Best Diet to Heal Crohn’s Disease and Top Foods You Must Avoid

Best Diet to Heal Crohn’s Disease and Top Foods You Must Avoid

Alright! This is John Kohler with,
today we have another exciting episode for you, and this one’s going to be a fun one
that I haven’t done one of these in actually quite a while, but I know for some of you
guys that maybe found this video, it’s going to definitely be able to help you guys out,
so, you know, why I got into making dietary changes in my life is because I had a health
condition, the primary health condition that I had was called complement immune deficiency,
which is basically a bad immune system that the doctors blamed on my genes, and I needed
to find a way to get my genes working properly and build my immune system naturally, so that
I would not end up in the hospital again, and potentially lose my life like I did when
I had spinal meningitis many years ago. I found basically a plant-based fruit and vegetable
based diet, and I’ve been healthy ever since, and we have a guest, Annette Davidson on the
show today because she also had a health challenge, and I want her to share her story with you
guys because I know many of you guys may also have the challenge she has or something similar,
so you can learn what may be able to help you so, Annette, what kind of health challenge
did you have? Well I had Crohn’s Disease, and had severe
issues with digesting anything, and very big difficulties with constipation and inflammatory
intestines. Cool, so Crohn’s Disease, is that similar
to colitis or IBD, irritable bowel disease or are they all related or similar?
Yes they are related, and especially like colitis and Crohn’s, almost the same, it’s
a little bit different, but mostly location in the gut, and it’s inflammatory bowel
disease both of them. So that must be very uncomfortable because
you’re just constantly going to the bathroom all the time, or what happened to you?
Well I didn’t go to the bathroom at all was my issue, so I was really bloated and
I woke up in the morning totally puffy in my face and I was really, really tired and
often shaky because I couldn’t eat and digest my food and I got really toxic and the pH
gets really acidic too in the body, so it’s, I was so, so tired all the time, and didn’t
have energy to do anything, it was horrible. So how long did you have this condition?
More than 23 years. So you lived this with this for 23, you really
couldn’t go to the bathroom, and didn’t have a lot of energy?
Yes, that’s how I was. So you must have went to the doctor right,
didn’t they help you out and fix you up? No, in the beginning they didn’t say anything
at all, and they couldn’t find anything that was wrong with me, but I could feel that
something was really wrong, and I searched, you know everything like homeopathy, reflexology,
acupuncture, I tried everything and all kinds of herbs, and everything, and nothing helped,
and I was even hospitalized actually one time because my candida, I got so bad so I was
lying in a single room at the hospital with a fan between my legs, it was really horrible.
And still it didn’t do anything. And then after a couple of years they actually found
out that it was Crohn’s, that I was inflamed in my small intestine and also in the colon,
and I decided to do surgery, so they did surgery and they said “Now everything will be fine,”
but still it wasn’t in the whole body, it’s not just in one spot so it didn’t help at
all, it still continued, the same issue. Wow, so you know I know some people out there
we can’t give medical advice here, but you went to the doctors again and they said “We’re
going to cut out part of you, and it’s going to help,” would you go into the surgery
again? No, never. And I didn’t want to do it that
time either, but I couldn’t find any other solution, I tried everything as far as I knew
at that point, and some people say “Just do it,” you know and then we can work on
it after that. And I did it, but it didn’t help. They took this much out of my small
intestine and colon, and they put it together again.
Yeah I mean, for me personally, like I don’t want to ever go under any kind of elective
surgery unless it’s required of me if I’m in a car accident they definitely need to
do something for me to save my life yes, but if I have an option, I’m never going to
choose a surgery because I have a really good friend that actually had a problem with his
back, he went in for back surgery, it was just supposed to be a minor thing, and now
he’s paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair for life, I mean many things can happen in
the hospital, and not always the way that it’s supposed to go. In Annette’s case,
[inaudible] supposed to fix her, and now she’s missing part of her colon and it didn’t
