DEATH BY BEES!! | Don’t Starve Together – Part 8

DEATH BY BEES!! | Don’t Starve Together – Part 8

Mark: Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier!! and welcome back to Don’t Starve Together, hi Bob! Bob: Hey how’s it goin? Mark: Uhhh pretty good I guess I di- I wasn’t sure if you were asking me or the people out there But I imagine they’re all doing wonderful, even though (Mark mumbling something) I hate this intro, can we do this again? Bob: No, you’re gonna have to use that one Mark: I think the magic of editing can allow me to do anything I want, I mean I could… just start over Bob: Nah I’m pretty sure you have to use that one. Mark: Okay alright okay So uhh we’re back [that good ol’ Bob laugh] and we got our science machine Umm…. We’re gonna… Bob: Have you seen any Beeffalos? Mark: No I have not. Bob: Cause I need some turds. Mark: Uh, that’s right, we need a lot of poop. That will probably be the next.. Bob: A lot of poop. Mark: That will be the next like area that we go to. Bob: Did you follow the road to the graveyard to find the stones? Mark: Yeah, that’s about were it all is.
Bob: Okay. Mark: I’m just gonna start planting trees.
Bob: …parts of the map that you discovered Bob: Yeah you should probably plant some trees.
Mark: Cause I am chopping the fuck out of this forest here. Bob: We are gonna get destroyed. Mark: By who? Bob: Tree gods, don’t you remember that? Mark: Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
Bob: …when we angered the tree gods cause we took too many trees and then you, you like accidentatly lit it on fire and we were just like hahaha! DIE TREE GOD!
Mark: I vaguely remember something like that happening but if anybody is gonna anger the tree god, you know it’s gonna be me. Also, I didn’t realise planting trees raises your sanity. Bob: Oh that’s nice.
Mark: That’s lovely. …eat a log to think about that. Okay, where are you right now? Bob: I am to the south east of.. I’m almost straight south from camp, but I sort of went south west and then south east and wiggled my way though stuff.
Mark: Okay I’m going straight.. Bob: I’m trying to find beefalo so I can get a small, a basic farm Mark: Oh okay.
Bob: …started so we can start to have some food supply at our base instead of having to scavange.
M: That… That would be a good idea M: It’s one of them good ideas.
B: Right, right, right? M: So I’m gonna just try to find more stone things to carve through so that we have a big stockpile and them I’m gonna build like a storage chests, stuff like dat and then home so we got good thing to go to. B: Stuff like that
M: Stuff like that, yea yea yea M: Oh man…
B: Got some different stuff. B: Why are you talking like that? That’s not how you talk. M: That’s how I talk. When I’m normal, you know, when I’m not recording. B: That’s like a different person… Hahaha, hanging out with Mark B: [imitating Mark] “I will see you in the next video. Bye bye!” [switching up the inflection] “Oh thank god that video is over.” M: “I hope the fans like that!”
B: “Jesus christ!” B: “Doing that deep voice hurts my voice!” B: “I wish I could talk like normal all the time.”
M: “I just don’t think they would accept meehh.” B: I can’t… You don’t have to say words, it’s just the cadence. B: “And — [mumbling imitations of mark’s choppy voice]” “[continues]” M: Sounds like you’re the scat man. [Scat-Mans] B: Man I shouldn’t be so far away from home. M: Man, you shouldn’t be.
B: It’s gonna be night time. M: Ah, I think you’re fine, you get the, the evenings are like incredibly long for some reason, I have no idea why. B: That’s true. M: So did you find beefalo yet though?
B: I did not. I didn’t find any, there’s an ass load of rocks everywhere and lots of gold which is usually a problem. M: Yeah…
B: But no beef beef. M: Beef beef, hmm. Let me try to mine one of these petrified trees. B: No Beefaleef M: Whoa, that’s weird. The petrified trees, you can pickaxe them into rocks, so I guess that’s kinda nice. ooooh… are you in the blackened area? B: Nnnooo… I’m sorta in the patchwork area …right in the middle of the map right now, coming back north. M: Uhh I’m – Oh, you’re coming north, oh shit! I am going south. M: I’m in a new birch wood area
B: Oh… Are you fur – you must be further west than me. I’m like, maybe just barely west of camp and like half the map south M: I’m just kinda on the road going south. B: Oh hey I’m at camp now.
M: Oh jeez, I’m so far south. M: Okay I think I’m gonna make it back in time, but I think, uh. I think for tomorrow we should definitely move camp down south because it seems like it has a lot of potential down here. B: We can like break down the science machine – the science man, right? M: Can you? I have no idea. B: Um. I’m gonna make a campfire for the night
