Be Healthy, Eat Like a Muslim! There Is No Clash

Be Healthy, Eat Like a Muslim!  There Is No Clash

Hello and welcome Today we’re going to answer an important health question Does religion play a major role in your overall health? Specifically when it relates to the ratio of omega 6 fatty acids to omega 3 fatty acids in your diet Let’s take a look at some disturbing changes in house that have been taking place over the last 65 years or so Developed countries around the world have seen a major increase in autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, vasculitis, celiac disease and type 1 diabetes. Research published in 2015 in the International Journal of celiac disease by Ar. Aaron Lerner at Israel’sTechnion Israel Institute of Technology suggests three major environmental factors as strongly suspected to drive these infections, ecology and nutrition Allergies have also been rising rapidly. One in five children are diagnosed with
some type of allergic disease including asthma, atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis according to Professor Innes Asha from the University of Auckland, in 1998 edition of the Journal of clinical and experimental allergy In fact allergies can now be deemed to become an epidemic as they’ve increased so significantly. Professor thomas bieber at the Department of Dermatology and allergy at the University of Bonn is considered tobe one of the most famous dermatologists in Germany today his paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2008 reveals fifteen to thirty percent of children suffer from atopic dermatitis a number that has tripled over the past thirty years Dr. Valma Mahjutsalo at the Falk health Research Centre in Finland stated in The Lancet in 2008 that type 1 diabetes has now become a serious problem affecting children at a much younger age than ever before especially in Europe Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and primary biliary cirrhosis three different forms of irritable bowel disease are also rising at an alarming rate. Interestingly during the same time a wide variety of infectious diseases have been on the decline Thanks mostly to vaccines, antibiotics and improved hygiene habits. This has led many scientiststo look at
diet as the cause of these increases. specifically the proportion of omega 3
fatty acids to omega 6 fatty acids. Dr. Artemis SimoPoulos is the founder and president of the Center for genetics nutrition and health in Washington DC She’s published a lot of research into the relation between inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and the ratio between dietary omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids she states that the optimal ratio of omega 6 which is inflammatory to omega 3 which is non inflammatory should be four to one or lower. The problem is that in most Western diets The ratio is currently an extremely unhealthy 15 to 1 or higher. This markedly higher ratio of inflammatory omega 6 to a host of illnesses and diseases Cardiovascular disease, obesity rheumatoid arthritis, cancers of many types depression etc. These facts are undisputed in the scientific community Higher amounts of omega 6 fatty acids are killing humans at an astounding rate around the world. Studies published by dr. simopoulos since the early 19s also confirmed that a high proportion of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids causes a dramatic shift in the physiological state of the human body. When omega 6 is more prevalent pathogenesis of body tissue occurs including prothrombin proinflammatory andProconstrictive States. All of which are the very causes of disease On the other hand dr. simopoulos says scientists have found that a diet higher
in omega 3 fatty acids is therapeutic and preventive people with inflammatory and immune diseases have been helped by a diet higher in omega 3s while coronary artery disease, hypertension, cancer, arthritis, autoimmune disorders and other inflammatory diseases are all diminished and even prevented when omega 3s are
more prevalent . Since diet has been shown to be a causative factor one needs to look at specific foods in order to see where the problem lies. Pig or pork for example produces higher levels of omega 6 by synthesis which is why it has a much higher level of omega 6 fats. Pork contains up fourteen point two grams of omega 6 per hundred grams of fatty acids in comparison to the meat in cattle or sheep at 2.4 grams and 2.7 grams respectively. As stated by dr. Michael anser and his colleagues at the University of Bristol in the Journal of meat science in 1996 The reason for this is explained by his university colleague professor Jeffwood in the 2008 edition of the journal professor Wood says it’s because all omega 6 fatty acids present in the diet of pigs passed through the stomach unchanged then while in the small intestine they’re absorbed into the bloodstream and incorporated into the animal’s tissues as is and unchanged. while in ruminants like cattle and sheep dietary omega 6 fatty acids are degraded into different fatty acids in their stomach A process called microbial biohydrogenation because of this only a small portion of dietary omega 6 fatty acids approximately 10% are made available for incorporation into tissue fats mea nwhile rabbits, ostrich and camel have a very attractive omega 6 to omega 6 profile but they’re eaten on a much smaller scale in fact after reviewing the nutritional value of rabbit meat from 50 publications the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in rabbit flesh makes it very attractive for health purposes as stated in 2004 by dr. Sylvie Coombs at Europe’s top Agricultural Research Institute and the world’s number two Center for the agricultural sciences the INR a camel as well has been found to have an ideal ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 almost three to one according to Dr. Omar