help the problem. So Annette, so I mean you look great now, and it appears you’re all
healed up now, now what did you do to make a difference in your life to basically heal
yourself from this condition that doctors couldn’t even help?
Well, I was in Denmark at that point, in Copenhagen, and I was searching online for raw food and
for colitis and Crohn’s and I found a book written by David Klein, “Self-Feeding Colitis
and Crohn’s,” and I read that book and I found out why I was sick in the first place.
It’s not sickness it doesn’t just happen to you, it’s something that you—there’s
something behind it, and I found out why, and I read the book and I tried to implement
the things as good as I could, and slowly healed up.
So wait a second, I want to stop you right there, so why were you sick in the first place?
I know many people are wondering this also that may have the similar condition, why’d
you get sick? [inaudible] too much crappy foods.
Too much crappy food. I shouldn’t say I was worse than anyone
else, and I was a vegetarian from when I was 15 years old, and a vegan after I was 27,
but still it didn’t help, because there was some parts of my diet that still was disturbing
my gut and I had to remove all those parts of my diet and then after that it started
cleaning out, you know clearing out and I got the toxins out, my body started recovering
from all this, and got stronger and stronger, and I can feel that’s nine years ago now,
almost ten, yeah nine, ten years ago, and I can still feel improvement here and there,
now it’s getting better again, even better, and I get more energy, it’s like, it’s
really cool. Wow. Yeah I mean, I want to encourage you
guys out there to, if I asked ten people, “Do you eat healthy?,” nine out of ten
are probably going to say “Yeah I eat healthy,” and everybody always thinks they eat healthy,
but what is eating healthy, right? “Oh yeah I eat red meat once a month, or once a week,”
and “I eat at Chipotle instead of McDonald’s, and that’s healthier,” but you know in
my opinion, that’ still not healthy. I’m on a fruit and vegetable based diet and that’s
what it took for me to heal, and that’s what it took for Annette to heal as well because
whether you’re on a vegan or vegetarian diet, those diets can be healthy, but in many
cases when you’re still eating processed and junk foods and not whole foods, more than
likely it’s really not that healthy in my opinion, so I want you guys to check yourself,
and if you’re eating fruits and vegetables as much as you can, and excluding all the
other stuff, because some people are so, I don’t know, messed up, you need to be more
extreme, that’s pretty much why I eat a fruit and vegetable based diet, because I
don’t want to get sick again, I don’t want to be in a position where I’m in the
hospital and the doctors tell me that I might not make it out alive. So Annette you want
to get further into, actually what specifically you did to heal your Crohn’s up so that
you’re, basically you’re symptom free and you go to the bathroom regularly now right?
Yeah I do. Well, what I did, I had to go very, very deep in this, and I had to eat almost
only really water, which, fruit like water melon, melons is so, so good for me, I can
feel that it’s really good with it, so easy to digest, and I couldn’t eat much greens
either in the beginning, I had to juice them because it was too harsh for my body, couldn’t
handle it at all. So a lot of juicy fruits, mangoes, papayas, and melons and all those
things. I had grapes, I love grapes, it was really hard for me, but I had to spit out
the skins, I couldn’t handle the skins. So I was chewing on them and spitting them
out, and I did that with a lot of things, like if I had citrus, either I juiced it or
I put it in my mouth, the piece I spit it out too, the fiber because I couldn’t handle
it so, I had to go very, very basic, very juicy and high water content.
Wow so let’s talk about that, so you know, you talked about getting rid of the fiber,
you think it would be good to juice and get rid of all the fiber and if you did juice
everything, do you think it would not upset your system and it would be alright?
Yeah, it could be but of course we need fibers too, I mean we shouldn’t live on juice,
that’s not the point, but in some cases where it’s really bad with those bowel diseases
you have to in the beginning yes, to remove as much as possible I didn’t juice the water
melon [inaudible]. Yeah there’s not a whole lot [inaudible]
That was fine you know, but some other things that was the best thing to do, yes.
Awesome. So for the people out there that have been living with some kind of Crohn’s,
colitis, or IBD, what would you say, if you were them, what would you do knowing what
you know now, because you’ve gone through 20-odd years of living with this condition,
