Disgusting Cookies – The 2012 Hungry Games

Good morning John. I’m at the grocery store right now with Michael Aranda because We are going to be playing some Hunger Games in honor of the release of The Hunger Games. Welcome to the first ever Hank and Michael Hunger Game. There shall be several components to this year’s Hunger Games. Different games Within Games.
-(Quietly) I’m slipping. -Just go–just go away. Part number one Michael and I have not eaten anything and it’s like four O’clock in the afternoon, So we are hungry. Second hunger part of Hunger Games Hungry Hungry Hippos which is a hunger game. And the third part of the Hunger Games We are making cookies But we are making them weird. We are putting a different thing inside of every cookie and there will be two piles, A good pile and a bad pile. If you lose you have to eat from the bad pile. In the good pile we have: Gushers, a banana, a piece of a Twix bar, some York Peppermint Pattie, PeachieOs, a miniature Oreo, dark chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cup, and John’s favorite, a Peep. Yeah, there’s like milk chocolate on their butts. I’m sure we’re gonna have to decapitate them to fit them in the cookie anyway. In the bad pile We have beef jerky, cold cuts and barbecue sauce, yellow mustard, Easy Cheese, Olives, pickles, tuna, Pringles, a hard-boiled egg, or some Potted Meat Food Product. -(Michael) Yeah that’s the one I’m looking forward to.
-This Is our chocolate chip cookie dough. Never eat raw cookie dough Because it’s bad for you. Ahh! The way to Do what I think is to like take some cookie dough and then you like make a bowl and then You put your thing into The bowl and then you close the bowl up. It just looks like a cookie and so you can’t tell what’s in there, so it would Be a surprise!
-Just gonna remove his head. -This is not going to be a calorie neutral day. -Peep peep peep. Get in there.
-People are sometimes like Why don’t you like olives, Hank, and I’m like because they taste like poison! -Peepum!
-Licking your fingers before you make more cookies that I’m going to have to eat. (Electronic music with percussion plays) We have made cookies! We have the good and–no bad and the good. I could tell because I saw some egg (Music continues to play) -Yeah!
-Guess I’ll just take the one on the top. -I’ll take this one.
-Mmm -Twix. Oh it’s good.
-I can’t tell what this is yet. Mmm. (Hank laughs) Mustard. (Hank continues to laugh) This is really bad. My–My hippo broke. Can’t wait to see what I get next it.
-Bad. -It looks like Pringles. (Hank chuckles) Take a cookie.
-Mmm. -It just tastes kind of salty.
-Don’t try this at Home because it stuck to the baking sheet like mad, but chocolate chip and Gushers cookies, A plus. (Music continues) -Whoo! I don’t have to eat a bad one.
-I took the one that I’m fairly certain is Easy Cheese. -Not bad.
-Yeah, Easy Cheese. Wow! That’s a strong flavor. (Music continues)
(Hippos clatter) (Music continues)
-(Hank exacerbated) Got four. (Music plays quietly) (Katherine laughs) (Music stops) Pickle. Pickle.
-What are we doing? (Katherine laughs) -Ah! Everytime I move my mouth I taste it more. (Music continues) (Michael, stuffed mouth) I think this one’s beef jerky. (Hank laughs) (Music continues) -Eat them all! Tuna.
(Hank indecipherable) (Michael laughs) (Music continues) -You definitely chose the sponge meat and I could see it leaking out the bottom. (Katherine indecipherable) -Ahhh! (Hank laughs) (Micheal general sounds of disgust)
-(Hank stuffed mouth) Mm York peppermint patty. -Egg, egg. The texture more than anything. Alright barbecued turkey Cookie come to me. Nope nope nope nope nope. We are no longer Hungry. -No.
-In fact I am now what you would call the opposite Of hungry instead wanting to put food in my body I would like to Take it out. -Which end?
-Either. Thank you for watching the first annual Hunger Games.
-This is an annual thing? -At my h– (Hank wheeze laughs)
We have to do this again? We are aware of the metaphorical implications of what we’ve just done. John I’ll see you on Tuesday.

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