David Guetta – Without You [Sahel Hunger Crisis] ft. Usher

David Guetta – Without You [Sahel Hunger Crisis] ft. Usher

100 Replies to “David Guetta – Without You [Sahel Hunger Crisis] ft. Usher

  1. I said that too "i've lost faith in humanity". It's so sad, Videos that have naked girls have 100million+. This that show the ppl that dont have food to eat everyday have just 1million.

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  3. I understand that this video can dislike by someone else because it has a dislike button but why is it a porn movies, pranking videos, funny jokes had no dislike, its bacause you have no soulful emotion for other persons. Dislike for other people who can do this kindess to others? then the other videos that not supposedly on this world has a thousand like and no dislike? You have to think twice before you like and dislike.

  4. nos que jamos cuando se nos rompe el movil , la ply , etc , esta gente no tiene nada eso y son felizes este mundo no esta bn hecho

  5. Most people would rather not know, least a worm be planted in their conscience to gnaw at them and remind them how privileged they are in the west.

  6. La idea es buena pero seamos sinceros si la ONU o la UNICEF o cualquier gobierno quisiera ayudarlos lo podrian hacer sin necesidad de pedir donaciones tan solo basta con ver la cantidad de dinero que se desperdicia en otros lugares o lo que se invierte en la guerra tan solo en el 2012 el presupuesto para la guerra fue de varios billones de dolares cuanto con tan solo unos miles o unos cuantos millones se podria cambiar la calidad de vida de esas personas…donde esta el vaticano que habla del amor al projimo? sigue recaudando mas dinero de sus fieles y aceptando donaciones de terrenos y propiedades de diferentes gobiernos…piensenlo quien tiene de esa forma a esas personas…tal vez la indiferencia de los mismos gobernantes que tienen el poder para cambiar las cosas.

  7. With all that we have and with thanksgiving just passing, how can we not donate? Maybe the $10 dollars we saved during Black Friday can go towards the families that need it most. Glad I saw this and had the chance to donate. I'm grateful.

  8. The middle class should be the new poor. I mean that in a positive way. There are enough resources in the world to feed everybody. If we come together as one people, it's very possible. To the super wealthy: please, do a little more. Just because someone gets to eat and not go hungry wont put them near the lavish lifestyle that you have earned.

  9. Imagine a world with many helpful people who have more and can do with less, so they contribute to the new wave of social media charity works. Transparency might be a challenge. Goodwill Ambassadors are needed, just like these guys have found out. There's a new development self-organizing at this very moment.

  10. Poor Africa other places like India have this problem in villages. Indian villages barely go to school and do so many chores like Africa. It's just like cutting down the jungles without noticing what adults are doing or having a one child policy where children are over flowing orphanages and people have to pay so many funds. The world has to be cared for to be able to live on with Earth and humanity. I feel so bad for places that are poor and can't get much food. Thank you David Guetta for this video. It made me cry.

  11. Every soul will be responsible for every good it did not do. 85 persons in this world have a fortune equivalent to what 3.5 billion has. I wonder what they do with it ? keep it in the bank like they will never die. It feels good to feed someone. Nothing hurt more than being hungry and knowing that you are not gonna eat for probably 2 days or 3. 

  12. We live here and see it every day. I can just say thank you to the rest of the world that helps. Its awsome to see also so many caring people.

  13. Está buenísimo! Me hubiera gustado poder vivir esa experiencia xq ellos son hasta más luchadores que uno y valoran lo que tienen!!! Fuerza!!!

  14. Who was so indifferent to press the dislike button ?
    Shame on people like this … "If you can´t do somthing wright ,at least don´t do a bad one "

  15. I always Pray that i can work very hard and earn a lot of money in other to HELP out the needy and Fight Hunger In Africa in General. I can't stop looking at this Video because i feel so Happy seen kids around the region smiling and feel Happy.. It really motivate me and make me so strong to achieved my dreams…!!!

  16. All good to the people of africa… but the best countrys (Rusia,EE.UU,China,Australia,Brasil) Dont help on nathing to africa , the best countys says africa is a reserv continet to the future and now only the people can help him and now presidents. And all countrys have your problems and the all president can help africa.Are there countrys have problems of light , problems of gas , problems of food and water etc….

  17. I had a friend from africa, he's mom got enough money to fly to europe, now he's the richest man on earth, yes its bill gates

  18. I think that a lot of people may want to help African Kids, But they cant because of the risk of diseases like Ebola that us sad 🙁

  19. touched my heart so much i hope that, and the droughts get better in the future😭😭… There lives right now are horrible i really wish i could just go there and give them money,rain,and food everyday😀😀! but why the dislikes😩👎🏾👎🏾that is upsetting but it may just be that people don't like how there life is right now and i get it.It also could be haters but prob most of them are the first one (hopefully)

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