Clue: The Hunger Games Edition

Clue: The Hunger Games Edition

– [Voiceover] In this new
twist on a classic game, we bring you Clue, The Hunger
Games: Catching Fire Edition. Six tributes sent to the arena, but only one will come out alive. Can you figure out who? – I think it’s Mags, in the
paralyzing fog, with the dagger. – I think it was Katniss
with the bow and arrow in the salt water wave. Shucks! – [Voiceover] Play as all
your favorite characters. It’s fun for the whole family! May the odds be ever in your favor. – I won! (snaps finger) Clue Catching Fire Editing is not and will never be available in the stores. Print your own version at ♫ In the Hunger Games ♫ We could be the
tributes from District 12 ♫ Nothing I would do would
be to save myself now ♫

21 Replies to “Clue: The Hunger Games Edition

  1. This is awesome. Soon after the last Harry Potter book came out, I made my own version of HP Monopoly. All cut and paste work, though nothing as brilliantly designed as this.

  2. At first I was hesitant to watch this video cause I dunno what "Clue" is, but after the "advert" I realised its just Cluedo in disguise. 

  3. You have so much talent and creativity you should really pitch your work to peopke like Hasbro or shark tank you reallyhave something I reallywant this game

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