Discrimination Against Overweight People

Discrimination Against Overweight People

alabama all this state employees um…
who are overweight them are going to have to pay twenty five dollars a month standard for what’s happening they’re given a one-year to get in shape if they’re not a ship within a year and
you know that this is state employees only of will get free health care right if they don’t shape up they have to pay
twenty five dollars a month and arab and i know this program is a
second fascist state let’s go to united states right out
there three percent are all be slightly overweight obese than real life and they don’t eat well no i don’t have that statement cities
cellular since the trend is going on whether i would go with text and i the specific tax is too large and set off certain foreigners liberal
city tour design of date now unless extent on it was the
best city but now uh… on this story uh… this
is not something that i don’t want americans about you have you have indeed
it was so i wanted to have an brick date now you treasure being fat uh… i really really disagree with this look idec that you think originally more
healthy that saves money for them and for the
company and plus if less than live longer i get all that but given incentive that to get healthy and give them money which is how by the
way most states do it and not something to that was some
companies to it that way but would you penalize people for how they look work that’s over the perception of
people out meant that doesn’t sit right with a lot
of folks that doesn’t right with me and by the way also remember that at
this point the genetic some people really can do anything about it and now you get the chechen twenty five
bucks a month up a blessing you know this way they were in fact they are
pretty bad shape because of that an a_b_c_ from across the face with a
twenty five dollar pat surcharge okay make a lot a by the way it quitting their standards
are denied the charge twenty five months important would i be it’s about time you
definitely you all for the backbone body mass in
the republics the not that many people will be so much

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  1. that's not true for all fat people. I almost never eat fast food, I actually have a surprisingly healthy diet for somebody my size. for a lot of people it's a lack of motivation, they just don't want to get off the couch.

  2. Krawnikal,I refuse to reason with unreasonable entities,who choose to sit on their chairs and BELITTLE obese people,who already are having hard times,they dont need ur mockery,they need encouragement and mercy.Anyways,PEACE AND PROSPERITY!:)

  3. That's why I said a lot and not all, I realize there are people with digestive problems and metabolism problems, I have one my self, I have to excersize at least 6 days a week to keep in shape, if I didn't I would probably be fat, but I work to keep it off, probably why I get so easily aggitated by the average bigger person saying it's so impossibly hard to get into shape, yet keep eating junk food, it's all about diet and excersize.

  4. Lemme repeat my self to make it clear, diet AND EXCERSIZE, a lot of people try to change their diet and skimp on the excersize, and vice versa, but you need both.

  5. ok first of all some ppl cant help being big or obese…stress, having kids and other things can make you gain weight…diet and excercise isnt as easy as ppl think it is. some ppl are too busy for all that. now if ppl are going to be that big and dont want to do anything about it and still want to complain, then if you dont wanna be big, get up off your ass! but to the ones that dont mind being like that….let them be!!!!

  6. I know a family with 7 kids and they still ran a home business. They still get out twice a week. Yes some people have genetic issues, but a lot of people pull that card without thinking. Stop making excuses for being lazy. I know someone with an under active thyroid issue and she has meds for it and still works out and is healthy. If you are overweight, you are at higher risk of health diseases hence the 25 dollar premium. Same as smokers that pay, same as people with diabetes, etc.

  7. I think the scary thing in America
    is not the fact that your overweight
    but the fact that people dont think
    there overweight. People have
    become fatter and fatter, bigger and
    bigger, and it almost became normal
    to become fat, that its not even
    considered fat. If your like 250-350 pounds they dont consider themselves fat, just a little chubby. That's scary.
    if thats not fat i dont know what is, and dont go into 400's-500's. Things like this doesnt exist in other countries, USA is fat!!!

  8. everyones body is different. some ppl also have other problems that keep them from working out. i understand the ones that just want to be lazy and not try and help themselves..but there are those that really cant, and are constantly getting called names. I think the same thing goes for skinny ass anorexic ppl too..ppl that want to be bones. thats stupid, and they sit there and wonder why they are sick again some ppl cant help losing weight..and some ppl cant help gaining it.

