Best Diet For Blastocystis Hominis Infection

Best Diet For Blastocystis Hominis Infection

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker,
author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.
Thanks for tuning in. Before we go into the video, please click on the link on your screen
now to download the free report that’s going to help you out quite a lot with your Blasto.
Today, we’re going to look at the best diet for blasto. What are the best foods you can
eat to really help you overcome this problem? I want you to pay particular attention to
your cravings. Many people with blasto crave sugar or sweet things. Blasto is not unlike
Candida. It loves to be fed sugar or sweet stuff. If you notice you’ve got a strong craving,
you need to be careful. Make sure you look at the video I’ve done for natural treatment
of blasto, because that’s going to help you eradicate this pathogen once and for all and
also help you to keep it away. The best diet includes lots of vegetables
and lots of lean proteins. I don’t find fruit to be as much of a problem in blasto as I
do with Candida. I don’t mind if people eat a little bit more fruit in a blasto diet.
Coconut doesn’t really seem to have much of an effect on Blastocystis. The green stuff
basically works quite well. Most grains I think are okay if you’ve got blasto. I’ve
not really seen a problem with gluten and Blastocystis, so that shouldn’t be an issue
here. Make sure you incorporate plenty of the natural
herbal kind of foods into your diet. Garlic is especially good for blasto. One or two
cloves of fresh garlic per day. And like Candida, things like thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil,
parsley, all these sorts of herbs are quite good to include. Particularly good ones to
put in the diet are cinnamon and cloves, and the other one is fresh ginger. Blasto is not
a big fan of fresh ginger, so just buy a nice piece of ginger root, grate it and mix it
in with your food, that’s going to work well. I like steamed vegetables, and then just as
I’ve almost finished steaming, I grate a bit of fresh ginger over the top and mix that
through. That’s going to work quite well. That’s a few hints and tips on things to incorporate.
Onions, spring onions, leeks, chives, these are all good to incorporate into your diet
as well. The woody spices, star anise seed is probably going to help to a degree, too.
Cinnamon, cloves, any of those kind of things will help.
Make sure you chew your food quite well, and of course, include some fermented and cultured
foods into the diet. Another interesting one, the beneficial yeasts, saccharomyces, for
example, is very beneficial against Blastocystis. Sourdough bread is not a bad food to have
because sourdough contains wild yeast. People often get confused with wild yeast and baker’s
yeast. Baker’s yeast or Brewer’s yeast is not so good for bad Candida or blasto, but
the wild yeast found in sourdough, sourdough rye is especially good. So one small slice
of sourdough rye per day is going to be fine in your diet, if you’ve got a blasto infection.
This is just a bit of information for you on what to eat if you’ve got a blasto infection.
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17 Replies to “Best Diet For Blastocystis Hominis Infection

  1. Hello Dr Bakker,

    I had a comprehensive stool exam done. It shows FEW in blastocystis Hominis. I can't seem to find your report and shopping list online. Is it okay to have white rice, rice milk, honey, whole grain bread, pure oats, papaya in my diet and foods without any added sugar? I also bought Canxida Remove and Restore and I am currently waiting for it to arrive. I will be doing Remove 3x a day with meals and Restore 2x a day. Hoping to finally kill this bug… Thanks in advance!

  2. What if you have a chronic blasto infection with constipation? Prune juice is about the only thing that relieves. My 401h also came up with light yeast pathogen; so then treat for candida too? Why do you say no stevia?

  3. Thanks for your informative videos Dr Bakker. The website you've shared is great… for Americans. Where do we Aussies go to order your products for Blasto?
    Thanks in advanced, Calum & Anastasia

  4. how about croissant? can i still eat this? and how much wheat and grains can i have per day? also is speltbread better than wheat?

  5. Hi Eric, have you treated Blasto and E. nana co-infections with this particular cleanse + diet and how successful were you? How long does it usually take to kill these two together? Thank you.

  6. Hello Eric, I'm currently suffering with a Blastocystis infection confirmed by multiple stool samples. I'm currently using you CanXida products and feel somewhat better However I'm on well water and think my well may be infected with Blasotocystis. Will a UV system kill Blastocystis? If not how do I clear my well of Blastocystis? I've read that chlorine is not affective.
    Thanks for any info.


  7. good day dr bakker. do you ship in asian country like philippines or do you import your product in some herbal store in philippines.any store name.thankyou so much for information bout this cases.

  8. Hi Eric. I just wanted to clarify some info in your candida crusher shopping list. It identifies that blueberries, pomegranites, kiwi, strawberries, green apple, lemons, limes and avacados are safe for a candida cleansing diet… However, I wanted to clarify that for a blasto cleanse diet, one should actually not eat any of those to their fruit sugar content. However, I presume that avacados may be acceptable to eat in a blasto cleansing diet because they have a very low sugar content. Am I correct?

  9. Hi Eric, I have just been diagnosed with blasto & have had gut issues for years. I’ve noticed being on a low fructose diet helps. However garlic is high in fructose, but you say it helps kill the parasite. Any studies done in FODMAPs & parasites?

  10. Hi Erik, I have been diagnosed with b.hominis and i have 2 questions for you:
    1. Is it possible that blasto makes me gaining weight and not losing weight?
    2. Are the canxida products available in Israel?

  11. Hi Eric. Your channel is fantastic. THANK YOU. Eagerly awaiting my Canxida product shipment. Quick question- Do I need to stay off raw cacao powder and rolled raw oats until i get a negative stool test for blasto? Thank you

    EDIT: Found the answer to cacao on your channel:

  12. thank you eric…is it o.k to have a tiny amount of sugar say 5g a day or not even that while trying to erradicate.

  13. I have candida overgrowth and leaky gut as well as blasto, I was told eating any kind of sugar apart from xylitol and stevia is a big no no as it’ll feed both my candida and blasto respectively

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