Best Vegetarian Burger Recipe – Blackened Eggplant Recipe

Best Vegetarian Burger Recipe – Blackened Eggplant Recipe

Chef Buck here and today
we’re cooking up a super quick delicious veggie burger using eggplant. I
love a black bean burger but they’re kind of a pain in the butt but
eggplant makes a fantastic veggie burger and when you buy an eggplant
don’t buy one that looks like this this it has been sitting my fridge for about
five days it’s
getting a little long in the tooth and when I bought it it had a
nice green stem looks terrible now but this is still a good one because it’s
heavy … you want to get one that’s nice and heavy….I can maybe do 20 reps with this one…it makes such an easy veggie
burger because I’m gonna blacken it on the stovetop blacken it up
with a bunch of spice and it’s gonna make a great meat substitute …you know it’s gonna have something in the sandwich to trick my brain
into thinking that I’m eating meat and you can eat this raw but I’m not going to but you can eat the
skin you don’t want to eat the green leafy part but it takes no time at all to cook
I’m going to take some of the skin off I don’t like the skin on
the sandwich but first things first we’re going to slice this eggplant
up and cut it into some nice thick slices … I’ll use this here for
about three sandwiches …sandwich sized pieces so I’m gonna
cut the skin off of this part right here just run your knife along the outside I’m gonna fry up a few pieces here with the skin on but I like it nice and thick
so that it has some heft to it cuz it’s gonna cook down a little bit in
the skillet eggplant has a lot of water in it so
it’s gonna release a lot of moisture now if I was making eggplant parmesan you can sprinkle some salt on your eggplant pieces and let them sit
and draw some of that moisture for a eggplant parmesan I like
to do that cuz I like to bake them a little dry …but for a burger I don’t care
if it’s got some moisture in there it’s just gonna
…. it’s gonna seem juicy! I’m not gonna put
any oil in the skillet because eggplant soaks up oil
SuperDuper fast and I don’t want to have too much…I could put butter in the skillet and it would soak up that butter
and give it a lot of flavor but I’m not going to do that either …just gonna put a
little bit of oil on the outside and do the other side as well I’m gonna
season up both sides with a bit of salt and some black pepper …and this is
where you want to go crazy with the seasoning because we’re blackening these
…so basically we’re going to cook them on a hot skillet with a lot of spice on
there so it cooks up SuperDuper fast and we’ll have a nice Sheen a very
flavorful spice fry it onto these patties …I got some Chipotle I’m
putting a little bit of paprika lots and lots of spice… this is kind of a
weird ingredient some powdered ginger but I I kind of like powdered ginger on
here …and I’m gonna spice the other side to when I put
it down in the skillet so I got my skillet heated up on medium heat I will
throw it just a wee little bit of just gonna give this a pan a little spray so
now I’ll throw my eggplant slices down give them a little
press and now spice up this side and you can use the same
seasonings …you put some different seasonings if you like… this is a little
chili powder –how come you’re only doing three ?– I think I’m gonna put some curry
on these other sides here look at that SuperDuper crazy amount of spice spice
rhymes with nice that’s not an accident like I said it doesn’t have to
cook for very long but maybe I’ll have it down here like two minutes on one
side before I flip it over boom-boom-boom
I’ll try to put a different one in the middle …. I am definitely
using as much of the skillet as I can now we’ll go ahead and let that cook on
this side for a couple of minutes all right so this has been going for about
two minutes on this side that’s all I’m gonna cook but maybe I’ll
put this one in the center first second I’m gonna throw some cheese on here and
I like to use a white cheese you can use whatever kind of cheese you like
alrighty and that’s all there is to it just spray a little bit of oil on throw
a boatload of spice whatever kinds you like and then just saute it on a
medium medium-high temperature for about two minutes each side you know I made a
batch of these and I actually sliced the eggplant and then I marinated it with
some soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce trying to infuse it with some flavor
wasn’t worth the squeeze you know I found just blackening them on the
stovetop super fast boom boom makes a great sandwich so I got a nice bun and I
am gonna toast my bun up real quick you know if you just put a little bit of
butter on there throw it down in your hot skillet just
let it sit there for a minute adds great flavor so now you can put
ketchup mustard whatever you like on your burger I’m kind of a mayonnaise
burger guy and I like to put a lot of mayonnaise to cover up my pain and I’m
gonna have me a nice thick piece of red onion …if you use fake insides
use real outsides, a real burger outside so I’m going to use some nice thick cuts of
onion and some nice crisp lettuce and a little bit of cheese so it’s
gonna seem very burger like you know as long as I don’t investigate too closely
you know as long as I don’t CSI Hamburger
the situation……nice crisp green leaf lettuce here put my biggest
patty down on there and usually I buy the small cherry
tomatoes man these big Tomatoes usually disappoint me but for burger you need a
nice big round piece like that look how delicioso that is boom whoa
crunch hmm it has a crunch cuz I got that nice thick slice of onion
on there tomato a nice crisp lettuce but it holds
together so well you know that onion and crisp lettuce really really helps to
create the illusion ….. nice thick slices of eggplant boom-boom with
a lot of spice and the burger will turn out very nice … camera girl is just
having the patties without the burger bun which looks very nice… if
you want to check the recipe out I have it written down below go to
MyFoodChannel dot com to print the recipe… thanks for watching like subscribe blah blah blah all that
jazz and we’ll see in the future

66 Replies to “Best Vegetarian Burger Recipe – Blackened Eggplant Recipe

  1. Omg… That looks awesome! And I don't have to feel guilty about eating a 2nd one after! 😀 I will DEFINITELY have to try this!

