna touch this touchstone. Bob: (Holding back laughter) Oh good ok. I was wondering how soon it would be before we lost. Mark: Oh no apparently it doesn’t-you can’t touch it, it won’t let you touch it Bob: I really want some like gold, that’s what I want. There is… Mark: Well, yeah… Ooh! There’s something in your trap here I’mma…reset your trap. Bob: I am super-de-duper hungry we should cook up some of these there rabbits that I got and eat them up. Eat-em-up and stuff :V Mark: Set the dang trap. There we go, ok! Where was camp? Bob: Uhhh, anywhere on this yellow part I’m coming back towards you. It’s over to the left of, I picked up the ashes it was like right here. Mark: Ummm if we had more stone I could make a more permanent one but, for now this will do. Habooski! And then Imma cook-imma murder this rabbit. Bob: So….plant…that guy…yeah it’s our sapling now. Mark:Yeah, ok Imma cook these birchnuts Bob: Can you move like to the side of the fire? Mark: NO I’M COOKING YOU DINNER You will let me cook Bob: I also have rabbit morsels that I need to cook. I’mma give you all of my birchnuts. Bob: Ohhh gimme your nuts! Mark: Yeah take my nuts! God take those nuts!! Bob: Oh! gimme your, OHH GOD Mark: You like those nuts? Bob: Imma give you some of my meat. Mark: Thanks man Bob: Imma feed you my meat(Mark moans as he eats it) OHMY GAWD OHHH! YES!! Mark: RIGHT IN MY MOUTH! AHHHH!! ONMNOMNOMNOM! Bob: How do you like my meat? Mark: Almost as good as these logs! Anyway you didn’t see but I ate a log. Bob: I…yeah you made a crunchy-crunch Mark: BLOW! AHAHAHA! Got him! Bob: (Laughs) Mark: Yeah! Bob: That is so satisfying! Hehehehe! Mark: Hell yeah! Bob: Blow! Hahahahaha! (Much laughter) Got em! Mark: Don’t make fun of me. Bob: AHAHAHA! Ok Mark: (Obnoxious creepy laughter) Put some longs in this fire… Bob: I’m out of-I’m out of… Grassy-Grass Mark: We got grass already. Alright, well… Let’s see. We got.. A lot of time till’ actual night, so you can go and do stuff Bob: Yeah Imma’ go and- Bob: Get some more grass. Mark: I’m gonna go… South-ish Bob: Set some more traps. Mark: See if I can find some more stone down there. Bob: We need to find uh…. Rocks… Gold… Mark: You’re correct-oh it’s so the south! Nope no rocks it’s just the rockier-yeah it’s south. Okay, definitely south. Bob: Well there- Bob: There was noting north, so.. that’s good. Mark: Okay so I found a gold vein. Mark: Mine this one.. Bob: Oh yes-oh but you don’t have a pickaxe Mark: I just made one cause I’m a pro at this game. We’ve been playing this long enough that I know exactly what I’m doing. Mark: Okay.. Bob: Yeah Mark: There’s just gold lying on the ground here. Why is there gold just lying on the ground? By the way I’m in a graveyard, But there’s gold lying on the ground. Bob: Well you should definitely take the gold lying- Mark: I’ve been taking it non-stop. Bob: -lying on the ground in the graveyard-yeah Bob: No-No question- Mark: Hell yeah. Bob: -absolutely take that shit. Mark: It’s like free money, why wouldn’t I? Jeez What am I, stupid? No! I’m taking it! *Bob laughs* Bob: What am I, an imbecile? *Mark laughs* Bob: No! Thanks for agreeing with me man.. I’m definitely.. Uh.. A smart man. Bob: You are the smartest. Mark: Okay I’ve got seven gold so far and I’m gonna come back now cause it’s about to turn night. Bob: So how do I make a Sciency-goo? We only need one gold! And some logs Did you get any rocks? Mark: Oh hell yeah! You know I got rocks Bob: Oh I know you got the rocks, bro. Mark: You know I always got rocks from my main bro Bob: I know you got the rocks Mark: Man, I got the best rocks You ask anyone around town who’s got the best rocks? MMMEEEEE! Bob: Markiplier. Markiplier Mark: yeah that guy, they don’t say me..cause that would…… Mark: that wouldn’t be me Bob: who has he best rocks? -Meeeeee Mark: Wait no Mark Dude! Bob: No No I’m like who else has the best rocks? Me! My rocks! My man rock’s good! Ugh. Goddamn, I suck at placing these traps. Oh, my god, there’s so many… So many… Berry bushes. There’s like 5 berry bushes right here. just trap If you could just go over the hole? Thank you Mark: Holy shit. I’ve got tones and tones of berries Bob: Ok, It’s going to be bed time I’m comming back. Did I.. Is there fuel any left in the thing… I.. I did… no idea… Bob: I don’t know, I’m not there I’m not there eather I don’t see your icon on the minimap Bob: Demon! Show yourself! It’s barely there. It’s… It’s almost not there but It’s a little bit there I’m coming back I see ya Hello! Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Oh that’s a fire, Thats some sweet fire I’ve got…. I’m gonna put this on the ground uhh oh That’s smolderen, That’s ohh ohh Oh god ohhhhh OHHHHHH NOOO! OHHHHHHH NOOOOOO OHHHHHHH Oh….. Hello Ohh is this how we trade? Okay you…. I don’t know its like, the creepyist song ever Here you can take my berrys Cause I’ve got a good store of em Bob: I’m going to pick up these god nuggets Mark: You do that. Bob: And I’m going to make us Bob: Oh Actually, do you have logs & rocks? Mark: Yup. Bob: I also need logs. Logs, Logs. Heh, do I got logs? Heh, Whatcha talkin’ about? What do you think I ate them all? Bob: So do we want, do we want a permanently science it up here? Mark: Hell yeah. This is a good location, down south of the rock. Up north of more stuff. Bob: Hell yeah. Science machine mother fucker. Mark: And we can continue this in the next episode. Bob: Mother Fuc-ker Mark: I shouldn’t have started eating sour patch, this is a bad time for this. (Bob Laughs) Mark: So Thank you everybody so much for watching. We’re gonna play a few more episodes of Don’t Starve™️ and this time we’re gonna do actually good because we know what we’re doing and we’re not gonna fail. We’ve never been actually been able to play this game right in the entire time we’ve played this, so. Bob: Hehe, I thought you were gonna say we never actually failed. (Bob Laughs) Mark: Oohh god no, we’ve failed too many times, but- Bob: Nah, We’re supper good. Mark: But thank you guys, everybody, so much for watching and as always, we’ll see you in the next video! BYE BYE!

