Clean Eating 101: Balance Your Body’s pH

Clean Eating 101: Balance Your Body’s pH

Eating alkaline forming foods matter for several reasons. One, you help reduce nutritional stress. Also, you reduce inflammation, which improves muscle functionality, and you keep your bones strong. Keeping your blood PH at 7.35 is going to happen anyways. It doesn’t matter what you do, doesn’t matter what you eat, it’s going to stay there. However, if you eat acid forming foods or highly processed foods, wheat flour, meat, diary, synthetic vitamins, synthetic drugs, all these types of things cause your body to pull calcium which is highly alkaline out of the bones and into the blood to maintain that neutral PH. Over the course of time, your bones are going to get weaker, and very likely lead to osteoporosis later in life, which is of course happening a lot in North America. So to offset that, if we eat alkaline forming foods – things that have chlorophyll, obviously the green pigment in plants, that’s highly alkaline forming. So that’s going to offset that, so your bones stay strong. Also, when you eat alkaline forming foods, nutritional stress goes down. That’s huge, because that means cortisol, the stress hormone goes down. That means you’re going to be able to sleep deeply in the deep Delta phase of sleep, which means you wake up and you’re going to be fresh and rested and you’ll treat the cause of fatigue, not the symptom so that’s huge. A reduction of inflammation is also huge, because your muscles then work more efficiently. Your flexibility will go up, your ability to move will improve. If you don’t have to work as hard, if you don’t spend as much energy moving your body, you have more energy, because you’re not spending it. So eating alkaline forming foods – even though it doesn’t change your blood PH – makes a huge difference for just general, overall health. So how do you tell if a food is alkaline forming or not? Well, there’s a few basic ways. General rule is that the more processed something is, the more acid forming it is. The less processed, the more alkaline. So, the standard American diet is completely acid forming. White flour, meat, dairy, synthetic vitamins, synthetic drugs, soda, are highly acid forming. On the converse, anything that is natural is going to be alkaline forming. However, the most alkaline forming foods are the green foods. So anything that has that green pigment to it, which is chlorophyll, is highly alkaline forming. Also, the more mineral rich food is, the more alkaline forming it is. So the soil is huge. Minerals come from the soil. If there is no minerals in the soil, there’s none in the food. So that’s going to affect the alkalinity. Alkaline forming foods aren’t the only way to maintain a stable PH. Doing things that you enjoy actually helps a lot too, because stress relief largely has to do with perception. If you perceive something is enjoyable and fun, then it helps lower the stress hormone. So if you like running, go for a run. If you like doing yoga, do some yoga. Deep breathing exercises are really good too, because it helps get more oxygen into your body which helps lower cortisol as well. Therefore it helps keep the alkalinity higher. So, does everything you eat have to be alkaline forming? The answer is, thankfully, no, it doesn’t. If you’re transitioning, you may still be phasing out some acid forming foods. That’s fine, as long as you’re progressing, that’s great. That’s what we’re looking for here. But also, even when you are eating an ideal diet, not everything you eat is going to be highly alkaline forming. Lentils for example – great food, but they’re considered neutral to even slightly acidic. But that’s okay, because you’re going to be eating a lot of greens which are going to offset any acidity. It’s not about balance here. I think the word “balance” is often used out of context. Because of course, when one thing goes up, something else goes down. it’s a scale, and this is not about a trade off. This is about complementary, synergistic, benefit here. One of the main aspects of the Thrive Forward program is about improvement. It’s not about perfection, you just want to get better. As long as you’re improving, you’re making progress, and that’s what it’s all about. It doesn’t matter if you’re a world class athlete or if you’re just getting started. You always want to be better, and that’s what I want to help you do. So small changes – start off with small things and just progress. All about progression. In the beginning, don’t think about “not eating things that aren’t so good.” Think about adding things that are good. So, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, wild rice, greens, all types of these new things you’re learning about in this program, add those in. Don’t think about getting rid of the soda and the meat and diary and all that stuff at first. That will just happen. So, inclusion, not exclusion. Simple things like putting a little bit of lemon juice in your water. Just like that, before you go to bed. Squeeze a bit in there. Even though lemon is acidic, it’s alkaline forming. So when you drink this before bed, it’s going to help put less of a strain on your body, and it’s going to help reduce inflammation. To expand on what you’ve just learned, you can check out the supplemental material on this page that includes a PH chart, lessons, and recipes.

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  1. Such a fabulous role model, a compassionate approach. Thank you – you have helped me. (Love the Vega One shake!)

  2. WOW…this is total non-scientific BUNK!
    I wish Brendan would stop promoting this unproven idea and get some real proven science into his head. So many people will believe this junk he says and not bother to do the research. But if you do you will see that this is absolute made up nonsense.

  3. 0:33 he says synthetic vitamins are bad…but in reality there is no difference between synthetic and "naturally sourced" vitamins, and the human body can not tell the difference.
    Where is he getting his info from? Oh yea, he is making it up AGAIN!

  4. google ….Acid/Alkaline Theory of Disease Is Nonsense…and read the Quackwatch article
    It is very informative on this subject
    so is the Wiki article.

  5. I would very much appreciate it if Brenda could name even one real scientific paper or study that backs up what he is claiming here. All I find when I search for proof about Alkaline-forming foods is opinion or hearsay. The real science that I found says that this Alkaline diet is nonsense. Try googling it for yourself.
    I am not saying that eating fresh fruit and veg is bad for you, I am saying that what Brendan is saying about Alkaline foods is bunk. Again, please , prove me wrong if you can.

  6. Awesome Video!

    I was a peptic ulcer patient and my family got full worried about it!

    I could cure the ulce without medications with the help of
    1) god's grace
    2) videos like yours
    3) "body ph meter" mobile app by lokesh
    4) diet , meditation and exercises

    Now, I know that medications are not required

  7. Most of what Brenda says about pH is WRONG!
    Try some science!;jsessionid=98F360A53831C45680AC75E0DF30B4ED.f01t02
    VEGA :WHY do you keep letting Brendan spread this provably wrong myth?
    It very much hurts your credibility as a company when your "spokesperson" is so wrong about human physiology!

  8. I used to drink Lemon Juice in hot water, feeling it was both acidic yet alkaline and healthy.  Now I know why.  Thanks for the tips on alkaline forming foods

  9. Why did you get rid of the Supplemental information on the website. I really was looking for that Alkaline vs Acid forming Chart. Where can I find a copy of that now?

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