BEST USE For Each Character in Don’t Starve Together

BEST USE For Each Character in Don’t Starve Together

Hey guys, welcome back to another Don’t Starve Together guide This is Keyboard voicing again for Edgy Rick’s channel First off we’ve got Wickerbottom. She is best at making food, and has many ways to do so Such as “Applied Horticulture” and berry bushes, which can make you around 250 berries a cast Then we have Wolfgang. He is best at killing monsters, and can easily kill Deerclops in under a minute without any armor Then we got Wendy. She’s best at killing hoards of monsters through use of Abigail WX-78 is best at running quickly Here we got Woodie who’s really not best at anything anymore as Maxwell took his position of best tree chopper Here’s Wes, he’s best at dying, and going insane quickly. He’s the challenge character, so don’t play him Maxwell, he’s best at collecting all basic resources Wigfrid here is best at crafting helmets Webber is best at collecting spider items Wilson is best at having a beard And finally, Willow is best at burning things Liked it? Disliked it? Click whichever you did! And if you did like it, please subscribe and maybe share with a friend: help my channel out

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  1. I can do better

    WickerBottom : Is a supportive team members her knowledge bring peace and comfort to the base
    WolfGang : An Offensive member of the family , Deals ton of damage when in full belly , good with a ham bat
    WX : its a very helpful character which can help exploring , taking out some bad guys , can be upgraded with gears or charged with lightining , best to have a wickerbottom on the team too , drops his gear when dead.. which is quite hard to do when you have 400 hp
    Woodie : Not Quite a good character but he can do well
    Maxwell : The only character starting with M instead of W , Is weak but is a good resourses collecter , better to have a WX for exploring with you..
    Wes : Wes.. Go to hell no one want you..
    Wigfrid : Can Craft Good Begginer gear.. her helmet absorbs 200% of the damage on first hit and it reduces by 20% every hit in combo , absorbs dead enemys power not better than wolf gang..
    Webber : He can start a webby wars to collect loads of resourses , can craft spider eggs.. monster meat heals him and feed him better
    Wilson : Have No bad sides , and only 1 positive side.. he grews a beard..
    Willow : Has a lighter and a teddy bear.. Immune to fire

  2. very broken set-up for a 6 player hosted server on dst: the farm, wickerbottom, wolfgang, maxwell, and 3 wormwoods

  3. o woodie e bom , max precisa gastar sanidade para quebrar arvore , woodie ganha taticamente sanidade ao quebrar ( por que ganha mudas , e com mudas ele ganha sanidade ao plantar ) você não sabe muito bem como criar um " melhor uso " alem disso o wx-78 ele e bom pra lutar e tanque , pode ter até 400 de vida , só pra saber , tu joga don´t starve? e willow é bom para aquecer , matar monstros , por que ela pode entrar no meio da lava do dragon fly , assim matando os cachorros , e aquecendo a pedra termica

  4. just saying if people are curious: this channel + the creator is clearly trying to fulfill the persona of an "edgy, misanthropic" character as the channel name suggests. if you check out his second channel entitled simply as 'Rick TF2' he is far more gracious and receptive to his viewers but barely has any content/viewers – i did this so you dont have to and need provide him with more views

  5. “Willow is the best at burning things”

    Duh 🙄
    Btw this video is really lazy. Woodie can turn into a werebeaver that can chop down trees! Even rocks!

  6. I just saw the video, and… It didn't help at all from my stand point, cmon, "Wilson is best at growing a beard" and no information that it helps with rain and winter cold, and "Willow is best at setting things on fire" just… Wow. I just think you were lazy in this one, your "about" section on your channel clearly states TF2 things, another thing, from what I've read in the comment section and your other videos, just grow the hell up!! You can have an opinion, that's fine, but don't act like your things are the cure for chicken pox, this is a GAME for peaks sake!

  7. Wicker bottom 0:07
    Wolf gang 1:20
    Wendy 2:00
    WX-78 2:54
    Woodie 3:21
    Wes 3:59
    Maxwell 4:28
    Wigfrid 4:38
    Webber 6:26
    Wilson 7:46
    Willow 7:52

  8. You'd think after only watching good guides for this game I'd get recommended a channel which actually tries somewhat with their content.

