Could this be the diet for Amberlynn | Zach attempts My 600lbs life diet plan

Could this be the diet for Amberlynn | Zach attempts My 600lbs life diet plan

So the majority of you guys might know who Zach is. He has a successful weight loss history himself and a couple of videos on his channel related to that journey. More recently, he decided to do a video with a cameo appearance of Dr Now, and he wanted to follow the recommended diet from Dr Now for a week. I wasn’t planning to do a video about this, but upon watching his video, there were many interesting points that I thought were very interesting (lol) so here we are. First, let’s see what Dr Now (the cutest) had to say to Zach about his new diet. ($200??? I could never) (I want that book too) (King of Marketing) (Translation: Buy the book) (true) Okay so let’s do a quick summary of Dr Now’s recommendations for Zach: 1. You can’t have any snack whatsoever 2. You should eat only three meals a day with a limit of 400 calories per meal 3. Each meal should have a portion of veggies and protein and nothing else I know what you might be thinking, but we’re going to talk about why Dr Now has this approach throughout this video, so although this might not make sense right now, you’ll see where he is coming from with this. For this week Zach bought a lot of water, Spaghetti squash, Heavy Cream for his coffee, Bacon Fresh Ground turkey, Soy Protein Burgers, Spinach, Broccoli and chicken breast What I do like about this is that Zach did attempt to buy most of his ingredients fresh unless he had no option, but I did wish he had bought some fish instead of the burgers because you guys know I’m a processed meat anti but you know Maybe he doesn’t eat fish, which it’s my case, so if you guys have been watching him for a while let me know if this is the case or not. Other than that, there’s not much to say he bought sources of protein and broccoli and spinach and I will say though people usually have a very limited notion for the word veggie. There’s so much more that you can buy and I feel like this might be why people think salads are boring? Because they are just eating the same two or three veggies but let’s see how Zach felt during the week following this diet. This following part contains notes(extra info) on the screen and my voice over so you might want to look at the screen if you want to see everything that I have to say about it. For breakfast, Zach followed the same routine every morning. He had a cup of coffee, eggs and bacon with just minor changes throughout the week. For lunch, he had a portion of veggies and a protein, and he chose either ground turkey or chicken for all of his meals. For the vegetable, it was usually either the broccoli or the spaghetti squash. Finally, for dinner, he would usually either repeat the lunch or he would make something simple like an omelet with spinach. There’s a lot of interesting points regarding Dr Now’s diet, and although I have made quite some videos so far, I never talked about this diet. As you can expect, we are talking about a very low-calorie, low carb diet AND low-fat diet which people always seems to forget. It consists of consuming lean protein and vegetables. So it is no wonder that Zach felt this way during this week. (This is interesting, the majority of us don’t even know how it feels like to REALLY be hungry.) But what we have to keep in mind that this diet is a diet to lose weight quickly. But not just because these people need to lose weight, but because they have a goal, which is surgery. This diet was not created to make you lose weight throughout the year, nor it was designed to fix your relationship with food. It was created to make people lose weight quickly so they can do the surgery. Dr Now is a surgeon. He is not a nutritionist and neither a Dietitian. Because the goal for this diet is quick weight loss, it’s low on everything except protein. Proteins are not a good source of energy. As we know, our body will use carbs first, and then fat in the absence of carbs. When you take both out of your diet, you can bet you’ll have not energy whatsoever. But the point is, do the people to whom this diet is made for need energy in the first place? Being a surgeon with a specialty in bariatric surgery Dr Now is not dealing with the typical Karen that needs to lose 20 pounds or that person who wants to drop 5 pounds so they can look better on a wedding dress We are talking about morbidly obese people in desperate need of a quick solution. At this point, when you’re over 600 pounds, your weight is the most immediate health problem that you have and the factor that is putting your life in danger and so much more important than teaching you how to fix your issues with food is saving your life. Yet again, think about any other eating disorder. You start by heavy intervention first, to “force” the patient to eat to gain weight and you can save their life. Meanwhile, you also work on fixing the deeper problems with food. In most cases, doing either one or the other by themselves won’t work, they must be done together. You must work on both things together. Just like I mentioned, this is a diet that provides a minimum amount of energy as it’s low on both carbs and fat. Still, yet again, we are talking about morbidly obese individuals with limited mobility. Most patients on My 600 pounds life can barely move, and the majority of them are bed-bound. Zach, on the other hand, is fully active and even practices sports. At the end, after five days doing Dr Now’s diet, Zach “lost” about three pounds. Now I know you might think “this is so much effort for not a lot of result!”. Well, 3 pounds in 5 days can be considered a lot if you’re trying to lose 20 pounds. However, it’s almost nothing if you’re trying to lose 400 pounds. Zach himself explains this really well: Do I need to say anything more? I guess my conclusion for this video is that you might think Dr Now’s diet is drastic and unhealthy for YOU, but it might be a necessary measure for someone who is 600 pounds. It might not initially fix an eating disorder, but it might keep the patient alive so that they can try to get better. If this description doesn’t fit you, there is absolutely no reason for you to follow such a diet. But what do you guys think? Do you think you can follow Dr Now’s diet for a whole week? Let me know in the comments down below! Also let me know what you think about this diet, if you think someone like Amber, or like Chantal or Foodie Beauty could benefit from doing a similar diet or not. You’re the best if you watched this far, thank you

