Crispitos | CAFETERIA COPY CAT | The Starving Chef Blog

Crispitos | CAFETERIA COPY CAT | The Starving Chef Blog

What’s up hungry people. Welcome to the
Starving Chef’s kitchen. Today we are throwing it back to the halls of our
high schools and making copycat crispitos in all of their mystery meat
and nacho cheese glory. While there’s nothing quite like cheap school lunch meat, we’re going to be using lean ground beef in this recipe because my standards
for my meat is higher than it was in high school. Cook the beef until it has crumbled and browned and then give it a quick rinse
in the sink to get off any excess fat. Toss the cooked beef into a food
processor and then add turmeric, paprika, cumin, chunky salsa, and a splash of water. I remember in high school there was a very distinctive color to the crispito filling which is what I tried to match in my recipe, but feel free to
adjust the flavor combination to your preferences. Here’s a protip: to cut the
stack of tortillas in half, use a pizza cutter in order to get a nice even edge.
We are cutting the tortillas in half because if we wrap the filling in a
whole tortilla, the outer layers of the tortilla prevent the inside from getting
crispy. Spread about three to four tablespoons on to the edge of the
tortillas, and tippy-tappy with your fingers on the filling to get the ideal
shape. You want it to be in an even thickness and width. Then fold the
corners around the filling and wrap it up tightly into itself. I recommend using
tortillas that are about 10 to 12 inches wide because you’ll get the best roll
with those. Arrange the tortillas seam side down on a baking sheet. Spray the
tortillas generously with an oil-based cooking spray. This is going to be the
key to getting a crispy crispito. Pop it into the oven and bake for about 15
to 20 minutes – I checked on mine every couple minutes after the 10 minute mark
to make sure they didn’t get too crispy because I do like a relatively soft center
with a harder exterior. And then of course don’t forget the
nacho cheese! I remember back in my high school days the lunch ladies literally
ladled it on and then topped it off with a giant spoonful of sour cream. As one of
my most popular dishes on my website these crispitos transported me back in
time where drama nerds roamed free and senioritis ran rampant in the halls of
my high school. If you like this copycat crispito recipe, don’t forget to give
it a thumbs up and subscribe for a new recipe every week. Does this dish remind
you of your glory days? Let me know about it in the comments below! Don’t forget
you can find this full recipe and many others on my website I hope you all enjoy and I’ll talk to you soon.

13 Replies to “Crispitos | CAFETERIA COPY CAT | The Starving Chef Blog

  1. Where I went to high school, they called them 'fiesta sticks' so when I saw the term crispito, I had no idea what was going on, haha. Ours looked a bit different and came with melted mozzarella or something on top of them. We got a salsa to dip them in, but no cheese sauce or sour cream. Kids would sneak extras into their hoodie pockets (I know), so we were all punished by only getting one, mostly because a lot of us couldn't afford to buy more servings. Ah, high school sucked.

  2. Our crispitos always looked like beef, but they were actually chicken. None of us could believe it at first! We found them on Tyson, where they always ordered from.They're the Tyson Chili Chicken Crispitos. We literally went all through grade school and jr high thinking they were beef til high school when they messed up and accidentally ordered the wrong kind of crispitos, the Cheese Chicken Crispitos, which, of course sent us all into an upset lol

    Also, one of my classmates just sent me a snap a couple weeks ago about crispitos. He was all excited til he found out they quit serving nacho cheese with them! How rude. Like, that cheese is NECESSARY! Lmao I don't want to be in a world where there's no cheese served with crispitos, I'm pretty sure that's what hell is! Hahahaha!

  3. We used to get 2 full sized crispitos, then they gave us 1 crispito cut in half, now that I am in middle school, they give us 3/4 of a crispito. Why do the sizes keep getting smaller. We also got rice but they always left the rice out so it just became rock hard so it became inedible

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