Diet Tips: My BAD Eating Habits | Wengie | Lose Weight by changing your eating habits

Diet Tips: My BAD Eating Habits | Wengie | Lose Weight by changing your eating habits

Hi guys, it’s Wengie here Today I wanted to do another video all about my diet experience Because you guys love these videos And today I was actually browsing through some of my old photos on facebook Because my friend was like I can never imagine you like, you’re tiny I could never imagine you any bigger than you are now And also I swear I was bigger So I went and looked through my old Facebook photos and I found this one And I’ll pop it up on the screen right now And it just like super surprised me because I realized how far I have come For those of you guys that are still, you know, going through your life-style changes And if you’re trying to lose weight Just, basically don’t worry because I think it’s definitely a time thing And it’s really well known that habits take 60 to 90 days to kick And if your habits take 90 days to kick then you got to wait at least 3 months For you to see any kind of change that you want to see I mean there are fad diets when you do do something extremely different for a short period of time But I don’t feel like that’s the right way to go about losing weight. It doesn’t last If you want to change how you weight or how you look it needs to be sort of like a routine that you work in And it’s like a habit that you develop and it needs to change your old habits as well And I just feel like fad diets don’t do that I feel like it’s really important to share with you guys that weight gain it doesn’t just happen to you There might be a moment in time when you realise that it has happened But it actually is a build-up of all your habits put together that led you to that moment And you may not know what these habits are or you probably don’t even realise you’re doing it But a lot of the time weight gain or even weight loss as well is just a result of a change in habits So, I mean there’s a lot of research that goes into looking at people habits and how to change them But one thing that’s in common with all of them is just time You need to give it enough time for you to get used to it You need sort of like self-control because that’s a huge thing I mean if you always, you know, don’t control yourself you will find that you will never stick to any habit It’s that 90 days is so painful because it’s like kicking in old habit and old habits die hard So if you don’t change it permanently you actually revert back quite quickly And looking at my like eating habits now they have changed dramatically So I’m going to pop another photo up for you right now. This is what I look like at the time And these where my eating habits at the time I had supper every night at twelve o’clock For supper I would actually dip potato chips in avocado and that would be my supper a lot of the time And that would be sort of like my dessert after supper I would also have maybe like a pasta or maybe like frozen dinner or something like that And then I finished off with chips So that would be my habit, like I would do that almost every single day without fail In addition, I started drinking soft drinks which I never drank for a long time And I cut soft drinks out for a very long time but I started drinking soft drinks ‘Cause my boyfriend at the time, who I lived with And that’s like going to be a huge influence on what kind of habits you develop He loved soft drinks, so I started buying them from the supermarket And when they’re there in the fridge you just drink them because it’s easy And when you eat chips, I mean, nothing goes better with chips than some soft drink, right? So then, I did that And then, on top of that I ate out a lot ’cause I used to go dancing a lot And I used to go really late and then you wouldn’t have time to cook So we’d all be out and we all have like a social dinner out after class or something So I always ate out and because when you eat out the portions are big and you don’t want to waste the food And yeah, because you’ve just eaten sort of three quarters of it and there’s like a quarter left You don’t want to take it home so you kind of just finish it ’cause you don’t want to waste food So that’s another habit I did. I ate out like three or four times a week with friends after dance So it was pretty much those two or three habits, it wasn’t a lot of habits But they…oh another habit I had was, my boyfriend at the time ate a lot, I started cooking more food So, I would never cook that much for myself but because there was a hungry boy eating I cooked more food And I didn’t want to waste it and it wasn’t enough to kind of portion out for a second meal So I just put the whole portion in my plate in my plate and his plate and I kind of would portion it similar Because you know, at the time I just thought why don’t I eat almost the same amount as him? Why not like I just cooked a double portion? ‘Cause in my head times 2 is easier than 1 and a half and me eating half and him eating one, that makes sense But yeah, so I had bigger meals as well Those four habits, like it wasn’t a lot, it was only those four habits over a period of time of like a year Had a huge dramatic effect on how much weight I put on And yeah, I had a lot of extra weight and now that I think about it I still vaguely remember