Did The Hunger Games Rip Off Battle Royale? | Reel Rip Off

Did The Hunger Games Rip Off Battle Royale? | Reel Rip Off

“Hunger Games vs Battle Royale | Reel Rip
Offs Section 1 The Hunger Games is a story about a dystopian
future where children are forced to battle to the death for the amusement of adults.
Wait! That sounds familiar. In fact that sounds exactly like the premise of 2000 Japanese
movie Battle Royale. And that’s not where the similarities end. Nope: there are more
than just a few coincidences in these two silver screen slaughter-fests. The Hunger Games series is based on the books
penned by Suzanne Collins, beginning in 2008. Battle Royale is also based on a book, written
by Koushun Takami in 1999. And the similarities between the two movies are incredible, like
seriously – not credible. Section 2 In both cases the movies focus on two central
characters – one boy and one girl… (split screen – clip)
…who have a history… (split screen – clip)
…and a romantic interest. (split screen – clip) Okay, okay, so do a lot of movies, right? Section 3 [REALLY FAST] However, both Hunger Games and
Battle Royale are set against the backdrop of a tyrannical totalitarian government who
force children to fight each other to the death – partly for their own amusement and
partly to keep the populous oppressed. It even feels like some of the scenes are
exactly the same. When they are introduced to the battlefield… (split screen – clip) …the overly cheerful introducer with the
high-pitched voice… (split screen – clip) …the way the children get regular updates
on who has been killed… (split screen – clip) …the emotionally damaged fighter who’s
won before… (split screen – clip) ..the action in a large forest… (split screen – clip) …the way they hide in a cave… (split screen – clip) …and sparks fly. (split screen – clip) Then there’s the control center where the
gamekeepers keep track of proceedings… (split screen – clip) …and of course, the violence! (split screen – clip) Section 4 But if you’re going to make a movie about
a dystopian future where children duel to the death, chances are there’s going to be
some crossover. You could argue that both movies are ripping off Lord Of The Flies,
Mad Max, and the Romans and their gladiatorial coliseums. (Clip from Gladiator – ‘Are you not entertained?’) There’s no doubt the movies are similar,
but there are some differences. In Battle Royale the competition, known as ‘the program’,
is a secret. Whereas in Hunger Games ‘the games’ are broadcast to the public. Both
the movies’ villains are evil men who delight in the butchery of kids. But in Battle Royale
they at least try to humanize Teacher Kitano, whereas in Hunger Games President Snow is
just downright pure evil. They are both obsessed with the lead females, though. Hmmmm. Both movies rely heavily on technology to
police their games. The children have permanent tracking devices attached to them. (split screen – clip) In Battle Royale the exploding collars keep
the children from leaving the island, but in Hunger Games the technology is more fanciful.
The Gamekeepers create walls of fire and control herds of flesh-hungry monkeys. So the technology
is different, but it is used for the same purpose: to maintain control and implement
the threat of impending doom. (split screen – clip) Section 5 Still, the most obvious similarity – that
the main characters are children who are forced to fight – differs a lot in the way they present
it. In Hunger Games they are given training before
they do battle and have some time to learn to defend themselves. They are also chosen
by lottery and know that death is certain for the losers. In Battle Royale on the other
hand, they’re just gassed and dropped on the island. Those children are also friends
who know each other before the ordeal starts. In Hunger Games all the characters try to
defend themselves, but in Battle Royale it’s more complicated. Some of the children suffer
panic attacks or choose suicide rather than killing their friends. Both movies do feature psychotic volunteers
who happily sign up for the brutal bonanza, though. (split screen – clip) Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hunger Games accentuates
the love story more than Battle Royale, where the romance is downplayed in favor of more
blood curdling violence. Section 6 Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins claims
she never read the Battle Royale book or saw the movie before writing the Hunger Games
series. So maybe it’s all just a coincidence and they simply share common themes. Then
again… [REALLY FAST MONTAGE] …there is the fact that in both movies the
first person is killed with a knife. (split screen – clip) …someone gets shot with an arrow… (split screen – clip) …the male lead gets badly injured… (split screen – clip) …a girl dies from poisoning… (split screen – clip) …there’s a girl who seems to really enjoy
the violence… (split screen – clip) …our protagonists kill the crazy volunteer
with the most kills last… (split screen – clip) …the main boy and girl are the only ones
to make it out alive… (split screen – clip) …and the gamemakers get killed. (split screen – clip) But like I said, probably just a coincidence
right? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching!”