and now you’ve been living healthfully for the last few years. If you knew now what you
should have known then, what would you have done differently immediately and started changing?
Yeah, I would have removed the meat, the dairy products, for me the dairy was the worst actually
and all the grains. That’s the first part of it, and then see, you know everybody has
to try out for themselves, what is good for you and what, some people are excellent on
bananas, you can eat banana smoothies. For me that was not really that good, but for
some people it’s amazing and they can heal up. You have to try for yourself and see what’s
good, or talk to someone that knows about those things, can help you guide you through
it. Excellent, so she’s given you some amazing
tips to, you know like I always just recommend people reduce or eliminate completely their
consumption of any animal product, whether that’s meat or in worse, I believe dairy
is even more insidious than the meat is, and of course the grains in this day and age,
it’s just not really natural for us to eat grains, maybe for chickens, but I believe
personally we’re a fruitavore, [inaudible] eat mostly fruits, and some vegetables as
well. And I think these are great starting tips, but if somebody really wanted to take
it to the next level Annette, I mean let’s talk about that book that helped you heal
yourself that you read that gave you the motivation, gave you the encouragement to heal yourself.
Yeah, I have it here. It’s this “Self-Healing Colitis and Crohn’s,” David Klein. It
describes in detail everything about digestion and what to do and it’s a part in here where
it describes exactly what to eat and what not to eat, and how to do this. It’s pretty
good. Yeah so I mean this literally looks like a
little manual, like man, whole lot of pages, I don’t know two, three hundred pages of
recommended reading, and how to basically, your guide book on how to heal yourself with
this condition, I know you guys may have tried different medical expert, doctors and all
over and the top gastroenterologists in New York City I went to, and he couldn’t help
me, well I would encourage for this book it’s about 20 dollars, but more, you know I would
encourage you guys to try new things, right? If you never try this book, if you never buy
this book, then you may never get better, but if you try this, right, and it works,
that’s great. And if you try and it doesn’t work, well then you know that that doesn’t
work right? But I mean here Annette tried it, and it totally works. Annette any last
things you’d like to say about the book or anything else?
I just want to say that, I mean a lot of people don’t have to go that deep as I did, they
can heal up much faster and much easier than I did. I think that because I was so constipated
and had it for so many years that it took so long, I had to go down to melons, you know?
And many people, they can heal up if they have a cooked meal for dinner, and, I mean
cooked meal, not any cooked meal, but you know some steamed vegetables and things and
they define. But I couldn’t. Right, yeah. You know I always want to encourage
you guys to eat a plant-based, plant-strong diet, rich in as many fruits and vegetables
as you can, I don’t like wasting time with other things besides fruits and vegetables
myself, so I eat predominantly fruits and vegetables, which is my diet. So to get this
book, you can go to the website colitis-crohn’, and the book by “Self-Healing Colitis and
Crohn’s,” by David Klein. Any last words that you’d like to say to the viewers out
there Annette in passing? I just want to say that there’s another
way to go than the medical way, and you can be healed from this. It’s so good, it’s
fantastic. Yeah I mean I’ve met so many people that
get onto a plant-based fruit and vegetable-based diet, and many diseases, or what is thought
of as diseases literally disappear, I mean not because fruits and vegetables are magic
or some kind of thing, it’s basically when we eat the proper diet that we’re meant
to eat right, our body can heal itself like it’s designed and supposed to, I mean you
cut your finger right, you don’t need to go to the doctor to get your finger fixed
up, your body will basically scab over and heal itself, and that’s what will happen
on the insides of us if we provide the right nutrition and the right food. I really hope
this helps you guys out there, if you do have colitis, Crohn’s, irritable bowel, or any
other similar kind of discomfort and disease in your body. You want to make sure you guys
check out this book, and once again my name is John Kohler with, we’ll see
you next time and until then remember, keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables, they’re
always the best.