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  1. During the "Lunch" I mistakenly added a footnote during my voice over (which was then covered by the subs), so if you have your subs on you kind of can't see this one footnote, sorry about that it was a mistake during editing but it's only in that part. Anyway, enjoy the video because it's fridaaayyyyyy finally!

  2. During the "Lunch" I mistakenly added a footnote during my voice over (which was then covered by the subs), so if you have your subs on you kind of can't see this one footnote, sorry about that it was a mistake during editing but it's only in that part. Anyway, enjoy the video because it's fridaaayyyyyy finally!

  3. Eba, vídeo novo! Adoro seus vídeos, eles são super informativos e oferecem críticas construtivas para a Amberlynn, diferentemente do hate que ela geralmente recebe. Você é estudante de nutrição?

  4. If I recall correctly, ALR's diet doctor tried to get her on something like this and she immediately found a bullshit reason to stop. There's a reason why she isn't going on My 600 lb life.

  5. I don’t think you’re seeing the bigger picture. My 600lbs diet won’t do squat if ALR can’t get hold of properly PH balanced water to drink.

  6. I could definitely follow this diet for a week – it’s just a week, after all.
    But ALR or Chantal… they don’t seem to be committed to anything in my opinion. As long as they don’t get to the point where they ACTUALLY want to lose weight, nothing will happen…
    Very informative video as always!

  7. It takes a little time for the body to switch from carb burning to body fat burning, for energy–which could cause low energy level.

  8. Sadly I don't think Amber could follow this diet plan (or any diet plan) because she won't commit to anything

  9. I'm of a normal BMI, so I just take a basic whole-foods approach to eating. I actually eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day because it's easy, I like routine and I know the exact amount of calories I'm consuming. Then I cook dinner 5 or 6 times a week, basically, whatever I want, and eat out once or twice somewhere I can get at least a moderately healthy option, like Panera or whatever. I also allow myself one "treat" a day, which is either a sweetened beverage like a chai latte (no soda, haven't drank any since I was a kid) or a small dessert, like two oreos. I can't totally give up sugar, but I try to keep my eye on my intake. Sugar is literally the devil, lol. And then I try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and that's it!

  10. The problem with Amber is she doesn’t want to be uncomfortable. Remember, she eats for comfort, but also for any/every emotion. Happy? Eat. Sad? Eat. Worried? Eat. Excited? Eat. Friends coming over? Eat. All alone? Eat. Everything in her life revolves around food. That’s why people say she needs extentensive, intensive therapy to work thru this so she has coping skills. She needs to learn that a celebration doesn’t mean food. Food should never be a coping mechanism. It’s the same way with a drug/alcohol/gambling/sex etc addict. You need to change your entire life to change a long term addiction. She will never get the therapy/psychological help that she needs because she refuses to relinquish her power to anyone. Her best thinking is what got her here. Until she changes that, she will stay the same.

  11. In June 2019, I contacted the producers of
    “My 600-LB Life” on AmberLynn’s behalf (unbeknownst to her) asking for their help to work with AmberLynn and get her on the road to a new, healthier future.
    They responded to me and said that they had reached out to AmberLynn “several times” and that she had refused help each time, because appearing on the program would require her to give up her YouTube channel for the duration of Dr Nowzaradan’s weight loss program.
    So… yes. My 600-LB Life could help AmberLynn.
    But clearly, she does not want to change.

  12. Hi Moon Eyes, I think I could easily follow this diet for a week or even a month because I am a routine kind of person and I rarely eat out. I am actually tempted to give it a try. Also, you were right when you guessed that Zach doesn't really like fish. I've heard him say a couple of times that he's not really a fish eater. Thanks for giving a little more info about this diet and the thought behind it. It is far too restrictive for Amberlynn at this point. If she lost 100/200lbs and needed a jump start again for her diet, this would probably be great for her to follow for a week or two, but I cant see her doing this for any longer. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts💕

  13. I suppose i could do this diet, but i'm around a bmi of 19 so i don't want to restrict myself. Fish is awesome, and definitely a staple in my diet.