M: That’s a good move. You should do that. M: I should build a shovel and dig up all these graves
B: You absolutely probably should maybe do that, yeah. M: Use a science machine to build a prototype for a goddamned shovel?! What am I stupid? B: Well… We were actually just talking about that earlier.
M: Hey, c’mon. C’mon now. Don’t be like that. B: Okay, sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry! M: Uh, sorry what?
B: Sor- sorry. Sorry. M: Sorry…sir?
B: Sorry you’re an idiot? M: Pbffuh, uh, oh thank you. B: Was that what you were looking for?
M: Th-sn-uh-yea pretty close enough. I guess. B: S-sorry. Sorry. M: Sorry, sssssuckass.
B: [laughs] Suckass… M: Was that a proper insult for everyone
B: Sorry, suckass. B: Sorry you’re such a suckass, suckass.
M: Yeah B: Ya suckass. M: Apparently my guy doesn’t trust all this science stuff. What else can I prototype? B: Too bad you’re such a suckass. You could prototype a shovel – M: Did you just call me a suckass? B: Well, I dunno… Am I talkin to a suckass? M: No one calls me a suckass, suckass. B: Oh, I should have been eating this whole time.
M: I am actually – do you have food? B: I have one cooked morsel right now.
M: Jeez, what’re you doing with all your traps, only one? B: They’re not catching shit, man!
M: Ah, man. Okay, how do we break down this thing? B: Here… M: OH GOD I LIT HIM ON F — OH GOD
B: I don’t know if we have to worry about B: breaking down the science machine now. M: Okay! Good! B: I’m gonna gather up my completely useless traps and then we’re gonna head south M: Hell yeah. B: Heellllll yeah M: I can’t believe that thing just spontaneously combusted like that M: That’s so weird, right? B: Yeah, with nobody doing anything to cause B: it to happen like it had that had happ– B: Oh my god, now there’s just a science machine shell. B: He is unspeakably burnt. M: [laughs] UNSPEAKABLY burnt. M: Oh god, remember when we had that nice farm… B: Yeah. And everything got destroyed by — was it a lightening strike? M: Yeah, I think it was — M: Was it, because you were the robot and you got M: struck by lightening? B: Oh, yeah!
M: [laughs] oh yeah! M: There was another time that happened because M: one of us was Willow, I can’t remember who…
B: Yeah, B: You, you —
M: It was me? M: [laughs] I can’t remember exactly who M: Let me dig up some of these graves first M: Maybe there’s so me goodies around here. B: Ooooh
M: OOH gems! Holy shit, look at all these gems! B: Yo, I’m just gonna take these. M: Do it, man. I’ll get the sanity — M: — hit. You take the damn gems. M: I am full of emptiness.
B: I am full of emptiness. M: A beaten beater. Okay that’s the last of the graves. M: Yeah, I’m doing fine on sanity M: Slightly insane B: I’m doing perfectly fine on sanity, B: I’m like a full hundred percent sane right now.
M: Nice. M: Cause you’re not afraid of the dark. M: Like some big babies..
B: I just need food. M: Okay, there’s uh — If I chop down these birch trees, they give birch nuts. B: Oh gimme those nuts M: Okay let me — I’ll get you your uhh nuts M: You’re gonna love my nuts Get those birds’ nuts! M: Hell yeah! You like those nuts? B: …yeah I like nuts.
They’re not dropping nuts! Oh there’s one. M: There’s some nuts. M: Not all nuts —
B: Oh my god, I only got three nuts M: Well beggars can’t be choosers. B: Whatever M: There’s another nut there
B: We could also be picking up logs M: Yeah, get that nut B: FUCK logs, what’d’we need logs — well M: I need logs!
B: Oh right, Mr. Loggy McLogLunch M: Need more logs cause for some reason I gotta —
B: How fast does your fucking log meter go down? M: It goes down real quick. But then again I chop quick so it’s a even trade ? B: Well here’s a carrot B: Alright.
M: Okay I believe if we keep going farther south after this pit stop M: We should be able to find some Beefalo.
B: I went a little bit west back to the road and went south on the road. M: Okay. I have no basis to make that
assumption on about the Beefalo thing. B: But there will definitely be Beefalo.
M: A hundred percent, there’s no way there wouldn’t be. B: Holy shit, what is a clockwork knight and why is it following — M: Oh, yeah, that guy! He’s not friendly. B: No, he doesn’t seem friendly .
M: Yeah, he’s the opposite of that thing. M: Yeah he wants to murder you.
B: It certainly seems that way. I’m gonna keep following the road even though it turns west. B: Yeah I’m gonna keep following the road. Are you coming? M: I’m coming, I’m coming. Where are you, I don’t see your symbol anymore. M: Ah, there you are. Whoa, what is that? B: What is that!
M: Pan flute? M: You like my flute baby? B: Wow that’s hot
M: Do you like that? M: I mean I’m the only man in the area, so. B: BONE ME M: Oh I will. Oh, Bobby boy. M: Hey there’s lottsa berries here.
