39 Replies to “Bedford woman sued for posing as doctor in Uganda, leading to death of hundreds of children

  1. Missionaries have a rich history of child abuse Renee Bach was simply continuing the tradition.
    I also blame Africans for being so gullible!

  2. I mean there are pictures of her administrating medical procedures lol How on earth can she deny these claims lol It doesn't matter if there was a medical professional observing what she did, if that was the case then both her and the "professional" would be culpable. That attorney is slime, textbook sociopath.

  3. She didn't have their best interest at heart… Africa is so gulllable, we can't trust everyone with a white coat and stethoscope… Why didn't she go to her native Europe and set up shop🤔 #nomedicallicense

  4. No she’s being sued for posing as a doctor and operating on those children herself causing their deaths. There was staff there with medical training but she still chose to treat them knowing she didn’t know how which means she’s a murderer and needs to put under the jail.

  5. 1059 Wilson Church Rd
    Bedford, VA 24523-1962
    But no one will do ANYTHING
    Ugandans that is the address ofvrhat witch
    Now at the very least call the JUSTICE dept and demand she either is brought to trial HERE or sent back to Uganda
    It is case LAW

  6. I actually watched a video of the story in Uganda. To be quite honest I fear for her life and the lives of her family and friends.
    I will not respond to anything about her actions, I don’t know the whole story.
    If you saw and read what I did, there is so much evil and hatred towards white people, I’m afraid for her life.
    Everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions. However, brutal vengeance and murderous intent is not acceptable.
    I reported someone for posting her “address” and I’m actually sending an email to Homeland Security and anyone else to have them take note of what “the people of Uganda” are threatening.
    Please! Don’t return evil!
    No one is the devil but the devil. Demons…that’s what’s responsible for all the hatred in THIS WORLD!
    I beg of you all, please don’t kill anyone over this. Let the Judicial system do their jobs.
    Stop threatening every white person, stop threatening any persons, period!
    Psalms 7:9-11
    v9: “Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just; for the righteous God trieth the hearts and reigns.
    v10: My defense is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.
    v11: God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.”
    Prayers for peace, prayers for salvation.

  7. I wonder why she didn't go to a country that WASN'T full of black people. She knows wtf she's doing. All the kids she killed are black too. Let that be known.

  8. If she were in the U S she would be behind bars. If I went in a facility and saw someone in a white coat and a stethoscope I would assume they were a qualified member of the staff. She did it there because of her self-righteous ego. She should have made it known it was not a medical facility and she was not a qualified medical person.

  9. I’m conflicted on this case…Being that I have done actual medical missions in Uganda as a licensed medical professional I know that the corrupt Ugandan government should share the blame with Renee. Renee should not have done procedures she was not trained to do but I can see how she could easily be gassed up as a “White Savior” in a country that ignores its own healthcare system and allows foreigners to provide very low regulated care for their citizens. I blame the government mostly for allowing an unskilled person to receive unmerited credentialing and receive hospital transfers of sick children! I could understand if village people willingly came to her but your district hospitals are giving children into her care!!! That is an atrocity on a systems level. Uganda is benefiting off this international welfare system instead of being responsible leaders and ensuring that they are allocating money to their citizens. There are too many pop up clinics from private donations without regulation and Uganda turns a blind eye because it saves them money. This woman should be prosecuted for her actions but no one was regulating her actions and there is argument that many volunteers perform procedures under professional supervision (legal) despite themselves not being licensed in these foreign aid clinics. This wouldn’t easily happen in the US because we have a formal healthcare system and aren’t looking for international welfare handouts

  10. Renee Bach doesn't even have training in medical care or social work, so she has no business doing what she's doing. She should have at least gotten formal education before going over there.

  11. I have no doubt that her intentions are good, but as with most white saviors, her motives are more selfish than altruistic. People like her do what they do, just because it makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    They also don't seem to realize that their attitudes towards impoverished countries is merely a continuation of colonialist thinking and the "white man's burden," and that their attitudes are condescending and disrespectful.

  12. Uganda may not be a wealthy country, but it does have doctors, and they're the only ones who should be trusted to provide medical care.

  13. Why are people so quick to condemn. Just because mainstream media demonizes someone doesn't mean they are guilty. By all real evidence she devoted her life to feeding and caring for those children WITH medical staff. She learned medical procedure the way anyone does by "interning" and she had a lot of that let's be honest. According to NPR, malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the US and those are doctors WITH credentials.

  14. Tu veux aider à la base et voilà que tu te retrouve dans la merde… Combien d'enfants ont ete sauvé grâce à l'association ??!! c'est ça qu'il faut regardé….!!
    Et franchement l'hopital qui se fout de la charité quand on voient ces femmes qui étaient contente d'être reçu par une femme qui a sauvé des milliers d'enfants… ces femmes devraient avoir honte de se retourner comme ça contre elle ! Ça dégoute, tu m'étonnes que les gens ne veuillent plus aider

  15. This is a classic case of “White knight” syndrome. More developed countries feel that any care they can provide would be better than no care. Bach thought she was the hero, when she might have been doing more harm than good.

  16. She is pure Evil and her lawyer is a criminal trying to justify her actions, these people will see hell the worst way.

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