Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

For the last several years I’ve been
doing a therapeutic ketogenic diet which is very high levels of fat–two and a
half cups of fat a day, nine cups of low glycemic vegetables–and I’ve been using
that to treat my terminal malignant brain cancer because cancer can only
ferment glucose so I deprive it of glucose and give it plenty of fatty
acids and it can’t grow or spread or do anything. My name is Allison Gannett and we’re here at Holy Terror farm which is where I live and work. I have many
different hats for occupations I’m a cancer survivor a ketogenic diet coach. I’m a world champion extreme skier and a climate
change consultant. I also teach women to jump off cliffs for a living! In 2013, I
started behaving very strangely and one day I almost burned the house
down making bacon and at that moment my husband knew that I wasn’t just acting
bizarrely that something was truly wrong. He brought me to the emergency room and they found a baseball-sized tumor in my brain and the diagnosis was terminal
malignant brain cancer. They rushed me into surgery and said please sign this
paper–I don’t even remember signing the paper nor do I remember them–you know,
telling me the odds of coming out of a brain surgery that severe were not good.
They extracted one baseball-sized tumor out of the front of my brain–you can see
the little dent my head right here and the scar is actually hidden up here in
my hairline–very nice that they can do that these days–and they did miss
another tumor right here by my ear. I call him Junior
and jr. is kind of my barometer anytime I want to eat something sugary or carb-y
I think about junior as a little Pacman and it keeps me from ever cheating. So a
friend of a friend suggested that I get in touch with Dr. Nasha Winters of
Optimal Terrain Consulting immediately. She put me on the ketogenic diet. So my
day will often start with harvesting food out in the garden and I harvest
food for myself, which would be a lot of leafy green spinach and chard and kale
and things like that. Then I’ll pick fruits and vegetables for the dogs,
the chickens, the pigs. I will always start off my meal with lots of homemade
fats I also use some farm-fresh olive oil from California. Stir fry up–I try to
get about four cups of low sugar veggies in my meal. This morning I had pumpkin
pancakes which were made with fresh eggs and the pumpkin that we harvested this
morning. The amazing thing about being on this diet that I never expected is not
only is it yummy and delicious but it’s had a lot of interesting side effects
that I never expected. My Polycystic ovarian disease has completely
disappeared in two years. My Hashimoto’s thyroiditis was gone in eighteen months.
My breast fibroids were gone in five months and those probably would have
turned into they were worried about cancer with those. You know, I make
recipes of all my favorite foods that I used to like like macaroni and cheese
and pizza and ice cream and brownies. I figured out how to make all
of those without sugar and Lakanto been key for that for me because it’s
the first non-glycemic sweetener that actually tastes good. When my doctor put me on the ketogenic diet, my first thought was what do I eat, you know? how do I get all this fat in my diet and what do I do to replace all the things I
love like where’s my ice cream? Where’s my brownies? Where’s my pancakes?
And at first I just deprived myself of all that food and that wasn’t very fun.
And then I started playing with some recipes and trying some different
alternative sweeteners. I grew stevia and yokan and tried
flavoring things with those and they were okay but it wasn’t what I
remembered. And then my husband was trying all my recipes and he hated
everything! He thought all the sweeteners –he was just making horrible faces
every time I made ice cream–and then one day I ordered Lakanto on the internet
and I made ice cream–vanilla ice cream and I handed it to him
and he had this big smile on his face and he was like: “this is the best ice
cream I’ve ever had!” I couldn’t believe it! He hadn’t liked anything I’d made in over a year and a half so ever since
then we’ve used nothing but. I could have my cake eat it to. Cure my brain cancer and have a brownie and ice cream for lunch every
day. I sometimes have ice cream and brownie for breakfast–but I still get my
nine cups of veggies in every day. When I help other people with my
coaching, to have them use the ketogenic diet for cancer or for Alzheimer’s or
diabetes–it has to be delicious for them in the same way. It’s delicious for me so
I helped them recreate their favorite recipes and having a sweetener that is
palatable and yummy and non glycemic non GMO is so important to me and to them.
Because without those recipes and those favorite comfort foods, we won’t be able
to be on the ketogenic and use it to be so therapeutic.