B: Oh, here’s a whole assload of berries. M: Yeah.
B: Noice! B: Oh there’s catcoons over here. Are they neutral? B: Are they ok?
M: I do not know. I’m gonna drop this pan flute because who knows what that’s for. B: What, you don’t want to become a master pan flautist?
M: Oh god we spawned a turkey! M: He’s gonna eat all our berries M: Noo! Fuck you!
B: Fuck you turkey! Fuck you, eat shit turkey! My berries! B: I totally got him.
M: Nice. B: Totally got him. Fucked that turkey up.
M: Nice. M: Okay. Where’s the goddamn Beefalo? We’ve made a horrible error! M: Oh! What the fuck is that?
B: What is happening right now? M: “Something’s off a-boot that rock, eh?” OH I’m Canadian! B: Oh yeah cause lumberjacks are Canadian… WHAT the SHIT M: That is interesting. Hey look they farming carrots, maybe they won’t mind if
we take ’em. [Good ole Seth Rogen laugh] [Seth Rogen intensifies] B: “Seth Rogen is stealing our carrots!”
M: [regular laugh] M: “Oh no! Someone get him! Call James Franco!”
B: “God, I can’t believe Seth B: Rogen is here. Please, God, I hope he goes away!” [Rogen laugh] B: OHH it’s a turkey M: “He’s getting closer!” [Rogen laugh devolves into regular laughs] B: Oh, god. I can’t laugh like him
anymore. I’m starting to laugh like Krusty the Clown from Simpsons. [Krusty laugh] Exactly how Seth Rogen laughs. M: Exactly. M: Oh my god. You think they’re — have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?
B: I mean. No, I haven’t. You’re so right. They’re totally the same person M: Jesus. How did nobody make that
connection before? B: Okay, I was promised Beefalo pretty explicitly.
M: We’re not — the days not over yet. M: So you just calm your tits there.
B: We’re like two millimeters from nighttime. M: Calm your tits, we’re fine. B: Look, my tits are perfectly — OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU KILLING THAT THING M: I’m killing this thing
B: Fucking Christ, man! M: Ow, it’s tough! M: There we go. Killed it. I got you meat.
B: Wow. Well I guess I’m gonna get that tail I guess. M: Yeah you get that tail. M: I’mma make a fire.
B: Oh please make fire! Quickly make the fire. M: Who provides! Who provides?
B: Why’d you make a permanent fire? M: Because I had rocks! M: Okay?
B: But I dunno if we’re staying here permanently
M: Well we’re not, but I’m just saying. M: Like, y’know, I just want you to have something nice! B: I appreciate it but, I’m just saying, I
don’t know if this is the spot yet, like B: You know, don’t build the house before we decide where we want the house to be, right? M: But it’s like, you know, it’s like gestures should be appreciated whether or not they’re like right time or something,
this was a really, like… I really tried here. B: It’s not — And, I did, I said I
appreciate it, I do appreciate it. It’s not about the timing it’s just like, you
know, I don’t know if this is — this is like a waste of resources, right? Like you know, I don’t wanna — I don’t wanna have to make another fire like 30 feet away from here
just because this isn’t the fire that we want our kids to grow up in. M: Well okay.
B: Y’know, like… I do — but I appreciate it — wait come back, don’t go off to the dark.
M: Okay, alright, I was just getting a mushroom, I was just getting a mushroom. I’m listening! I’m listening. B: I appreciate you. That’s why I sound like that.
M: Thank you B&M: [noises of appreciation] B: It’s the sound of me appreciating you.
M: So I’ve got some bad news. M: I’m about to go crazy apparently. B: Um. Go pick some flowers or something?
M: I’m going to chop some trees, and then plant some trees.
B: Do you need any food? I have an assload of food now. M: No, I got food. Food’s not gonna make me any better. B: Alright.
M: I gotta chop trees, I’m seeing shadows. B: You can do it.
M: I don’t think this is helping. B: I’m gonna go — what the fuck, we’re at the
southern tip of — okay, we got to go west. M: West…
B: I’m gonna go continue exploring for the Beefalos. M: Wait, west just is like uh, this water. B: Oh is it? So we gotta go east?
M: Yeah. B: But east — the water goes up. M: [high pitched contemplation] How far up? B: Alright, alright. How’s your — how’s your craziness there, Crazypants? M: Uh-oh whoops! Uh, it’s… it’s okay. M: Manageable. Doing fine.
B: [laughs] M: Don’t worry about it.
B: But don’t eat the nuts, I’m gonna take the nuts. M: Yeah, just give me the nuts because I need to plant them to up my sanity, like, a lot. B: You can plant my nuts wherever you like (YIKES). Oh, the piggies are outside now. M: Ow, what — that shadow is actually hurting me. Like legitimately. B: Oh, I see you getting hurt by a shadow!
M: What? M: Alright. Okay. Yeah.