100 Replies to “Best Diet to Heal Crohn’s Disease and Top Foods You Must Avoid

  1. Annette, I am glad you got better and you certainly are beautiful 🙂  Your diet and lifestyle is certainly agreeing with you and is an inspiration.

  2. Is there an average time frame for how long it takes to heal, assuming the person is just someone who has eaten junk food for too long and is a bit heavy? Would 3-6 months seem like a suggested time frame?

  3. Wonderful,I'm so happy for her!! ! : )…nothing new. All of my clients come to me after they've tried getting help from doctors for years… There ARE ways to heal!

  4. Annette and I will be happy to help all IBD sufferers. Thanks, John!  -Dr. Dave Klein *
    Colitis & Crohn's Health Recovery Center

  5. "So you went to the doctor and they fixed you up!"  this is why I love you John.  Them questions that you know the answers to but you ask so new viewers will open their mind!  Keep on juicin'!

  6. Is Annette married to David Klein?  I seem to remember reading it on his website once.
    She's done well clearing herself of Crohn's – I expect it to take quite some time to do; hence why I'm realistic about healing mine.  So glad she could share her story.

  7. She hits on some very good points. I have IBS and some of the foods she avoids are ones I avoid too. Fried foods are bad, I found roasts and such to be bad, and dairy is really really bad for me. But unlike her, I need more substantial greens. Iceberg lettuce is not liked by the tummy, so I stick to spinach. It's amazing how different it can be for each person.

  8. What if all the gurgling bowels and constipation comes after 4 months being raw vegan? (mainly fruits and a LOT of fiber..). Everybody says what to do..but if a man was already eating, doing excactly all of that for past 4 months?? What to do then? And every symphtom is just like that, just urine's pH is 8,5 !! O_o

  9. I'd be interested in the stats of the following:

    I too had a resection of my small intestines- bile duct about 25 years ago. I could not deal with the pain and had no idea what was wrong. So they did exploratory surgery and found my intestines fiberous and nearly closed off at my bile duct entry. The word Lupus was thrown out at the time. Fine. I went on to have a somewhat healthy life but stomach/digestive issues haven't always been my friend.

    Fast forward. I am now a vegan at age 55. I feel much better although still hard to process rich foods like oatmeal, brown rice etc so I keep that in mind.

    My thoughts or quandary is this:
    I was tested very early on (at around 17 years old) with Rh negative blood. Because I was of child-bearing years, I was shot up with rhogam so my body would not fight off a 'positive blood' pregnancy. I was pregnant 4 times, only one full term birth. So my body was bombarded with this drug which I feel, compromised my immune system.

    Am interested in finding out (but have no idea how) how many women were given this drug to later have autoimmune disorders.

    Thanks for making available all that you do and know on this channel.

  10. Thank you sooooo much for sharing your story. I've had digestion and bowl issues for years. The doctors told be they think it's IBS. Its so prophetic because I bought the same book over 6 months ago! And haven't read it. I felt what I had is worst than IBS. In really going to read it now. This gives me hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dave Klein's book is a complete waste of money. Read Shelton's original Natural Hygiene book for free. That book is available for free and has everything one needs to heal UC and Colitis. Dave Klein ought to be ashamed making money off of what someone ELSE wrote, and taking credit for it. Not only that, but also claiming to be a doctor. A PhD in engineering or business hardly qualifies one to give medical advice. Don't waste your money people.

  12. I wish I could have seen this video about 5yr ago.because about 4 years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis,not long after had to get my whole colon removed and now have to live with an ostomy.after that while in the hospital I started watching john's videos, only for the growing videos on GYG at first, but now after 3years stay for most if not all his videos.

  13. Ugh, I have collagenous colitis. I have had it for 33 years. My problem is the opposite of what this lady suffered with. I need this book.

  14. Crohns can be healed for free, there is no need to spend money on books, potions, pills, doctors, or psuedo-doctors.
    Google any of T.C. Fry's original books with all the original principles, unchanged.

  15. I cant agree with what you are saying about diet ive had crohns for 24 years and what i can and cant eat has changed quite alot over the years, food that was ok 2 years ago i cant eat now and some foods i couldnt eat i can eat now, but a fruit n veg diet is something a lot of crohns sufferers cant eat as fruit any kind will cause me serious diarreah and veg constipates me to the point where i end up in hospital, crohns is not diet based its an immune disorder which decides to have a war in the dietry system

  16. First of all i am not opposing trying David Keins book or eating plan but i want to clear up what I consider some misconceptions here. First of all to say as the comment below says, that if she had been following this diet all along she would never had gotten Crohns or Colitis is not true. I am 55 years old and was diagnosed with Crohns as a child and it is genetic in my family. Secondly both these diseases can vary in severity and people can have flareups and then go into remission so not everyone will have the same severity to these illnesses. Further more to suggest the surgery is for Crohns and colitis is ever elective is not accurate. The medical community long ago use to do surgeries anytime a patient had a flareup but patients would end up with colostomy bags and have a higher propensity to colon cancer so now surgeries are done as a last resort. I have had two reconstructive surgeries in 40 years.  Both surgeries were emergency and I was completely septic with ruptured intestines due to a narrowing of the walls of the small intestine and fistulas. Without surgery I would be dead and unable to try this raw foods diet or even comment on this video. So I never think it is responsible for non-medical people to give advice that can actually threaten people's lives like stopping all medication or not having surgeries. Crohns and Colitis are serious and potentially life threatening diseases and while i truly hope  that a change in diet will prove to be the answer I do not believe it is the answer for everyone. Crohns is actually not a curable disease and if they go back and do MRI's the damage from Crohns will still be seen but remissions can last for years. I have had years of being symptom free but that did not mean I was "CURED" from Crohns. Maybe there are people who will be lucky enough to stay in remission for a lifetime but it still does not mean they are living without the autoimmune disease that can lay dormant until it decides to flare up again. I am commenting this long comment which I normally would not do for fear people will throw away their meds and stop seeing their doctors and end up in a serious way. To these Crohns patients I would say try the fruits and vegetables but please don't disregard medical advise. Be careful and go slow. That is my advice as a person with 40 years experience.