  9. yeah i've seen that, lol~. I think its
    worse in the south,where ppl
    typically spend most of there time
    in front of tv and just eat. Its like
    there most often way of socializing.
    Some of my relatives live in the south
    and they think im skinny. And they have
    no idea there so overweight..a bad
    thing. Because everyone living at town
    are typically plump, & they think there
    just normal. I think its about time
    we change the standard on whats
    overweight and whats not. were getting
    too fat.

  10. anorexia is a disease that hinders the persons perspective of themselves so that they always see themselves as overweight…it is a mental disorder and it is in no way to be compared to obesity where people choose to stuff their faces with fried food until they can barely climb a flight of stairs

  11. It is true that genetic can play a role but actually scientists have now come to one conclusion as to why the obesity rate has grown so fast. The answer is childhood obesity. If anyone wants to know how this plays such a huge role in why it is more difficult for some to lose weight and why some people actually have to try hard to gain weight then pm me. I'll explain it and you will realize that it all starts from childhood, the development stage.

  12. Being slimmer = Healthier = more energy like being active going out, mountain biking.. or rock climbing, or dancing, or running or not having joint problems and an over worked hearts, or longer life expectancy. Or fatty can can stay fat blame the world for making fun or telling you it is unhealthy or cry about insults or actually go and work out get fit an stop complaining about fit/healthy weight people quit bitching to a computer inside and go outside

  13. thats a stereotype as long someone on the large size eats healthy, they'll be healthy. its not just limited to fat people, ive got a friend who is fat but he goes jogging everyday whereas another of my friends who is skinny is very lazy and unhealthy. but because of their different sizes, the "normal" people think my large friend is unhealthy which puts him down. so being silmmer doesnt mean healthier. just being healthy= healthier

  14. the problem being is ppl judge large ppl by appearence, insurence cost dont come into it. say if there was 2 ppl going for a job interview 1 who has got the right qualifications, is the outgoing friendley type but is fat. the other person is skinny and (to be honest) is thick. who do you think would get the job. the skinny guy because of appearence giving that same "insurence cost" crap. and ill be honest, yes i am fat but i have a brain but it took me 5 years to get a job although i was trying.

  15. the brain ages faster if you are overweight. obsese people have 8% less brain tissue than slimmer people. which puts them at risk of alzhemiers. source Human Brain Mapping…

  16. why don"t they use criticism as motivation, are they so weak! i suppose so they have medical problems to enjoy in latter life from being lazy! sad lard asses

  17. but what size do you considor obese. you cant go by weight because you wouldnt call a bodybuilder obese and you cant go by size because you wouldnt call a pregnant woman obese.

  18. i beg your pardon. right then, lets say your not smart would you like it if i called you "dumbass", "thicko", "moron", etc for all of your life how would you feel then your confidence would be very low and thats how the larger society feels everyday. think about what your saying next time.

  19. body fat ratio. a bodybuilder is all muscle, an obese person is fat! which is bad for there heart, joints. more likely to get diabetes, Alzhemeirs disease. You are a ticking time bomb, if very overweight, it is not how the body was designed. Food is fuel, but if you do nothing with it it is stored as fat, you don"t fill up a car not drive it, then take it to the garage & put more fuel in it do you! arteries get smaller as well.

  20. difference between IQ is that it is set in stone more or less, but being overweight is from being lazy, so you have a choice, thats what upsets people they know they have a choice so the hurtful words just reinforce how idle they are! offer them a million pounds bet they would loss the weight then, lol. no excuse just get of there lard ass..

  21. ok try this for me get a large backpack fill it up with bricks, and if you cant lift it up think how a fat person goes through everyday, try doing that for a week and your joints will ache. and as for IQ set in stone part, dont be daft.

  22. they don"t have to go through that everyday, they choose to be lazy! At the end of the day everyone is responsable for themselves. You control your destiny nobody else, its weak willed & lazy to be overweight. why risk Alzhemeirs, bad joints, possible heart attack, crazy. I have a 6 pack because I exercise everyday, people have got more & more lazy. why are there more fat kids because they don"t play outside, parental abuse in my opinion! Prevention is cure, thats is why I respect my body!

