Clary Sage Oil Health Benefits

Clary Sage Oil Health Benefits

Jordan: Hi I’m Jordan Rubin, CEO of,
where we believe food is medicine. In fact, food is ancient medicine and today
we’re here to share with you an ancient medicine called clary sage oil and its powerful health
benefits. Clary sage may be something you’ve never heard
of before. If you’re an essential oil user, you certainly
have. Look at how beautiful that plant is. What is clary sage? First of all, clary sage is a perennial plant
in the genus Salvi, so sage is Salvia. Salvia sclarea is clary sage. You might not realize that chia seed, that
superfood from the Amazon, is also a sage, Salvia hispanica. Just a little tip for you there. Medieval authors called the herb clear eye,
“clary,” and it’s derived from the Latin word “clarus,” which means clear. In the Middle Ages it was known as “Oculus
Christi,” or the “eyes of Christ.” That’s a pretty cool bit of information. It grows from May to September, and it’s native
to the northern Mediterranean region along with some areas in Africa and Asia. It can reach four to five feet in height. Thick, square stems covered in hair-like features,
and it’s colorful and blooms in bunches. Well now you know what clary sage is, let’s
talk about what is does. Clary sage has amazing benefits. Probably number one is it relieves menstrual
discomfort. When you’re dealing with PMS, or your monthly
cycle, women, clary sage is a go-to essential oil for PMS, etc. Supports hormone balance. Very similar. It can do that not just one time a month,
all the time no matter what age you are as a female. Insomnia. Do you know how many people in America have
insomnia? Double digit percentages of people don’t get
enough sleep and can’t fall asleep or can’t stay asleep. Clary sage is wonderful for that. Clary sage increases circulation, whether
you inhale it or use it topically, it’s great for circulation. Clary sage reduces cholesterol levels in the
body. Sage is amazing as it is any sage. Clary sage works as a stress reliever. Clary sage has been shown in en vitro studies
to fight leukemia. Pretty awesome. Clary sage can kill bacteria and fight infection. So many essential oils from herbs and spices
are anti-microbial. Clary sage is great for your skin. Clary sage aids digestion, and by the way,
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you’ll get all kinds of information and do-it-yourself recipes on how to use clary sage to accomplish
all the benefits you see on the screen. Now let’s talk about how to use it. For eye care, you can actually add two to
three drops of clary sage to a clean and warm washcloth, press cloth over both eyes for
10 minutes. That will help your puffiness, etc. To ease digestion, massage clary sage along
with a carrier oil onto your belly. Pretty cool. For hair health, massage clary sage and rosemary
to your scalp with your shampoo or make your own shampoo, recipe on And, to enhance prayer or meditation, six
drops of clary sage, two drops of frankincense, mix some white fir or orange, and diffuse
it. That will help you get in the spiritual zone
in prayer and meditation. Now here’s some things you need to understand. Clary sage should be used with caution during
pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, because it can cause early uterine contractions. Clary sage is not for infants or toddlers. Clary sage can help with your eyes but not
necessarily should it be used in your eyes. It’s probably beneficial to keep it out of
your eyes, and you want to avoid using clary sage during or after alcoholic use as it can
interrupt your sleep. It’s good for sleep normally, not when combined
with alcohol. And, certain chemicals interact with clary
sage that also cause some issues. So if you’re on a medication with these various
compounds, chloral hydrate, or hexobarbitone, make sure to avoid clary sage. All right folks, clary sage is an essential
oil. Clary sage is a powerful health benefit to
women but also the men. Why? Because it relieves menstrual discomfort,
supports hormonal balance, relieves insomnia, increases circulation, reduces cholesterol,
works as a stress reliever, can fight leukemia, kills bacteria and fights infections, promotes
healthy skin, and aids digestion. You’ve always wondered what clary sage can
do, now you know, and now it’s time to tell others. If you know people who need the following
benefits, or they love essential oils and they were wondering what clary sage is, you
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get this video to everyone you know so that they can start incorporating the benefits
of this powerful plant known as clary sage. I’m Jordan Rubin, thank you for joining me
for Ancient Medicine Today, see you next time. Dr. Axe: Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
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  1. Jordan and Dr. Axe can you do a video on introducing solids into a babies diet at 6 months. Suggestion if good foods to start them on and a time line! Please

  2. Thanks for the vids Jordan and Josh. The Makers Diet saved my life when I was 14 and nearly put into an early grave from UC. God used your situation and testimony to save my life and I am very grateful. I unfortunately have had some new health issues greater then I could have ever imagined but I know God is bringing me through them for his glory. One day I will share my story too and hopefully write "The Makers Diet" of this generation. Thank you guys for spreading the truth, you are having a profound impact many many people. I know God has plans in store for my future to do the same. Maybe you'll even write my forward to my book one day too. God Bless!

  3. I'm diffusing this stuff now, with cedarwood the 2 together make a awesome combination. It has a soothing aroma and i can think with clarity. I luv essential oils.

  4. How do you use clary sage to balance your hormones? Where do you apply it to your body?

  5. Does anyone get a cooling sensation in the chest after using undiluted clargysage oil ? Is it a side effect or ?

  6. Dr Josh Axe: What is the difference between Sage essential oil and Clary Sage essential oil? Can they be used differently?

  7. Hello Jordan and Dr Axe!
    Question: How close are sage and clary sage related if at all? I had a allergy scratch test that showed I am allergic to sage and rag weed.
    Is clary sage safe for me to use?

    Thank you in advance
    Marie (COLORADO)

  8. I'm 28. I'm hoping that Clary Sage will be the key to getting me off ibuprofen for menstrual cramps. It'll be a god-send!
    Will be ordering soon! (I prefer Sweeders on EBay and Plant Therapy as my favorite Essential oil brands.

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