Abdul Hadi from Sudan’s University of cordovan writing in the Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences in 2017. Ostrich meat also has a high level of omega 3 fatty acids research published in the Journal of Food and Nutrition research in 2014 by Dr.Xavier Medina and Alicia Aguilar at Spain’s University of Catalonia reveals that more than 8% of the poly unsaturated fatty acids in ostrich are omega 3 scientists like Dr.Cletos Mapiye at Stellenbosch University in South Africa have also found that processed beef products which have had peri renal fat added to them could possibly be a better source of CL NA that’s a conjugated linoleic acid . which has been shown to have anti inflammatory, anti carcinogenic and Anti obesity properties In fact in his study published in 2014 in the journal of animal science and biotechnology Dr. mapyie found that when peri renal fat was added to regular beef hamburger meat the fatty acid profile or ratio was improved thus making it much healthier for human consumption if we look at shellfish now lobster, crab and crayfish shrimps and mussels all have a very healthy and attractive omega 3 to omega 6 ratio this has been demonstrated in a number of articles published by dr.Sarah berrento at theUniversity of pro so in Portugal and Swansea University in Wales Dr.Magdalena Stanek at poland’s university of technology and life sciences and Dr.c belt Danika bossy at Sinop university in turkey their research published in 2009, 2010 and 2015 respectively shows that shellfish is even better than rabbit, chicken, lamb and beef at preventing coronary diseases and chronic inflammatory conditions. Pauljamon a PhD is the CEO and founder of a biotech startup developing a vascular therapy for cancer his wife shushing sheDjimon a PhD is a director and molecular biologist and cancer researcher at both the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School these two scientists share a longs tanding interest in diet and health and they’re the founders and principals of the perfect health retreat and authors of the perfect health diet series and website in part two of their book published online online on 15th of February 2012 they restated that in most countries pork is either the primary source of omega 6 fats or the second source after vegetable oils they go on to recommend in their book what they call perfect health diets a certain dietary strategy in brief they say that the highest sources of omega like pork must be removed or greatly reduced in
the human diet while the sources of omega 3 like sea foods especially shellfish must be added in order to stay healthy a dietary strategy which is already approved and recommended by all doctors nutritionists and molecular biologists. an updated dietary strategy which was put by the Holy Quran to all Muslims more than 1400 years ago and which Muslims are ordered to strictly follow it’s becoming clear that religion has its part to play in human health due to the fact that the Jewish, Christian
and Muslim religions vary so differently in the type of meat they allow their followers to consume. Science shows that the lower omega 6 levels of fatty acids in the type of meats that the holy quran
allows muslims to eat lead to a healthier diet over 1400 years ago the holy quran was already mentioning the health qualities of peri renal fat Shellfish, rabbit, ostrich and camel and also stated that as a firm punishment Jews were not allowed to eat foods that contain this type of meat or this type of fat. The holy quran says in chapter 4 verse 160 were made unlawful for them we deprived the Jews from certain good foods which had been lawful for them before because of the injustice which they had committed and because of their much hindering from the path of God Alla’s way. in chapter 6 verse 146 the holy quran also says We god forbade them the jews the fat of the cattle and the sheep except that which is carried on their backs or in the viscera or mixed with bones. This was a punishment we gave them on account of their rebellion when we look at the facts it’s quite clear Jews and Muslims are forbidden from eating pork but amazingly Jews are also forbiddenby the Torah from eating certain healthy foods which they named not koshersuch as rabbit, ostrich, camel, shellfish and peri renal fat which is considered a clear indirect message to holy quran to muslims to add more of these foods to their diet Questions can eat the same food that Muslims can eat but they’re also allowed
to consume pork which group is the healthiest? People of the Muslim faith. This leads to avery strong conclusion people of the Muslim faith then thanks to their following of the Holy Quran appear to have been blessed with a much healthier diet and longer healthier lives in fact the diet followedby those of the Muslim faith appears far superior to that of Jews and Christians alike the reason is simple the healthy human ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids is a very tight window if the balance is off even by a small margin disease and sickness result It’s for this reasonthat the highest sources of omega 6 must be removed or greatly reduced in the human diet while the sources of omega 3 must be added in order to stay healthy so it only makes sense that people of all religions move towards a diet that better reflects the diet in the Holy Quran a superior healthier human diet. Muslim countries simply don’t suffer such a prevalence of autoimmune diseases or allergies Be healthy

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  1. You need science to eliminate small pox not some bullshit of a ballah and his pdophilic servant and his horrible anti semitic anti Christian scribbles called noran

  2. Haters of these series has a reason to be envious. They are selling BS the whole time and this concrete program will put them out of job because their BS cannot compete nor can it sell.