  2. Wow that looks amazing! My daughter, who's 4, says it looks so yummy and she wishes she can have some. I'm definitely making this

  3. My version of veggie burger is made of mashed boiled carrots. Low carb and low calorie veggie burger. Then I use ketchup/tomato sauce with soy sauce, garlic, onion and spices for the burger flavor. Combine all of them to make the burger patties.

  4. Looks great I've never seen an eggplant burger always just beans which sometimes eating a lot of beans can force you to play the harmonious sounds of the butt trumpet later…oh ya i sure hope I didn't discourage the use of your old rubber spatula there Mr. buck lol I was only fooling 🙂

  5. Boom Boom alot of spice and your burger will turn out very nice! Haha Great video will have to try this recipe on the weekend 💛

  6. HI Chef Buck and Camera Girl, I only recently stumbled across your videos and binged on them (the meat free recipes, of which there are loads thankfully, as I am veggie). I love your presentation – I think my favourite video is the gluten free lasagne, it is so funny. I also love your recipes and your relaxed way of demonstrating them. Would you accept a challenge to do more vegan food? This is vegan apart from the butter and mayo. I am not vegan but am vegan-curious. (btw Worcestercestercestershire sauce is not vegetarian as it has anchovies in it however, though I don't know if you can get this, Henderson's Relish is and is very similar in flavour – I could send you some if you would like to try it? It is a very northern english condiment).

  7. That looks delish!!! Your kitchen reminds me of my moms Cali kitchen…where are y'all located? BTW…burger is bangin 😎😎

  8. This looks quite delish! Going tomorrow to pick up ingredients for Chef Buck and CG Nacho recipe for the Giants game on Sunday. Those are killer!

  9. Chef Buck You dont find eggplant to be bitter from not salting to leech out the solanine before cooking? Looks really good though. Im gonna try using chinese eggplant to make some veggie sliders. Have you ever tried seared cantalope A La Mode? I experimented with this and it turned out amazing.

  10. OMG!!! 🤤🤤my mouth is watering!!! I'm going to do it for lunch tomorrow Sunday!!! Thank you so much for the recipe!!!

  11. chef but this looks so great I love eggplant have you ever made caponata if so let me know if you have a recipe I made it one time but it's been years ago thank you

  12. I like drying the slices of eggplant out with salt, then wiping them off, then breading them (extra dry, then flour, then buttermilk, then panko), and then I pan fry in like a cm of oil. They end up being crispy opn the outside and like molten on the inside. It works great with mayo or ranch dressing on a bun. I like to serve with tomato and cilantro. I also mix hot sauce into the mayo, unless I use ranch, then I just use ranch.

  13. Great idea, Chef Buck. Had two of these today, eggplant seasoned with curry, black pepper and salt. Dressed like a a burger. Much better than most "vegeburgers" I've tasted. Much, much easier to make! Thanks for that!!!

  14. I just cooked it and oh my goodness it was the best aubergine I've ever eaten​ in my life! And I ate a lot of it because aubergine always was my favourite vegetable. Thank you for the recipe. Have a great day and Happy New Year!

  15. I wasn't even sure if I liked eggplant but I tried this and it was a fail for me. Yuck. Not even close to a burger it was mushy and wayyy too much chili powder. Did not enjoy but guess I'm glad I tried it to see. I still don't think I'm an eggplant fan.

  16. Another fun fact about eggplants is that the female has wayyyyy more seeds and tastes more bitter so it’s better to buy the male. The bottom of a male eggplant has a round indent but with a female it is a slash shaped indentation

  17. That looks soo yummy. Never thought of blacking eggplant n using it as a burger 🍔 wow going to try this. I love eggplant I always eat tomatoes with them takes away that bitterness but I love it just the same. Thanks for the great idea. 😋

  18. I make black bean patties too. Definitely more work, but good too…trick is making mixture at right consistency to fry.

  19. Does the eggplant cook all the way through ? Can I substitute bread for cauliflower make shift bread..low carbs..🤷

  20. I tried this Recipe last week, It was delicious! Kinda reminded me of a chicken burger. I used spicy chilli spices. I have tried store bought veggie burgers and such and they taste weird or off, this recipe was just right in that it felt like a meaty chicken burger.

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