Balanced bean diet, nutrition facts, daily bean routine, pros and cons

Balanced bean diet, nutrition facts, daily bean routine, pros and cons

Hi, its P to the ether, Peter – the bean eater and today were going to go over my daily bean routine We are gonna grab 500-600 grams of dry beans and first few times you probably want to use scale So we go to the bean container and that will do We add cold water and we leave them for 10 hours or so Just don’t leave them for too long because beans will get bored And trust me. You don’t want to see bored beans And now we ask our beans if they want to be cooked or pressure cooked? So beans how it will be? I didn’t hear it… Ohh, they want to feel the pressure now So let’s take em out and pour the water out I’ll drop them into the pressure cooker and add fresh water and we can put the cover on close it up Its locked and loaded
and we are ready to turn the heat up The pressure finished building up
so I lowered the power to 4 and we count 10 minutes from now Its time! The beans are ready now I turned off the power and usually I add oil to the water but this time we will try the cold release method instead of quick release The way it works is we just pour cold water over the pressure cooker and you can see that the pressure indicator is dropping down and once it chills we will try to release some steam using the release button and then it will be open-able actually its open-able already Now we just need to take the beans out And I usually pour cold water over the beans to remove any foam and reduce the temperature after that we will leave them to dry later on put them into the refrigerator navy beans are clean beans there is almost nothing to clean under the cover so you can just quickly wash it off with water poured on top and bottom and you are ready to go for the next day beans are dry and have room temperature now I’ll put some into the dinner box and remaining ones will go to the breakfast + lunch the beans are ready to go to sleep now I already told them a story and gave “sleep well” kisses so lets just close them And I’ll put them into the fridge. They will wait for us until tomorrow morning In the morning we take the beans out so that they warm up before we eat them It’s time for the breakfast so let’s try some of our beans One should be enough for the breakfast We pray to it and we eat it you may be thinking “Wait a minute! But where is bread and butter?” This guy is only eating beans So we will add something special These are jelly-not-a-beans (not jelly beans) and in Poland white and red are patriotic colors That would do for the breakfast carbohydrates and protein are no enough. You also need fat in your diet I eat canola oil to satisfy dietary adequate intake of sodium and chloride i am usually adding table salt As most of the days I don’t have sodium and chloride in other ingredients / pieces of food I am consuming I’ll just spread it across the lunch box I already shaken the box a little bit If you add the salt in the morning and let the beans sit with it for few hours You will no longer feel salty taste, which helps me because I don’t like salty I usually eat sweet breakfast and sweet dinner and have the salt only in lunch box but you can distribute however you feel is appropriate For the lunch we eat whatever we haven’t eaten for the breakfast, second breakfast or third breakfast… possibly Here we have some navy beans some more navy beans this time with Mayonnaise I bought Mayonnaise to remove glue from stickers since I had left overs I decided to eat them navy beans with bilberries I have been experimenting with different types of beans before I found my favorite – navy beans so here we have chickpeas, amarantus green beans Lentils including sprouted you can also include meat,
fish or whatever else you want to eat that day this is Bean Burger with extra
thick layer of beans here are some photos of Bean Burger let me know in comments if you want to see a video “how to make a Bean Burger” I have eaten all my breakfast+lunch box So lets pick up the dinner It will warm up and we will eat it in few hours If you feel like you wanna eat something sweet you can try beans with maple syrup or you can try other crazy ideas like beans with cotton candy or continue fun with jellys here we have bears holding bean beans holding bear and here is just regular beans with algi lets see whats inside Oh my God its beans! that’s so cool navy beans are rich in nutrients here is a spreadsheet that I’m using to check if my diet is balanced First I calculated how much calories do I need daily based on my age weight and gender It’s around 2,400 at the moment and based on the same factors I calculated the minimum and maximum values for each dietary component all the information is publicly available and backed by research papers you don’t need to be nutritionist to make your own diet browser based self paced study is good enough here we have five ingredients these are core for my diet they have the most significant impact on calories and nutrition values I often eat things that are not on the list then I have to eat respectively less