  9. Wow. This is shit. Neither informative nor humorous, and with clips that drag on. What was the point of making this video?

  10. I feel like these were sped through.
    Willow is best at getting nightmare fuel.
    Woodie is best at getting living logs.
    Wes can attract enemies into traps, etc.
    They have their uses.

  11. Woodie is still the best for wood, you just have to not care about your log meter. Lol why do you eat the logs it makes no sense.

  12. spider attacks spider because it's boss webber ordered to
    harmed spider attacks back to protect itself
    others spiders attack the one spiders who works for webber because they're harming a spider
    also other spiders attack the one firtly harmed spider since it's attacking spiders
    then all the spiders starts an intense genocide around them

  13. This is the most incorrect guide I've seen. Every character has any important role, there's more potential to each character than this

  14. Пиздец. Чед чисто держит в курсе. Я думал он расскажет чего интересного

  15. Here’s what i would consider the best use, that’s up to date
    Wilson: he’s a all around character, so the beard thing stays
    Willow: using Bernie to farm nightmare creatures
    Wolfgang: dealing with bosses
    Wendy: dealing with massive crowds such as hounds, spiders and spulmonkeys
    Wx-78: running around the map and and doing stuff during winter
    Wickerbottom: growing crops
    Woodie: collecting wood with a Warly on your team, either that or befriending pigs
    Wes: dying
    Maxwell: getting recourses besides wood unless there is no Warly
    Wigfrid: tanking and distracting enemies, that or arming her allies
    Webber: farming silk
    Winona: defending base
    Wortox: healing the team
    Wormwood: planting crops
    Warly: preparing ahead of time to do something

  16. WX 78 (Full gears) >>>>>>>> Wickerbottom (If you are experienced in playing) >>> Wolfgang (Full might) >> Wigfrid >>> Wolfgang (Half might ) >>> others > WX 78 (Early game)

    The WX 78 has the highest stats in the game. It is almost immortal. Can eat spoiled food without any side effects. Very fast.

    Would recommend but be careful at the early game. To get the gears, make friends with the pigs and have them fight.

  17. I ve learned nothing. I expected that i would kniw how to play them what to do and what to not do with them. What is the best way to use their abilities… but you ve just red the titles when you choose character. Dissapointed :/

  18. My guesses for new boiz
    Winona: Distracting enemies (with catapult)
    Wortox: Healing / going insane (soulz)
    Wormwood: Gardening (duh)
    Warly best boi: L A M B S A U C E (Volt goat jelly + chili pepper for FRICK LODAH DAMAGE)

  19. as i Wendy main i truly hate how he just says oh yeah she can kill small er enemies and then puts her up against 500 spiders and makes everyone think that she is terrible
    thats like saying 'Wolfgang is good at killing bosses' and proceeding to spawn 5 ancient fuelweavers and give him a spear
    Wendy can do so much more, when in a group she can gather valuable resources such as silk, monster meat, spider glands, honey and honeycomb
    so maybe you should have actually played the characters before making a video and play more than the ones in the top tear list

  20. Im so confused are people in this comment section actually angry or do they know he is trolling and I know I’m over 2 years late

    I’m actually having a hard time telling if 90% of the comment section is retarded

  21. A note on Woodie vs Maxwell. Maxwell is pretty frail, so if you want to chop wood fast while being decent at combat, you might still want to use Woodie. But if you mostly just want to collect resources fast, Maxwell is the better pick.

  22. Wilson is more default BUUUTT his stomach is the best outher character like wickerbotom or willow can’t survive a day without eating Wilson can at least… think 2 … wait let me check…
    Edit he does 2 days

  23. Most of this vid is full of joke? I like it for that? But some of it taken by tip and then arguement begin.. Its…hm wired.

  24. …Until the Woodie rework came out and now Woodie is amazing again, primary tree-chopper, scout, and even a fighter

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