100 Replies to “Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

  1. what is the sweetner you mentioned by name please?? I can't quite make out what you are saying when you say you used it for ice cream

  2. This is working for me with ovarian cancer coming back after chemo. Shocked and dismayed I wanted to go another way as the standard of care was not working and returning to chemo would only gave me a little time. This was not an option. Doing Keto was great, in no time my cancer marker(CA125) dropped to 15 which is far below the cancer norm which is 0-35. I can do this!! I loved the video to show others and I have passed it on to many. Thank you, Anita Johnson

  3. How did others heal themselves of cancer doing the opposite, i.e. avoiding any fat and ingesting veg juices? Anna Cameron reversed her cancer using 5lbs of carrots daily as juice, took her about 8months,why didn't cancer grow in her sweet carrot juice environment? Im not saying that your plan can't work, cancer uses glucose and uses glutamine, restricting methionine may have benefits and meat altogether via less IGF1, heme iron etc., the secret I think is the FAT+CARB combination, by avoiding this combo you got better, i.e. by juicing carrots and avoiding fat, meat etc this may also work. And so cancer doesnt do well only on glucose, it need more I assume.

  4. You inspire me to keep on my journey on The Ketogenic Diet❤️. I'm a Cervical Cancer SURVIVOR🙏🏼. So far I'm enjoying the diet but sometimes i feel extremely tempted 😫to drink sugary juices and all the bad stuff.

  5. This is so awesome, I'm so happy for you! This encourages me to continue my studies so I can help people, there needs to be a forward movement of nutritional change and cure by nutrition, nutrition is far more powerful than people give it credit. I'm in IG as keto_dude_sal, so many doctors, nutritionist and stories on IG, so many lovely people!!! Have a blessed day!

  6. enjoyed this video, but i notice that you were feeding the dog grapes, please dont do that as grapes are poisionous to dogs

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  8. I am bawling as I watch this video. I have Bader door the eighth time and I beat it over and over and I have dementia and I have to change how I eat and I am so confused. I'm so grateful for the videos.

  9. It's laughable that we are so indoctrinated to love carbs and sugar that idiots will boo hoo because they cant eat ice cream or cookies and all the other shit made from carbs and sugar. We are willing to sacrifice our life to eat shit food because we cant learn anything new. Ive been on keto for 3 years and I too was a blind idiot, but not anymore and I pity all the idiots when I tell them I dont eat carbs or sugar anymore and they say " I could never give up my bread ", but you'll get cancer and die like a worthless piece of shit because you couldn't eat better. I was lucky to get this information early and tell all my friends and family to help them from themselves.

  10. Ladies and gentlemen, those interested in KETO please subscribe to "Dr. Eric Berg DC" chennel, he is god when it comes to KETO. Its a LIFE SAVER. Enough is enough with this food industry.

  11. Dear people belive me a ketogenic diet would never work long term! go plant based vegan 80/10/10 high carb low fat

  12. Cancer cells can use glucose, fructose, ketones, fatty acids, lactate and some amino acids as fuel sources.

    So a ketogenic diet can PROMOTE cancer. See:

    Ketones and lactate “fuel” tumor growth and metastasis

    "Ketones are a “super-fuel” for mitochondria, producing more energy than lactate and simultaneously decreasing oxygen consumption.15–17"

    "So, just as ketones are a “super-fuel” under conditions of ischemia in the heart and in the brain, they could fulfill a similar function during tumorigenesis, as the hypoxic tumor exceeds its blood supply. Stromal ketone production could obviate the need for tumor angiogenesis. Once ketones are produced and released from stromal cells, they could then be re-utilized by epithelial cancer cells, where they could directly enter the TCA cycle, just like lactate. In this sense, ketones are a more powerful mitochondrial fuel, as compared with lactate."