from my main list so for example if I ate wheat bread I would eat less beans and salt to make it even Let’s go over the 5 ingredients list First we have water I took the data
from my local water supplier website they have published measured vitamin and mineral values for Raba watter intake which is going to my tap water Don’t drink bottled water as consuming BPA and PET from plastic is not healthy bottled water also contains more bacteria and pollutes the environment my water is mostly containing calcium but not much you should be drinking 3.7 liters of water daily Next on the list we have navy beans they have high protein values, low unhealthy fat, some healthy fat They are rich in vitamins and minerals and they are local food for me. Unless I want to eat something else I’ll max these out. Third on the list is canola oil that’s the healthiest type of oil I can buy locally without the risk of getting low quality imitation. It has 2:1 ratio of ω-6 to ω-3 acids. Very low saturated fats. A little bit of vitamin E and vitamin K Fourth on the list is multivitamin Instead you can add carrots, lettuce and other vegetables or fruits to fill the vitamin gaps Multivitamin is not the healthiest source but it’s simple, cheap and good enough for the purpose of this video. the last ingredient – just 4 grams of table salt You can measure the weight of 10 spoons of salt to see how much one spoon contains Most of the nutrition values i have here I have taken from USDA website We can take a look at USDA source information for for example navy beans this is an example report It shows how much carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins beans have. I have been cross checking this with other sources as I found one report showing incorrect data Another interesting piece of information that I have in this sheet is price of each ingredient One may think that is too expensive to eat healthy food Actually it costs less that $1 per day for an adult to be fed in a healthy manner here we have price for the water per ton price of beans per kilogram from that you can calculate how much does it cost daily based on how much you specified in amount column this 2.40 PLN is for 600g of dry beans In total it sums up to 91 PLN Which is around $24 USD That basically makes your whole month food just for $24 It has all the nutrition you need Now we can go over the columns that we have here so let’s jump to the beginning Amounts are mostly in grams water is in liters and multivitamin is one piece Carbohydrates are main source of energy. Try to maximize the dietary fiber and minimize the sugar intake Protein make sure that your diet contains all required amino acids as human body is not able to synthesize them Also there is a minimum requirement on protein in general for the muscle building In fats try to avoid saturated fats and cholesterol, as human body can synthesize both of them and it’s easy to exceed the upper intake limit. you should also be careful about the ω-6 linolenic acid you shouldn’t consume more than 3 times the ω-3 amount Currently I have 6 grams of ω-3 in my diet and I shouldn’t eat more than 18 grams of ω-6 Also the general fat values for adequate and upper intake here were calculated based on 15% to 30% total energy So these are calculated based on my 2400 calories daily requirement Minerals sodium and chloride have the most restrictive range of acceptable adequate and upper intake you should be careful about how much salt are you consuming upper intake limit values that are 999s
are just one that were there were no recorded side effects of consuming significantly more than the average While eating beans watch out for manganese as you can exceed the upper intake limit Beans have most of required minerals except sodium and chloride. I don’t have the data for Iodine, Chromium, Molybdenum and Biotin. vitamin D you can get from direct sun exposure twice a week 30 minutes would be enough all the other vitamins should be part of your diet we can try replacing the multivitamin with natural sources let’s try that, let’s put 50 grams here and state we are spending 60 minutes on sun we will add 400 grams of tomatoes you can see that vitamin bar is looking better now we still have some gaps but it is managable Vitamin B12 you can find in a meat if you are vegetarian you probably will have harder times finding natural sources of B12 You could include both the multivitamin and natural sources of vitamins in your diet as in most of the cases you wont overdose anything you would not need to worry about the off season vegetables that does not have as much vitamins as you think they have We can also try wheat bread based diet First we need to remove these values so let’s say we don’t want to eat beans instead we add equivalent amount of wheat bread you can see that total calories are the same but we have a problem with overdosing sodium, niacin and the manganeese even removing table salt is not helping much maybe we could try less processed ingredient like flour whole grain wheat flour is pretty healthy still we would have similar problems we need to put 580 here the calories