Best Foods For Bug Out Bag Emergency Meal Choices Ideas

Best Foods For Bug Out Bag Emergency Meal Choices Ideas

hi it’s AlaskaGranny it’s that time of
year again when you should be going through your Bug Out Bag and make sure
that you know what is in there that the items in your Bug Out Bag it’s fully supplied and that none of your food
is expired or your clothes don’t fit in your Bug Out Bag anymore today I’m going through the food
in my Bug Out Bag and I thought I would share with you the types of things that
I put in my Bug Out Bag in the event that I ever had to grab and go in an emergency situation my idea of Bugging Out with my Bug Out
Bag is I’m going to be on the go in a real emergency situation I’m not going to be stopping and really
cooking anything I want food that I can reach in and eat most of the food items
that I have in my bug out bag I can eat them on the go in an emergency evacuation there are few things that I have should
I have the opportunity to stop and prepare something but that is never an
essential part of my bug-out bag food planning in a real emergency you probably will feel the same way
here’s an overview of the food items that I packed in my bug-out bag I want
to be able to just grab and go on the trail whatever the circumstances are I don’t have to stop build a fire set up
a stove draw attention to myself trying to cook something along with side of the
road I have some simple beverage ideas I have tea bags cocoa mix and powdered
drink flavors so that I can add them to any water to help enhance the flavor
that water doesn’t have to be hot but if I’m able to heat it up somehow that will
certainly be more enjoyable grab-and-go items like raisins a scoop of peanut
butter Cliff bars granola bars and fruit snacks each of these you can reach in
your pouch grab one out and eat it as you are underwayin an emergency situation remove anything like
raisins from their hard cardboard box and just pack the inner pouch look for
single-serve pouches of different kinds of tuna salmon and other kinds of meats
they’re easy to tear open and eat right out of the pouch if you have a chance to
cook make sure you have things that are extremely simple just add water this can be done for very little money
if you look in your grocery store instant mashed potatoes add water and
stir a little soup mixes I took them out of the box and put how much water goes
with each one you basically put it into boiling water stir it around a little
while things like pasta roni rice-a-roni macaroni and cheese you just need the
contents of the box and some water take those kinds of things out of the box to
save up bulk and space then you can add the packets of your things like tuna
salmon little pouches of meat and make a very complete meal in a Bug Out Situation Emergency Situation for a quick and easy meal remember this is an emergency situation
you’re not trying to be gourmet include water and the most basic little pot and
a spoon I like to squeeze each category of food
into a ziploc bag together and now they’re ready to go into my food module
pack and the pack will go into my Bug Out Bag you can see I have a lot of
food choices for many days of a bug out situation and not very much money I’ve loaded my bug out food choices into gallon
ziplock bags one that I can eat on the go one it would require cooking then I can
just reach in my bag and get out what I want to eat in an emergency situation or bug out situation now I can load packs of emergency foods home made MRE’s DIY freeze dried meals load these into my
bug-out bag and I know that I’m going to have food on the go if I need to in any
emergency situation I made sure that these foods in my bug out bag meal plan all have a
similar expiration date so I don’t need to worry about checking on this until a
certain date in the future in the future rotate your food in your bug out bag please make sure that you
are preparing for an unknown future that bad things come to everyone we never know
when so make sure you’re preparing so that you and your family will always be
okay bug out bag food plan home made MRE’s DIY freeze dried meals foods to eat in an emergency learn more at please
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12 Replies to “Best Foods For Bug Out Bag Emergency Meal Choices Ideas

  1. I like the separation of food in your pack. I have a condor outdoor duffle bag which has backpack straps. It's stuffed with clothes food (mres/snacks/rations), tarp, Bungie cords, very small cook stove, butane and a compact cooking kit.

    Working on reducing its weight. Will take these tips to switch out a few things and improve organization. Thanks AG!!!!!

  2. There can be many unexpected emergencies. On Christmas Eve in Fraser, Michigan, 19 families were given 5 minutes to evacuate their homes due to a massive sinkhole threatening to collapse their homes! They still don't know how long or whether they will be able to return to their homes. How can you even predict such a thing? I bet they would have liked to have had a bug out bag, but I doubt if any of them did… Thanks for sharing and have a Happy New Year!

  3. New subscriber from this video, first comment also. Great video and really like your content so far. Looking forward to watching more of your stuff. Hope you have a great everything! ~ Greg 😊👍

  4. Trail mix ( nuts, dried fruit & seeds ) 1st choice hiking food for many decades . Your selection is good . tks

  5. Just found your channel, love the ideas, one question though, have you ever tried freeze dried meals like mountain house in your bags since they have such a long shelf life?

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