B: The birch tree god.. Alright, so your ax is over here. M: Jesus criminy!
B: Here here here st — hey hey whoa M: I can’t, those shadows!
B: No come here, I got you. I gotta give you these. Plant — plant your shit. M: Oh Jesus, I’m too burdened, I’ve got — why do I have this beater? B: Alright, go, plant your shit, plant your shit M: Okay. Got it. Gonna plant. Gonna plant! Planters gonna plant! I’m gonna pick some flowers too! Ohh, feeling better! M: Ohh, I’m not feeling good. Oh boy.
B: Are you still a crazy pants? M: Yep, very crazy! B: Take all of those motherfuckers M: Yeah, that’s good.
B: Yeah I can’t pick up your ax. M: It didn’t like you, it said “gross.” B: How’s your sanity there, bruh?
M: BAD. B: Pick all the flowers you can find.
M: TRYING. Jesus. B: Pick ’em.
M: I need a flower crown, that’s what I need. I need a — B: Oh you must have an assload of petals by now how, do we make — M: Ah I’ve only got seven. I don’t have enough. M: There’s more here…
B: I’ve got — I’ve got three. B: Let me give my three to you.
M: Okay. M: I’ve got eight now…
B: Where you went? Oh there you went. B: Alright. You need one more flower petal and then —
M: Ah! Oh that was a shadow. B: Where’s my…? Those are seeds, where the fuck is my flower petals, here they are. M: Okay, hang on. I gotta — I’m dodging this thing that you can’t see. M: Ok that’s enough! Oh now we got flower crown —
B: Make it make it make it make it Ah shit. Makin it. Wearin it. Okaaaay. And sanity’s going uuup! Still got a crazy thing after me but we’re doing okay. B: Let’s go, let’s run away from the crazy thing towards the northeast. M: See, my problem was that I also ate some mushrooms, and those didn’t do me too good. B: [laughs]
M: So that was bad. B: Something about those mushrooms was a mistake. See this is — we passed all this already haven’t we?
M: Yeah we did. Check — press “M” to check your map. B: Yeah, yeah. We just need to explore to the
east and then the south M: Okay. Okay yeah I think so.
B: The road led us to a dead end. B: Alright this is also a dead end. This is just a pig-ninsula. M: A pig-ninsula, that’s a good term for it, I like that. B: “Ahhh!”- why are you saying “ah”?
M: There’s a monster after me, a shadow monster. B: How sane do you have to get?
M: I’m at 98 right now, it’s a little above halfway there. M: Uhh, the problem being it’s now evening, and I’m apparently going more insane by the second. B: We could make a campfire.
M: Wait, which direction do we need to go? B: I think we need to go east from here.
M: East, okay. That’s an attacker. M: Do not go near that.
B: Clockwork bishop, hoh shit! M: Yeah, that’s no good
B: Let’s not do that! M: Ooh, it’s another pig house. Ooh it’s a bridge to another area this is good. M: WHOOOOOOHEEEEYYY
B: oH FUCK! M: GO THE OTHER WAY! Don’t follow me!!
B: Oh my god! M: Ohh nooo!
B: [cracking up] They’re all following you, man! M: AAHH
B: Wait, I’m gonna steal their honey. B: Oh no, there’s just an assload of flowers like —
M: Oh jeezums, it’s — oh it’s death! M: RUUUUUNNNN B: Wait I need some flowers, hang on.
M: NO. RUN. M: How is this pig living here? B: Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Apparently that was their area. B: We just need to stay out of their area.
M: But that does connect if you see down on the map it does connect to some other area beyond it. B: Ahhhh…. M: I think we gotta go down there.
B: Should we try and make a break past the murder bees? M: Yeah, I think we gotta. B: Alright.
M: This is important. B: Are you heading back over there now?
M: I’m already — I never left. M: I will protect you. M: Oh god!
B: They only want to kill you, they’re — M: Oh Jesus! OHH, OH GOD! I got cornered!
B: Oh my god, oh Jesus no! M: Oh my god!
B: OH GOD! M: Oh god no!
B: Ohhhhhkay. M: [laughs] Oh god no.
B: So. M: Well let’s see what was down here. Was it — uhp, more bees! Oh, oh bees! Oh MORE bees! Oh, and hor-nets! Ah, mm, good, mm. B: How the fuck do we resurrect ourselves?
M: We gotta go all the way back to the beginning. B: To the touch stone? M: Oh here’s the — ah, there is more over here. So there — there was a reason… M: Oh boy. Yeah, we gotta go all the way back. But we’ll do that in the next episode, because that’s — that’d be nice, right? M: Okay, so, thank you everybody so much for watching. Thankfully in this particular game mode — don’t mind my mic — we can
resurrect ourselves and we can get back there, so we’ll do that before we get
back to you so. Thanks again everybody for watching. And as always, we’ll see you in the next video. Bye bye! Top video: “Burn it!” [assorted yelling] “Why are you so good at this game?!” Bottom vid: “I’ll show you where Jack is, I’ll show you where Jack is!” “Yes!…What!” “You’re such a moron.”

