Diet For Constipation Relief – 6 Vital Steps

Diet For Constipation Relief – 6 Vital Steps

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  1. Awesome video! Because of Crohn's disease, the last few years have all been about poo! Unfortunately, it's been mostly negative, but I've learned a lot about this taboo subject .

  2. And the award for most uses of the word "poo" in a video goes to…..

    ( ◠‿◠ )

    This was interesting – thank you!

  3. Hello, thanks for taking on a taboo, yet very import topic. I sent you a message but I did want to tell you about a book a friend told me about, its called "What's Your Poo Telling You." It's published by the same people who wrote, "What's My Pee Telling Me?" Fer serious, both great ways to raise awareness while entertaining at the same time 🙂

  4. I really enjoy all of your videos and information! You always appear to be glowing with a natural beauty that screams health. That makes me wonder if eating a healthier diet makes you more attractive to others. I also agree that knowing about your "poo" is a great way to know about your health.

  5. @whothehellgivesadamn Genetics,environment,a good heart and mind aside. I was talking more about people having a natural attraction to something that is healthy and radiant.

  6. I do understand the important benefits of regular poo, i just dont talk about it because there is noone to talk about it to.. and then, if there was i would probably think they were weird LOL j/k

  7. @farmerrathfield very well said, healthy and radiant is where it's at. To me, being healthy and attractive is more of a state of mind than a tangible.

  8. Love that you broached the subject. I believe you are correct about the morning constitutional. I've noticed my pets have a burst of activity before going potty. The indoor cats sprint around the house, the dogs like to walk and trot about a bit before they go, hence, generally, active people have less difficulty going potty. AND what goes in, must come out, so if one is putting things in improperly, it will generally come out improperly. I've heard it said "The Truth is in the poo."

  9. I truly find the colon to be one of the most fascinating organs in the body. The majority of people have seemed to forgot how their own bodies work these days and beat their colons up with their fiber impoverished, sugar-salty diets. Its intelligent videos like this one that show how closely diet and overall health are related, something that too many people are not acknowledging at all. Please keep the healthy vids coming!

  10. This is great info. I've realized that drinking warm to hot water, especially first thing, works better for me than room temp or cold water regarding regularity.

  11. I didn't want to admit it but, Im probably constipated. :/ I just had the stomach flu for 3days. I vomitted the first day about 3times then the rest of the 2days, I had diareia. Now I cant poo at all. I probably made a mistake by eating a couple of fatting foods last night and a little this morning but I was hungry for fatting foods! 😀 But now my stomach is paying for it cause I cant go to the bathroom so how am I gonna empty all of it out?! :/ I'll tell my mom to buy prune juice I guess. :/

  12. I talk about poop to more people than most lol. And this is the first time I have experienced constipation as a vegan…and blows. Great tips. Thanks!

  13. Flare ups really suck and your dad should be more sympathetic! But people who don't have IBS don't have a clue how awful it is that you eat nothing and look like 6 months pregnant!

  14. hi there. i have very big problem of digestion food. everyday i eat in the monring some boil vegies,some salad some beef some fruit then in the afternoon some lentils night some milk and a little creal. it takes 2 to 3 day or 4 day the poo comes hard and small in this journey the stomach makes noises like pops and bubles and intestime too i dont know is this health diet or should i change my eating please give me some advise have a great life thank you for helping me bless you

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