Can You ACTUALLY Be Scared To Death?

Can You ACTUALLY Be Scared To Death?

We guess most of you have watched a horror
movie before or come across a very scary looking person in the night and said later in the
figurative sense, “I was scared to death.” None of you have literally been scared to
death, unless you’re watching this show from beyond the grave. But imagine something happened to you that
was so scary it was unimaginable, could that experience frighten you to the extent you
just died on the spot? Do you think that sounds silly? Well, let’s see if it’s possible. First of all, you’ll likely know why we
get scared in the first place. Let’s say you turn a corner while walking
down a street and you’re suddenly faced by huge dog who’s snarling and ready to
pounce on you. Unless you’re inhuman, or one in a million,
it’s likely your heart will beat faster and you will breathe faster. What you’re feeling is what a person might
have felt 100,000 years ago when faced with a saber-toothed tiger. This is a natural reaction that we sometimes
call fight or flight. Do you stay and fight or do you go. What is happening to that person is a part
of the brain called the amygdala is activated. It’s the region responsible for fear. The amygdala then sends a message to other
parts of the brain, and one is called the hypothalamus. This region of the brain triggers the release
of hormones such as adrenaline. This can be called an adrenaline rush. When your body produces this stuff your heart
beats faster, and more blood goes to your muscles and brain. You are alert and can react faster to whatever
danger is in front of you. If you didn’t experience this and you didn’t
ever get scared you’d likely only be on this planet for a short time. This is of course good for us in some situations;
it’s kind of a survival mechanism. But being scared to death, well, surely that
wouldn’t make any sense at all. You may as well have gone toe-to-toe with
that tiger rather than just fallen to the ground and served yourself up as a ready-made
meal. But you know what, you can indeed be scared
to death. Let’s first explain why and then look at
some examples. It boils down to something called the autonomic
nervous system, which basically means stuff that happens to you unconsciously. There are just some things your body does
that you don’t really control, and one of them is your response to fear. When it comes to fear, sometimes a person
can kind of have an overload in terms of the bodily response. Too much adrenaline, too fast heart rate,
and boom, a person might just drop. What most people don’t know is that adrenaline
can be a killer. While it may get you into fight or flight
mode, scientists tell us that it can release toxins into the heart, the lungs, the liver,
and the kidneys. It’s the heart that really matters though. Mess with that and sudden death could be on
the way. We don’t mean to scare you by the way. You’d have to be really scared and possibly
in bad health to drop dead from too much fear, but it does happen. We are told that adrenaline will release calcium
into the heart. This might not be good because the consequence
can be your heart not being able to slow down. This might cause something called ventricular
fibrillation, which you could say is your heart beating like a pair of shoes in clothes’
dryer. This might lead to blood not going to parts
of your body and the possibility of you keeling over dead. Scientists say adrenaline-related deaths are
not only because of fear, and people have died while playing sports or even making love. Again, this is very rare. Please don’t give up playing basketball
or practicing the dance of life any time soon. Now let’s take this a bit further and look
at the first line of an article in the Scientific American in 2009. That was, “A Charlotte, N.C., man was charged
with first-degree murder of a 79-year-old woman whom police said he scared to death.” The title of that story was “Can a person
be scared to death?” As we’ve said, the answer is yes. In that case of the old woman, a man entered
her house, gave her the fright of her life and as we’ve just described the rush of
adrenaline gave her a heart attack and she died. The Scientific American interviewed the chairman
of the neurology department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and asked him if
a person could be scared to death and he resoundingly answered, “Absolutely, no question about
it.” He talked about the big downside of what he
called revving up your system. He went on to say what we have already told
you, relating to the autonomic nervous system and adrenaline, adding that while this might
produce liver or kidney failure, it’s really only a matter of the heart when it comes to
dropping down dead. And get this, he said people have been known
to die when they had a huge rush of happiness. He said there was one case when a man playing
golf got a hole in one and then said to his golf partner, “I can die now.” And that’s exactly what happened. He was so overwhelmed with feeling that too
much calcium rushed into his heart and the organ couldn’t take it. In another interview but this time with NPR
the same person talked about a man that bowled a perfect 300 and he said to his teammates,
“I’ve finally done it.” He then dropped down dead. Sudden cardiac deaths have spiked when there
are big sporting games on. You can just imagine the scene. Man gets up and punches the air when the ball
is hit out of the park. Man falls down dead. We found data on the soccer world cup in Germany
and related sudden deaths. When it was held in that country some Germans
dropped down dead during Germany games. The research showed there was three times
the risk of sudden death during the days when Germany had a game. Even religious passion has felled people,
so be careful with that religious ecstasy. You can imagine another scene, this time a
conversation. “How did he die?” “Ecstasy.” “Rave?” “No, church.” We said don’t panic, but the Scientific
American said while this has more chance of happening to someone with a pre-existing heart
condition, it can actually happen to healthy people of any age. In an interview with the American Heart Foundation
a doctor backed-up what the Scientific American said. He said while very rare, anyone can be scared
to death, even young folks, but for it to happen you would have to be really, really
scared. Ok, now you’ve heard that, we think we should
try and find some cases of when young, or middle aged healthy people were literally
frightened to death. We can find quite a few news stories of older
folks being scared to death, but it seems it doesn’t happen to younger people often. We did find a BBC story about a drunken man
in Scotland who decided to enter a store and start smashing it up. The man who owned the store it was said dropped
down dead out of fear. He wasn’t young, but he wasn’t very old
either. We should say that the man had had problems
with his heart in the past. The young man who had done the damage pled
guilty to culpable homicide. Then there’s the case of an LA earthquake
that happened in 1994. That day 24 people just dropped down dead
after the quake. The average age was pretty old at 68, but
only 42 percent of the victims had pre-existing heart conditions. We looked all over and couldn’t find news
stories of young people being scared to death, but the scientists agree it could happen. Have you ever been so frightened you thought
you might just die? Tell us in the comments. Now go watch “How People Literally Laughed
to Death.” Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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