Dietary Choice Can Play a Roll in Cancer Prevention

Dietary Choice Can Play a Roll in Cancer Prevention

SEPTEMBER 27, 2011
66758348 Silberstein
Dietary choices can absolutely play a major role in slowing down the progression of breast
cancer and in preventing recurrence of breast cancer. That was actually published in the
Journal of the National Cancer Institute a number
of years ago and the recommendation was the dietary
factors and nutrition counseling should absolutely be an adjunct for every breast cancer program.
And actually most cancer patients do not die from their tumors, they die of malnutrition,
toxemia and/or infections. Proper nutrition can address
all three of those factors. Our official mission is to provide research-based
education on how to prevent, cope with and beat cancer through diet, lifestyle and other
immune boosting approaches. Everything that we do
is research-based, but patient-driven. The World Health Organization for example tells
us that 70-80% of all disease is diet related.
We have our one-on-one counseling service that we provide and we actually will go through
a woman’s diet: breakfast, lunch, dinner,
snacks and beverages. We like them to think about the
list of foods and beverages that help them get into cancer trouble and the ones that
help them get out of cancer trouble. And then we start decreasing
the first list and increasing the second list. They have to do it very gradually because
it’s very difficult. But the good news is that small
changes produce very big results. When I got started with my work, as you know many years
ago, the risk for breast cancer was about 1 in 12 back in the 1970s. By the ‘80s it
was 1 in 10. By the ‘90s it 1 in 8 and it is now 1 in
7, approaching 1 in 6. And that tells me that all of the
awareness, all of the research, all of the dollars that have been directed towards breast
cancer have missed their mark and that we should
be spending a great deal more attention towards preventing the disease in the first place.
Don’t focus on the symptom, focus on the causes. Page 1 of 1 September 27, 2011
– Silberstein

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  1. Susan, I contacted you in the early '80's when my Fiance' got cancer. You came to my job to help us. You did. I was a musician working in center city Philadelphia.
    I am so proud of you and your work. I know what made you do this …
    Have sent many people to you and will one more today.
    Thank you for being there … and for being you. Joanne Collins ♥ (stage name)

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