Diet & Nutrition : How to Eat More Calcium

Diet & Nutrition : How to Eat More Calcium

I’m Katie Adams, a registered dietitian with
Decathlon Club, part of Western Athletic Clubs. The best source of calcium is of course dairy
products. Besides containing calcium, dairy products also contain protein which will help
keep you fuller for a longer period of time. The optimum amount of calcium is 1500 milligrams
a day or about 3 servings of dairy. Remember to spread your dairy out over between 3 or
4 hours just as it takes 3 to 4 hours to digest and absorb a meal, it takes that much time
to absorb a serving of dairy. Calcium is also found in some other unconventional food sources.
Dark leafy greens such as broccoli and spinach and kale all contain calcium both in their
raw and cooked forms. Certain juices such as orange juice might also be fortified with
calcium, however you want to remember to limit your intake of juice and especially be mindful
if your juice has added sugar. Another source of calcium are breakfast cereals and other
grain products. They are often fortified with calcium. I’m Katie Adams, a registered dietitian
with Decathlon Club part of Western Athletic Clubs and that is how to eat more calcium.

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  1. You said that "the optimal amount of calcium a day is 1,500mg…" which is rather higher than the RDA for adults (1,000mg) and even higher than the RDA for growing kids (1,200-1,300). You then said that this would take three servings of dairy product/day, which is inconsistent with the amount of calcium in each dairy serving being 300mg. You mentioned spinach as a calcium source, but it's bioavailability is only 5%. Spinach will even bind with calcium from other foods, so it's a bad idea.

  2. Those previous comments notwithstanding, I thank you for mentioning that dairy products are the best source of calcium. You might be surprised at how many misleading videos are on youtube claiming otherwise, wrongly, of course. Thus, your knowledge of that is refreshing.

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