It’s the most wonderful time of year…at least
in my book. The air is getting colder and crisper. The leaves are changing colors. And that means it’s vata season. If you are ready to detox and stay in balance
this autumn, keep watching. For the best advice on self care and personal
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I release new videos every Monday and Thursday. It’s vata season, which means that it’s going
to be cooler, drier and a lot more variable. I want to help you stay nourished, warm, and
grounded this autumn. I’m using practices that are designed to help
you detox and stay centered. Tip number one for vata season: eat warm,
nourishing foods. I want you to think of things like roasted
root vegetables, stews, warm porridges and stewed fruits. Things that are going to nourish and ground
you. I want you to use warming spices like cinnamon
and nutmeg. Maybe throw in some masalas there. Drinking things like chais can also be really
warming for the system. Adding those warming spices also enables us
to ignite our inner fire. Get it, inner fire. That’s the name of my business. The Inner Fire. Yeah. I thought it was funny. This is the harvest time of year and nothing
warms the body more than eating things that are in season. Things like pumpkins, other squashes, things
like zucchinis, things that you can put into the oven. Carrots and parsnips. So we want to honor this season by eating
what is in season, and that’s how we help bring the system into better balance. If you have local markets that are available
to you like farmer’s markets, be sure to check those out because those are the places where
you’re going to get the best type of produce and produce that is local to your area. Tip number two for vata season: when it comes
to movement, I want you to think of slow and low. I want you to be doing movements that are
slower in nature and that keep you lower to the ground. During this time of year – the vata time of
year – things can start to feel ungrounded. Things can start to feel a little bit uncentered. So we want to invest time in practices that
keep us closer to the earth. Yin yoga is great for this. Restorative yoga where you’re supported with
props like bolsters and blocks and you’re covered with warm blankets and it’s practiced
in a warm room are great practices for this time of year. Have you downloaded my Ayurvedic Self Care
Guide yet? If not, be sure to click the link below. You can download it from there. Tip number three for vata season: it is time
for an autumn cleanse. Now, spring cleaning is one thing, autumn
cleaning is another. During this time of year, it’s easy to become
scattered and distracted. That is vata out of balance. And so we want to keep distractions and clutter
to a minimum. So I always advise to people during this time
of year to help balance the system, minimize the clutter. Maybe go through your closet, eliminate those
clothes that you aren’t wearing any longer and donate them to a local charity. Maybe clean out the fridge, and I’m looking
at you jar of pickles on that back shelf. I see you there that I need to get rid of. Everybody’s got a jar of pickles. When we reduce the clutter in our lives, we
make more space, room and time for the things that really matter during this time of year. Things like spending time with family and
friends, gathering together and sharing meals, and taking that time to move inward, instead
of spending and putting all of our energy outward. Be sure to check out my Ayurveda and Self
Care Series. I’m going to link to that in the corner above
and in the description below. Lots of helpful tips where I do some deeper
dives into doshas and how you can support the system throughout each day, the year and
the seasons. Also be sure to check out my homemade chai
recipe. It’s in the description below. It’s the perfect combination of spicy, warm
and nourishing. It’s a great beverage to have during this
time of year. I hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to let me know what tips you’re going
to put into practice during this vata time of year. If you like this video, be sure to subscribe
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and Thursday. Stay ignited out there. I will see you soon. Bye.


  1. Based on a question I received… no need to eliminate your HIIT, runs, or other intense workouts during the season! We need those! Rather, think about adding some "slow and low" movement alongside your quicker workouts for some balance! 😀

  2. Wow 😮 I didn’t even know this was a real thing!!! I have been traveling for months and literally my clutter has expanded beyond my suitcase. Thankfully 😅 I will be home tomorrow night 🙌

  3. Very interesting. I’m traveling all the time, I love to learn about this.
    And I love to support a fellow Youtube boss too. Look forward to see more of your videos and hope to see you on my channel too.


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