Cry and Chey Animated: Don’t Starve Together

Cry and Chey Animated: Don’t Starve Together

God damn it I know that I run faster along roads I’m going to plant some trees around here Put it by the fire? Don’t put it on the fire? Okay I guess that makes sense because you’re making it warm Wait what does hatching the egg do? Is that going to kill us? I’m going to assume it’s going to make a little baby and it’s like, we’ll have a little minion Oh wow!! Nope nope nope nope!! You’re not hatching!! No, do it!! Put it down!! Put it down right now!! No… no!! It’s going to fucking take our seeds and it’s going to kill us in the end Don’t make me pick this up Don’t you touch that fucking egg Don’t you fuckin- DON’T- PUT THE EGG DOWN PUT THE EGG DOWN CHEYENNE CHEYENNE!! !!!!CHEYENNE!!!! It’s dark out there!! I’m not afraid of the dark!! GET BACK WITH MY EGGS!! Get back here!! Alright, but we’re killing the baby Alright we- wha- nooo!! Don’t kill the baby!! Put it closer We’re going to be parents Hang on, put more fire in there Put more fire… Tccchhhpbbbhhhhhttt YES! GET SOME FIRE, AND PUT IT IN THERE …okay

60 Replies to “Cry and Chey Animated: Don’t Starve Together

  1. this is so cute!
    I feel bad for not seeing this before
    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to part 2! <3

  2. please make more cry animations lol this is so perfect idec if its not the next part but youre great at this

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