matches its around 2400 again but same: niacin, manganese and ω-6 to ω-3 is in unhealthy ratio so let’s just stick to the beans as our 5 core ingredients that will be our diet Bean diet has following benefits few simple ingredients makes it easy to learn and know what you eat Most people don’t know – just consume what’s being served or wrapped in plastic and sit for 2 weeks on a shop shelf. I don’t blame them, as it takes time to do a full Nutrition facts research on each product During throughout evaluation you find substances you don’t know and then check if they are harmful or have upper intake limits If you base your diet on something you feel comfortable with you will avoid diseases caused by food obtained from wild grocery shopping. connected to that Bean diet is high in nutrients, low artificial, low processed food. No more hidden sodium, fats or sugars. Do you know how much salt was in your breakfast today? If you like rice, check its nutrition values and go for it. Try different types of rice. I did the research with beans and it fits me the best. My mind is aligned with my body and both say yeaaah. Taste is subjective so its easy to say Navy beans have the best taste in the world. Beans are friendly to our environment they don’t hurt animals Minimum water, energy consumption, low gasoline requirement. The beans travel directly from the farmer to wholesaler and then from wholesaler to you no processing or manufacturing is required. Ill throw away a plastic bag from salt once a year Once a month Ill throw away plastic bottle from canola oil Every two weeks Ill throw away plastic bag from 5kg bean pack I don’t even need a trash bin in my house. Bean diet can save you time It takes 1 minute for the morning watering 1 minute before boiling 10 minutes of being around, waiting for the timer to ring 2 minutes to get the beans out and put aside to chill 2 minutes of cleaning 1 minute of distributing chilled beans to containers and adding other ingredients sums up to lucky 7 minutes for food related activities Thats comparable to ordering a pizza, paying, and throwing away the pizza box after eating Grocery shopping can take an hour or more and you don’t have to do it at all. Beans are always fresh You can buy 15kg of dry beans. They will serve you for a month. Everyday you water fresh portion and eat within 24 hours of initial processing in your home. Bean diet helps getting fit I wanted to make my Rectus abdominus muscle visible, but not like these guys After 2 months I see 6 out of 8 Let me know if you want to see a video once I have visible 8. Easing same food over and over again increases the risk that you will be missing something in your balanced diet. You can base on most recent laboratory data or even test food sample yourself but it may be the case that in few years the testing methodology will be revealed to have significant flaw and produce inaccurate results. It’s the same as eating bread, pasta, potatoes or eating rice with chicken for 20 years in a row. Putting all eggs in one basket is high risk, high reward Your health or life is at stake.
You dont have to risk. You can diversify your diet and include various vegetables, fruits and even processed food if you wish. The sweet taste comes at a price. Diabetic diet should be high in dietary fiber and low in sugar Navy beans have both of these high so you may try some other beans or something else if you plan to intake sugar from other sources as well. This one is related to monotony. You are right, eating locally grown food is not exotic. Personally I don’t care how the food look like – I value nutrition and taste over visual details. That said, there are plenty of ways you can make beans looks special for you and people eating food you prepared. You can see some of them in first 10 minutes of this video. Beans makes you fart according to common believe. I have been eating beans for 2 months and I didn’t blow up yet. But I am sure you would love to see me releasing the pressure Today is the day of quick release method You have seen some pros and cons but what is the beans’ future? As long as I am uploading videos I am still living and eating beans. I have been trying to sneak a joke here and there to make it interesting but the truth is this is a serious matter The beans ARE going to rule the world. You can realize that now or once everyone else did. Don’t wait! Join the revolution today!

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  1. Thank you! I’m always impressed that there are such an easy solution to such huge problems. It seems like this is a great solution for so many people who struggle to pay rent and who struggle to lose weight and to struggle to have energy. Although I won’t have such a monotonous diet I will definitely add these beans to my diet!

  2. Im starting a bean diet because eI am obese and would like to lose 80 pounds. Im 5 foot 8 almost at 245 pounds. I want to be 170 pounds. I have to say you look really skinny and should add some rice in your diet and perhaps chicken as well to get some lean muscle.

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