  3. Submission or Islam in the Arabic language is a meaning or a description rather than a name or a title. It describes the state of mind of anyone who recognizes God’s absolute authority, and reaches a conviction that God alone possesses all power; no other entity possesses any power or control independent of Him. The logical consequence of such a realization is to devote one’s life and one’s worship absolutely to God alone.

    So, Submission (or Islam in Arabic language) is a spiritual state of mind and not a title of a religion that belongs to a specific group of people. ANYONE who submits and worships one God without idolizing other entities is a Submitter by definition (Muslim in Arabic language).

    This state of mind basically conforms with God’s one and only message He delivered to man-kind through all of His messengers since Noah; worship God alone and avoid idolatry. Based on that, one can safely conclude that the message of Islam or Submission has been in existence way before the time of prophet Muhammad and way before Quran. All God’s messengers, since Noah, devoted their lives and worship to God alone and were Submitters to Him alone.

  4. Allah has honoured us by having mercy on us humans who at most times don’t even be grateful 😭😭

  5. In short,food recommended to mhuslims inQuran is the most healthiest food ever.please don,t spoil muslim,s health by your burgers,fries roasts ,pastas,pizzas etc.

  6. You know that the Qur'an is completely correct. Why aren't you believe it?
    My Allah guide us to the right way

  7. Not only pork most Muslims are not drinking alcohol as well. I am working in the hospital I have seen too many alcoholics which their livers stopped working and the whole body turned yellowish. I am a Muslim so I never touched pork or alcohol because my religion is forbidden me. When I see those alcoholic in the hospital bed, I feel bad for them.
    I believe whatever Islam says is for human good.

  8. Fauz. Felicity happiness achievement
    Salvation the attainment or fulfilment
    Of desires what a beautiful definition of salvation or the end of
    Life! That we should win

    Allah' s good pleasure and that we should reach the stage at which his
    Good pleasure and is all in all to us

  9. May Allah(s.w.t) grant islam to every person….only way of serving humanity …..Islam says to help people just to earn Neki(good deed) and do help in such a way that if you give zakat (zakat is obligatory on us giving money to poor people of society by rich one's) with your one hand ,be sure that your second hand can't see your deed …may Allah give islam to all dear and lovely personality of this world….,🙂

  10. Dear Sister, May Allah bless you with proper understanding and accepting Islam (if not yet). Islam, according to the Quran, is not a religion, just an aspect of our lives. It is infact the complete code or complete ways of life. I mean whatever is related to in each and every aspect of our lives, irrespective of any nations or any era, the Quran guides us what we should do and should not along with signs and logics. Would you please make a video on "The Quran covers all aspects of life, not just the religion" or similar? Thanks

  11. If the Muslim diet is so healthy, why is it that Muslims have the shortest life expectancy among the major religious groups? See Life Expectancy At Birth by Religious Group on the Pew Center's website.

  12. Adam is a founder of ISLAM in the world. He started building. 124000 bricks of this building.
    MOHAMMED is a last brick of this building.
    This is acceptable. Really universal truth.

  13. Will you abstain from drinking water for the whole day during the hot summer? That is not advisable.

  14. Alhamdulillah
    Thanks Allah for making us Muslims
    But we have to become Momin by Practising Islam
    In the Age of Information Technology Ignorance is a Choice
    Qur'an is Enlightenment & Guidance for Mankind for the Success of both the World's
    Read Understand Practice to Qualify for Jannah
    Blind faith will not benefit U in both the World's
    Being Human is being Kind to Humanity
    Dreams R unlimited but Life is Limited
    Avoid Alcohol Smoking Drugs Gambling illegal sex stress will Destroy your health & Faith &
    Man made Law's Capitalism Liberalism Leaders Politicians Celebrities Doctors all R Hypocrite's Greedy dog's for your Wealth
    Tc of Right Knowledge Faith
    Well-wisher @ Peace

  15. Eat like French and Korean and Japanese
    Diapatec spread all in Muslim countries
    Specially gulf
    Bye liar

  16. Another good pay day, good job. All this effort mentioning scientists and scientific findings just to ban the pork meat from the global menu, leave the poor animal alone. Hehehe….