  23. if you type Obese in wikipedia, it explains in fairly simple terms, what you do to your body when you are obese! you kind of reap what you sow. & by the same token you get out of life what you put in! i "m off to do my stretching exercises now, as I didn"t do them this morning. I want to have a good range of motion when i am old, & be able to touch my toes when i am 100yrs old. its discipline! simple as that…

  24. listen pal, you can be as healthy as you like you can go jogging 3 times a day, you can eat your 5 portions of fruit/veg a day. but you have a 40% chance of getting to a hundred because at the end of the day, you are still proned to diseases, crime, and the occational stupidity, you could be knocked down by a bus and i dont think your "6 pack" can stop that . there are two ways you can deal with fat people, help them get on the right track or…….LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!

  25. bollox. if you eat so much, become obese, you wont find it easy. you'll struggle to loose the weight. all those people who bully you everyday for being fat, as well as people rubbing your nose into it saying "its shouldnt be too hard, i can do it". how would you feel then. it wont motivate you. you'll be stressed out. and if you get charged for being fat then that'll add more stress on your already-stressed-out mind.

  26. and what if a fat person works for a living, pay taxes and earn a living like you (if you work) should they be charged for their size even tho they pay their own way. i live in the uk and the biggest money wasters arnt the fat people. but fully able-bodied people who can work but dont want to work theyed rather smoke and drink themselves till they require medical attention. now tell me who is the has the lack of self effort and discipline

  27. im not a fan of smokers. but what im saying is that atleast 65% of fat people in the uk arnt classing their size as a disability and work. so what im saying is not all fat people are money wasters

  28. what planet are you from. taxes are 20% used to make our planet a better place to live (hardly) and the rest go to the government for their own pleasure. and as for charity, its an optional thing, its what you want to do. and do you pay for fat peoples health problems, do ya. let me ask you something, do you have any medical problems.

  29. then dont blame the fat people, blame the govenment for allowing so much of our money to go into hospitals. and its not just paying for fat peoples medical bills. what about other people such as alcoholics, drug addits, people who shag around unprotected, the unlawful, tax dodgers, etc. we have to pay for them or are u just blaming fat people.

  30. i wouldnt mind if you spoke german, better than your english. by guessing by your last comment that i have succeded in pissing off 🙂

  31. and what i was trying to say is "what the fucking hell if your beliefs whan its at home" but i was trying to put it politley.
    instead its pissed you off. im so happy.

  32. This is actually a very complex issue. Part of it is the unhealthiness of obesity, the other is the counter-productive attitudes perpetuated toward those who are obese. You do not encourage the obese to lose weight with mockery and disrespect. You encourage them to become healthy with understanding , and care for their health. If you mock them, you make them believe you don't care, and the health argument becomes less relevant.

  33. if they want to charge people for being overweight they should charge underweight people as well seeing as the effects of being underweight are just as bad…

  34. it's actually been proven that there is a fat gene, also people who are on some medications put on weight, eg. anti depressants.

  35. @DoctorWho241 I agree. Being overweight/obese cost billions in health care a year so how is it discrimination? This is absurd and laughable.

  36. I only wish Obama would put this same law into effect for the entire country… we would save BILLIONS in health care costs

  37. Government was NEVER meant to nanny people, its only function its too distribute the goods of the collective effort to the people. Government tools are laws, and laws are NEVER solutions they are threats against people who stumble upon the problem. This is so simple, it seems I have a license to use the word "NEVER!"

  38. cenk should get rid of that other guy, really. if he wants to air his opinion, let him air them from a different part of the studio, like that black dude. this is not a case of triangulation that;s good for cenk, on the contrary it makes cenk look bad!

  39. Yeah back off those fatties, let's respect and encourage smokers, drinkers, people that can't drive, mean people, people that doesn't pay taxes… And let's say we're sorry to all the nazis out there we should support them because discriminating someone for being a nazi is WRONG!

  40. @laurenmhs Anybody who is willfully destroying their own body and expecting the taxpayer's to cover it under the guise of disease should have to pay more. Nobody is forced to be wildly detrimental to their own health. And this instance nobodies is being forced OFF of their free healthcare. you may have to pay a small percentage back for the free healthcare you have. Why should a healthy person die because the system went broke paying for treatments that are SELF-INFLICTED.