  14. I almost hit 400 pounds last year. I'm now down to 176. The key to my weight loss was making sure that food wasn't the only thing in my life. I was bored and depressed, and therefore I turned to food. The main problem was that the food genuinely made me feel better. That's why it's typically what people turn to when they're feeling down. I decided to get off my ass and took up a game design course. It was incredible to look at the time and realize that I'd gone several hours without shoving anything in my mouth. I originally started losing weight unintentionally, it was just a side effect of having something to do with my time. After losing ten pounds, I felt insanely motivated, and finally tried the "peel a pound" soup diet that kept popping up in my recommendations. I dropped 13 pounds in a week. It provided a massive boost to my self-confidence. I started lifting weights and restricting my calorie intake to 1600. The weight literally fell off me. It definitely wasn't an easy process. It required a HUGE change in mindset. For ages, I'd lied to myself about portion control and what was best for me, and that I'd do something with my life tomorrow. Every day it was "I'll do it tomorrow." It turned out that all I needed was a hobby. The brain does weird things when it's deprived of stimulation. Overeating is one of them.

  15. Could you imagine amber doing this? If she lost 50lb a month like he said she could change her life within 6 months to a year!

  16. I think he could lose more…If he was eating a lil bit of carbs, I assume his body went fat saving mode because it was in stress. But it would work on a bigger person who is almost constantly sits at one place.

  17. I could eat according to the diet for a week for sure, but Zach made some stupid choices. There are so many vegetables and so many ways to prepare them! 😩😩 this was painful to watch

  18. Monstrous A L could never stick to that she was after all the one sweating over eating too little calories like..Idk? A normal healthy person on some days? Btw her cal intake was 900 wich is just a snack below the average persons recomended intake.

  19. For me low fat low low carb diets like Dr Now's never worked for long and I was always hungry. Started keto/LCHF in April and I'm down 80 pounds and finally after 5 years of being on meds for high blood pressure my blood pressure is now normal and I no longer need the meds. Also lowered my cholesterol and best of all reversed my diabetes from an a1c of 7.7 to 4.7. Being diagnosed with diabetes was what made me realize I needed to change everything I was doing. Keto may not be for everyone but its worked amazing for me

  20. Amberlynn will never, EVER, follow anyone else's recommendations for her diet because she knows better than anyone else what works for her. At this point I don't think she wants to lose weight. She wants to eat like a glutton and buy all the crap that she wants. It's kind of sad, but if she doesn't want to put in the work to lose the weight and better herself than there is nothing anyone else can do.

  21. I love being a Forager and wild foods educator. The amount of amazing veggies that are 100x more nutrient rich, adventures of flavours. Engaged with every step of your food from mud to plate and exercise with good cardio and stretching and climbing. There's no such thing as 'Boring Veg', only a boring mind in approach to and thought of them. Esp even how they're used. We have so many! Just in the UK. Brazil where you are @MoonEyes OMG wow! Im really lookin forward to my holiday there to forage the wilds cos you have some marvelous plants! I'll cook you a Wildcrafted healthy dinner when I'm there if you'd like? 🙂✌️💚

  22. I just got my paycheck and I'm going to try this for a week. I bet I'll save money and lately I'm the type of person that eats just to not feel nausea from hunger. If I need to eat bc of true hunger I'll add more of the same food.

  23. ALR i think needs restrictive diet. but of course with no enablers around her. keto/LCHF is a good diet for people who knows how to control but definitely not for her. she will definitely go overboard on the carbs and eat the whole fat portion too.

  24. I think the repetition is just an inevitability for anyone cooking for <= 2 people. You are going to get groceries that have enough chicken or broccoli for 3 separate meals. So you are going to repeat things like that.

  25. A year and a half ago i was morbidly obese. I followed dr now's diet for 2 months and then changed my diet a little after i wasnt morbidly obese anymore. After a year i was a bealthy weight and the weight is still off

  26. So pretty much she’s just not trying then. Listen ive had atypical anorexia but her whole “if i dont eat I’ll die” shit pisses me off. She isn’t a little chubby. She’s not like 250. She’s not starving herself. Which by the fuckin way doctor Now’s diet isn’t. It’s minimal, but calorically and nutritionally it’s perfectly fine. As someone who’s been struggling with anorexia for seven fucking years it makes me so angry that she dares to call anything she’s ate as “starving”.

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