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  1. Bob: its called DRAGONFLY

    Mark: Ooohhhhhh…

    Bob: its called DRAGONFLY!



  2. Sorry WHAT?!?!

    S- sorry doctor, SORRY DOCTOR!

    Saw little shop of horrors yesterday, totally reminded me of it. 😛

  3. Okay, so I'm playing Don't Starve on the side while watching you guys.

    I've been stuck in a forest for a while, so I instantly jumped (into) at the chance of moving when I found a wormhole.

    I went through and emerged in yet another forest.

    Obviously disappointing, I look around for any saving grace to this new area.


    I freak out, you know, I thought they only appeared one at a time whenever you mine too many trees, so I investigate.

    They are completely peaceful, so I decide to get some wood by mining normal trees.

    After the first swing, every single tree monster starts chasing me.

    I panic and run away, jumping back into the wormhole to safety.

    So I have just one question… WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???

  4. Mark! You Gotta Try The Darkiplier Mod For Don't Starve Together! Its made by the guy who made the Markiplier Mod for Don't Starve!
    Darkiplier Mod:

  5. Hey mark u should make a series that has u, jack, Bob, and wade playing this game but all of u guys r surviving by yourselfs. U could call it don't starve vs.

  6. Mark my world I had 0 sanity (it's the brain icon) it was raining alot of frogs saw the beasts who lurk in the darkness I died but I spawned to the stone with 4 pigs and I came back to my base and then I quit that's it.

  7. btw, if you see a dirt pile, always follow it. Go in the direction the toe prints are facing. You should see another dirt pile. Keep following it. Soon, you will find a koalafant, or at least that is what I think they are called. They are shy and will run, but if you corner it and kill it, you will get tons of meat and their trunk.

  8. "Something is off aboot that rock, eh?"
    Ok, first off, we don't say 'aboot', we actually do pronounce it 'about' (next person to make a comment about us saying 'aboot' is about to get a boot up heir butt!!).
    Second, that was actually the correct way to use 'eh' because it substitutes the word 'right' when making it a question (in most cases). Like how when you'd say "beautiful day, right?" we'd say "beautiful day, eh?", or, "your 16, right?" is the same as "you're sixteen. eh?".
    But be careful with this. It's not put at the end of every question like a lot of people might think. When you say something like "It's the 26 of February, right?" we don't typically put the 'eh' at the end of it, mostly because it just doesn't sound nice.
    Also, not every Canadian says 'eh', and there are multiple reasons that could be why, like they're new to the country (or have been traveling for a bit of their life) and they haven't picked it up yet, but that also doesn't mean they will or have to, and that's ok.
    Please keep in mind that, while us Canadians typically do get a kick out of stereotypes and we'll laugh at the first joke or two, but after that it just gets heavily annoying and disrespectful. Most of us are not the kind of people who do it a lot to other countries and ethnicities, so please don't do it to us, please and thank you!!

  9. Anybody else watching this and just laugh when he past the pig king even though like 9 episodes before in marks don't starve play through he said he wanted to find the pig king XD.

  10. wait whats the gamemode, you said at the end that you can revive yourself bcs its a specific gamemode. Whats it called?

  11. "Hey look, they farm carrots! maybe they won't mind if we take'em!"
    lets Bob take half of the carrots first

    Markiplier – Going South, as always…

  12. Mark…why…why is it that every time you have a portable light source…you use it until you make a fire…then just stand there…with your slowly draining light source…next to a fixed light source…. standing next to a fire with a torch or mining helmet doesn’t make it brighter out!

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