Calcium for Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress and ADHD | Advice from a Naturopath

Hi I’m Dr. Samantha Gray, Naturopathic Doctor and today we’re going to talk about the mineral calcium calcium is found in dairy products and
small fish with the bones still intact a can of salmon
with the bones in and even bone broth a great sources of
calcium even if you’re eating all these great foods you may not be getting enough calcium
because if your stomach acid is low you may not be able to absorb all the
calcium you need. A very common symptom or outcome of low calcium levels is
osteoporosis earlier symptoms of calcium deficiency
might be symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, hyperactivity or in
children a symptom called pica which is when they have a tendency to want to eat chalk or dirt its a sign that they could be deficient
in calcium. Calcium is a very complex in mineral and requires a lot of investigation to find
out if you are deficient so if you’re unsure consult with your
naturopathic physician

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