  41. This is wrong, since not all obesity is self-inflicted. Thin most of my life, after being hit by a car WHILE RUNNING, I gained a LARGE amount of weight due to medication, injury itself, MASSIVE hypothyroidism, and several other factors. It took SEVERAL YEARS for all the reasons to be found and addressed (including surgery, without which I would have died, and that very problem was, I learned a MAJOR factor in my gain and maintenance at such a high weight) I became thin again-size 0-4 & 5'7".

  42. In the vast majority of cases, there's no excuse for being overweight. All it takes is eating less and exercising more folks. It's not rocket science.

  43. Since when did it become a crime to be fat? I mean Jesus, this is just discrimination 101. You might as well discriminate against people that are too skinny. too muscular. Too many tattoos/piercings? What? those don't threaten one's health? okay, what about elective cosmetic surgeries? Should those people pay more money, should the 40 year old with sagging tits that got D cups pay $25 because she MAY drop dead from complications just as the fat man MAY drop dead from a heart attack?

  44. Fat people are a drag to society. THe majority (not all) are usually uneducated trash. When I was boxing I would fluctuate 30-40 lbs on demand depending on what weight I had to fight at. The formula was easy: several hours of hard work at the gym and seriously watching my caloric intake. Fat ppl tend to be lazy and just cant get themselves to do the 2 hr treadmill run 4 times a week it takes to get the job done. Fact.

  45. @xxxXGuNzXxxx LOL yeah…tell me what percentage of fat people have PCOS? 1%? why are we the fattest nation again?

  46. Genetic? Ha! Fat is MADE not inherited.

    It does save money. They are getting FREE healthcare. Obesity comes with a lot of baggage, including heart disease, diabetes, etc. That really adds up over the years to the company. It isn't that hard to stay in shape. Instead of sitting and watching tv, get a treadmill and run on it while watching. Instead of going to McDonald's drive over to the deli and get a sandwich on wheat bread, or bring lunch from home. Drink more water.

  47. I don't see him complaining about the armed forces. Even if they meet physical fitness standards but are overweight they get a warning and if it happens again they get fired.

  48. Everyone knows that obesity is caused by shoemaker gnomes because when you snore they blow saturated fat powder into your mouth and make you overweight. 😛 (NO ONE is going to get this joke unless you…nevermind…>.>)

  49. i get mad when people/companies/countries back up the idea that discrimination against fat people is ok. it may sound like an overreaction at first but i truly feel that 'fatisim' is a new form of racism. It is just as crule, unjust and heartless but as in play ground bullying everyone is jumping on the band wagon and saying its ok to do so… that people who are fat deserve to be discriminated against.
    i think it's wrong. plain and simple.

  50. O god forbid for people being fat. It's not like we have teen girls have breast implants or reduction all because they look "funny". God, we'r so picky of what we want aren't we? selfish and greedy.

  51. When I was in the healthy weight range, I had way, WAY more energy, my feet never hurt or went numb like they do now, and I got hypoglycemic less often. I'm active and I eat well, just like then. It's only been a year; I didn't age that much. I am halfway between overweight and obese and have muscle and eat very well, no HFCS or trans fat. Whether you insecure fatasses wanna admit it or not, being in the healthy weight range IS healthier than being overweight. There is an epidemic of heart dise

  52. There is an epidemic of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, the list goes on. It correlates with the very real obesity epidemic. As for fat hate? My docs bullied me overweight because they kept calling ms anorexic because I was a female bodybuilder but I needed help from them and they only started listening after I became overweight. THAT is REAL hate.

  53. @opertnew – That's Japan. It's a crime punishable by death for a woman to go to a soccer/football game in Iran… let's keep it all on an even keel here, alright. Unless we want to dive into bass ackward cultures that are still up their own asses with certain issues. Let's stick with America where it's a crime in most states for two men to marry but it's completely legal for first cousins to marry. We have enough bass ackwardness in this country to sort out first. Is that alright with you, sir?

  54. Some fat people can't even HELP being fat so basically your discriminating against some people who can't help it. Stereotypes for fat people are way to horrible. They are slow um I personally know some fat people who can outrun skinny people. They are lazy um Grover Cleveland anyone?Im fat and god help me I know the discrimination put against them. Honestly in today society being fat is almost worst then being black when it comes to getting jobs.