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  1. Not the first time Western writer steals from Eastern source material and then denies the claim, definitely rip-off

  2. Even if The Hunger Games is a rip off, they did a very bad job doing it…..and are not worthy even to be mentioned in the same sentence with Battle Royale.

  3. There are different factors to consider. The author of the book (Hunger Games) has maintained that she had never heard of Battle Royale before writing it. Is that possible? Of course it is. How many people, who aren't adept with Japanese culture, can honestly say that they heard of BR before the HG controversy? How likely is it that the author was in the know about Japanese novels, manga and movies? Now, at the same token, had she heard of it, is it likely that she would admit it? Probably not. It would be too messy. However, after reading a bio of the author, I can say with confidence that not only is it possible that she never heard of BR, it's quite likely.

    We all know that movies come out all the time that are simply, or sometimes seemingly identical, to another one, so it's all too easy to call something a rip off of something else. In this case though, I think it's a stretch. Sure, the basic premise is similar but the level of violence, the story being told, the focus of characters and the underlying message are very different.

    Now, I'm not by any means trying to defend The Hunger Games as a movie franchise. I thought it was ok, not my cup of tea really but I just think that people like to jump to the rip off stance, because it's so easy to do so but if you do a bit more research, as well as actually watch the movies in question, I think you will find it's not so easy to compare the 2.

  4. to me, both films are amazing. one has more violence yeah, but at least the hunger games can appeal to younger audiences (unless there are some 9 year olds looking for bloody films)

  5. Hunger Games does more than enough to differentiate itself. It takes a different approach and tells a different story with different themese. HOWEVER I will always vehemently call out Suzanne Collins because there is no way she had no knowledge of Battle Royale before writing her books. It's ok that she took inspiration from it and applied the concept to her own story, but lying about it just seems in poor taste.

  6. There's a difference between getting inspiration from something and ripping it off. The first isn't a bad thing as long as you admit it. There's nothing wrong in inspiration. But HG was a rip off of BR and anyone can notice it. The writer will never admit that she stole the idea from BR, of course, because she has made so much money out of HG franchise. But still, it's obvious that HG riped off most of BR, she did a lot more that just taking some inspiration out of it.

  7. Imho, I think the premise is similar but what's the core of the story is different.
    The Hunger Games are more centered on government issues and sociopolitical aesthetic while Battle Royale is more centered on survival and game itself.
    BTW, Fuck Suzanne Collins.

  8. Hunger Games was a huge rip off! You can't have that many similarities in the plot and characters and not be a rip off. Even the Hunger Games even kind of ripped of BR2 with the whole rebellion thing. Either way, Battle Royale while forever be better, especially Kiriyama.

  9. I get that Suzanne Collins may have copied some of the material from Battle Royale, but still, The Hunger Games franchise is awesome

  10. It's such a rip-off. I had been thinking it for a while and after finally watching Battle Royale the other day, it's way more obvious. In my opinion, the subtle differences they have are only found after grasping for straws. It feels like reaching at this point. On a side note, I feel like Battle Royale was way more hard hitting because of the fact that they all went to school together. A nice touch.

  11. there are more differences than similarities if you really think about it. doubt it's ripped off :/

  12. no coincidences, shit like that doesn't happened. she copied it and claimed she didn't cause she thought no americans would watch japanese movies. ofcourse they she to add in some extra small shits to make it look like she didn't copied but she did. Americans are known to make reboots of japanese horror. so battle royal isnt much different

  13. I honestly like hunger games then battle royale. It's my opinion so I hope stupid people aren't wrotes hateful replys.

