Canaries as Pets : What Do Canaries Eat?

Canaries as Pets : What Do Canaries Eat?

On behalf of expert village, my name is Laura
and i’m here to talk to you about canaries. All canaries require seed in their diet. Seed
is important but it is not the only thing. Canaries must have pelleted food and fresh
fruits and vegetables in order to have a well rounded and balanced diet. Make sure your
canary has a full supply of water and a fresh supply of water on a daily basis. Canaries
need a lot of water, they bathe a lot. It’s very important for you to keep your canaries
cage clean. Most cages come with a wire rack on the bottom that is easily scrubbed, and
a small drawer on the bottom that can be removed and dumped. Canaries are very suseptible to
giardia. Giardia is a species spread bacteria and it can kill them. You need to make sure
that the bottom of your cage is kept fairly clean.

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  1. @CLARKY1239876 hello I feed my canaries some apples and they love it. Also I feed them vegetables like cucumber and celery leafs.

  2. We don't have peleted food for canaries here. My mom has a canary and she eats 90% fruit and veggies and 10% seed. She gets millet spray and once in a while egg food and as a treat she gets a very little finely chopped walnut which is first put on paper towel to take access oil. She eats lettuce, grated carrot, apples, fresh sweetcorn, cucomber every day and more. She bathes 5 times a day wants fresh water every time;) A very happy singing bird;)

  3. If you have a single female canary, then don't listen to this woman. A mirror and a nest can make her lay an egg every two days for a long time and that will in the end result in a sick bird. Or an egg can get stuck. Also any toy that can be used for nesting material should be removed if she starts laying eggs.

  4. Pellets are as bad as commercial dog/cat food. It was developed because some people only fed seed but it is grain products, sugar and colorings. A good seed mix, greens, fruit, sprouted seed, and boiled or scrambled egg is a complete diet. The seed should contain a number of varieties beside the traditional balck/white & should be formulalated for canaries. Fresh corn on carb once in awhile or whole grain bread is fine, but watch for obesity. Pellets are not necessary & people get lazy.

  5. Pears are a good fruit for Canaries. But you can use most fruits. Just don't use Avocadoes and iceberg. Grapes are also good. My mom's canary now lives with me. She never drinks water so it's very important that she gets fruits and veggies that contain a lot of juices. She sings better than any male Canary and is so sweet and lively. As someone else wrote here be careful of mirrors and anything that can be used for nesting if you have a single female. I hope this helps you:)

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