  17. Alhamdulillah (All praises to the only one God), i'm a moslem. No doubt for every word in Qur'an, one by one of the words are scientifically exposed in this modern century.

  18. I love to listen your reports so informative and most importantly all are proven by modern Science witch we Muslims people already flowing.Alhumdulillah

  19. Can I eat at my house s 24;61
    I can eat my house but KFC
    I can eat my mom’s house but McDonald
    I can eat my father’s house but Pizza hut

  20. That why them WANT destroid musulmans because Quran teach all..and its Medicine. ITS cure all deseas.. If they let peoples learn more about Quran big pharma Sheitan will lose the business and dr.. no clients… But i trust One light day will come Insha'Allah to all

  21. ALLAH(GOD) said in Quran :

    “We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their own selves, until it becomes manifest to them that this (the Quran) is the truth”
    [Fussilat 41:53].

  22. This is double Jeopardy!
    Category: Here comes Quran for $1000.
    Answer: they are al lah, Muhammad, Google( pbuh)
    Muhammad: who is one know the best in Quran?

  23. This is double Jeopardy!

    Category: Here comes Quran for $1000.

    Answer: they are from eve’s hair, a comb from heaven and flied to India,

    Muhammad: what is the origin of perfume in Quran?

  24. Science in Quran

    Reverse engineering

    Muslims are talking about science such as big bang theory, quantum mechanics, etc.

    Show me the dark matter, dark energy in Quran.


    I know thee to the depth and breadth and height

    I know Hails come from Blue Mountains.

    I know The Baby came from the back bone.

    I know Earth is carrying by whale Nun.

    I know Al lah by swear al lah, stars, twilight, city, pen, fig, olive, whale.

    I know Al lah created the universe in 7 or 8 days?

    I know Al lah have 2 right hands.

    With my lost donkeys. I know thee with the breath,

    Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if al lah choose,

    I shall but know thee better after death.

  26. ( Sons of Adam, take your adornment at every mosque, and eat and drink, for he ( God ) does not love the extravagant )
    That's mean
    Take a rest in every call of praying five times resting and eating try to eat the size of your hand and that's will organize your digestive system because all the glands of the whole body will stop in each time a call of prying.

  27. Very unfortunately, despite such healthy eating habits, no Muslim country features in the first ten maximum life expectancy countries in the world. Not even in the top 30. The best of the Muslim countries is Qatar ranked 35 and Brunei ranked 39.
    Bahrain ranked 45, Oman 48, Turkey 58, Algeria 60, Iran 62, Tunisia 65, Kuwait 76, Saudi Arabia 80, Morocco 83, Jordan 84, Libya & Azerbaijan 96.
    Healthy eating habits should result in longetivity of a person. There's no doubt Omega 3 Fatty acids are good for the body, but most of the pork consuming countries are in fact having a better and healthier life than those having the Muslim eating habits/ Muslim diets.
    According to data published in May 2016. HALE Health Adjusted Life Expectancy. Japan tops the list , with average life expectancy of 83.7

    The list is a follows.
    1. Japan 83.7
    2. Switzerland 83.4
    3. Singapore 83.1
    4. Australia & Spain 82.8
    6. Iceland & Italy 82.7
    8. Israel 82.5
    9. Sweden & France 82.4
    11. South Korea 82.3
    12. Canada 82.2
    13. Luxumborg 82.0
    14. Netherlands 81.9
    15. Norway 81.8
    16. Malta 81.7
    17. New Zealand 81.6
    18. Austria 81.5
    19. Ireland 81.4
    20. United Kingdom 81.2
    21. Belgium, Finland & Portugal 81.1
    24. Germany & Greece 81.0
    26. Slovenia 80.8
    27. Denmark 80.6
    28. Cyprus & Chile 80.5
    30. Costa Rica 79.6
    31. United States 79.3
    32. Cuba 79.1
    33. Czech Republic 78.8
    34. Maldives 78.5
    35. Qatar 78.2
    36. Croatia 78.0
    37. Albania & Panama 77.8
    39. Brunei 77.7
    40. Estonia 77.6

  28. pork is prohibited not only in Islam but also in Christianity, Judaism. we Muslims obey our prophet & holy book, but non-muslims don't obey it, they are not even concerned about their religion & holy books, if they, all of them revert to Islam.

    the Quran isn't only for Muslims, its for mankind.