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  1. Hey Mark and anyone else who's here XD

    I am not sure if you will play Don't Starve anymore but i thought you should know that they are gonna make a (un)official movie for it 😛

    Heres the link to a trailer ^^

    It was funny ^^

  2. If you touch the stone it makes it so if one person dies they come back on the stone and the stone gets destroyed

  3. i didint even see this, im not fangirling like others, im not freaking out, im just stating, this was on my B-Day XD thats cool

  4. if the wood meter goes down you turn into a beaver that cuts very fast that's the secret but it makes you lose sanity when you become a beaver if you eat wood you'll transform into a human

  5. HOLY SHIT @4:35 …When the lumberjack said, "Who turned out the lights?" I FREAKING SCREAMED…
    Any other Whovians here in the comments section traumatized by that?

  6. "I eat WOOD??!!!?!?!! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?!!?"
    Me:…..😐….. well, Mark…it means…..

    That you have a high fiber diet. 😎


  7. Did you speak to the weasel?
    Did you speak to the weasel?
    I said no!
    Fool,I am the weasel..
    I’m sorry.
    I just thought of that when I saw the word “werebeaver”

  8. Mark that stone ya can't touch when ya die you spawn there to get a second chance everthing filled up BUT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN YOU HAVE TO BE KILLED AND WHEN YOU SPAWN TO GET SECOND CHANCE CAN'T USE IT ANYMORE remember mark also pin this so you remember ^_^

  9. My mom walked in on me watching this and she made me tell her about the game. She gave me a look like I was crazy because I said "It's Don't Starve Together, and darkness kills you and Mark can turn into a werebeaver if he doesn't eat logs!" She gave me a very concerned look…

  10. i only play as webber and Wilson

    webber gives you free spiders becuase spooders dont attack you plus HE CAN GROW A BEARD

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