    "Similarly, acute fasting in rodent animal models is also sufficient to dramatically increase tumor growth.22 Both of these experimental conditions (diabetes and fasting/starvation) are known to be highly ketogenic and, thus, are consistent with our current hypothesis that ketone production fuels tumor growth. Finally, given our current findings that ketones increase tumor growth, cancer patients and their dieticians may want to re-consider the use of a “ketogenic diet” as a form of anti-cancer therapy."

    Ketone body utilization drives tumor growth and metastasis

    "Thus, the tumor stroma may serve as a reservoir for ketone body production, while cancer cells upregulate the enzymes required for ketone body re-utilization, driving oxidative mitochondrial metabolism (OXPHOS) in epithelial cancer cells (Fig. 9).

    To prevent this form of “two-compartment tumor metabolism,” ketone inhibitors should be designed to halt ketone body production in cancer-associated fibroblasts and ketone body re-utilization in epithelial cancer cells. This simple strategy could effectively starve cancer cells to death by “cutting off their fuel supply.”

    Finally, it is worth noting that ketogenic fibroblasts were more prone to a loss of stromal Cav-1 expression. In breast cancer patients, a loss of stromal Cav-1 expression is associated with increased tumor recurrence, metastasis, drug resistance and overall poor clinical outcome.10-13 Thus, stromal Cav-1 could be used as a biomarker to select patients that would be more likely to benefit from therapy with ketone inhibitors, allowing biomarker-based treatment stratification and personalized cancer therapy."

    Ketone bodies and two-compartment tumor metabolism

    "We have previously suggested that ketone body metabolism is critical for tumor progression and metastasis. Here, using a co-culture system employing human breast cancer cells (MCF7) and hTERT-immortalized fibroblasts, we provide new evidence to directly support this hypothesis. More specifically, we show that the enzymes required for ketone body production are highly upregulated within cancer-associated fibroblasts. This appears to be mechanistically controlled by the stromal expression of caveolin-1 (Cav-1) and/or serum starvation. In addition, treatment with ketone bodies (such as 3-hydroxy-butyrate, and/or butanediol) is sufficient to drive mitochondrial biogenesis in human breast cancer cells. This observation was also validated by unbiased proteomic analysis. Interestingly, an MCT1 inhibitor was sufficient to block the onset of mitochondrial biogenesis in human breast cancer cells, suggesting a possible avenue for anticancer therapy. Finally, using human breast cancer tumor samples, we directly confirmed that the enzymes associated with ketone body production (HMGCS2, HMGCL and BDH1) were preferentially expressed in the tumor stroma. Conversely, enzymes associated with ketone re-utilization (ACAT1) and mitochondrial biogenesis (HSP60) were selectively associated with the epithelial tumor cell compartment. Our current findings are consistent with the "two-compartment tumor metabolism" model. Furthermore, they suggest that we should target ketone body metabolism as a new area for drug discovery, for the prevention and treatment of human cancers."

  13. she's doing the Dr berg diet to a T. high fat, low carb. But what about the medium protein? 3-6 oz, I would think that protein is critical for mood due to amino acids

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  15. Do along term fast & kill junior for good also a 5 day fast before chemotherapy not only nullifies it's side effects but enhances it's effectiveness. YouTube the "SCIENCE OF FASTING"

  16. The notion that cancer cells metabolize exclusively glucose is not correct. Definitely for not all types cancers. Research from Duke and MIT found other pathways

  17. I watched the video and noticed you said you eat 9 cups of vegetables a day. How can you do that and still remain in ketosis? It's my understanding 1 medium-sized strawberry is 1 carb as is 1 tablespoon of bell peppers. My doctors can't figure out what caused me to get sick 4 years ago. I am trying keto to see if it helps. So far my symptoms are lessened, but after 3 weeks of only 20 carbs a day, I started having heart palpitations and my glucose levels were extremely low. They went away when I ate carbs. I'm trying to find a balance. Please help.