  17. How to gain weight with raw food? Any tips for that? I have colitis and I started juicing but I'm scared of loosing to much weight. That calories count killing me. 🙁

  18. I'm 18 and I have Crohn's, Uveitis, Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I live with my parents and family, and we eat really unhealthy foods.

  19. So you basicly mean that we are designed to eat ONLY fruits and veggies? You must be joking. It's natural to eat even some meat. And actually peaple 've been cooking for a long loooong time

  20. Chron's disease is not caused by unhealthy diet, it's a genetic disease, so you get it from someone in your family who is a carrier of the disease. My dad was the carrier and I have Chron's disease!

  21. she looks sick and diet is up to what you can handle and don't forget the gallons of steroids which raise your blood sugar and make you more know nothing and you could really hurt someone

  22. Crohn's is when the body's immune system can't identify good bacteria from bad bacteria due to an issue with chemical signatures assigned to them that should differentiate between which is which. The body then attacks good bacteria along with the bad. With that said, having high sugar diets (refined/processed sugar) can also increase the amount of bad bacteria in the diet and upset the digestive balance. The list goes on about how certain foods can damage the body, so it's not hard to determine these illnesses are linked to diet. Some people seem more susceptible to it though which is gene related, however genes are not the sole determinants of Crohn's. He exact cause hasn't been pinpointed which gives reason to believe a wide array of variables are at play. However, I recall the UK doing a study on this and finding stronger correlations between Crohn's and milk. That is all I know though.

  23. I have had Crohns Disease for 45 years. I have had 3 resections. Once you have a complete blockage you need to have a resection to live. A blockage resection is not elective. There is no cure for the disease and if she done her research the odds are very high Crohns will always return after an operation. This woman is not a good spokeswoman for this disease. Raw vegetables are the worse thing to eat for this disease. Please don't listen to this woman for advise for Crohns Disease. Talk to a well respected GI Doctor. Your diet is important but not her diet. Only vegetables and fruits is a wrong diet and it will not heal you from Crohns. Humira is a medicine that has been a life saver for me and has put my Crohns in remission.

  24. Raw vegtebales and fruits are good for her because they contain insoluble fiber, because she is constipated, but if you have diarrhea never take insoluble faber it will make it worse, take soluble fiber found in grains like wheat and rice, not the whole, but the white, it will help give form to your stool, and reduce the frequency of bowels, and help you gain weight if diarrhea caused weight lose, dairy is bad in both cases

  25. Quik weight losing information is compiled for you, go to
    Best Diet to Heal Crohn's Disease and Top Foods You Must Avoid

  26. Whole aloe vera leaf not store bought. Eaten at breakfast and after lunch and after dinner. Cut aloe vera and peel green leaf off eat the gel inside. 5 year old mature plant. I live in California aloe vera can grow any where. And I buy mine at a Persian market I found in Orange county. However the aloe vera has a sticker on it saying a Mexican grower in Mexico who grows the plant and distributes to markets. I think if you dont live in California do a search online to find growers maybe you can find the grower to send the plant to you direct and you can freeze it so it doesn't go bad. This has healed me. If you want to know the grower I can try to update and put his website here. Best wishes

  27. I do like that she mentioned that one food may not work for everyone. For me, I can drink caffeinated drinks and be fine, but my friend would be in the bathroom all day if she just took one sip. But when I am flaring there is NOTHING I can eat or drink that makes me feel completely pain free, the only things that do ease it are aloe drinks. So I go from someone slicing my guts up to stomach virus level of pain. But it's the same with surgery, it may help others tremendously while doing nothing for some, my grandfather had the surgery and had part of his esophagus, entire stomach and most of his small intestines removed and replaced with plastic (I think it was plastic) and it stopped his stomach issues, he still had arthritis, and he finally started gaining weight back.