it but I don’t actually When I sat down my belly would hang over my pants I would do a lot more slimming photoshoping on my photos for my blog And there were just a lot of factors that led to me going like OMG and having that ‘aha moment’ So yeah, I just wanted to share that with you guys because I think it’s really important For you guys to be realistic about how long it takes for you to lose weight and to change your habits And that’s the most important thing I do not recommend any sort of fad diets Detoxes are fine, but don’t rely on them for weight loss. If you want to detox yourself, that’s fine But you can’t really expect a long time change when you just detox for a month And then go back to your old eating habits And I also don’t condone starving yourself because you can actually eat a lot of healthy food And still lose weight as long as you choose the right food So that’s like super important And don’t think that the only way to lose weight is actually to not eat Because that’s incredibly wrong and incredibly harmful for your body And I can’t really emphasise that enough I actually developed this book which is like my 7 day eating plan And you guys have always asked what I eat on a daily basis And what you guys should eat on a daily basis if you want to lose weight Like what you should cook and everything So I put together this ebook and it has 7 days worth of meals for you guys It’s very easy to cook with very easy ingredients And it’s kind of like a fusion between western food and Japanese, Korean and Chinese food So it’s a fusion of those kind of styles of food And the great thing about this ebook is that $1 of it goes to charity So at the end of the year I’ll donate $1 from each book to charity which would be awesome And I think a lot of you guys would benefit from this So if you’re interested, I’ve got the link down below. You can find it on my blog as well There’s quite of few girls doing it and you know I’m really excited to see the feedback ’cause I love seeing people kind of log their journeys If you guy get this book and decide to follow it, please log your journey for me and please give me feedback ‘Cause I really want to improve it and help you guys stick to a sort of diet plan That’s healthy, that means you get all your nutrients and that you also lose weight and get to your goal as well That is my ultimate aim for this book And I’m happy to change it and adapt it and improve it according to your feedback So I’d really love to hear from you guys I’m going to be posting like a few like healthy recipes as well on my channel ‘Cause you guys have been asking for cooking videos for so long and I haven’t got around to filming one of them But I’m definitely going to film a few for you guys and put them on my channel as well So please stay tuned for that I hope you guys enjoy this video I just thought I’d do a video for you guys That, you know, just motivate you guys on your healthy life style change journey It’s very, very hard. It’s not easy, the times where I sat there and I would crave chips I still crave chips and Maccas, like to this day. I just don’t eat it as often Whereas before I would kind of buckle to my cravings like every day or every other day Now I only do it like once a month or when I feel like I’ve eaten really well for the day I would reward myself And that’s okay, as long as you keep track of Like how many calories on what you’re eating and whether you’re doing well That’s changed a lot for me and you’ll find that once you start eating healthy you won’t crave junk food as much It’s kind of like a downward spiral, once you start eating junk food you just keep craving it and craving it And it’s just like a bad, bad…it’s like a stone rolling downhill I’m really bad with my example today, I’m really sorry But yeah, anyway, that’s off on a tangent; I was going to end this video Yeah, I wanted to create this video to encourage you guys So leave your comments below and let me know if you guys are on this healthy eating journey How you’re going, any tips to motivate other people Because I think it’s good as a community to share with everyone and help everyone in the comment section So, do that! I can’t wait to see you guys in my next video! I love you guys, don’t forget to thumb up and subs blaaah Don’t forget to thumb up and subscribe if you haven’t already And I’ll see you guys in my next video, bye!! It’s gratitude time Don’t forget to tell me what you’re grateful for in the comments box below with the hashtag #wengiesgratitudejournal Punnyh C: I must admit we spend most of our time complaining about uni, so it’s really refreshing to hear that Vicanna, I’m so proud of you and your mom, she must have given up so much looking after you So I’m really glad you feel the love between you two through this comment Duachongmaiya, I think everyone’s families get on the nerves at times hey but we love them And I’m so glad you found your soulmate and best friend make sure you keep in touch with her Because I don’t actually even remember my first best friend from primary school high I think her name was Amy For today I’m going to start up with this Widriff top, this cute pair of denim shorts, these white platforms sneakers And I’m going to show how to turn this basic outfit into three different looks Just by adding different pieces on top So let’s get started