  18. Since 2 years I am roaming around with a mass in my breast, which I am not being able to get rid of, I am anaemic, my oncologist says that I need to get rid of my anaemia first before my surgeon can get rid of the mass, I am at my wit's end. I try to follow many kinds of diet, I am not being able to stick to one, for I have not met a Dr to guide me in such an endeavor !! !!

  19. this sadly sounds like an advert, full of lies, meat and dairy are the cause of cancer, not sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I have a little different story. Next month, March of 2019, will start the 3rd year I've been on Keto. January 20, 2019, I woke up in terrible right lower quadrant pain and went to the ER. A CT Scan was done immediately and they found a grapefruit-sized tumor in my colon and it was removed. It was cancer. I haven't even gotten to read the path report yet, but from what I heard it didn't get into the lymph nodes but got into the lymphovascular system (whatever that is). So my surgeon wants me to see an oncologist on the 18th to see if they may want to do a short round of chemo. I swore if I ever got cancer, I would not do chemo. Now I'm faced with this decision because I was on Keto and got colon cancer??? I am just beside myself. I didn't just do Keto, I studied Keto, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals every single day, almost, for 3 to 4 hrs a day. I had two colonoscopies and my primary doctor does my lab work every three months. He does this because when I first went to him in January of 2017, I had T2 diabetes. I was just starting to look at Keto at that time. So I started Keto in March of 2017. The T2 diabetes was gone in less than 3 months. I felt so proud of myself and the fact that I was taking the time to actually learn something this lifetime because I've really never studied much of anything but I loved studying nutrition. I did not want to have T2 diabetes. Not one doctor in this town or any nurses told me T2 diabetes was reversible. But by God it is. Now I sit here with colon cancer and I'm so pissed I'm just binging on sugar. I'm acting like a 3 yr. old, I know it, but I'm just mad as hell. I feel so betrayed. I told myself I was going back on Keto tomorrow (Monday), and I'll try my hardest to do it. Heck, Keto may have saved me from having Stage 4 colon cancer, who knows. One more thing I left out and this is big. It was about year 2 on Keto, I started having milk-dud type stools. They were very dark. My lab work kept coming back with low RBC's and I became anemic. I questioned my doctor about this and he just looked puzzled and told me to keep taking iron. That is all he said. I am currently searching for a medical malpractice attorney, but I don't know if I want to do that. Those doctors can sure turn things around. I don't know. I won't decide until I see the oncologist. My colonoscopy doctor and my primary medical doctor overlooked some very important red flags. This should have not happened. I hope you read this. Thank you. Vickie

  21. Does she have a cookbook? I'd like to buy it. I've known about Lakanto for a long time but my doctor says it can be bad if you are on a yeast free diet or trying to combat yeast issues, so went back to using stevia. I've been sugar free and low carb for years.

  22. Look into the bacteria p.acnes which is now being found in cancer samples using next generation DNA sequencing p.acnes infections are treatable with the tetracycline antibiotic minocycline 200 mg daily the keto diet combined with minocycline is something to investigate.

  23. Do not refer to "your" Junior. Your self talk requires you to consider "it" as an intruder that does not belong there, NOT a part of you. Tell it to be gone!

  24. Glad you are doing well on keto. I too followed this diet during my diagnosis May 2018,and treatment. I have ovarian stage 4B, under went surgery and chemo. I believe this diet saved my life. I continue to follow this diet. I also fasted during chemo to increase the efficacy of the drugs to attack the cancer cells. You will find studies in medical journals on fasting. I am cancer free today. My CA125 have dropped even lower to an 8.
    Word of warning to listeners. I worked with Dr Winters team…they did nothing for me except take $7000 from me. Do not work with them! They didn’t even suggest I do keto . I came up with that thru my own research. Do your own research and listen to people.