  28. I am VERY excited about this fundraiser since I myself have crohn's,If everyone donates as little as $1.30 I'll reach my goal for the fundraiser to find cures for Crohn's and Colitis which are digestive diseases that have a variety of symptoms and medical care is expensive. So far there are no cures but you could help change that and make a difference!

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    but am doing dese days…but if i ate jst out of my diet 1 or 2 bites my prblm strts really worried 😓 😢

  30. This book is absolutely amazing for Crohns and Colitis. Yes, it is a raw foods diet. It tells you exactly which foods you are able to eat as not to irritate your intestines. It is mainly low acidic fruit based for the healing process as the author (who once had colitis and has been healed for many years) knows that raw vegetables are hard on IBD. These are introduced after the healing is done. He writes about everything in complete detail, even giving different instructions depending on if you have moderate or advance disease. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand the origin of IBD and wants to heal themselves completely. I am following the diet in this book and I am healing, not in pain, not on medication, I have more energy, and I feel better than I did before I even had the disease. Pure nutrients are no joke haha 🙂 Yes, the diet is difficult for those who don't like to eat plain foods like fruits, but you get used to it and any salt, sugar, fat addictions you may have will leave your body and you wont have those intense cravings anymore after you get rid of those toxins. Yes, a bowel disease has everything to do with what you put in your bowels. Good luck! Remember to stay strong and don't be hard on yourself, give yourself time and patience.

  31. eat simple and correctly, always chew your food properly, don't overeat, proper food combining. you have to make it as easy as possible for the digestive system

  32. i am at the hospital now thanks to my colitus. but i already found out about this book and was thinking of buying it. now i am 100% sure i am gonna do that. good video thumps up! peace!

  33. Vegetables and fruits are healthy,however I don't know why these people have to lie about meat being a bad thing.If some 50 years ago people were fine on eating meat and some last 30 years new modern diesases came up there must be a reason for it.In my opinion you shouldnt blame foods but those who produce them in a way that they are poisons for your bodies.Unhealthy animals being injected with all sort of chemicals and bein fed with foods that are not a part of their healthy diet is a crime against humanity!

  34. I have crohns and was just wondering if anyone had any advice on meal replacement shakes as I really want to try them because when I flare, eating solid food is pretty much a no no. I am on medication and also wanted to know if m.r.s can be taken in conjunction with medication. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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  38. ….what are they talking about?….you cant heal it, jesus christ! its cronic! and not to mention that it doesnt cause constipation, it causes the opposite with diarrhea! I know because i have it! and raw fruits and veggies and other things that can scratch you up inside like that can hurt you alot more since the body cannot fully heal, just inflame!

  39. What an ill informed, nonsense video. That "doctors are bad and plants are magic" bullshit doesn't help anyone……..Except those selling the books of course.

  40. I don't buy their message at all. Some of the absolute worst pain I ever experienced with Crohn's was after eating watermelon. As it tried to wind its way through my guts, it caused near blockages and the pain kept me awake all night. The next morning I had some bad diarrhea from passing the watermelon from my body, and that finally gave me relief from the pain.
    I will give one bit of advice to anyone who has been advised to have surgery because of Crohn's. Get yourself to Mayo Clinic; surgery is pretty much a last option with them and if surgery is required, you can have some of the best Crohn's surgeons in the U.S. doing the surgery. I had to have surgery back in 1992 and knew it was going to be really bad once they opened me up so I went to Mayo Clinic for the surgery. When I got back home, my local gastroenterologist said, "I see you had Dr. Donald McIlrath as your surgeon" and I said, "Yes, do you know him?" His reply was, "Not personally but by reputation. He is one of the top 3 surgeons in the U.S for small bowel resections." You will NOT find that level of expertise at your local hospital.

  41. I want to get well I am almost 40 and have been to every dr since I was 21 I have been sick since then . Drs don't really help . I have bleeding ulcers from crohns and their growing in size they clam the can't do nothing .

  42. Drink barley water for diarrhea you will surprise it will stop the diarrhea and take Manuka honey eat bananas and yoghurt and eat boiled rice with vagetables broth.

  43. i wonder if the bt toxin (Bacillus thuringiensis) used in and on GM foods could be responsible for this condition since it does the same thing to the insects gut. From what i understand on how it works anyway. Might be worth looking into.