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  1. my brother is 15, hes 6'2 and 138 pounds. he looks like a twig ! and i can lift my brother up 2 inches off the ground and im 12 and 5'4 or 5'5. people tell me im weak , but im truly not. the reason why he looks like a twig is because hes so tall so the food fat goes everywhere and not just around his stomach.

  2. Things to keep in mind:
    1. When you start exercising you gain weight (or weight will stay the same) for the first one or two weeks while you put on muscle. (That same muscle will help you burn through more calories (burn fat) later and make you look better and more toned). So don't give up because it looks like you're not losing the weight, you are (losing fat).
    2. Increase your fluid intake (water, tea, lemon water, whatever), this will help you not tire out as quickly when exercising.
    3. when exercising don't get discouraged if you get winded (fatigued), The more often you exercise, that will go away.
    4. Don't do too much exercise all at once, or the next day your muscles will cramp up. It's better to pace yourself over several days, and make a habit of exercise, your endurance will catch up.

  3. I'm 5 feet tall and 105 pounds 😶 Some people call me fat and some call me skinny… So I'm just confused if I should lose weight or not 😂

  4. Honestly I'm 13 and I want to start living healthier and not because I want a boy or I want to be popular I just want to start living healthy from a early age so it doesn't become such a hard thing to do when I get older any tips?

  5. i loved her hair when it was pink i loved you when you wore cute blue eye lenses oh miss the old you tho

  6. I'm 5'5 and probably weigh over 120 lbs….and I want to lose weight but I would like to excersice at the gym but my mother doesn't let me and I would like to go on my bike but it's tired need air and I ask my parents to fill the air up and they always forget so I just giveup….any advice anyone? *tires

  7. When eating really late, your body doesn't burn calories because when eating late you go to bed about right after you eat. My parents always had us eat about 2 hours before we went to bed. Might help you guys. 🙂

  8. I was waiting to see which kind of workout you are doing 😶
    seriously loved how you are smoothly expressed the tips that all would be agree to keep us staying in right shape and getting healthy life 👌

  9. when I first seen her wearing that i was like in awww because Wengie is like a good girl but she looks like a beautiful biker look☺

  10. could you please make more dieting videos because I am not happy with how I look and I really need more advice about how you can set your goals. and not have  cravings for junk food and how you can live a happier and healthier  life style..


  12. We tried this diet myself having seen how my colleague benefited from that. Previously, I`ve dropped 10 and a half lbs. Google “sowo hope site”. I am much better after trying this specific life-altering diet.

  13. If you starve yourself you'll acctually gain MORE weight because your body need to like stay alive so it produces more fat.
    Its mindblowing

  14. I think a video on video editing hacks and tips as well as the apps you may use to edit your video would be a great idea.

  15. I don't like eating so I don't eat a lot and I move a bit and never lose weight. I was doing that thing for about all my life and I only gain weight.

  16. Hey #Wengie, i been trying to buy your Diet food plan e-book but for some weird reason it kept giving me errors. Hope u can fix it.

  17. I was almost anorexic , what changed my thought's was mirror showcase , and i am so happy with myself now , Keep trying and you will get youre wishes

  18. I feel really horrible about my self because i got a really low grade on a retake of a test. Thank you Wengie for making videos that make me smile or take the sadness out of my brain. <3

  19. Super ćwiczyć Fitness muzyka dziewczyo 🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞👩💙👩💙👩💙👩💙👩💙👩

  20. My eating habits were quite like Wengie. I used to eat a high carb diet which led me to gain weight. I ate breads and greasy foods for breakfast, rice and other things for lunch and ate processed foods for dinner every single day. I didn't know that instant ramen contained saturated fat , cuz I never paid attention to the nutrition facts. And morever, I didn't know that saturated fat was the main cause of belly fat. I used to drink soft drinks frequently. My family members and surprised to see such an amazing change in my eating habits! About a year ago, when I started stressing about my weight and belly fat, I tried so many remedies. Each day was like hell. I sometimes even cried. Guys, it is really very important to have self control. Don't go on fad diets. They will make you eat more; atleasy that's what happened with me. Fad diet stresses you a lot. I stopped drinking soft drinks, eating a lot of processed food, and of course reduced my carb intake. I just eat carbs like two times a day, in a limited amount. It worked. I ditched sugar. Now I eat processed food 2-3 times a month. Whenever I tried to ditch them, I felt an immense hunger. Don't ditch them at all. Twice or thrice is enough. But fast food should only be for once a month. So guys, if I can do it, u can do it too.

  21. I use to have 4 habits myself but now if I'm wondering around the house I ask myself if I'd want an apple if it was no I would do colouring homework or do fun things

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