Caring for Alpacas : Alpacas Diet

Caring for Alpacas : Alpacas Diet

Hi, I’m Jill Bergman and I’m going to tell
you a bit about what alpacas eat and what they need to eat. This is grass hay, and I
have a very good source that I get out of southern Utah, and you can see that it’s nice
and green and it’s not too dirty. Occasionally I will find some alfalfa but, alfalfa actually
has too much protein for alpacas so you don’t really want them eating much alfalfa. This
hay I get, if you want to raise alpacas you’ll have to talk to other alpaca breeders, or
people and find out where do they get their hay. I’ve also called local farm stores to
find out who can service me with hay, but I have that delivered every spring. I always
like to get second cut because it doesn’t have that many stems in it. Generally I get
it around in July and have it delivered around July. I’m going to show you here the supplements
that I feed the alpacas. This is really my winter feed. In the summer it’s not as heavy
as this. These are my pellets that I feed them and this I feed them all year round.
This was designed by a fellow at Brigham Young University and it’s specifically for alpacas.
I don’t know, my alpacas have been very healthy with this so I’ve been very pleased with it.
In the winter I give them alfalfa pellets and I don’t do that in the summer, but I do
give them alfalfa pellets. Then there’s another thing mixed into this, it’s called cob. Cob
is corn and oats and barley and it’s mixed with molasses so it gives it a little Mmm
taste for the alpacas. Each alpaca, I have these bowls, and each alpaca gets one of these
every morning. This is what they live for. This is what makes life worth living. They
love this. Along with that I also give them a scoop of this fiber nutrients. This was
developed by a doctor, a veterinarian out of Ohio, Dr. Evans and I mix that in like
that and that fiber nutrients helps to keep their fiber nice and lustrous and healthy
and strong. Having strong fiber is very important when we’re talking about an animal that is
a fleece producing animal because, if you have to process it, it has to be strong fiber.
So that’s the purpose of that. Now here we have minerals and these minerals look like
this. We just free feed them minerals, they have this in buckets so they can eat as much
minerals as they want. It’s just like salt and trace minerals and things just to keep
their body balanced.

7 Replies to “Caring for Alpacas : Alpacas Diet

  1. At 02:30 they are like, "Hey! Watcha doing with the nummy winter feed? Do we get? Do we get? Me! Me! Me!"

  2. Can they forage like goats? I live on a mountain homestead in Northern California. We have goats and are considering alpacas too

  3. Can you tell us what the food brands are?  When it's time to feed, although our alpacas each have their own bowl, they move around eating from each others bowl, how can I assure they are each getting the required amount?  Thanks!

  4. I love it when the lady put her hand into the barrel of the pellets and the Alpacas are immediately alert; and when she puts the mixture into the little bowl, all you can see of alpacas is them sticking their lovely heads through the bars, hoping they'll get some 😀 😀 omg they are so cute.

    BTW: very interesting and instructive video, thank you!

  5. I read that you are not suppose to give them sweet feed… I would like to know because I just adopted 4 beautiful alpacas and want to make sure they get the proper nutrition

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