  25. I don't have cancer but I have heard a lot of scientific information about how cancer cells do not have the mitochondria to utilize ketone bodies. After being keto for 2 1/2 years I actually heard about Lakanto Monk Fruit from Thomas DeLauer to use as a safe alternative sweetener. It was the only alternative sweetener for sugar that did not make me feel bloated or ill. It is the second best stuff on Earth, right after Bacon.

  26. Lakanto artificial maple syrup??? Do you really think it is really good for people's overall health, and especial those with severe illness??? How many people realize this is a Lakanto paid advertisement?

  27. She didn’t reverse the cancer … tumor still in her brain. Kudos to her but there are diets that can actually melt tumors like raw vegan juice focused diets

  28. Thank you for sharing your story. I've been on the keto diet for 3 months now and off of all sugar. Currently I am learning to baking without sugar and would really love to have your ice cream recipe. Can you please posted or send me a link for it. 😊

  29. Allison, I believe God allowed me to c your video. I rcv a very sml ck and I can't afforrd a coach nor diets. Is the first time someone mentions how much fat n veg to eat. I love eggs but when I eat carbs I get soooo tired. I'm tired of feeling tired. Can u share recipies of ice cream, brownies, mac n cheese etc. What proteins n fruits do u eat? Pls advice. Thku ❤🙋☕🌺

  30. I am diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of endometrium two weeks ago. I started to eliminate or decrease the carbs and sugar and started to loose weight, however I know there are imbalances on what I eat, I need guidance. Our only fear right now is if i have sarcoma and hoping to find out soon when we see the Gyn oncologist. So far, no symptoms of uterine cancer. And if ever it is confirmed that i have no sarcoma, I don’t think i will go back eating high carbs and sugar…. hell no more… i am loving my energy as well. I taught zumba last night and my God, I don’t know where I am getting my energy.

  31. Thank you for sharing. I follow Dr. Berg on YouTube to the letter. Its hard to find someone you can trust whole heartedly. He's the man. 2 years keto and intermittent fasting and feeling great for a 64 year old.

  32. If you cant get off of sugar you should try sucralose.Sucralose tastes just like real sugar when it's mixed into foods.Otherwize you might like stevia with erythritol.Please always make sure that when you buy stevia it has erythritol added to it because stevia without erythritol isn't sweet.

  33. don't forget about the doctors and the cancer drugs yes a healthier diet always helps but to have a title like that is misleading

  34. You can beat cancer plant base too you can’t deprive food eat whole plant foods and also stress plays a role in cancer. Not just diet … dairy and too much red meat 🥩 can cause inflammation in the body sugar in fruits are not the same fruits in white sugar your eating fresh veggies and fruits that is probably the reason you healed not bc of carbs and fat

  35. wow u are so amazing, yes cancer loves sugar, thank u so much for sharing yr lovely story, wow u have done so well, what a strong women u are, god bless u, wish u all the best

  36. I had 4 dead cancer cells if all of them are dead then I wod of had cancer so I gave up drinking and smoking also change my eating habits now my dead cells have gone

  37. Dr. Seyfried, Dr. D'Agostino, Dr. Berg, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Dr. Otto Warburg… Research all of these people, the Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting will be your "only" chance, as ALL cancer is a Metabolic Disease!

  38. I would fast and then do a modified ketogenic diet with no carbohydrates/vegetables and a lower protein content. I'd probably also take 2 deoxygluxose or 3 bromopyruvate. Look into it all and read the book Tripping over the Truth and the publication Cancer as a Metabolic Disease by Seyfried, PhD.

  39. Watching this every day sooo inspiring God bless you and keep you you are awesome congratulations from Iraq thanks once more

  40. Great story! Your looking great and it’s a miracle the tumor they removed from your brain didn’t effect speech or physical activity.

    Sugar is white death…

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