  14. Hungergames and battle royale are different in many ways, not to mention the fact that the director of hunger games probably didnt even pay attention to battle royale, but more the less focused on what he thought was a good story

  15. Y’all the hunger games did not rip off battle royal. Theirs lots of ideas like this and the hunger games is way different. Yes it’s about kids killing each other but that’s like the only thing in common. The hunger games is about the future country of panem where their are 13 districts but after a war with the capital they are left with 12. To teach them that the districts will never be as good as the capital they get two young tributes randomly from 2 districts. Then they go to the capital get a week to train and fight to the death and the winner gets riches and fame in her district. In battle royal a bus of 9th graders are taken to a island to fight it the death because of like classes protesting or something and then they get a random bag and one at a time go out into the wild. Also I’m the hunger games they have nothing and they all start at the same time. The hunger games got its idea when the creator was flipping between channels and saw a mix between reality tv and war films

  16. hunger games, published in 2008 and film released in 2012.

    Battle Royale, published in 1999 with film release in 2000.

    No matter what defense any hunger games fan have, hardcore fans will always say that it’s a rip off.

  17. Where I'm from, the movies, Hunger Games, are hated. They sadly bring nothing new to the table. Many people saw the rip-off early on and haven't been able to watch the movies due to that. It's called "Super hero movie of Battle Royale" for a reason.

  18. tbh, the first book of thg was really similar to battle royale, but the whole series isn’t, it symbolises rebellion

  19. Battle Royale was good, but I just kind of enjoyed the Hunger Games more as a story. Felt more compelling to me.

  20. I would have given her the benefit of the doubt if she was honest. I used to live THG. Now I will never monetarily support it.

  21. In 2007 Battle Royale was a big underground hit in the US. I got a chance to watch it on 2008. She ripped off Battle Royale. When I watched it I said to myself "oh look Hollywood made their own version of Battle Royale what a rip off". Latter I found out it wasn't Hollywood who ripped off the Japanese movie but it was this middle aged housewife who did.

  22. Forgot the biggest thing, 42 students and 24 tributes. Now I think we have to say that if Battle Royle has 42 and Hunger Games has 24, it’s the same number backwards in the other film. That’s just flipping crazy.

  23. In battle royale it is not a secret, the movie literally starts with the winner being shown on television and bejng photgraphed. The only difference is is that the actual killing isnt on tv. Also in BR, the class is also chosen by lottery…

  24. Comparing THG to Battle Royale is like comparing dog shit to chocolate cake. Suzanne Collins can deny ever reading the book or watching the movie all she wants, anyone with a functioning brain can clearly see she completely ripped off BR.

  25. 1. in Battle Royal the Program created because of a huge student's rebels and juvenile crime rates soared…it was a punishment and threaten of the younger generation. In Hunger Games it was a decadent pointless game without real roots…
    2. In Battle Royal the "Program" wasn't secret…they announced for the public and made a state sponsored TV show (break any TV program just only show this for the public) – man, the film starting with bunch of screaming annoying reporters whose wanted to see the last year winner…the crazy smiling girl….
    Read the book or the manga…..
    3. Lottery: in Battle Royal – everything was lottery: select the class, random package to start, random danger zone….

  26. just because it has differences make's it just coincidence??
    copying idea's without permission is illegal ofcourse they're not stupid not to innovate the whole idea so its doesn't look like a rip off.
    this video doesn't make's any f sense 😂

  27. When I saw the first Hunger Games trailer I'd already known Running Man and Battle Royale (the movie) by heart and was in the process of reading the Battle Royale manga. My reaction to the trailer was exactly what you might expect.

  28. The amount of research authors do while writing it would be next to impossible for her not to know. The premise of your book is probably the 3rd thing you google.

  29. It's not a rip off because it is exactly like it. It's like saying one bank heist movie is a rip off of the first bank heist movie. Similar centerpiece but most other things are different. I mean it's not like they put a love story in every survival movie. Most of the similarities have to be there for that kind of story, you don't have to be creative to create those characters, if Battle Royale wasn't a thing the insane character who likes killing, the person that enjoys it too much and the game makers would have still been the exact same. Those characters would be obvious and almost everyone would put them in a plot like that. The biggest difference is BR puts these kids in the middle without any variables except weapons given, then they say fight! HG they train, they kind of want to be there, and the TV people are messing with the game, giving contestants an unrealistic disadvantage for entertainment sake.