  44. Her story is sketchy she says she was vegetarian since 15 vegan since 27 then she says she should have cut out meat and dairy. Please don't lie about being vegan when you got sick you got sick from your meat and diary consuming you cant keep your story straight.

  45. I believe in eating healthy and avoiding bad, chemical foods, yet…..chewing on salads, raw veggies kill me. I can juice some things like carrots, celery, apples, cucumbers, and spinach. But when eaten raw….I'm dead from the absolute pain.😕😕😕😬😬😬😭😭😭😲😲😲

    I do probiotics, black seed oil, colostrum, bee propolis, gentle herbal teas.

    I pray to Jehovah and look forward to His promise of a new world with no more sickness, pain, death, or suffering. This is what works for me.

    Revelation 21:1-5
    JW dot org

  46. What works for some people sometimes doesn't work for others. I can't eat fruits and vegetables. Cero cereal no fiber . No greens for me .

  47. In all honesty, fruits and vegetables only is really bad for Crohn’s in the sense in brings down your B12 levels and iron levels. I landed once in the hospital. I was a pretty clean eating vegetarian. My iron levels dropped to a 6. Never will go back. I’ve had 4 surgeries almost died. My recommendation is TRIAL-AND-ERROR. Find what works for you! Drop all the junk food! Very little alcohol consumption! No smoking! Eat as much produce as you can, but find what works for YOU!

  48. I am so sick and tired of Crohn's. My 16 yr old has it. And I'm tired for him. I need a meal plan to heal him. Not sucking on a grape or just water melon. What the heck is going on here! They've stuffed everything with wheat!

  49. This women clearly does not understand the following: you can not cure Crohns what you can do is manage and minimise the symptoms through medication and surgery! Always talk to your doctor about these options as everyone experiences Crohns differently!

  50. Crohn's is caused by Mycobacteria Paratuberculosis Ssp. People with Crohn's are deficient in Selenium, Copper, Zinc, and real Vitamin D, these deficiencies inhibit the neutrophils from clearing the infection.

  51. typical its the same for me the doctors dont know shit from pudding and do nothing,but at least they cant blame your weight for the problem.

  52. Hmmm, very careful if you go vegan – especially if you have Crohn's because it could kill you. Checkout out video: My Crohn's Disease Story and How I Cured It Naturally –

  53. My husband has had surgery twice. He’s had over 1/4 of his small intestine removed… we are always battling with what’s right. He’s had active chron’s for most of his life. And diet is one thing we can’t figure out.

  54. Make sure you really really chew your food. I think that's how the problem started to begin with. We don't chew our food up good enough 🙏🏽

  55. her comments suggest becoming fruitarian will effectively cure the condition

  56. I too have chrons…. It is not cureble…. But sometimes we can minimize the effects that's all…. Actually my problem is am extremely hungry (I can't control eating, eating, eating) and I have depression because of the steroids…..the worst thing is my weight loss, rheumatic pain… What to do…

  57. have it your way, There is no cure and you are in the hands of your so called respected doctors with pills who will stop caring once your bank account goes dry. Tough luck, you have been dealt a bad hand from the begging and you can blame it on genes or parents. Easy? this is what you want? Listening the same lie over and over, you have started to believe its the truth….

  58. So I also got a colon resection surgery for severe Crohn’s (bladder fistulas) and realized that did not get to the root of the problem. Put on a ton of medications & all that.

    I did it a high fat, plant-based predominately whole foods diet (I ate a TON of oil) for 4 years which gave me a lot of remission but not true HEALING. This is when I decided to do something. I began this high fruit diet because it made so much sense to me.

    It caused consistent pain for a lot of years but you really have to tap into intuition to really read what was going on. If I had given up on this because I was feeling this pain thinking it’s not working, I would not be where I am today. Still eating a high fruit diet and never looking back. Sometimes all you have to do is trust the process and believeeee your body can heal the damage inside.

  59. It’s extremely sad that there are so many people suffering from not just this disease but others aswell . I read that 40 % of people in North America have or will have a serious health condition in their life which is insane . We’ve gone so far from what our ancestors ate were destroying our bodies in turn .

  60. Glad this is working for you. I did the specific carbohydrate diet for Crohn's disease. I think it's important to keep track of symptoms and foods you are eating and find the best foods for you, since the doctors are often very unhelpful when it comes to food for Crohns.

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