  55. I dropped 40 pounds in a year with hard work.
    Genetics means shit all, you have the power to change your own body weight.
    If you aren't in the healthy weight bracket, its your own fault for not living a healthy lifestyle.
    The world is a nasty place, so don't whinge about being called fat when you have the power to change it but you just can't be bothered.

  56. fat people have been proven to be a burden on the economy, all those people you described – aren't. Money makes the world go round :).

  57. Burden on the economy? OHHHH… oh, Okay. Okay, well, that makes sense. So, now we can also roll in single mothers on welfare with anchor babies, actually, all anchor babies on welfare, actually, anyone on welfare for that matter… food stamps count too. Homeless people, war veterans, because fuck war veterans, what the fuck do they do for the economy besides drain the Government tit? Right? They're a, what word did you use? Oh, yeah, a "BURDEN." They've all proven to be burdens on the economy.

  58. Yes, in fact, single mothers are a huge burden on economy. They cause so many problems, worse than fat people actually. Kudos on pointing that out. War vets deserve it unlike your fat ass, they were willing to sacrifice their lives for their country and don't say you would join because obese people aren't allowed to join the army. Homeless people again are a whole different issue. Because of their gluttony, lack of self respect/discipline the rest of the country has to suffer. U mad fatty?

  59. because 140 characters isn't enough to fully discuss the issue, also there are more than enough articles about this out there. Not my fault you're to ignorant…ok dumbo? kthankbye

  60. honestly what is so ignorant about what I said? Enlighten me please? Most obese people do lack self discipline and self respect and for what ever reason expect to not be not looked down upon for these traits. Yes there are extreme cases where it's purely genetic but most of the time it is gluttony and laziness with a big heaping attitude of being a victim.

  61. Because the topic is about fat people, not about other people. stop trying to change the topic. i know fat people themselves who actually got off their asses and stopped feeling sorry bout themselves and did something about it. They all agree that fat people really do not have an excuse and should stop whining. I can't believe that you are just fine with their obvious gluttony while people are starving out there.

  62. My friend hes Fat he just got kicked out of Harts amusements in our town because he won £6 out of a machine when he spent £2 the guy came and he said You tilted the machine to get the £5 out of the machine get out and my friend was like wow sorry sorry and then he said your on a yellow card Then he went I didn't do anything wrong trying to prove his innocence and then his son came out and said don't tell my dad hes a Fucker and all this and my friend didn't say that and then his son booted him

  63. This woman is an idiot. Why don't we start charging people who smoke, drink or do drugs also? Or better yet, let's impose fees on people who have family histories of cancer or heart attack. Do your research before you make such a pompous opinion!

  64. I don't think we should be mean to fat people in any way. But doesn't mean we should just accept them the way they are and tell them it's okay. It's not okay to be fat. Obesity is a serious health issue. They need to lose weight or it will literally kill them.

  65. What is disgusting  and rather disturbing is that society condones and actually encourages this type of prejudice. If an enormous negative impact  is inflicted on a segment of society, normal people should be saying no, however with this group it's more like a scene from Lord of the Flies . The brainless masses latch on to a catch phrase such as  " it's unhealthy" and use that as their God given permission  and excuse to judge and bully people of heavier weight. Did it ever occur to you pea brains that not all overweight people have health issues and that some may be healthier than you. And who the hell gave you people the job of assuming anything about another person let alone their health status ? Let's face it you don't know fuck about them.
    So what's the excuse then? As I have always said "Overweight can be a temporary
    state, but you can not fix ugly" and from where I see it there is a lot more skinny ugly out there than overweight. 

  66. HA that's what all you liberals get. you want to be slime and leech off of America by not even paying for your own healthcare well there you go have fun paying for being lazy and fat you fucks

  67. I so agree tax the skinny people $25 per month and give it to the fat people who feel bad about being fat. Everyone wins.

  68. Shall we also measure the 'stupidest' state in the US as well? Income level? height level? Shoe size? Monthly entertainment bill? Out eating bill?…..in the US truly have nothing else better to do except doing these little stupid measurement / plans / thingy…..plan for how to better people lives by buidling more infrastructure….how is that for formost plan….how to solve traffic problem….how is that been second plan….how to solve crime problem….been third….fat vs. non fat…really????? how is that benefitting anyone's well being???

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