  29. Let’s talk Ramadan where majority of scientists and doctors agree that dehydration is fucking unhealthy and even dangerous !

  30. Looking at statistics on obesity by etnic minority debunks this statement. Mediterranean diet is far better.
    And its claims about pork are fabricated lies and pseudoscientific nonsense (case in point: just look at China).
    Seriously, how can this video be categorized as science and technology?!?

  31. Better to change with a good speaking English Men or At least she should wore an Islamic Attire. That will be modest for her, as the topic deals with Quran.

  32. Where are the klab (dogs as an insult in Arabic)who call us terrorists in the comment section? Are they scared to admit they are wrong? God they have no shame oksombillah (I swear to God) think twice before you say something.

  33. I'm X Muslim
    and I know what jihad is
    now I'm without religion
    if you really want to know about real Islam
    pls follow mr siraj hayan
    and I'm very sure you will find about every thing about Islam

  34. "And the pig, because it parts the hoof but does not chew the cud, is unclean for you. Their flesh you shall not eat, and their carcasses you shall not touch."
    Deuteronomy 14:8

    How come most Americans who call themselves Christian conservatives and yet they love pork? Their book says clearly it's unclean to you.
    P.S. Make a portrait out of this quote and gift it to an evangelical or Republican. If you want to ruin their appetite.

  35. You have done so much reasearch on quran thats great, thats we muslims suggest to make you own SERIOUS research on quran with the intention that i want to know truth weather its from god or not.

    God will question all of us that i have given you the whole life to know who am i?

  36. Who runs this channel? What is their agenda? How can sometimes spread something she doesn't believe? Finally, quraan is way of life, it's munazil from Allaah it isnot something Muhamed SAW discovered. I doubt they might say Mohamed discoved these facts and make our beloved prophet an old age scientists. Then they will compare him with these scientists who are claiming that they discovered what Allah SW told us 1440 years ago.

  37. انا من متابعي هذه القناة صحيح اتركوا العنوان بالانجليزية لكن أتركوا المحتواء مترجم بالعربية بالكتابة لانني كنت استفيد كثيرا من هذا البرنامح و شكرا


  39. Here Num heads, how much deferents is there?…Jesus drown the pigs in the water as well…Here’s an overview of what Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 teach us:

    Clean mammals have a divided hoof and chew their cud. This means animals like cattle, goats and deer were created to be eaten, but mammals like pigs and rodents were not.

    Clean fish have fins and scales. This means fish like cod, salmon, trout and tuna are fine for human consumption, but other water creatures like lobsters, shrimp, crab and catfish are not.

    Clean birds include chicken, turkey, duck and quail. Unclean birds include vultures, seagulls, hawks and eagles.

  40. Question: What is the opinion of Sheikh in the program There Is No Clash?

    A: First, this announcer first appeared to speak in the scientific miracle in the Qur'an. This made its program spread and circulated by Muslims,

    Second: After the follow-up of the program of scholars and specialists found that there is manipulation of the texts of the kind to show that it is a scientific miracle and preceded in science,

    Thirdly, it is not known who is behind this woman, and the words of some that it was prepared by Muslims eager to spread the Islamic idea. Then the suspicions began that behind it beyond. Such revisionist behavior ends with doubts about the miracle of the Qur'an.

    Fourth: Then began to unfold the malicious objectives of this program and if they put forward new ideas related to history, ending in questioning even in the pieces, including questioning the location of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. We no longer have any doubts about the goals of this malicious program, which is extremely absurd and absurd for intellectuals, but the problem is that large sections of people receive such doses that make them confused, confused and uncertain at a time when the attack on Islam and Islamic civilization intensifies.

  41. christian cant eat pork too, look at old tastement
    .jews was the blessed one, until they always kill their prophets (zakaria, yahya, and jesus almost killed), they smart they was know which one is true but have ego, like when Injil come with Jesus but they hold their changed (by themself) torah, and they was know Muhammad was next prophet but lot of them didnt admit that time bc muhammad is descendant of Ismail (son of Hajar) instead of Ishak (son of Sarah), both is Abraham's wife but they see them as different just bc of blood line

  42. Any body who can share this video with those 2 illeterate ,idiot hypocrites ,ladies who r preaching their false religion openly and speaking annoying words about Allah swt and Quran (L….y and ha…n)haha

  43. I pray to Allah to guide you….amen….mashallah you are the person of knowledge…….i will support u from wherever i can like comment in your videos means any way inshallah…..

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