  30. Well of course the author of hunger games is gonna claim she didn't see battle royale. If she said yes, there would be massive speculation going on about whether or not she plagiarized battle royale.

  31. Midnight Sun (2018) is the latest Hollywood rip off of Japanese Taiyo No Uta (2006) – Song To The Sun…

  32. Dont know if BR was shown publicly. But the public knew about it since the film begins with a narrative how Japan passed a law requiring kids to kill one another. I dont know much about the political culture of Japan. But the film makes it look like juvenile crime is a serious concern. So much a concern that adults in the country decided to pass a law requiring kids to kill one another off. The film also tries to push forward a moral that kids ought to compete with one another in order to improve themselves. And the adults seem to push this theme hoping this level of competition would stop kids from rebelling against adults.

  33. Am I the only one who LIKES THE HUNGER GAMES MORE!?

    It’s just battle royal is way to bloody for me dude

  34. Why not ask if Battle Royale 'ripped off' gladiatorial combat. After all, the clue to BR and HG's common ancestry is there in the Roman iconography of HG. How many hundreds of great books and movies have 'ripped off' classic tales, from the 'Thousand And One Nights', to the 'Oresteia', to 'The Canterbury Tales'? Didn't Orwell and Huxley both 'rip off' Zamyatin's classic 'We'? Does that mean '1984' and 'Brave New World' are rubbish? Read more, learn a little history and don't make dumb assumptions. Both films share a common root, each is great in its way.

  35. Fun Fact: Quentin Tarantino was actually planning on remaking Battle Royale right after making Kill Bill 1 and 2 but no movie studio was willing to fund it because of all the controversy of school shootings in America. They figured a Hard-R American Battle Royale would inspire more killings so the entire project got dropped.

    Then years later Susan Collins came up with the Disney version of Battle Royale and the rest is history!

  36. I don't think it was a "rip off". Definitely heavily inspired by, but imo the hunger games does a better job telling the story because of the presentation. Yes BR focuses more on the chaos that the battle has, but HG focus on the psychological aspects. No, the players don't know each other at the start, but they learn about each other as the battle progresses. Rue and katniss become friends, peeta and katniss start to fall in love, thresh spares katniss for rue, clove hates katniss and wants to drag it out, glimmer is incompitent but naiive about it, foxface is the cleverest of them all and cato is the most dangerous contender. BR's cast is too large to do that as efficiently and percisely as HG. Maybe BR is more fun for some ppl, and maybe its battle is better, but HG is a better narrative and as a writer that's what i value

  37. Yeah I think it's pretty clear she ripped it off and is lying through her teeth about it it's literally just battle Royale but for teenage girls. It's kinda like if I rewrote Superman but changed his name to ultra man and said I'd never read a Superman comic or watched a Superman movie. Also battle Royale is way better

  38. read the mangga.. then getting super excited when the movie was out… the same excitement and goosebumps when you see Advent children especially when sephiroth about to emerge.. you know he's coming from the bg music if you get what i mean… then they talked about Hunger games. which i refused to watch till today.. even the BR opening theme "i said" Holy fuck! this gonna horrifying gore bloodbath" … Hunger Games to me like going to funfair…spoilt brats all over.

  39. This guy is definitely didnt read the manga. It had way better story in it than the movie. In the original series, br act is not a secret program. Everybody knows it and if their kids got taken and they refuse, they die. The movie plot is weak.

  40. When I was watching it, I felt like Hunger Games was a ripoff of Battle Royale, with a bit of George Orwell clumsily added in. I found Hunger Games' underlying morale and symbolism was about as subtlely conveyed as a punch to the face, everything was exagerated, over-emphasised and grotesque. Getting the point across by just turning everything into an extreme and adding zero nuance or subtlety, that's a childish level of writing. Story-telling for dumb audiences I think, everything extremely obvious and beaten into you multiple times with a sledgehammer.

  41. I dont agree with the fact that hunger games is a series and the writing in the whole series improves showing progress, it's like saying every br game copied each other its completely worng to say that thg is a rip off

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